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"So you are family?"

"Yea, not by blood, but we grew up together."

Letty nodded storing in the information. "And that skinny pretty girl, with the long hair?"

A small smile lifted his lips at the question. "My sister, Mia."

Letty nodded again. It seemed like it was easier for her to remember. She didn't know why, but maybe it was the fact that a 'memory' was sitting down next to her, jogging the visions along.

The room was silent again. "And what are you to me?" She asked.

"Your my girl-" he stopped and cleared his throat as he corrected himself. "You use to be my girl."

"Use to be?"

The nervousness was coming back. Even though he wasn't shaking, Dom felt like he would fall apart any minute.

"I, uh…" he began. Dom rubbed the back of his head and looked at her. Letty had a frown on her face, most likely from concentrating on what he was saying, but it didn't belong there.

Dom wanted eagerly to smooth her brow to a neutral position, to touch her skin, but he knew he had no right too, not anymore.

"I made a mistake Lett…Leticia," he began, butterflies fluttering uncontrollably in his stomach.

" I did something stupid. I left you, without any real explanation."

There was no sign of reaction and that scared Dom most of all. Either from not remembering, or calculating some form of attack. Both options were brutal to Dom's whole being. He didn't know how he was holding it together, but Letty was steadfast and still.

"I thought it would be safer for you," he started again. "So you went back to LA and lived with my sister. Several months later you were dead."

Letty's eyebrows lifted. "Dead?"

Dom nodded. "Yea, we had a funeral for you."

Letty pondered over the information. "What was in it? The coffin?"

Dom huffed and sat up from leaning on his knees. "I honestly don't know," he answered. "But I wish I would have checked to make sure what was in it." he added.

Letty said nothing, instead she changed the subject. "If we broke up, why are you here? We really don't have any real ties to each other anymore…do we?" She asked.

"I wanted to make sure you were okay," he answered. 'And I can't live without you' Dom thought to himself. He stopped himself from saying what he was think, he knew it would be too much, too fast. Instead, Dom held his tongue and tried to reign in his emotions.

"You and I have been together since high school. No matter how many fights, we would always end up back together. Two magnets, I guess…we couldn't stay away from each other. " he explained. "You can say we kinda had this unsaid pact to always be together."

He looked back up at Letty and almost stopped breathing. She was looking thoughtful at her hands, still a bit serious, but the corners of her mouth were lifted slightly.

It was the first positive action Dom had got out of her since they met. Letty's smile grew and Dom's heart started beating in a welcomed flutter.

"I sounded extremely naive," she joked at her younger self. She turned and smiled at him fully, taking Dom's breath away. Damn, he was defiantly in love.

"We were different people then Leticia," he agreed. "But I owe you an apology. I'm sorry I left you alone."

He was met with silence. Letty held a steady gaze, unreadable. She closed her eyes. Dom could see her eyes shifting underneath the skin. After a few moments she opened her eyes again.

"From the guilt I can clearly see on your face," she began. "Something tells me that I would've probably disagreed with your actions…you leaving."

Dom stayed still, his gazed fixed on hers.

"The truth is, I don't remember. When I do get flashes, it's fragments and I barely remember them," she paused. "I need time to think."

"That's understandable. Honestly, I'm just happy that all I got out of you was a punch," joked Dom.

Letty smiled again. " I could always rough you up if you need closure."

This caused Dom to let out a deep throat laugh. It vibrated through Letty's skin, muscles, all the way down to her bones. It was a feeling she could recall, but couldn't quite place.

"Maybe its your lucky break…Dominic Toretto," she said slowly, clearly unfamiliar with his name. she missed the slight shutter in his form as she spoke it out loud. "But maybe you couldn't survive my wrath anyway…" she added.

"That wouldn't stop me from getting to you," he said truthfully with a side smile.

The room was silent again. This time in a tense mood. Letty licked her chapped lips before turning away from his heavy gaze. She was embarrassed to feel her face heat up, she knew that there was no doubt that she was blushing.

