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Even though they may never return to the Digital World that changed their lives forever, the six human children who once bore the spirits of the Ten Legendary Warriors have all moved ahead in their lives.

Each one a success in their own mind…

Takuya became the captain of a world renowned soccer team. His passionate leadership led his team to win championships left and right. His connection with his team is so strong that he has been offered to coach several junior league soccer teams, which he happily accepted. But, despite his athletic prowess, his pride and joy comes is his little brother, his little prodigy. Shinya has showed his older brother his own athletic promise and hopes to one day follow him in his footsteps.

Izumi started a cooking club at her school, which blossomed into an Italian restaurant. Most of the members of her old cooking club are now in her employ, and they all love her. And thanks to Izumi's compassion and generosity her restaurant became famous throughout all of Japan.

Junpei learned to understand the feelings of others and became a guidance counselor that any kid can relate to. His magic tricks, sense of humour and caring nature have helped his young charges to reach their full potential. Although he still has his heart set on impressing Izumi.

Tomoki, who is still in school, has taken it upon himself to defend those who can't defend themselves. While Tomoki never uses brute strength to defend others, he's always someone to count on when you it most. Inspired by his surrogate big brother and his real big brother, Tomoki never lets his burning desire to help others wane.

The twins, Kouji and Kouichi, are now travelling the world together, exploring frontiers that they have never reached. They have become closer than ever before as they explore the world and meet new people. But not before providing a comfortable home for their birth mother who spent most of her life struggling to make ends meet. As they travel the world together they are reminded that even though they share a strong connection, they are as different as Light and Darkness.

But, even though they've all moved on with their lives, every year, no matter where they are, the old team would gather at the place where it all began. Shibuya Station. While they may never return to the Digital World that they fought so hard to protect, they will forever celebrate their untimely meeting at their second birthplace.

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