Hello there, Im still staying busy, but want to write again. This one was a suggestion from a recent reviewer and hopefully while I write this I get inspiration for Turbulence. I'm pretty stuck on that one sadly...

Also this is not a beta-ed work, so sorry for any errors.

He felt the wind knock out of him, his heart was racing; Dom felt the chill on his skin, but his blood was disturbingly hot; boiling his insides. In truth, he wanted to go somewhere and retch up his breakfast as he gazed at the pictures. Dom was born with a superb poker face, he was grateful that his gift was showing through as he stared at Hobb's smug smirk. No one but Mia or…'her' would know his inner turmoil.

He could feel another presence creep up, Elena, fuck, how would he explain that one. The blonde beauty was nothing compared to the small dark brunette that graced the surveillance photos in his hand. He wanted her, he always wanted her, but there would be complications involved. Everything was fight with his Letty, she didn't forgive easily and she had a mean upper hook, but if he needed to be knocked around a bit just to have her again he would do it.

Dom barely registered Hobbs leaving, it was Elena who woke him out of his thoughts.

"It's Letty isn't it?"

Dom couldn't deny the statement. The woman in the picture did look like Letty, but she was dead, right? There was a funeral, a body…or was there? He never saw the body, there was never a wake, so if this was Letty, who did they bury or did they bury anyone at all? It was a question he pondered after he accepted Hobb's proposition, after he drove to Mia and Brain's home. He could already guess what O' Connor's reaction would be…

"You know I use to do this shit as a cop." Brian said, a simmering anger in his eyes, "This is exactly what cops do."

Dom looked back at his comrade with plain determination, O' Connor was right of course. This could've been a still of Letty a few years back, when the heat was on everyone. It could be a shitty trick to get Dom and his crew to help with some sort of police work, but it didn't seem like Hobb's style. Which is why Dominic hesitated.

"I have to know for sure," he responded in a deep voice. He knew it was a long-shot, but there was a 'what if' in the back of his brain. If this was his girl, his Letty, out there in the streets, alone, he and to get to her. Dom needed to know why she was there, how was she alive and most importantly, why didn't she come to him.

Brian shook his head and breathed in deep, "I'm going with you."

It was raining again and Letty couldn't help but shiver at combination of low humidity mixed with the shivering showers. She pulled out a pack of bubblegum, mixed-berry flavored and popped it in her mouth before covering herself with her small leather jacket. She rushed out and across the deserted street to her silver car, hastily opened the door and scurried into the front seat.

Sometimes she wondered why she bothered staying in such a wishy-washy city. The people, the culture were great, but weather proved to be the breaking point for Letty. She was happy to report that her body liked anything to do with warmth, wether it be the weather or a good heated blanket. It was a mistake to leave California, but the jobs that lead her to England were to good to pass up. Not to mention the interesting challenges that went with street racing.

As she chewed her gum and put her hair in a bun, Letty could feel the beginning of a dull throb in the back of her head. She welcomed it, it was trigger, something good, or possibly bad, but defiantly a memory. Her eyes became blurry as the throb intensified and tears leaked down from her cheeks….

She was walking with a beautiful petite girl surrounded by equally beautiful cars. Engines roared as they moved forward, they ignored the cat-calls, it was an automatic habit. Both young ladies were happy to just continue on with their conversation.

"What are you two doing here?" came a deep voice behind them.

The girls sighed before turning to face the voice. "We're not racing Dom, just watching and walking around. Is that okay with you?"snidely replied the taller girl.

"Don't get smart," he answered, "You know you shouldn't be here."

"We're eight-teen."

The older man just shook his head and glanced over to Letty with a pause. " Mia, go over to Vince, I need to speak with Leticia."

The girl named Mia rolled her eyes before stomping away from the two. Letty couldn't help but flare her nostrils and cross her arms defensively. "What do you want?" she asked.

She could see the man named Dom clenched his jaw at the question. Apparently he didn't appreciate her tone either.

"Why are you here?"

"Don't start. I'm old enough and have to right to be here."

Dom looked around, "You know it's dangerous. I can't always be there to look out for you."

Letty stood her place and squared her shoulders. "I didn't ask you to, so leave me alone."

She went to depart, but was caught by Dom's large hand on her forearm. He was suspiciously looking around again to see if they were being watched. A few moments later he was ushering her away from the cars and lights and in-between two warehouse buildings.

Letty found herself up against the wall, with this man, Dom, pressed against her.

"What your problem?" he asked.

Letty said nothing for while as they stared at each other. "Go back to your barbie whores," she pipped out bitterly.

"Ahhhh," Dom replied with a grin, "Now we're getting somewhere. They mean nothing to me, you are my everything, you know that."

Letty turned her head and tried to ignore the the quickening of her heart. "I'm no ones and I'm here alone, enjoying myself, alone."

At the corner of her eye she could see Dom frown, his eyes shown disappointment for a quick second before going neutral again.

"That's how you want to play?" he asked.

"Who say's I'm playing?"

The throbbing subsided and she could feel the last remaining emotions of that moment fizz away. She tried to hold on to the the faces, to the moment in her mind, but they slipped away like water in her hands. The only things she kept a hold to was the feeling of being safe in his arms and his voice. So deep and rough, she had never heard a voice that low before.

Letty opened her eyes to blurriness and blinked a few times to clear. She reached in her glove compartment and steadily wrote down whatever she could remember, whatever she felt. She was told this helped with amnesia and it seemed to add small comfort to her as she scribbled in the small notebook.