"Pardon," broke the thick silence.

Letty looked up and was grateful to see Pan standing in the doorway. He was smiling at her fondly, but would flicker his eyes back at Dom on occasion.

"Visiting hours are almost over, " he explained. "I was hoping to get a final word in before then."

Letty cleared her throat and nodded. "Of course Pan, come in."

Dom stood up from his seat, his eyes still fixed on her. "If you don't mind, I would like to visit you while your here. To talk, especially if you have any questions…"

Letty nodded. "That's fine."

The larger man gave her one last look, before exiting through the hospital door.

He walked pass Pan without a second glance and closed the door.

"Well, he's a bit intense isn't he?" Muttered the red-head.

At Dom's departure, Letty let out a loud breath that she didn't know she was holding. This alerted Pan and he rushed to her bedside. "Letty love, are you alright?"

"I…I just need to think," she answered.

Pan sat down. He rubbed her back. "Think? What's wrong love, you seem stressed?"

Letty rubbed her good eye, the other one seemed a bit tender. "It's not everyday your past walks through the door," she muttered.

From beside her Pan sputtered. "Past? You mean that man? You know him?"

Letty opened her eyes and gave Pan a sly smirk. She almost laughed when she got a dramatic gasp out of the red-head. Pan could be so bourgeois.

"You and that man were…wer-…involved?!"

Letty let a snicker escape as she gazed at Pan's shocked face.

"You surprised?"

Pan sat back, his shocked expression slowly merging into an impish grin.

'Oh no,' she thought.

"Letty, you naughty naughty girl," he began. "I didn't know your type in male was so..big…" he turned to the window and back at the unsuspecting Dom. "You know…BIG."

Letty rolled her eyes. "This is why I don't tell you things Pan."

The red-head beamed. "I'm just delighted to see all the drama unfold."

"You really need to shut-up now."

Pan just gave her a shrug before changing subjects. "So the big cop in black decided to put 24 detail on your room."

"Great, nothing like big brother watching…"

"It won't be too long love, you have cracked ribs, a swollen black-eye, a sprain ankle and wrist. It could've been worse dear."

She groaned. "I feel like a got hit by a truck."

"You did jump into a wall."

"Don't remind me."

"They think that bastard Shaw will come after you."

Letty slumped down in her pillows. "Of course, to finish the job?"

"Yes, love."

She turned to the red-head. His charming smile was gone and in it's place was a grim line.

"I want to go home." She said honestly.

"Soon love," he slowly smiled. "You should get that Big guy to help you…relocate."

Letty managed to hit him with a pillow.

Mia sat with Jack, bouncing him on her lap as they waited to arrive at Heathrow. After the call from Brian, Roman had sent his jet quickly to their aid. 'They' being her, Jack and also…Elena. The petite woman chanced a glance at the blonde woman. She was keeping busy, reading up on files of Shaw's crew, easily fitting into 'cop-mode'.

Mia glanced away pondering the impact she would have on Dom and Letty getting back together. She knew that Letty was possessive and wouldn't appreciate Elena, an ex of Dom's, being so close to him again. It was a cause for concern. Mia pursed her lips, focusing more on Jack, or at least trying too.

She was always wary of Elena and why she 'turned-coat' so fast. It also bothered her how Dom seemed to attach himself to the woman so quickly after Letty's passing…

"We have an hour to go before landing," spoke Elena.

Mia nodded pulling her full attention on her baby boy. "I'm sure Jack will be happy to see his daddy."

Mia heard shuffling and looked to see Elena walking toward them. "I'm sure you will be happy to see him too…and Dom."

Mia said nothing to her comment. "And maybe see Letty too…"

She was 'fishing' and she knew it, but Mia wanted to be sure exactly what she was bringing with her on this trip and more importantly, to the team.

