First Day For Everything By CyberDracomon

Chapter 1 - TK's POV

(Author's Note: As King of Takari, I hearby make my first royal order of business by introducing a new style of fanfic to and using Takari to bring it in! My Neo Trilogy was all about proving how original the oldest plots can be, but this time I prove how original I can be! Instead of deciding if this fic should be from TK or Kari's POV, I did both! Here's how it works, this default chapter is TK's point of view. If, however, you want to read Kari's point of view, change to chapter 2 to read from hers instead. This was originally an interactive story, but to comply with FF.N's new regulations regarding these styles of stories, I have changed to this format. Keep in mind the two are 15 in this story, making Tai, Matt and Sora 18, Mimi and Izzy 17, Joe 19 and Davis 15.)

TK opened his eyes to the sound of his alarm clock blaring in his ear. He was kind of upset because he was having his favorite dream, him and Kari on a date. His eyes were a little sore, but TK managed to look over at the red digital numbers on his clock, reading 6:40. TK hit the snooze bar and put his head back down on his pillow, pulling the blanket up to his neck. He closed his eyes to get another 10 minutes of sleep when his eyes snapped open and he sat up, knocking the blanket to the floor.

"I forgot this is a new school!" TK said to himself, still fairly drowsy. He was starting 9th grade, the beginning of high school, and class started earlier than middle school. He ran from his bed and threw on an outfit and backpack as fast as he could. His new school was only a 15 minute walk from his house, but class started at 7:00 sharp and that left him little time. Once dressed, TK ran to the bathroom to brush down his hair and teeth quickly. He was rushing so fast he barely knew what he was doing. As soon as he was done he ran from the bathroom to the front door, not even looking at the clock on the wall.

Outside the sun was barely up and the street lights were still on, letting TK at least see where he was running. It was about 10 minutes until class started so he figured if he kept running he could possibly make it on time. Just then as he was passing a convenient store the glass and metal door opened almost right in front of him, forcing him to stop. TK was about to start yelling out of anger when he noticed who opened it through the glass door.

"Joe?" TK said, surprised. Joe walked out of the store, letting the door close behind him, and smiled at TK.

"Hi TK." Joe said. "Heading to the new school?" TK wondered how he knew TK was in a new school now, but he didn't dwell on it.

"Yeah, I'm already late as it is." TK said. "I kind of forgot how early it started now." Joe nodded his head, agreeing.

"I talked to Kari about 15 minutes ago." Joe said. "You could learn a few things from her, you know, she didn't even have to walk fast to get to school on time." Just hearing Kari's name sent a rush through TK. The girl he had such a crush on always did that to him.

"You're probably right." TK said. "What are you doing here so early, though?" Joe smiled and lifted the plastic bag in his hand a little.

"I stop by every morning to pick up a few things for lunch." Joe said. "It's easier than picking from what my medical school serves." TK forgot that Joe was already in medical school and had to be up as early as him. "Actually shouldn't you be going? You're going to be even later than before." TK panicked as he took a look at his watch.

"I almost forgot!" TK said, still in a panic. "Talk to you later, Joe!" TK didn't wait for Joe's response as he took off down the side walk. The sun was higher now, brightening the sidewalk, and he only had 5 minutes till the late bell would ring. TK knew he wouldn't make it, but he had to try.

TK ran down the hallways of his new school, frantically hunting down his first period class. Hopefully the teacher would be gentle with punishment since this was his first day. TK noticed a few others acting the same as him, also trying to find their rooms as fast as possible. TK turned a corner and found a door numbered 124, the same number of his first class, and grabbed the door handle rushing into the room. Once inside he came to a stop, panting slightly. The act had caused most of the class to stare at TK, some surprised, some looking for someone to pick on.

"I hope you don't make this an everyday scene." The female teacher said. A few of the people in the back of the class laughed. "Please take a seat, we're waiting for the rest of the lost students to find their way here." TK looked around for any empty seats left. There were plenty, but to hiss pleasure one happened to be next to Kari, who had been watching him the whole time. TK made his way over and dropped his bookbag on the side of the seat, sitting down.

"Running a little late?" Kari said jokingly. TK smiled nervously at her. Even this early in the morning the sight of her made TK break into a slight sweat.

"Yeah, my alarm clock decided I needed to sleep half an hour longer." TK replied. Kari giggled a little even thought it wasn't really a joke. TK took a second to look around, then sighed. "Nobody else I know except you." Kari nodded, taking a look herself.

