"Mercedes?" Elsa's voice was angry, but curious.

Anna nodded her head slowly from where she sat, relaxing completely naked on the Queen's bed. Her older sister was, as usual, drinking rich wine from a crystalline glass. The exhausted redhead rested her chin on her knee, and watched her older sister's movements and expressions with affection in her teal eyes. Elsa was pacing back and forth, her skin flushed and sweaty from their lovemaking only moments before.

Anna had been surprised when instead of reacting with rage at Anna seeking out the noblewoman, the monarch instead took her eagerly and relentlessly into bed.

A smile touched the corner of her lips at the memory. Even as a child, Elsa could never keep a grudge towards Anna long.

Elsa sighed with exasperation and set the glass on her desk. "I know I've never met a Mercedes in my entire life… Perhaps it's a fake name, or I've never met him…" She rapped her nails against the desk in annoyance, before her blue gaze found Anna's. "you say he had a crest of the design that was buried in the lovely Embra's throat?"

Again, Anna nodded.

"How is it possible that he knows what's happening to my noblewomen," Elsa muttered, shaking her head. Anna felt a shiver go down her spine at the possessive, almost animalistic tone Elsa took when she said 'my noblewomen.' Regardless, she didn't say a word. She feared making the older girl angry again. Elsa turned to her with a dark expression, eyes cold. "There must be a spy in the house. Or perhaps he himself, this 'Mercedes' is a sorcerer or… sneak-thief."

Anna smiled grimly. "That's very possible. After all, he did murder Embra. That didn't raise an alarm for you? When a fellow sorceress died in the same castle as you, under your protection? That it was a warning of what might be coming for you?"

"I resent your arrogant, know it all tone, dear sister," Elsa hissed, "And not even a little, I was sure it was Hans who did it, to amuse me."

Anna twitched, expression hardening. Killing Embra was amusing. Was a joke. She gnashed her teeth. Hans…pleasing Elsa…The thought disturbed and enraged her. She looked away, bitter. "It could still be him. Mercedes and Hans could be working together. The fact that Embra dying to you was nothing but a silly joke is- "

"Shut up," Elsa snapped, clearly annoyed. Anna went silent, biting her bottom lip to hold back a nasty retort. "Embra this, Embra that!" She marched towards Anna. Her hips swung with every step, and her delectable bare breasts bounced a little. Swallowing, Anna forced her eyes from her sister's chest and onto her face. Her sister's breasts were a much more welcome sight.

Elsa's lips were curled into a cruel, nasty smile. Her eyes glinted coldly. Her fingers slid into Anna's hair, tugging the locks until Anna winced. "You piss me off when you speak of that whore," Elsa murmured, so quietly and so calmly that the younger girl shuddered a little. She couldn't meet Elsa's hard, angry gaze. "I'd have killed her if this Mercedes man didn't. What does she mean to you, my adorable little Anna? Did you like her exotic, dark skin compared to my white? Did you like her huge, bouncing breasts…so much larger than my own?"

"Of course not! That's not it!" Elsa clapped her hand over Anna's mouth, and pushed her face close.

"I wasn't done speaking dear sister," the blonde whispered, pushing her onto her back on Elsa's huge, fluffy bed. Anna stared back, embarrassed and angry. Elsa ran her fingers across Anna's breast. The Queen smirked again. "No I don't think you wanted her at all. That's not it, indeed." Elsa snickered, and sat in her lap. "Did my baby sister hope that Embra had the secret to bringing the "Real Elsa" back? Is that what you wanted?"

Anna was completely silent against her sister's hand, though her eyes narrowed. Yes, she wanted to say, yes I did hope that!

Reading her gaze, Elsa's expression tightened with rage. She leaned over until her long curtain of ice blonde hair fell into Anna's face. She ran the tips of her breasts across Anna's chest, her neck. Looking up, all Anna saw was a wall of golden hair, and two huge, cold blue eyes. She moaned, just a little, when Elsa rolled her hips. Something wet smeared against her inner thigh. A familiar, hot wetness. Elsa's breath hitched.

"Where is your conviction, Anna?"

The younger sister swallowed, and in confusion, met Elsa's eyes. The Queen was smiling knowingly.

"One moment, so angry. The next, wanting me to ride your thigh. Would "other Elsa" do this, Anna?"

The knight squeezed her eyes shut. Elsa's hand was still covering her mouth. They both knew the answer, no response from Anna was necessary.

"No. She wouldn't," Elsa purred, voice like silk, running across her skin. Anna whimpered when Elsa clamped her thighs around one of Anna's, and that hot wetness pushed harder against her. Her older sister moaned, very softly. It was hardly noticeable. Anna dug her fingers into Elsa's hips, gazing angrily into those knowing, icy eyes. "She wouldn't ride you like this."