Mia saw a flicker of defiance, maybe even bitterness at the comment. It was't a surprised response. People were easy to read when jealousy was involved and Mia had always been perceptive. Making a mental decision, Mia decided to keep a closer eye on Elena. If the blonde were anything like Dom's usual 'type', reconciling with Letty would be harder then they all thought.

"Two magnets, I guess…we couldn't stay away from each other."

Letty sat on a couch flipping through a random magazine as she tried to take her mind off the heat of southern California. She wore a black sports bra with white basketball shorts. Around her was a house, familiar and comfy, but she looked to be the only one there….

The front door suddenly opened and in stepped trouble. Letty tried to stop herself from following the muscular form walking around the living room. She was nervous, on edge and didn't really know why. As the large figure turned around, she was greeted by Dominic Toretto's face…

"Haven't seen you around the garage lately…" he spoke.

Letty put down her magazine, which proved to be a mistake. Her eyes instantly drifted to his bare chest.

"I've been busy," she said shrugging.

Dom walked over to where she was laying, he sat down next to her. "I think that's a load of bullshit," he said.

Letty growled and sat up. "I don't need to answer to you."

"So that's what this is about? You getting the power?" He asked curiously.

"This isn't a game Dom," she said darkly.

"I didn't say it was," he replied back calmly. "Just because we're not together, doesn't mean we can't be friends."

Letty rolled her eyes. "We are friends."

"Could've fooled me," he snidely remarked.

Letty gave him a warning look before flipping up her magazine and reading again. She stayed like that, ignoring him for a couple of minutes before Dom pulled down the magazine.

"Do you mind?" She asked.

"Yea actually," he said gripping the magazine and throwing it over his shoulder. "I'm trying to talk to you."

"I want to read, not talk," said Letty.

Dom leaned closer to her. "Why you acting up?"

"Don't act like your grown," glared Letty.

"This was mutual wasn't it?This split?" Asked Dom ignoring her last comment. "Why the fuss?"

Letty turned her head and said nothing. From in front of her she heard a frustrated sigh, before a hand grabbed her chin and turned her face forward.

"Got something to say?" He asked, clearly getting pissed.

Letty focused away from his eyes and down towards his lips. She said nothing, but started to fidget instead. Dom cocked his head to the side before leaning closer. "You want something? Say it."

Letty gave him a murderous glare. "Fuck you," she said before getting up and walking towards the back patio. Her wrist was grabbed and she was pulled into his body. "Is that whats this is about? You being hot and heavy?"

"If I wanted a fuck I could get it from somewhere else."

Dom pulled her closer. "Like hell you would."


"Don't put this on me. You're the one with the problem."

She felt his hand go into her hair and grip firmly. "You going to kiss me?" She asked sarcastically.

Dom moved his face closer. "You want me too? This is all you baby. You'll have to start it this time."

Letty licked her lips and looked away for a second before focusing back on Dom."What makes you think there is a this time?"

"Your body says otherwise," he responded.

Letty looked back down, then glanced back into his eyes."Kiss me."

"If I do," Dom paused giving her a familiar heavy gaze. "I won't stop Lett. I'll devour you."

Letty felt a the words go straight to her center. A steady pressure, a steady warm wetness.

"Talking dirty won't help,"she meekly argued.

Dom smiled that cocky grin. "Lier."

She leaned in and kissed him, welcomed the roaming hands over her hips, the sides of torso and to the curve of her ass….

"Shit!" Letty yelled as she jolted out of her dream.

She gulped in a few breathes; breathing in and out, in and out.

She blinked rapidly at the dim lit room. It had to be a memory, she had never had a dream so vivid and detailed before. Now alert, she tried to recall the vision and found that she could remember every last detail, down to his breath lightly dancing on her shoulder. She glanced to her room's window and at the man in question.

He was dozing in a seat near to her room and automatically her expression softened. She couldn't help but be curious now. Whatever they had…it had been something…something deep. Letty let out a shaky breath before sinking into the bed. What the hell was she going to do now?

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