Title: Tenchi Muyo: Was it all a dream? (Tenchi Muyo OVA Episode 7: The Night Before the Carnival) A Tenchi Muyo Fanfiction Written by Tex James and Top_Quark DISCLAIMER: Tenchi Muyo and its characters do not belong to either of us, though we wish it did. Also, this follows the OVA story line (before GXP and OVA 3) so we made up our own minds about a number of things. One is the nature of Tokimi. As you see later this is our interpretation of her, and probably not, what the designers had in mind.

+++++ Tenchi Muyo: Was it all a dream? +++++ Tenchi Muyo Episode 7: The Night Before the Carnival. again.

++ NOTE: For those that notice, yes I know that some of the things said (especially by Washu) were not following the dubbed version. And since I don't speak Japanese, I had to follow the subtitles and a script that I received. So I know things said here are deferent that in the dubbed version, but personally the subtitles are much funnier! ++

'Nightmares, dreams, visions. what is the difference between them all?' Wondered Tenchi as he slept. Yesterday, well the yesterday that he knew he destroyed the Earth, Jurai and many more planets than he could count. But today, he was back on the Earth, and yesterday never happened, at least not yet. For everyone else yesterday was filled with excitement, Kagato was dead, and Tenchi had defeated him, but Tenchi's done that twice now. At least twice that he could remember killing him twice.

But one thing he did know, he knew that when he opens his eyes he'll see Ryoko there, as he remembered. 'She'll have blood shot eyes as though she's been up all night. Not that I can blame her. I. I had trouble going to sleep as well last night.' The first time he had killed Kagato had been tough on him. To actually kill a man was one thing, but now he had killed that same man twice. This time he knew what Kagato would try, and reason told him that he should have tried to talk him out of it. But he also knew that Kagato would never listen to him, 'Why should he?'

There was another matter though that weighted heavily on him. 'What do I do now?' He knew the future, he knew what would happen, and some of it he had to allow, but some of it he could not. 'I told her I hate her. How could I do that? How can I do that again?' In the recesses of his mind, he knew that because of what he said Ryo-Ohki got her human form. He was still uncertain of how it all happened, but she became humanoid because of what he said. His one saving thought though was that he didn't have to worry about that yet, 'That doesn't happen today, but should I let it happen at all?'

Opening his eyes slowly he was greeted by the sight of Ryoko's bloodshot eyes, the lines on them were very apparent because of how close she was, but this time he was not scared. He knew that before he was, but he could not remember why. 'She was worried about me, why should I run from her.'

"Good morning." She said and even her voice sounded tired.

"Good morning Ryoko," he said flashing her a slight smile. "Um, can I get up now?"

"Huh. Oh yea." She seemed suddenly in a daze.

"Here, why don't you lay down for a bit," he said getting out of his bed. She just stared at him strangely, and he wondered what she was thinking. "You need your rest too, thanks for watching over me, but I have work to do."

"Wha.. oh.. ok." She then lay down in his bed and he covered her up. Even before she was covered up completely, she was asleep.

"She must have been tired." he said then leaning over he gave her a quick kiss on the forehead. 'I wish I could tell you now.' Ryoko just mumbled something as she pulled the covers tighter to her, obviously already asleep.

Stepping out of his room he closed the door lightly and made his way to the bathroom, and even this had an element of déjà vu for him, but one thing was different. Ryoko was asleep in his bed, not floating behind him and not sticking her head through the wall as he tried to use the bathroom. 'Or was this how things were supposed to happen?' He thought. 'Was all that a bad dream. just a bad dream?'

After getting cleaned up he looked at his hand and noticed the ring there. He knew that it had been given to him, and he knew it was his Juraian armor. However, he knew more about it this time. "If that wasn't a dream then when I activate this." He gave it a slight twist and the Armor formed around him. ".There won't be a nut on the floor." He looked down and to his shock there it lay. Picking it up he looked at it. "So it did happen, I did do all those things. I-I killed so many people." He sat down on the floor and just cried over the loss of so many people, it seemed impossible for him to imagine killing that may, but he did it, simply to kill one man who hurt, no killed his friends.

"Tenchi." A voice called to him and he turned around to see Tokimi sitting on the edge of the bathtub.

"I. I killed them. so many of them."

