Chapter 5: Overdose

"Emma?" she called into the seemingly empty house. Despite receiving no answer, she was sure Emma was here somewhere, the other woman's magic saturated the air until it was almost suffocating.

She headed straight towards the spot where the light magic was most concentrated and pushed open the door to her study with a shaking hand. There were dozens of open spell books scattered across the carpeted floor and there in the centre of them all laid Emma.

Regina closed the distance between them and immediately dropped to her knees. Emma's entire body was quivering, while blue sparks erupted from her sweat soaked skin.

"Emma? Can you hear me?" She forced herself not to reach out and touch the blonde as she longed to do, a least until she found out exactly what had happened.

She stood once more and picked up the large volume nearest to her, instantly aware that something was wrong. The usual tingling in her fingertips as her skin made contact with the pages was noticeably absent. She reached for the next book, only to be met with the same result.

"You idiot," she muttered as she knelt back beside Emma. As gently as possible, she placed one hand on her girlfriend's forehead and the other over her toned stomach.

The blue sparks began to channel themselves through Regina's palms as the magic flowed into her system. The pain that accompanied it was agonising, matched only by the death curse she had absorbed at the well all those months ago. Just as it was becoming too much; as her vision began to darken and her grip on consciousness began to slip, her mouth fell open allowing a plume of blue smoke to pour into the room.

She slumped down until she was lying on her back next to Emma, her eyes fixed on the dissipating cloud above them.


"How are you feeling dear?" she turned onto her side and rested her head on Emma's chest, humming contentedly at the sound of the other woman's strong heartbeat.

"I'm exhausted. What happened?"

"Apparently you decided solo magic lessons were a good idea," she looked up into the green eyes that were watching her intently, "you absorbed too much magic at once. It was running wild through your system."

"And you took it out of me?"


"But you're okay aren't you?"

Regina nodded against Emma's chest. "I dispelled it. I'm just tired."

"Me too. How about we head upstairs and take a nap?"

Between the exhaustion and the relaxing feeling of Emma's fingers running through her hair, she knew that wasn't an option, "I'm too tired to get up the stairs." She allowed her eyes to drift shut, perfectly willing to risk getting back ache on the hard floor in favour of not having to stay awake any longer.

"Let me take care of that."

Regina opened one eye just enough to witness the blue smoke engulfing both of them. As it cleared, she realised Emma had transported them into their bed. It was the first time she'd ever successfully teleported. "Is this what you were practising today?"

"Yep. I wanted to surprise you."

"Well you certainly managed that," she barely managed to mumble out in between her yawns, "in more ways than one."

Emma placed a kiss on the top of her head, "I'm sorry I scared you. Get some sleep Regina."

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