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I won't always love

you perfectly, but please know

I love you fully.

The wind from Pietro's apparition knocked me back, causing me to fall onto the floor. I looked up with probably amazement on my expression. I was more excited over the fact that they were here than I was when I found out the Avengers had arrived here. Perhaps this is because I knew it meant a lot for them, they were helping the Avengers, the people who - as far as they knew - were only able of doing bad things.

I wanted to express my gratitude towards the twins but there was no time for such things, Ultron was carrying on being a dick and by the time I was stood back up and prepared for action, he was gone, ensuring to kill the train driver before he completely left. "Bree," Cap called, earning my attention, "you're going to need to use your powers to slow down the train, stopping it completely would be a great help."

With a nod of my head I turn to Wanda, "will you help?"

To me, and most likely only to me, this was the penultimate moment in my relationship with both Pietro and his sister. This is when they show their true colours, do they really care about the planet or is all their ideals forged from hatred and a want for revenge. Again the twins look to one another, nodding their head and agreeing to something unspoken.

Wanda turns back to me, a flare of determination sparking in her eyes. "Yes, I will help you."

There was a look of apprehension on Cap's face but he obviously wanted to put the mission before any other feelings, as far as I could tell we'd only be able to get out of this with the Maximoff twins help. "You," Cap said, pointing over towards PIetro, "you run out and make sure all pedestrians don't get hit." He didn't ask for Pietro's help, he ordered it. And I believe he did that to show his dominance in way, sometimes I would find this funny and other times I'd feel quite angry because Steve would constantly hate on Tony and deny being anything like him, but I could see with ease (as could the rest of the avengers) just how much the two were alike.

Pietro nodded his head and zoomed off without saying goodbye, not that it mattered to me. For some reason, I felt an unfamiliar warmth grow in my belly at the fat that the people I care about from my past and present have met and are working together. Such things could give a girl like me hope.

Realising this wasn't the time to be thinking over such useless things I got my head back in the game, rubbing my hands together as though it would charge my ability. "Come on now Bree, now is not the right time for your powers to fail." I whispered this to myself but I noticed Wanda giving me a strange look. She didn't ask any questions though, instead she released a wave of red power that began to flow through the train.

I closed my eyes, feeling a serene, yet powerful, force flow all around my body. I began to concentrate it all on my chest, in my heart so then I could force the mass amount of power into my hands. Perhaps it was the fact that I had to rush the process or perhaps it was the fact that I had simply lost all control over my powers, but there was no use in trying. As soon as I opened my eyes, tears fell. Maybe it was time I finally admitted to myself that I was useless.

"Take my hand," Wan
w32 helplessly, feeling more and more inconvenient. "I know what you are going through, I can help, so take my hand."

Hesitantly my own reached out and a few moments passed where nothing happened within me, I just concentrated on the warmth that enveloped my own hand and it was nice. My eyes moved up to stare at Wanda but instead I saw Pietro, but something was different, he looked much older. "Come on then, they'll start whining if we take any longer." He smiled, laughter lines appearing at the corner of his eyes. There was so much affability radiating from him as he pulled me forward, I turned to look forward and saw three children running forward, the eldest of the punch pushed over the boy, the youngest of the three giggling loudly and jumping on top of the fallen child. The three seemed to be so merry and this not only made Pietro burst with happiness, it also made me incredibly happy.

"You can do it now," Wanda's voice broke through and I had been returned to the rocking train. But the vision still haunted me.

"What was that?" I demanded, though my tone was still breathless. "Is that my future? Were those… were those mine and Pietro's children?"

She shrugged her shoulders, "it is possible."

I was bursting with emotions, more than I could ever handle, and perhaps this could be a good thing. I reached out with my hand and the power flowed freely, though it came out of every pore on my body I still managed to keep control of it. Wanda's hand was still tightly wrapped around mine and I didn't mind it, she was keeping me grounded as the forces within me overflowed most senses. The screeching began as the train slowly but surely came to a halt.

It was either adrenaline or power that pumped through me in that moment, but whatever it was felt incredible. For the first time I felt positive, confident even. Once stopped Cap broke down one of the doors and I used my ability to break the other one, allowing all passengers to free themselves. Most of them were screaming for no reason as they left, I mean, okay I get that they just went through a very frightening experience but the experience is over and they're alive, they should be celebrating.

My eyes scanned the surroundings as I tried to find Pietro but it wasn't until Wanda sped past me that I finally caught him in the crowd, but first I had something that I wanted to say in private. "Wanda," I called, feeling much more ease than I had earlier that day when it came to talking to her, which just proves that even a little bit of time can change everything. She stops mid journey and turns to face me, nervously I approached her. "I just wanted to say thank you, for helping me back there. I know that you hate me and that all you know about me is that I broke your brothers heart and that I'm basically a massive douche canoe but… thank you."

She cocks her head to the side, looking at me with a blank stare. "I don't hate you," she denied with ease though I had a hard time believing her, "I fear you."

I blinked, that's all my body could do as I'd never expected her to say something like that. Instead of explaining more on the subject she just walked away and I followed, though I made sure not to continue the subject as I'm not even sure I really want to know the answer. As we approached Pietro I found him fallen against a wall, trying to catch his breath. "Wow grandpa, needs us to give you a century?" I quipped, feeling quite happy with my little joke.

He quickly sent me a glare before returning back to trying to gain some oxygen, "I'll be fine, I just need a minute."

"I'm tempted not to give you one." Cap said as he joined the three of us, his eyes fixed on the twins as though he was waiting for them to do something.

"Whoa there," I interrupted, turning to stand in front of him, blocking his sight of the twins. "They just helped you, they may not be on the side of the Avengers but they are on the side of good. Don't throw them in jail just yet." Somehow my hands had ended up on my hips but I still felt enough power within me to not cower away underneath the oh-so-famous 'I'm older than you, kid' look.

Wanda put her hand against mine and I almost cowered away from it, afraid that I would once again see my future family with Pietro. "Did you get the cradle?"

At the question Cap turned around, having a private conversation with someone before turning back with a look that I didn't very much appreciate. "Good news then, yeah?" I said sarcastically, realising that it was something I'd actually gotten from Cap.

"We've got the cradle, they're taking it to Tony now. But Nats been taken." Even I felt a sudden drop within me at that, it was only made worse when Wanda stepped up and made us realise that we couldn't exactly trust Tony either. So much for things improving.