"Shhh," she said pulling him close so she could hug him. "We've taken care of them, everyone was brought back, even those you care about. It hasn't happened yet."

"Yet, but it could right?"

"It is still a possibility, it depends on your actions. You know what happens if you follow the same path, but you must learn from it," she held him close as he cried for a few more minutes and she hoped that Tsunami would not detect her presence. To expose who she was, this soon would be disastrous.

"What. what do I do now?"

"Do what your heart tells you," she gave him one final hug, "I must go now, but I will be close by to help."

"Thanks. grandma," he said smiling. Picking up the nut again he dried his eyes and stepped out into the hall forgetting that he still had his armor activated.

"Oh Lord Tenchi."

That voice made him stop, and turn around. He had been about to go into his room again, when he heard Ayeka's voice. "Oh, Ayeka, I have something for you."

"Oh, what is it?"

He held out the nut in his hand, "Tsunami said it was Ryu-Oh."

"Ah." she took Tenchi's hand, "Thank you Tenchi."

"It's no problem." he stopped as he realized he had said all of this in the past and he mentally sighed.

"Oh you see with this I can bring Ryoko-oh."

"Back to life." They both said.

"You know about this too?"

"Um, well.. I've learned a lot lately." he chuckled trying to cover it up, he really didn't want to tell her about what happens in the future.

After taking it from him, she left to go see Washu while he went back into his room where Ryoko was still asleep. He moved over to her and after deactivating the armor he sat down on the edge of the bed, just watching her. So many times, he could recall where she was watching him, and now that he was watching her, it seemed almost surreal.

"I don't know what to do, or even which way to go from here. I want to make the right choices. I don't. I don't want to loose any of you." He spoke softly to her hoping to not wake her up, as he could only imagine the things that went through her mind after she watched him die. 'No, I know what went through your mind, I thought he same things. I had to take some of dad's sleeping pills just to go to sleep last night. I hope I don't have to make a habit out of that.' He ran his fingers through her hair one last time before he made his way out to the fields.

While out in the fields he thought he would have plenty of time to think, and to decide on what to do, but he was only left with more problems. He didn't know of anyone he could talk to about this. If he talked to Tsunami he might mention Tokimi, she did not want him to say anything about her yet, and Ryoko and Ayeka were out as well. He might be able to talk to Washu about it, but he knew she was a goddess now, even if she didn't remember it. 'Well I guess talking to her is out, I might slip up and tell her that,' he chuckled at that thought, 'yea right like she will believe that.'

He looked down to see Ryo-Ohki hopping around. "Look. All these carrots will be for you," he said then laughed as the cabbit began to dig got them. 'Maybe all my memories aren't bad ones,' he thought as he pulled the cabbit out of the dirt. "They don't grow that fast," he said chuckling though he knew that last time he was slightly annoyed as he said it.

Ryo-Ohki looked so disappointed that he almost laughed, "You have to wait." He the placed her on his shoulder as she began crying. "Don't worry, I'm sure when we get home there will be plenty of them waiting for you," he told her though she just about raced back to the house that instant.

When Ryoko woke up, she felt good and more refreshed than she ever had before. As she stretched out, she realized the reason. She was in his bed. and with his permission! Reaching around her lazily a moment she hoped he was still nearby; however, she soon discovered he wasn't. Getting up she phased to the beam in the living room to think, but as luck would have it she was disturbed.

Below her, she could hear Mihoshi giggling about something. "Oh I wonder what she'll do now." the blonde babbled, as she appeared to be reading. "Fumi missed her chance again, she's so clumsy." She giggled a moment as Ryoko looked over her shoulder.

"What's going on?"

"Oh I just love these romance comics," she continued to say ignoring Ryoko.

Behind her, she heard Sasami sighing happily. Moving closer she could tell that whatever it was the little princess was enjoying. She moved up on the table and looked at the princess carefully who was still not paying attention that anyone was nearby. Making a face at her Sasami finally came out of her dream and yelped in surprise. "Ryoko, it's only you."

"What are you two doing?"

"We are reading girls' comics," she said turning her head to the side.

"Girls' comics? What is that?" Ryoko said sounding mildly interested.

"Stories about a boy and a girl falling in love."


"They're about the art of love, Earth-style. It's a handbook on how to win the love of someone you love."

