This is another one of those things that I wrote when I was about friend Sarah wrote about half so it's fifty fifty. We both take credit for the sheer stupidity of it all, but I think this story has a plot that makes sence, which is amazing because some of the Pokemon episodes don't really make any sence. The first part of this is a little boring, as most good books are ;) but you can really get into it after awhile and a little ways into the story it gets pretty funny. Oh, how clever we are. And another thing, we do give full credit of the character mushu to the Disney movie "Mulan". He is not something we made up. With that said, please read the story and review pwweeeaaaasseeee.not that I want to sound desperate..

This was the worst day of Misty's life, the day that she was finally old enough to compete in the ritual dance ceremony. She had been dreading this day for five years now, and it had finally come.

"There will be three chosen girls. In the auditions you have to pick a song to sing and dance to, then you will be judged by a panel of four judges", Misty's older sister Daisy was saying to Misty and she and Misty's other sisters dragged her along to the Cerulian gym. Misty had tried to get away for that day to avoid the tryouts, but there was no escaping her sisters. She was going to have to get up in front of all of those people and make a fool out of herself.

They got her into the building and to the table where the sign up sheets were. A few minutes after they arrived, a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, accompanied by a tall boy came in from the opposite side. The girl stood slightly tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. The boy, also tall, had black hair and eyes to match. The boy's name was Danny and the girl's, KD. Unknown to the others in the building, Danny was the greatest Pokemon master, the very thing Ash was striving to be. His sister, in close ranking, was the second greatest Pokemon master. KD eyed the tryouts table for a matter of seconds before running over to sign herself up. Daisy was meanwhile signing Misty's name because Misty was too stubborn to do it herself.

Not long after this, Professor Ivy, Professor Oak, and Professor Westwood all entered the same way Misty and her sisters had. Oak obviously knew Danny because he rushed immediately over to shake his hand.

"Danny," he began, " what took you so ling? When you called you said you'd be here three hours ago and.where's KD?" Danny heaved a sigh

" You know my sister. She saw that add for young girl's tryouts and just had to try out for it. I just hope she doesn't make a fool out of herself again. You know how she tends to do that."

" No, KD is a very charming girl. I'm sure she'll do just fine. Who knows. Maybe she may even be selected for the ritual dance. That's a big honor you know." Danny sighed again.

" I know but you would think that being the second greatest Pokemon master would be enough but no.." his voice trailed off as he continued to mutter about KD.

" Professor Ivy! I'M HERE!" yelled a voice from behind the professors, making them all spin around to see Brock. He had two rather large shoulder bags and he was panting. "I'm sorry I was late, but the.they luggage and I had to call the tr..triplets and stuff and"

"It's ok Brock," Professor Ivy said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

" is a surprise" Professor Oak said slowely.

" I decided that it would be a nice surprise for him and his friends if Brock were to come along with me to see were their names?"

"Misty and Ash" Professor Oak told her.

"Oh yes. How are they doing?" she asked.

"Just fine." Professor Oak answered, "Ash and Tracey are down in the stadium pool swimming right now."

"Who is this Tracey fellow?" Brock asked, but got no answer.

"Brock, you're not allowed to be here during tryouts," Professor Ivy explained, taking his hand and leading him to the door.

"but.but I still don't know who this Tracey fellow.or is it a fellow. Maybe Tracey is a beautiful girl. Yes, Tracey must be a beautiful girl.but wait! What is Ash doing with a beautiful girl down by the pool without me? This isn't fair!" Brock took off running twards the stadium pool while trying to fix his hair so he could look good for "the beautiful Tracey".