"Just you and me." Kari agreed. "Let me see your schedule, maybe we're in a few more classes." TK reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of paper that listed his classes, teachers and rooms. Kari took out a similar one and held it next to TK's.

"Wow, 3 out of 4 classes together." TK said. He really wished it was a complete 4, but his luck wasn't that good.

"Now if those classes don't include Davis I'll be happy with it." Kari commented, replacing her schedule. TK remembered Kari telling how annoying Davis had been getting with his obsessive behaviors. To be honest TK didn't like him much, either. Ust then TK took a second look at the classes that matched Kari's.

"Wait, you're taking art class?" TK said. "I never knew you could draw." Kari smiled nervously.

"Well I needed an elective, but it was either art or home economics." Kari said. "I burn food just by looking at it so I had to take art." TK couldn't blame Kari, he had made the same choice. That and he heard it was an easy class. He put away his schedule and looked toward the teacher, who was watching the clock on the wall.

"I guess everyone that's suppose to be here is here by now." She said, looking back toward the class. "How about we get started?" TK sighed and pulled out a notebook he had for notes, already dreading the new school.

With little or no work to be done, the first three classes flew by and before TK knew it he was walking with Kari to the lunch room. She was ahead of him since she knew the way, making it impossible to see Kari's face, much to TK's regret. He was surprised school was this easy so far, but then again maybe the fact he spent most of the day looking at Kari made it seem easy. Just then something in his mind clicked, remembering something.

"I forgot, I have to find my locker." TK said to Kari nervously. "Save me a seat in the lunch room and I'll meet you there, okay?" Kari smiled, nodding.

"No problem." Kari said, starting to walk off. "I'll try to sit close to the door so you can spot me easier." She gave TK a quick wave before starting down the hallway to the lunch room.

"Thanks." TK said simply, turning down a hallway to his right. He pulled out his schedule and saw locker number 422 written across the top. He then looked up at the lockers closest to him, which were all in the low 400s, meaning he wasn't too far off. He went down the hallway until he found the one numbered 422. TK read the lock's combination on his schedule and undid the lock, opening the locker to see a slight mess from whoever used it last year.

"Hey, TC!!!" Someone yelled behind TK. He knew it was Davis, he's the only one who couldn't remember two letters. He turned to face him only to get shoved against the lockers behind him.

"Calm down, Davis!" TK said. "Why are you so mad suddenly?" Davis had a glare in his eyes like he was ready to kill TK right there on the spot.

"Don't play dumb!" Davis yelled. "A friend of mine saw you first period with Kari, he said you were drooling over her the entire class!" TK was surprised Davis had a friend in that class, but he had to admit his friend was right.

"Davis, relax!" TK said, trying to calm him down. "I wasn't drooling over Kari!" Davis's glare only got worse, TK obviously wasn't doing well to calm him.

"One warning, TJ, Kari is MY girl, not yours!" Davis said. With that he stepped away, still glaring at TK, then turned down the hallway and left. TK brushed himself off, still dazed from the scene.

"Guess Davis is in a paranoid mood today..." TK said to himself. Trouble was, he was right, TK was practically thriving on his time with Kari today, he had every right to be so jealous. He shook it off, turning to his locker and shutting, relocking the lock hanging from it. TK made his way back to where he and Kari split up, then followed the hallway she took until he reached the lunchroom. It was easily one of the largest rooms in the school, but it was fairly crowded, with many kids standing in line for food and many more already at the lunch tables. TK glanced around until he found Kari, sitting with Yolei and keeping her backpack on the seat next to her, saving it for him. He walked over to the two girls who both looked happy to see him, though Kari looked a little nervous, too.

"Get lost looking for your locker?" Kari asked, sliding her backpack onto the floor. TK sat down, dropping hiss bag to the ground beside him.

"Nah, I had some Davis troubles." TK said. That was enough for both Kari and Yolei, both knew how he could be when it was just him and TK.

"So Kari." Yolei started. "Want to tell TK about our conversation now that he's here?" Kari suddenly blushed and glared at Yolei, who was grinning mischievously. Whatever it was they talked about must have been kind of personal.

"What conversation?" TK asked. He couldn't help it, it was his curious side he got from hanging around Izzy. Kari smiled nervously, still blushing a little.

"It's nothing, just girl talk, it would just bore you." Kari said. TK knew her too well, he knew there was something she didn't want him knowing, but didn't pay much attention to it.