"Earth-style?" Ryoko was beginning to get interested and then she made the connection, "You mean like how to get Tenchi's love?"

"Hmm. I think so." Sasami told her. Ryoko stretched out her hands for the book, wondering if it would help her win Tenchi's love. She hoped it would help, she could remember him holding her and that brief kiss and she longed for more of them. After handing over the book Sasami told her, "Well, I have to make breakfast." As Sasami left Ryoko looked at the book and she had a strange feeling, this felt familiar to her, but she couldn't really put her finger on why.

When Tenchi finished what he needed to do, he returned home with Ryo-Ohki for some much needed breakfast. Entering the kitchen door, he could smell the food the little princess was making. "Sasami, I'm home."

"Hello, Tenchi. Breakfast is coming up." She replied happily.

"Then I'll go get everyone."

"Good. Ayeka is at Washu's now." She told him with a smile though he felt dread.

"She's at Washu's?" He said then mumbled, "I'd rather not go there." Looking at Ryo-Ohki he added, "Well, be right back." Just a short distance away he was standing in front of Washu's door. He knew what would happen when he went in, but what he did not know was should he allow it to happen or not? 'Oh man, this just is not getting any easier. She's a goddess, well she doesn't remember it yet. but I don't want to make her angry.' Nervously he knocked on the door and entered.

"Little Washu?"


"Little Washu, breakfast is ready." He did a quick look to the sides and remembered Ayeka would not be there, but he didn't remember where she was. "Oh, I thought Ayeka was with you."

"Um, I'm sure Ayeka is in the unit... Planting carrots or something." She said as Ryo-Ohki hopped off happily at the mention of her favorite food.

"Hey, Ryo-Ohki!"

"Don't worry. She's just on her way to get Ayeka. But I need to see you, Tenchi." She snapped her fingers and Tenchi at first wanted to call his wings and slice the machine he knew was behind him.

"Ah, you're up to something, aren't you?" he said with a sigh and resigned himself to his fate.

"Bingo." She said merrily.

"I knew it." He said as the arms wrapped around him, 'Some things I guess can't be changed.'

In another part of the lab, Ayeka had just finished the arduous task of planting Ryo-oh's seed while not getting a speck of dirt on her clothes. Happy with her work she went to the waters edge, but before she could get some she heard Ryo-Ohki humming happily. "AHHHHH!" She screamed which scared Ryo-Ohki into screaming as well. "This is not a carrot!" The princess growled as she tried to protect her ship.

Washu had taken Tenchi to a secluded portion of her lab, one she was confident that no one could find. "Blood, body fluids, hair samples... That's just about all of the physical samples." She intoned as she typed away at her computer while he hung clad in his boxers. "Psycho-layer pattern, over dimension, parallel pattern... They are all pretty well." she stopped a moment as she looked at the screen. "Now that's odd. Oh well must be the wings." She scratched her had as something seemed. unusual, but since she had no data on him before now she could not draw any conclusions on it.

"Aren't we done yet?" He asked as something was holding his tongue out of his mouth. He felt pretty uncomfortable, and not only that his mouth was drying out and he was extremely hungry. "Have you got everything? Sasami's got breakfast for us." He tried to reason with her though he knew it was a lost cause.

"I have all the samples I need for analysis..." She suddenly let out a funny scream and he knew what was going to happen next. Sighing he put his head down, as she said, "Well, except the most important one." She had a dangerous look to her eyes had he been looking. Quickly slipped on some gloves she turned around to face him, "I'm ready now."

Luckily, the pinchers holding his tongue had released and he could talk, but what should he say? Washu looked extremely excited about this next part, but he was less than thrilled. "What's with that outfit?"

"I'm an angel of mercy," she said snickering and he saw what appeared to be a blush on her face, but it was faint.

'Sure you are,' he thought. "Washu, what are you doing?" His voice lacked all enthusiasm or care, he knew what she wanted and he said it mentally with her.

"I just need some sperm samples." She noticed his look and told him, "Don't worry. I won't hurt you." She pulled open his pants and eyed him carefully, but he didn't respond save a slight sigh. "Do you want me to do it with my hands?"

"No," he again said calmly and void of emotion.