Elsa's mouth fell against the bottom of her ear, and the beautiful queen began to moan as she rocked ever so gently against Anna's thigh. So hot. So wet. Slowly, slowly, but faster with every thrust.

"Old Elsa would hate you." The "new" Elsa exhaled into her ear slowly. "Old Elsa would look at you with disgust. Look at herself in disgust. She would throw herself off her balcony sooner than she'd let her hands, her body, fall upon her sister in such a way. Her dear, dear little sister." The woman above her grew quieter, her breath more and more labored. "Old Elsa…" Her voice was softer now. She trailed off.

This was an odd moment, that passed between them. Normally, Elsa wouldn't speak about the woman she once was. The "weakling", the "fool". What was passing through her sister's mind? Anna wondered at that. Elsa pressed her forehead against Anna's, gazing into her eyes, mouth falling open.

"I'm coming, Anna…" Her statement trailed off, and she buried her face into Anna's throat, hand slipping from her mouth as she slipped into a stiff, silent orgasm. Her back arched, her womanhood crushed into Anna's thigh, her lips wet against Anna's neck. Anna ran her fingers through Elsa's hair as the woman writhed slowly, and steadily against her. Her thigh was dripping with her sister's arousal.

Just like that, it was over.

"If the name "Embra" falls from your lips without permission again, I will have your tongue removed."

Anna knew that this was not a joke, nor a light threat. She knew that if she ever brought up the woman, her sister wouldn't hesitate to cut her tongue from her mouth herself. Coldness filled Anna's chest, and she slumped a little. Seeing her expression, Elsa pulled away from her, suddenly angry. She was always like this after she came. Every time. So sensitive, so defensive. She threw a robe on, and Anna didn't try to stop her knowing it was pointless.

"Where are you going, Elsa? This is your room." Before Anna could say another word, Elsa was gone.

Anna collapsed, burying her face in her hands, teeth clenched. What was the point, anymore?

"This has something to do with religion, Anna. That symbol is a religious one, it is quite obvious. Hans, while he did pretend to be a religious zealot towards me the last time we had the pleasure of meeting him, is an atheist. And a power-hungry one at that. He's murdered half his brothers since we last saw him. Do you really think that he cares about mages, or witches?" Before Anna could respond, Elsa shook her head. "The answer is no. He doesn't. He knows how much power I am going to grant him."

"Power he doesn't deserve," Anna spat bitterly, "you're crazy if you think he'll stay loyal."

They were in the middle of a heated argument walking through the halls of the castle. Elsa in her black, glittering dress. Anna in her full set of armor made from her sister's unbreakable ice. They made an impressive, imposing sight.

"Jealousy doesn't look good on you, Anna," Elsa purred, her eyes darkening with lust. "You were the one who was going to marry him, originally. Or have you forgotten?"

Anna grabbed her sisters armor, angrily. "I wasn't going to have sex with him, to make an heir! Like you were going to, or have you forgotten that!?"

Elsa laughed. "Still so mad about that, I see? Does the thought of seeing me swell with his child bother you that much?"

They were still for a moment. Elsa, gazing at her with a cold and empty expression. Anna, eyes closed, clutching her head. Trying to hold back her anger, the flood of emotions threatening to pour out of her. Hans was a damned bastard. He was an evil, twisted fuck. He apparently killed his own siblings! Anna slammed her fist into the wall. As usual when she saw Anna do such a thing, Elsa smirked.

"I want to protect you, your highness…"

"You want to own me. As I own you"

Anna trembled and icy resentment filled her. "I want to protect you, Elsa. While the thought of you and him…together, sickens me, that's not what bothers me the most. It's knowing that at every moment he held you, he'd be waiting for the perfect moment to stab a dagger into your back." She shook her head, running her fingers through her ginger locks in frustration. "I don't even understand. You said I would replace him, and yet you haven't spoken another word about it. And why do you need an heir so urgently all of the sudden? And these noblewomen? Who are they!? Why won't you tell me?"

"Are you done with your little temper tantrum, Anna?" Elsa asked when she trailed off. "I hope you are because our lovely guest approaches as we speak."

Speak of the devil. Hans was walking down the hallway, talking to one of his men with a charismatic, familiar smile on his face. She couldn't believe she'd ever considered marrying him! He looked like such a pompous ass. He smiled at both of them, and bowed low. The man with him walked off. Anna watched him leave, suspicious and annoyed. "Good morning, both of you. Especially you, Queen Elsa."

Anna snorted. Elsa gave her an annoyed look, then smiled at the bastard. Smiled at him. A genuine, warm smile! "Good morning, Prince Hans. Soon to be King Hans, of course."

"And hopefully you will be by my side." Hans smiled back, just as warm. "We'd make a beautiful, and lovely couple."