"Well alright..." TK said, slightly disappointed. Kari looked somewhat relieved, though Yolei obviously wanted her to say whatever it was they were talking about. He looked toward the lunchline and noticed it was not only crowded, but long, meaning even if he did get in line now he probably wouldn't have enough time to eat, so he stayed in his seat, perfectly happy to be spending another half hour with Kari.

Once lunch was over TK and Kari made their way to the art room, a fairly large room with tiled floors and tables obviously meant to take some punishment from stray painting projects. They took seats at a section of tables to one side of the room, waiting for the rest of the class to show up and hoping to see a familiar face or two in the students not yet in the classroom.

"So why didn't you take Phys Ed?" Kari asked. "I'm surprised you aren't playing basketball right now in the gym." Part of TK admitted one reason he picked art was because he heard Kari had also picked it, but he also heard it was an easy class.

"All the P.E. classes were filled so I picked this instead." TK explained. "I'll have to be in basketball next semester." Kari smiled at TK, making something in his gut melt in one look at her. "Why aren't you in photography?" He asked back.

"It isn't being offered this semester." Kari explained. "They want to put in a new dark room so I have to wait to take it. I thought art would be a good substitute until then, though." TK smiled to himself. For once he was glad one of his schools put off buying new things till the last second. Just then the bell went off and a few lost kids stumbled into the art room, quickly taking seats, as the art teacher closed the door behind them. He had short, silver hair and looked like a few modern artists TK had seen in the local news papers.

"Welcome to art class." He said loud enough for the whole room to hear. "I'm Mr. Owen and for the next 18 weeks we'll be stuck with each other, so let's try to get along, okay?" Most of the class gave a quiet laugh, including TK. He sounded nice enough, he suddenly though the class would be better than he hoped. After a quick explanation he pointed to a wall that had long tables along it, each with many art supplies on them, from large sheets of paper to paint supplies. "Since this is the first day and the rules say I have to give you some work, I want everyone to find a partner and grab a piece of paper and do anything you want at all, just draw some lines if that's all you feel like doing." The assignment surprised TK, he had never been in such a free ranged class before.

TK turned to ask Kari to be his partner, only to see someone else already up and asking her himself. He was someone from his school last year, one of those faces you always see and recognize but never get the name of. It was the look in his eyes that got TK, the same look Davis always gave Kari, part love and part desire. It almost killed TK to watch, not just because he wasn't the one asking Kari to pair with him, but also that he never had the guts to give Kari the same look. He let his head drop, resting it on the table out of frustration. He had been in love with Kari so long and passed up so many chances, how this guy could walk up with that look in his eyes so quickly escaped him.

"TK?" Kari asked him. TK raised his head to see Kari with a confused look in her eyes. He also noticed Kari's would be partner back at his own table, asking the girl next to him and looking reluctant to do so.

"Sorry, just a headache I guess." TK quickly said. "I thought you were going to be his partner for a second." Kari smiled, shaking her head.

"I told him I already had a partner, so he ran off." Kari explained. Now TK was confused, Kari didn't get up and ask anyone as far as he knew.

"Who's your partner then?" TK asked cautiously. Kari again smiled, this time it was a much sweeter smile, though.

"Well if you can grab us the paints and a piece of paper I'm sure you'll guess." Kari said. The word "us" caught his ears well and TK smiled as got up almost immediately went to the supply tables, grabbing a larger piece of paper. He then grabbed a paint pallet and poured different colors of paint into each of the pallet's spaces before grabbing a pair of brushes to go with it. TK made his way back to the table, setting everything down before taking a seat across from Kari.

"I hope you've painted before." TK said. "Most I've ever done is the side of my uncle's house." Kari laughed a little, then picked up one of the brushes, dipping it into the pink paint.

"Relax." Kari said. "Just put the brush in the paint, then put it on the paper, don't worry about where it goes." TK sighed, then picked up the second brush and put it in some green paint, then quickly put the brush to the paper. Kari backed off a bit as a few drops of green paint flew at her, barely missing her.

"Oops, sorry." TK said nervously. "Guess I had to much paint on the brush." Kari quickly smiled at TK before returning to her own painting. TK took care to not splash Kari again, taking a mess of yellow paint and splashing it onto the paper, painting it into the shape of the Crest of Hope. He looked up to see what Kari thought of his first attempt, only to meet her with an annoyed look on her face, as well as some yellow paint on her nose.