His lack of a response unnerved her and she looked at her self and felt rather put out that he wasn't getting more into this. "Then with my mouth?" She tried.

"No," again he used the same calm emotionless voice.

'What the hell?' She thought, 'I know what'll get him, "My cleavage?"

"No," he said adding a sigh, which just served to annoy her more.

"O.K. I'll give you a full course." She said adamantly.

Tenchi was about to say another word when he felt a presence nearby, 'Thank the gods for Mihoshi.. At times.' he thought.

"Excuse me." The blonde said from behind them. Washu stopped then turned around, "Excuse me," she said again.

Washu pulled up Tenchi's pants so fast that he had to hold in a slight yelp of pain. 'Oh man that hurt,' he groaned.

"Hey! How did you get in here?" The scientist demanded.

"I came to get everyone because they're late. But I got lost, and I found myself here."

"Got lost? This is not somewhere you can just walk into," she mumbled.

"So, Washu, what are you doing?"

Washu thought about what to say a moment then released his waistband, which snapped back against his skin. "Uh...we're playing doctor," she said as he groaned.

"I see. Please continue," the blonde babbled and Tenchi wondered why he thought she would save him. Just moments later she had sat on the wrong thing. "Oh, no," she said jumping up trying to stop whatever it was she started as things started popping out of Washu's machines around her. "Something is wrong," she said as Washu tried to stop her.

"What did you touch?" Washu demanded as more things went wrong faster than she could fix them.

"This, I think," Mihoshi said hitting something else. "What a mess."

"Please stop!" Washu cried as her machines were falling apart. "Don't touch anything."

"I'm sorry."

"I just want to eat," he said as his stomach growled.

"Where is everyone?" Sasami said as she sat wondering at a fully prepared table, but no one had joined her.

It was later in the afternoon before Ryoko finished reading the comics she received from Sasami. She had a strange feeling that she'd read this book before, but she did not know how she could of or from where. "I don't really get it..." she said closing the book. "But if I follow this book, it'll work out."

Looking out the window, she saw Tenchi working nearby and she decided to go ahead and give this a try. As she stepped outside Sasami, who was playing with Ryo-Ohki saw her. "Oh, boy. Here we go," she said to the cabbit who in less than a second had eaten a carrot.

Outside Ryoko walked purposely up to Tenchi with the intention of accidentally bumping into him. Of coarse she bumped just a little harder than she needed, but it worked. "I'm sorry. Are you all right?" She said to him.

"Uh...what?" he said getting up, 'Ouch. I had almost forgot about this. what was she thinking anyway?' Looking at her he decided to ask, maybe this time she would tell him, "Ryoko, what's the idea?"

"I wasn't paying attention. I'm so clumsy," she told him blushing faintly.

'I guess not, oh well maybe I can find out.'

"How do you do? I'm Ryoko. This is so embarrassing," he watched as she said the same words over again, and then tried to act embarrassed, but he knew she was up to something.

Inside the house Ayeka happened to see Sasami watching something, "What are you doing?"

"Ayeka," Sasami said nervously and pointed outside.

"What is it?" She looked out at where her sister was pointing to Ryoko and Tenchi.

Ryoko couldn't shake the feeling that this was not going to work, but she hoped it would, "Can I ask your name?"

Not knowing the real reason she was acting this way he tried the first things that came to mind, "Ryoko, are you sick? What's the matter?" He asked as he moved to put his hands on her shoulders.

"Ohh..." she tried to think quickly, 'damn this is not working, wait.' she thought as an idea hit her. Giving him a push she said, "Tenchi, you are a bold one, aren't you?"

"What's wrong with you?" He cried out in frustration.

"Ryoko, your face is red. Do you have a cold?" Mihoshi said suddenly moving in close to Ryoko.

'Damn,' Tenchi thought, 'Guess I'll have to find out later.'

"Go away," Ryoko hissed at Mihoshi. "I'm at the important part," she tried to whisper.

"I have a good cold medicine," the blonde said happily as she tried to help.

"I don't want it." Ryoko tried and Tenchi tried to hide a grin.

'Last time I was so confused, but this is actually kind of funny.'

Grabbing Ryoko's arm and pulling her away, she told the pirate, "Sure you do."

Of coarse Ryoko protested, "Hey, stop!"