"What?! I thought-"Anna began, and Elsa gave her a sharp, annoyed look. As if she were nothing but a nuisance.

"Go do something else, Anna."

Anna was shocked, shaken. Never in her entire life, even old Elsa, had her sister ever taken that tone with her. As if she literally did not matter. Sure, she could be cruel. Rude. She could seem uncaring. But never before her Anna really felt like she was worthless to her older sister…

And…Elsa had not told him that he was no longer needed at her side? That his spot was Anna's spot now? She stared at her Elsa as she turned away, and Hans gently took the Queen's arm. Suddenly, Anna felt sick to her stomach. Would Elsa ever tell him?

Her head began to swim.

Despite the fact that Anna would "Father" her child, was she still going to marry that prick?!

Never before had she been so angry. She wanted to scream.

Anna was well aware that doing this was wrong. The boy had been helping her, after all.

The air was cold and wet. Snow had fallen recently. As always.

Her chest felt even colder than the air did. It felt empty. Like a piece of it had been ripped away and thrown out like it was nothing.

It was engraved in her memory. The way Elsa had smiled at Hans. The way she had allowed him to touch her. Her cold, empty gaze on Anna and her dismissive, uncaring tone of voice. No doubt she had been lying to Anna when she said that Anna would be the one who filled her, bred her. She just didn't want to lose Anna, to stop owning her.

Anna unsheathed the sword from her side, pacing back and forth, so irritated. Sweat was shining up on her freckled skin. The smell of horse shit filled her nose, of hay and of horses themselves.

"M'lady! What did I do wrong?" The stable boy squealed. The guards holding him gazed at her impassively as he struggled in their grip. They could have cared less what Anna was doing right now. Not because she was the princess. No, they didn't see her like that at all. Because the truth of the matter was, she was Elsa's bitch. And to an extent, she was allowed to do whatever she wanted.

That's what she was, right? Clearly, she meant nothing to Elsa since the older woman dared to lay her hand on that prick again. She was just a "Thing" that Elsa owned. A tool slap around, to piss off, to use, to toy with. "The only one Elsa could feel anything for," Embra had said.

Lies, those were obviously lies.

If Elsa felt anything for her, then she would have never let Hans into their home. Their home. Not his. And it would never, ever be his.

"When I told you not to say a word to the guards, to Elsa, what was the first thing you should have done," Anna asked, cocking her head as she walked back and forth.

"K-Kept my mouth shut," The boy stammered, "but I did ma'am! I said not a word as you ordered! I just gave you your horse and I went about me business!"

"Exactly," Anna yelled, "you kept a secret, from our queen. Just because I asked?"

"M-maam?" The boy whimpered, "I only did what you ordered…You're the princess-"

"Me! A princess!? I am just another soldier, boy! You kept a secret from our beloved queen. You are a traitor." She pointed her sword at the boy. "Right?" Shaken, the boy foolishly nodded.

She couldn't ignore this anger. Couldn't shake it off. Usually she could. She didn't want to right now. Not when she could still picture that smile.

That smile. That smile that she had given Hans. The way Elsa's eyes had twinkled. Just like back then. How dare that monster that had taken her sisters body smile like that at that freak!?

She panted heavily.

"Sir, your orders," One of the guards asked, expressionless eyes meeting hers.

"Castrate him."

The boy's eyes widened. "But you told me! You told me to stay quiet! You said "not a word to anyone"! You did!"

Anna's heart pounded in her chest.

Already, guilt filled her. But who cared? She'd gone further than this, she'd killed. What did it matter? Anna continued to pace, sword still grasped in her hand, and watched. As ordered, they pulled the boys pants to his knees. Then, his smalls. One of the other guards looked at her, questioning.

"Are you sure?"

If she were Elsa, they wouldn't dare question her. "Did I stutter? Do as I command." A nod.

The boy screamed, and screamed, and screamed. Anna had her eyes closed the entire time. Listening to them, absorbing the sound, picturing Hans in the exact same position. The boy's screams, became his.

It was oddly satisfying doing this.

When they were done, the boy was a sobbing, weeping mess.

"He has no use anymore," Anna sighed, "let Elsa decide what to do with him."

Elsa found Anna outside. The redhead was sitting on the stairs leading out of one of the castles many entrances. Her eyes were closed, and her head was hung. In her mind, the screams of the boy were repeating over and over. She hated herself. Because she didn't regret doing it. She didn't feel a thing.

"And you call me cruel?"

Anna stayed silent.

"That power move, having me "Deal with him." Anna could practically see Elsa's cold, knowing smile. "what was the meaning behind such an action?"

"It was a promise," Anna decided. "I wasn't sure what the meaning was myself when I did it, but I've decided."

"Oh, you've decided, have you?" Elsa was clearly very, very amused with the whole scenario.

