So this will basically be a collection of the times Emma and Regina save each other. I'm planning on mixing in a bit of everything, so expect angst, crack, fluff, smut and basically anything else I can think of. If you have any prompts please please please let me know, I'm completely open to suggestions. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1: Comfort

As cold fingers wrapped around her throat Emma tried to scream. Nothing except a hoarse whisper escaped her dry lips. She could feel herself slowly being lifted off of the ground, the hand tightening even further around her windpipe. As the edges of her vision began to darken she knew she had to fight back. It was either fight or die. With the little energy she had remaining she kicked her legs out as hard as she could, a groan immediately escaping the lips of the man in front of her as she made contact with his groin.

She fell to the floor as he released her but before she could clamber to her feet and run away, he had flipped her onto her back and was straddling her abdomen. "You'll pay for that you ungrateful little bitch." This time she had no trouble screaming.


Emma's eyes flung open, quickly taking in her surroundings in search of danger. Her eyes settled immediately on the form kneeling beside her, illuminated by the soft early-morning sunlight filtering through the curtains.

"G..G..Gina?" her voice cracked as she tried to speak. Her throat was raw. She must have been screaming in real life, not just the dream. Guilt washed over her as she realised she'd obviously woken her sleeping girlfriend yet again.

"I'm right here Emma." Regina reached out her hand but waited for Emma to close the distance between them. The blonde gratefully accepted the proffered hand in one of her own and slowly sat up. She shuffled over to Regina and tucked herself into the woman's side, relaxing as she felt strong arms slowly wrap around her.

From the first time this had happened it amazed her how good the brunette was at making her feel safe. She was always there to wake Emma from her nightmares yet instinctively knew to wait for Emma to come to her, rather than forcing physical comfort upon her. It was a skill that spoke of her own experience in needing not only reassurance after a nightmare but also some form of control. It was always her choice to be touched. Emma wasn't sure if she could ever verbalise how much that meant to her in these moments.

"I'm sorry I woke you again," she whispered into the older woman's chest.

"It's fine dear. Honestly." She looked down at the small shaking form of the supposed Saviour. The woman everyone else believed was invincible. She was the only one granted permission to see the vulnerable side. "Are you okay?" She touched her lips to the blonde head rested on her shoulder.

Emma nodded once before looking into the dark orbs above her, so full of concern. "I am now."

She felt those same strong arms give her another squeeze before pulling her downwards until she was lying on her side. The two women curled up together, Regina's arms never loosening from their protective hold, and Emma slipped easily into a restful sleep, knowing that she was finally and truly safe.