But it did not even faze the blonde as she pulled Ryoko away; "The key is to cure it early."

"Let me go!" She hollered, but it did no good.

"What's wrong with you?" she continued as she was pulled inside and up the stairs. "No, wait..." She tried again as Ayeka and Sasami watched.

"What was that about?" Ayeka asked her sister.

"Ryoko read Tenchi's father's books for research."

Ayeka was completely confused. "Research?"

Sasami took her to the library to show Ayeka the books, and after reading some she understood, "I see."

Tenchi after wondering what could be Ryoko's problem started sweeping the stairs and after sweeping them from the top to the bottom he began the long walk back to the top. Unfortunately, he was so caught up thinking about why was Ryoko acting like that he forgot about Ayeka, and he tripped over a rope.

"Are you all right?" She said coming out from behind him somewhere. "Oh, my god, you're hurt." He heard her say though he knew he wasn't. "Please use this," Ayeka then thrust handkerchief into his hand. "Don't worry about getting it dirty." After holding his hand for a moment, she withdrew saying, "Excuse me," before he could even think to say one word.

Turning around and running down the steps she paused and turned to him, "My name is Ayeka." And then as she went a few more steps down he heard her say again, "Remember, it's Ayeka."

Tenchi was so confused at what was happening, and he looked at the foot to see the rope wrapped around it. 'She tripped me? Why? What the hell was all that about?' Shrugging his shoulders he went to the shrine and began sweeping the paths there just incase anyone ever showed up to see them. Katsuhito, he knew was inside the office working on his witty sayings, 'I wonder if I should tell him what's going on?'

"Hangers-on, though you may be friends..." Said Katsuhito as he thought of how to end it, "be more humble when you ask for seconds." He smiled as he thought about it, "One of my best, I'm sure." Getting up from his table he went outside to check on Tenchi and he noticed the two guardians, and behind them Ryoko and Ayeka. "Tenchi. Tenchi!"

Tenchi had been so into his thoughts it took his grandfather's raised voice to reach him, "What is it, Grandpa?"

"What are those girls doing over there? Are they playing some sort of game?"

He shrugged, even reliving this he still didn't know, "I really don't know."

"Hey, girls, why don't you come over here?" He called out to them.

"Girls?" Ayeka said and then looked behind her other guardian. "How dare you use my guardian without my permission."

"You're the one who's copying me."

"How unpleasant. Let us leave."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Thanks for your help," Ryoko told one.

"You're welcome."

"They've been acting weird all morning," Tenchi then placed his hand on his forehead and chuckled. 'Even when not even thinking about it I'm doing everything like I did before.'

"Tenchi are you ok?"

"Yea, I." He stopped as he realized he's changed things, 'He didn't ask that before. Should I tell him? I need to tell someone, but how much do I tell him?' "Grandfather."


"Can I come inside for a moment. I need to talk to you about something." Inside he was a nervous wreck, 'What if I screw everything up? What if I just destroy my past, and my future!'

Katsuhito could easy tell that his grandson had something weighing heavily on him so he motioned Tenchi to follow him in. Sitting at his table he poured a cup of tea and wondered what this could be about.

"I know this might sound strange. but. I've lived through all this before."

"You mean like a dejavu? It's quite common at times, people think they have experienced things and to some it can seem quite unsettling, is that your problem?"

"Huh what?! NO!" He said adamantly as his grandfather chuckled. 'He's not taking this seriously, now what?' Grinning, Tenchi came up with a plan, "I guess it could be called that, but I've met your mother."


'That got him,' he thought smiling. "I've meet the Queen, Funaho Jurai, and Misaki Jurai, and your father the Emperor."

"HOW! Are they here?"

"No, not yet, but in about three or four months they will show up."

Katsuhito looked at him, "What are you getting at?"

"I, am. not really from this time." he cringed inwardly, 'man this is gonna be tough to explain.' "You see just a few months after they left this other emperor showed up saying that Azusa pledged Ayeka to marry him to seal a pact between the two empires."

"That sounds like father," the old man added smiling.

"Yea, but Ayeka would not go and things kind of got."

"Got what?"