Anna turned around, and stared at her. "Yes. It's a promise, an oath, that if you ever touch him again, I'll cut it off."

"Oh, you will?" Elsa smiled. There was no humor in her cold blue eyes, in her empty smile. Anna didn't smile either.

Anna's gaze hardened further. She stood. She walked forward a few steps, grabbed Elsa's shoulders. Pushed her back, shoving her against the stone wall. Anna cupped her cheek, her sister's cold and soft skin that never held any warmth anymore. Elsa had changed. So had Anna. The lack of any emotion but joy that she had felt when she'd had the boy castrated made that painfully obvious.

Anna drew closer. Elsa's eyes never left hers for a second.

Cautious, curious, wary.

"I hate him," Anna whispered, eyes dark. "I hate Hans. I don't want him here. If you touch him…"

"You'll remove his balls. I know. You said so already."

Something snapped in Anna. "Stop interrupting me," She hissed. "I think you talk enough, Elsa. Don't you?"

Shock, genuine shock.

"I'll do more than just cut off his balls. I'll kill him. I won't hesitate, Elsa. He is nothing. Kristoff meant more than he ever could, and I killed him. Didn't I, Elsa?" Anna panted, sweat soaking her forehead. "I killed my ex-fiance, my best friend. For you. I'd do more to keep you. After all I've done I won't give you away. Not to anyone, or anything. I don't want the old Elsa, after all you are right! This "new you" serves a purpose to me. I act like I'm your little puppet and in turn I get to make you squeal like a pig, right? I get to fuck you? But Hans, he never will. Then again, I doubt his tiny dick could satisfy you. Could it, Elsa? Would you ride it like you rode my thigh this morning?" Anger sparked in the icy depths. Genuine, horrid anger.

"You're starting to anger me, Anna. "

"What else is new? Do something about it, my beloved big sister!" Anna stepped back, and raised her hands. She was laughing, for some odd reason. "Come on, hit me, Elsa! Slap me! Do it! I don't care." She stood there. To be completely honest, she wasn't sure what she was doing anymore. But the way her head felt so hot, so dizzy, the power she felt when she made Elsa this angry, that felt nice. So she continued.

In the back of her mind…she wondered if Elsa would ever let Hans speak to her like this.

"You will not talk to me as if I'm a…"

"Whore, Elsa?" Anna smiled. "Giving yourself to Hans so easily. I'd say that's exactly what you are."

Anna had gone too far. She knew it. But her head hurt, and it was so hot. These words were easy to say, they felt so…powerful. She stepped away. Old Elsa, what would she say if she saw this pathetic little scene?

Anna knew. She'd look at Anna with her doe-like, soft blue eyes. She'd smile so sadly.

"How could you do that to the poor stable boy? And to Kristoff? You killed him? Your future husband? And…how could you kiss me, touch me, the way you did? I didn't want that, Anna. I had no choice…what have you become? What have you done to me, to us…to yourself?"

Anna dropped to her knees in front of Elsa. "I'm sorry," she whispered, and tears blurred her vision. "I never wanted to hurt you. To be like this." Elsa gazed down at her coldly. She had no doubt that this Elsa knew who Anna's words were really directed towards. "Come back…"

"She's gone. She's never coming back. I know that. I am here."

"You're not…"

"Back to this sobbing, whiny stage again? Just like the beginning. You're a fool, Anna. You talk big but you'd never really disobey me. I mean, just look at you. On your knees, begging me for forgiveness."

"Not you, her-"

"Me. Begging me." Elsa knelt, and ran her fingers through her hair. "But don't worry, my baby sister. I forgive you. After all, as you said, you serve your purpose. You're on thin territory though. I won't kill you, you know that…but I will give myself to him if you continue to misbehave. I'll make sure you watch. Do you want that?"

Anna's fist balled up. "I'll-"

"Shhh. Let's keep this simple so your obviously small brain doesn't struggle to understand."

Anna bit her lip.

"Repeat after me. I'll be a good girl. So that I can fuck my older sister. So that she doesn't get bored and move onto a man, who can give her exactly what she wants and exactly what she needs." The words were cruel and without meaning.

Anna stared back at her, eyebrows furrowed. She'd had enough. She stood, and turned away. "Fine. Have your men."

Silence, then as Anna began to walk away, a "Where are you going?"

"Away. Screw this. Screw you."

"You will not walk away from me, Anna!"

With every step Anna took away, Elsa's voice rose in volume. "Get back here!"

Anna needed to be away. Just for a little. To clear her head. Of all this rage, all these thoughts, of the screams of that boy… She didn't know when she started running. But she didn't stop. She just ran, and ran, and ran. The snow (when had that started?) was pouring down, heavy and full. She had no idea where she was going, what direction, other than "Away."

Day passed into night.

Even so, she didn't stop running.