"Okay, this is war..." Kari said with a mischievous smile. She scooped out a blob of blue paint and splattered it onto the paper, throwing some drops of paint onto TK. He put his hand up to block most of it, then quickly got the idea, scooping out some red and doing the same, getting some paint onto Kari's chin and neck. The two kept at it, taking turns splashing paint onto the paper, splashing each other with dots of paint. After a few minutes Mr. Owen came around, looking at the various projects until he came to TK and Kari's. The two got one look at him and immediately dropped their brushes, looking at him innocently. TK was scared of getting punished, but also worried that he wouldn't be able to work with Kari again. Despite how messy this was he was having fun with it.

"Nice job." Mr. Owen said. "Messy but the results are great, I hope you do as well the rest of the semester." With that he went to the next table, leaving TK stunned. He looked over at Kari, who was obviously just as surprised. He then looked down at the piece of paper and saw what looked like an abstract painting from a real art museum. In all the splattering they didn't realize what the paper looked like.

"Well he was right about the messy part." Kari said, looking at her paint covered hands. TK imagined his face was as caked with paint as Kari's. He looked around and spotted a corner with some sinks and mirrors for washing, which were luckily not in use.

"Let's get cleaned up." TK said, standing up. "Our parents and brothers would go nuts if we looked like this when he got home." Kari smiled and nodded in agreement, then followed TK to the sinks, complete with rags and soap for the harder stains. TK turned on the hot water, wiping the paint from his hands with it. He then stepped to the side, letting Kari do the same. He then saw himself in a mirror and nearly laughed at himself, his face was covered in paint. TK took a wet rag and wiped the paint from his face, eager to get it off, then looked over at Kari, who was trying to get a good angle in her mirror.

"Hey, TK, do I have paint on my neck?" Kari asked. "I know some hit me on the neck but I can't find it." TK laughed quietly to himself, then looked around until he found a streak of yellow paint just out of view from the mirror.

"Yeah, I see it..." TK said. Out of instinct he grabbed for a wet cloth from the sink. "Hold still for a minute..." With that TK started to gently wipe away the paint, which thankfully wasn't too dry yet. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Kari blushing from the pampering. He couldn't deny he didn't enjoy taking care of her, even if it was just a paint smudge. Once the paint was gone, TK put the cloth back into the sink to be washed later.

"...Thanks, TK..." Kari said nervously. She turned to smile at him, still with red in her cheeks. Even if it was a nervous one, Kari's smile made TK melt instantly, making him blush a bit as well as he returned the smile. TK didn't know what to do next, he got lost looking into Kari's eyes, almost mesmerized by their crimson brown color.

"Maybe we should get back to our table..." TK finally said. "There's still an hour in class and maybe we can wreck that piece or paper even more." Kari laughed at the joke, then nodded to TK.

"Just watch where you throw paint this time." Kari warned, still smiling at him. TK followed her back to their table and took his seat, looking down at the splatter painting. He did his best to take it slow this time, but he found himself looking at Kari more than the painting, sneaking glances every minute or so. Every time he did he remembered his encounter with Davis. He had never been so angry or brutal, it was actually intimidating to TK. He was planning on telling Kari how he felt for some time now, but after seeing how Davis could act, he was having serious second thoughts.

After school TK walked with Kari back to her house. The two apartment buildings weren't too far away and Kari was easily worth 10 minutes extra on his feet. Again he kept sneaking glances at her and again they made his encounter with Davis replay in his mind. Even after the event Davis was still his friend, if he did tell Kari he might make Davis into an enemy, but he was also worried that Kari wouldn't return the feelings. TK became so lost in his thoughts that before he knew it he was standing beside Kari in front of her apartment door. He wasn't sure how but he didn't even realize how he had gotten up there.

"So what did you think of the new school?" TK asked. Kari again smiled at him, giving him a slight shrug.

"Give me a week, I'll let you know how bad it is then." Kari said with a joking tone. "Actually it wasn't too bad, a lot easier than I thought it would be." TK had to agree, except for second period he had it easy all day and having Kari beside him most of the time made it even better.

"Maybe we can walk to school tomorrow, if I can get up in time, that is." TK said. Kari giggled a little, then put on a serious face, like she just went into heavy thought. He wasn't sure how to take it, TK was worried and curious at the same time.

"Hey, TK..." Kari said quietly. "There's something I need to tell you..." TK wasn't sure what to expect, but took a step closer to Kari. Before TK realized it, Kari quickly leaned forward and put her lips to TK's, kissing him quickly before backing off, blushing a very deep red. TK stood there, completely stunned. It was quick but the kiss seemed to stop his heart cold.

"Wha... what was... that?" TK said, still mostly stunned. Kari suddenly looked worried, like she just did something unthinkable.