She always forgot the faces and names, but the feeling of them were familiar. Like a family, the flashback was about her family based on her feelings at the moment. Their were to of them, a girl, maybe her sister? And a man who was not her brother, the dampness in her boy-cut underwear told her that, so perhaps a lover?

This new development made her curious and sadden her at the same time. Even though Letty couldn't remember their faces, she felt connected and also hurt by their absence. If they truly loved her, wouldn't they be looking for her? After she was released from the hospital from the grizzly accident, she went to police stations around southern California in search of 'missing persons' posts.

She checked the main hub database and found similar people like her missing, but never an exact match. It was disappointing, it hurt and after three months of waiting in vain for someone to notice her missing, she left and never looked back.

Letty's phone buzzed loudly in her back pocket, she reached over and inspected the screen of messages. She gave an annoying sigh after reading the email from her current client.

Letty was happy that her services with him were almost complete. She was just hired on to be a 'wingman', more muscle for his team. The man, Owen Shaw, was a paranoid ex-soldier with a superiority-complex AND pretty nosey too. She had one more week with him and his bullshit before parting ways. Letty could only count the days.

Tej looked at the several pictures of Letty with a growing suspicion. Hobbes had come and gone, the team had stroke up a deal and it seems that everything was settled. It was close to 1AM and the tugging in his mind only intensified as he thought about the pictures. There was really only one way to be sure she was alive, but Tej was having trouble making a decision to use what he had in mind.

"Why you up brah?" asked Roman as he walked up in an expensive leather jacket with equally expensive shoes. Back from a club no doubt.

Tej motioned towards the several pictures of Letty tacked to a cork board next to him. " I just can't get her out of my head."

Roman chuckled. "Don't let Dom hear you say that."

Tej rolled his eyes as the other sat down next to him and his line of monitors. "No fool, I mean these pictures, the fact that Hobbes is using her on Dom like some juicy steak."

"You think he's playing us?" asked Roman.

Tej fell back in his seat, clearly exhausted by his thoughts. "I don't know man," he started, "I just rather be sure."

Roman patted him on the shoulder. "That's why we're here, to find her."

"I want more proof."

"Don't we all."

"And I could get it."

Roman turned fully to the other with a curious expression on his face. "What do you mean?"

Tej sat up and started typing away on his keyboard, several monitors lit up, casting them in a light blue ray. He tapped the 'enter' key and a rectangular panel with gold letters filled the screen. It read, FRLA.

"What exactly is that?" asked Roman munching on Doritos.

Tej did a double-take as he gazed at his friend munching away, unaware at the bizarre stare directed at him. Somehow, Roman had managed to snag a bag of Doritos while Tej pulled up the application. All Tej could do was shake his head and except his friends weird cravings.

" It's a collaboration between the CIA, FBI and British Special Forces. It stands for 'Face Recognition Location Application'. A beta version."

Roman nodded, "Beta?"

"Yea, just a test run of the software, but it's been getting high success marks for years now."

Roman popped another chip in his mouth. "And what is it used for?"

"Searching for people."

Roman stopped eating. "Searching for people?" he repeated.

"It's sole purpose is to find specific people by placing in detail data on the face characteristics. They measure eye distance, forehead circumference…for you that would be pretty hard to measure.."

Roman glared and started munching on his chips again, "Fuck you."

Tej chuckled and continued. " Just imagine a map of your face, what makes you look like you. In this program they use those features to locate you."

"Why would they make this?"

"Mostly for protection," answered Tej with a shrug, "It was used to help agents look for terrorists during administrative events. But now they also use it for large public events, anywhere that has lots of people."

" And this will help find Letty?"

Tej nodded. "I think so. I can place some of her face details in the search and see if I cant get a hit."

Roman frowned. "Sounds good. What's stopping you?"

Tej gave a heavy sighed. "The length of the search," he began, "Not to mention that this app wasn't design for the kind of search we need. The program has a ten mile radius from whatever camera is being activated, which is extremely small for what we have to cover."

"Oh…yea. London," chimed Roman grimly.

"The search would take hours to cover so much ground, not to mention I would need to cover are tracks to not get caught. If the U.S finds us here, we're fucked, even with Hobbs backing us up."

"What are the chances?" chimed in a third voice from behind.

They both turned around to see a scruffy chinned Brian, emerge from the darkness of the wide space. He looked to be half- asleep, but laced with insomnia.

"Still slim, which is why I was debating it. The risk seems to high," answered Tej.

Brian stopped in front of them and slid over a seat as he gazed at the main monitor. "And if we narrowed the search?"

"What do you mean?"

Brian rubbed his tired face. "If it is Letty, there are only few places she would dwell. I don't know much, but she likes urban areas-"

"Places that may have street races nearby too," added Roman.

Tej turned to the computer monitors and started typing away, he blazed though his email and cryptic posters to find several races within The City of London, Piccadilly Circus, and Westminster.

"Start from there," said Brian before getting up, "I want to know if Letty is in the city as soon as possible. It's likely that Hobbs has some sort of secret motive."

Tej nodded and went back to typing on the computer. Roman crumpled up his now empty Doritos bag and turned to Brian. "Are we telling Dom about this?"

Brian shook he's head slowly. "If we run into a snag and need more info on Letty, yes, but not right now. He may seem like he's okay but I can tell he's falling apart. Just keep me posted."

Thanks, Q