So, here's a thing that I couldn't fit into the story but is actually supposed to be part of Puppy Teeth: I always wondered why BB was such a huge fan of Batman. I mean, he's really the exact opposite of him, right?

Batman, of all superheroes, was the one person who managed to coax Beast Boy out from under the couch.


The little green puppy heard the couch creak above his head and a pair of black boots appeared in front of his face. He sniffed the air. Clean, damp earth, expensive silk, and… bat droppings? His wet black nose wrinkled. Was Batman taking his turn at trying to lure him out like all the others?

Some heroes had tried food, some offered to physically remove the furniture, some tried to talk to him and still others tried to make a grab for him. He ignored the food. He clung to the bottom of the couch when it was lifted, then morphed into a mouse and burrowed into the lining when they flipped the whole thing over. He came out only when the couch was returned to its rightful position. He couldn't talk as an animal (and refused to return to human form) and he snapped at anyone stupid enough to stick their hands under the sofa.

When the Dark Knight stayed put for several minutes the puppy heaved a sigh and settled his chin back in his paws. His parent's distress had grown tenfold in the hours since he had hidden himself away, which only compounded his primal desire to remain concealed. Once they calmed or he had calmed he would emerge; and not a moment sooner.

The black boots shifted. A gloved hand came into view. Beast Boy growled at the hand and shuffled further towards the very center of the couch. The hand hesitated, then rolled at the wrist. A flash of red caught the boy's attention. Like a magician revealing a hidden card, there, in his palm was his eraser.

As a boy, the changeling might have gnawed on his lower lip thoughtfully as he tried to discern whether or not his holding the eraser was a ploy to get him out. The only interest he showed as a puppy was a slight elevation in his floppy ears and a lift of his brows, tilting his nose to peer down at the object.

Seemingly aware of his reticence, a flick of the wrist sent the eraser bouncing towards him. The dog scrabbled against the slick floor, velvet paws and puppy claws struggled for purchase against the paristeel. Finally, friction kicked in and his legs obeyed him as he struggled forward enough to grab up the eraser in his teeth. A quick sniff confirmed the object was indeed his, though it held curious scent traces of both Mento and Batman. He wondered how the scary man had managed to talk his leader out of his "security blanket."

"Before you ask, let's just say I borrowed it." Batman's gravelly voice pierced the quiet void between them. He thought there might be a faint trace of amusement in his tone, but he wasn't sure. This was the boogeyman, after all, boogeymen didn't get amused.

Borrowed it? The physical version of his question came out as a confused whine. Does he know how to pick pockets, too? A warmth filled his chest at the thought. Every other superhero in the JLA was so… perfect. But Batman, he was different. He was darkness. Beast Boy could smell the humanity on him. There wasn't a trace of altered anything on him, he'd scent as much. He was simply a man. No more, no less. Must be pretty scary. He thought to himself. At least he could morph.

The boot's toes turned and the weight above his head lifted away. He watched as the Dark Knight began to move away. Beast Boy meant to say "hey wait!" but all that came out was a sharp yip. Shoving his paws back under him he began the struggle anew to move, finally managing to drag his way out from beneath the couch. Immediately he returned to his human form and bounded off after him, eraser tucked securely away in his pants pocket.