"TK, I'm sorry!" She said quickly. "It's just that... after I talked to Yolei today I thought I would go insane if I didn't do something! I don't blame you if you never forgive me, I had to do something..." With that Kari closed her eyes and looked away, a few tears coming to her eyes. TK couldn't believe what he was hearing, the moment he waited for for years and Kari was upset that it happened.

"...Kari, there's nothing to forgive you for..." TK said, trying to reassure her. "To be honest... I've been hoping you'd do that for a long time now..." TK could feel a blush forming in his cheeks as he admitted this. Kari looked back at him, obviously a bit confused, but she also looked happy. Before he knew it, Kari had her arms around his neck in an embrace. TK put his arms around Kari's waist out of instinct, returning the embrace.

"I know it was sudden..." Kari said, almost whispering. "...but it was the only way I could think of... to show and say that... I love you, TK..." TK did a double take, making sure he heard what he thought he heard. He couldn't believe it, even when he was sure she had said it.

"Kari..." TK said, just as silent. "I love you, too..." It was all he could say, TK had lost all other words. All that mattered was that it was really happening, it was no longer a fading dream. Just then TK's mind replayed the event from his locker, the anger Davis had from just a rumor, making him draw away from Kari a little. "What about Davis? If he finds out about this there's no telling what he would do." Kari looked concerned as he said this, then quickly smiled again, somehow with even more meaning than ever.

"Davis doesn't matter anymore..." Kari answered, pulling TK closer and tightening her embrace. "Nothing he could do could change this. If he does do something, I'll be right beside you when he does. I couldn't do less for the one I love..." TK's heartbeat felt like it was beating faster than possible, like it was trying to break out of his chest. He returned Kari's tighter embrace, somehow comforted by it.

"I hope you'll always be right beside me..." TK said. "I do love you, Kari, now and forever..." TK couldn't remember when he had ever spoken words that he meant more than those. The two remained there a few minutes, still embraced, trying to hold each other like they would be gone the next second if they didn't.

"...Hey, TK..." Kari finally said. "Can I try that kiss again...? I won't back away this time." TK loosened his hold, letting him look Kari in the eyes.

"I wouldn't complain..." TK said, a slight smile across his lips. Kari again leaned forward, with TK doing the same, until their lips met in a passionate kiss. TK's mind rushed from the kiss, it was the one thing he dreamed of for years, now making his dream come true was pure heaven. The two broke apart after a minute, leaving TK in his rush a minute. After he recovered a bit, he smiled at Kari, unable to do much else. Kari smiled back at him, obviously in as much disbelief as he was.

"...I'd better get inside..." Kari finally said, a bit of regret in her voice. "Tai will be worried if I was late..." TK didn't want to let her go, even let her out of his sight, but he knew he had to.

"Alright..." TK said in regret. "...Maybe I can call later and we can set up a first date this weekend?" TK was hoping to make all of his dreams come true in the same day.

"Sounds great." Kari said. "In that case I'll talk to you later." TK was about to let go when Kari gave him another quick kiss, then let go herself. TK did the same, afraid they would fall limp if she kissed him again. Kari turned to the door of the apartment, then turned her head back to TK. "Goodbye, TK." Kari turned the handle of the door, opening it. TK felt a blast of chilled air hit him as she did.

"Bye, Kari..." TK said. With that Kari walked in and shut the door behind her, leaving TK standing in the walkway, half in disbelief. With nothing more to do, he turned to the elevator and walked over to it, hitting the down arrow when he reached it. He stepped in and rode it to the ground floor, still lost in thought.

Once it hit the ground floor, TK walked out and turned in his apartment's direction, walking slowly. His mind was occupied by many things, disbelief that Kari really did love him, worry from what Davis might say or do, curiosity from what the others would think, and of course hope for where he and Kari might end up in the future. Before he knew it, TK was back at his apartment complex, looking at the elevator door. He hit the up button and stepped in the elevator, riding it up to his floor and stepping off, walking to his apartment. Once inside, TK took a look around, looking for his mom. After a minute he concluded she wasn't home and immediately picked up the cordless phone from it's cradle. It was too early to call Kari about the first date, so he dialed the next best number, placing the phone to his ear. As it rang, he found a seat on the nearby sofa, leaning back. Just as he did the phone clicked, signaling someone had picked up.

"Hi Matt, it's TK..." He said into the phone. "You wouldn't believe the day I had..." With that TK started talking to his brother, describing his first day at school. Remembering it, he only hoped the rest of the school year was as good.

The End