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So, on with the story! Part Two of Ash's first kiss!

KD and Misty began to roar with laughter and both fell on the ground, clutching their sides as tears fell from their eyes. Brock and Ash just sat there, staring at each other with disgusted looks on their faces.

"CONSEQUENCES!" Brock exclaimed loudly.

"Hmm...." KD began when she had regained composure and re-situated herself atop her rock, "you can kiss the ground, the tree over there behind you, or Ash."

Brock slowly got up and walked over to the tree, a pained expression on his face. Carefully, he puckered up and leaned forward, successfully planting a smooch right on the tree!

"Well, looks like Brock's done his part to save the rainforest," Misty teased, smirking at Brock.

Brock gave her an evil look before shoving the bottle at her. "You're turn." He ordered.

Misty shrugged and spun the bottle and, again, it landed on a surprised Ash's face.

"Are there any consequences?" Misty asked, blushing deeply and admiring the craftsmanship of her shoes.

It was Brock's turn to come up with the consequences and he really wanted to see the two of them kiss...so, he tried to come up with the most disgusting consequences he could think of.

"Okay," he began, a sly smirk on his face, "you can either kiss Ash or...the bottom of my shoe!" (Alright, so that's really not that disgusting...but give a guy a break!)

"I'll kiss Ash," Misty mumbled, her cheeks burning. She turned to face and quickly leaned in and kissed him pop on the lips. She pulled away only to see the big goofy grin Ash had on his face. This only made her blush deepen.

"Your turn Ash," KD interrupted their little moment

Ash nodded and reached for the bottle, spinning it carefully....and....it landed on Misty! (Didn't see that coming, ne?)

His goofy smile grew to twice it's original size as he didn't even bother to ask for consequences, leaned forward, and kissed her pop on the lips- making it last several moments longer than Misty's had.

This time he pulled away to see the goofy grin Misty had on her face.

After that, it was KD's turn. She spun the bottle and it landed on Brock (more and more surprises() Brock prepared by sitting up straight and fixing his collar. They both stood up and walked towards each other, KD on shaky legs and Brock with all the outward confidence in the world. They walked up to each other and stood there for an awkward moment.

"OK!" Misty exclaimed, breaking the tension, "if I can do this, it should be no problem for either of you." Brock leaned in to kiss her, and she leaned backwards. Brock paid her no attention and fell flat on the ground, his face implanted in the dirt. He picked his face up, dirt sticking to his eyebrows, and spit a couple dead leaves out of his mouth. Blushing furiously, an embarrassed KD and a disgruntled Brock sat back down.

It was now Misty's turn. After she was able to control her laughter over Brock's turn down, she grabbed the bottle and spun it hard, secretly hoping it would land on Ash for a third pop kiss. The bottle landed on a passerby chipmunk. (Why are they called chipmunks? Are they munks of any sort? Do they chant??? Is that where munks got their name? ok.....I'm done)

"I will not kiss a chipmunk," Misty stated firmly.

"Ok then," Brock began smugly, "your consequence is to kiss Ash." Even if he couldn't kiss KD, he could still let his best friend have a little fun.

"And keep in mind," KD added, wanting to join Brock in his little game, "that the third time, you have to kiss for three minutes."

"I've never heard of that rule..." Brock began thoughtfully, but was silenced by KD, who gave him a knowing look.

"Chipmunk..COME BACK!!!," Misty yelled at the top of her lungs, searching around desperately for the chipmunk that had now scurried off.

"I'll time you," KD said happily, setting her wristwatch for three minutes. Misty and Ash both gulped audibly, then leaned forward and began to kiss quite passionately for two kids their age..which was twelve so this is a little creepy. (Author's note: there is little or no tongue.because at that age they really shouldn't know how to use their tongues for anything besides eating ice cream)

Looking up from her watch three minutes later as it went off, KD announced that it their three minutes were up, but they obviously either didn't hear her or didn't choose to because they didn't make any move to stop. KD shrugged and decided it was her turn. She spun and it landed on Brock. (This keeps on getting more and more climactic!!!! I cannot stand the tension!)

"Well," Brock began, combing his fingers through his hair, "It was Ash's turn to make up the consequences and he seems a little.....busy right now, and you can't make up your own consequences ya know."

"What are my consequences?" KD asked weakly.

Brock thought about it a moment, wanting to choose his words just right so he could be kissed like Ash was. Ash was, after all, twelve and was getting more in these few minutes than Brock had in his entire life (that is rather sad since Brock is 15 and all) He finally thought of a sure fire idea.

"You can kiss me," he began, counting off on his fingers, "kiss me passionately, or kiss me like there's no tomorrow. Take your pick." Then he added, as an afterthought, "If you really want to, you can give me a hickey."

She stared at him disgustedly. "Don't," she began, trying to think of a turn down for his hickey offer, "....keep your pants...hold your.." He began to get restless, hoping she would think of something soon, or decide to give him the hickey. She scrunched up her forehead in deep thought. Rolling his eyes, he walked up, wrapped his arms around her waist, and began to kiss her. She caught on quickly, placing her hands on the back of his neck and kissing back. (Author's note: this kiss isn't as innocent as Ash's because Brock has been dwelling on this for fifteen years and...you get the point)

After this had gone on for another five minutes, Mushu appeared (he does that a lot in this story)

"Okay, break it up," he said, clapping his hands. They ignored him and he walked over to Ash and Misty, "Chosen one!" he yelled into Ash's ear. "Chosen boy!" he said tapping his finger on Ash's head. Ash didn't respond, so Mushu hit him upside the head. He didn't even flinch. "You have to go save Lugia's child remember?!" Mushu yelled, getting quite frustrated. Ash abruptly pulled away from Misty, and she almost got a mouthful of dirt like Brock-o. (Don't ask. You'd have to see the one episode. Yeah, that one)

KD and Brock were wrapped in each other's arms, and had managed to sit down in mid kiss so they didn't fall over. (Brock was also moaning slightly, but you would too if you'd been dwelling on those thoughts for fifteen years.)

Mushu walked over to them. "Sir Moan A lot," he addressed Brock, who paid him no attention. He turned to Ash and Misty who were still trying to regain their composure without looking at one another. "Help me here!" Mushu exclaimed frustratedly. Misty and Ash got up and pulled Brock and KD apart, which was quite a task.

"What's the big idea?!" Brock asked as Ash struggled to keep a firm grip on his shoulders. (Brock must have had some pretty strong hormones there...eww) Mushu cleared his throat loudly and both Brock and KD blushed.

"Now," Mushu began, "are you ready to hear what your next task is going to be?" Everyone nodded and listened intently. "You are going to have to go through the forest of no return."

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