"Well he attacked us, and with Washu's help I was fighting him, but the girls were getting hurt." His voice cracked as he relived those horrible moments. "Mihoshi was first. her ship. it-it just." he began to cry as he watched her ship explode in his memories again. "I-I tried to save them. I just wanted to protect them. I pulled energy from my sword as I used the wings. but. Ayeka."

"You pulled energy from the master key?" Katsuhito was not sure what to be, should he be proud of him for learning how to do it, or not. 'Did he just have a bad nightmare?'

"Yes, but I also pulled from the gems." he pulled the sword out and looked at the two embedded gems. "I just wanted to protect them, I just needed to."

"What happened?" Tenchi looked up at him, in a state of pure sorrow and shock and it was plain to him what happened, "I see, so you lost all of them?" Tenchi could only nod, as his voice was lost in his tears. "If that is true how did you survive and how did you get back here?"

"I lost control. I-I let my anger take over.." His voice was weak and barely there, but he managed to get it out. "They turned red. I killed them. all of them."

"RED! You killed them?" Again, Tenchi nodded.

"I just let out one final energy wave and every ship was destroyed. then the earth. and Tsunami said about a hundred worlds before Jurai."

"Not Jurai." Tenchi nodded his head in shame.

"The goddesses were able to stop it though. but by then it was too late. I just wanted to die. I couldn't live anymore."

"How could this of happened?"

"They used my energy and reversed time. and then put me back in right before I killed Kagato."

To say the least, Katsuhito was shocked. If this was true then the power Tenchi carried was a lot more than his own, but how? The hardest part was believing it. It sounded like Tenchi had a horrible nightmare, but he knew the Jurai Royal Family. "Can you describe Funaho?" He thought that possibly, Tenchi had just dreamed it, and if so then, he would not be able to do this. Tenchi though just began to describe, not only Funaho, but also Misaki, Azusa and even the ship they left in! Katsuhito knew that ship very well and to have him describe it, and them so detailed, he knew this was not just a dream. The only other question he could think to ask at this moment was not why, or how, but "What are you going to do now?"

"I-I don't know. I came back, to tell her how I feel, but. I can't yet."

'Her? So only one?' He thought, then he caught the 'yet.' "Why not?"

Tenchi looked up and he had the most pitiful looked expression. "I can't, if I tell her now it will change the future. possibly for the worse." his grandfather raised an eyebrow at that. "There are still some things that have to happen, at least I think they have to happen. oh god, do I not want to do that again."

"Do what?"

"I-I don't want to say."

"I see, well. can you tell me what happens in the future. besides them coming for a visit," he added with a weak grin. As depressed as Tenchi was he tried to think of something to get him to smile. He wanted to know which one was the 'her' that he had mentioned, be ht thought that he had a good idea.

Tenchi held his sword for a moment looking at the gems, 'Can I last that long? Can I keep going on like I have been?' He bowed his head, closed his eyes and thought, 'Ryoko.'

"Huh what?" Ryoko said, looking up from the book she was reading. She could have sworn someone had called her name.

Floating out of the library as her mind was else where, she did not hear Ayeka's voice. "That's it."

"Ah, my Tenchi..." Ayeka said in her dream.

"What is it, Ayeka?" He replied. "Yes?"

"I made it for you, Tenchi."

"For me?"



"What have I done?" She cried as she saw that the sweater she was making had been made way too long.

Ryoko in her own dream was thinking that she could win Tenchi over by cooking something special for him. In her dream, she would present him with something and he's say, "Mmm, good."

"Really? I'm so happy." But in reality, she was having trouble. "I can't tell anything," she said, as she tasted what she was making. "Come on, taste it,' she told Ryo-Ohki, who after taking a taste reluctantly she fell over. "Oh, my. I wonder what's missing." She then began adding lots of ingredients, some that were never meant to be together, but she tried, singing as she went. "It's for love, love, love." However, it just did not seem to be working. Even she thought it looked bad, so she gave up on it. 'Damn it, why can't I cook? Hell why can't I seem to get any of this right,' she thought as she tried to think of what to do next. Since acting clumsy and cooking had not worked, she went back to the books and while looking through them, she found the best news possible.

"I'm home," Tenchi called as he stepped through the door.

"Welcome home," Ryoko and Ayeka chorused.

Though he wanted to wrap his arms around her like his very life depended on it, especially after reliving those memories he tried to push that thought out of his mind and act normal since both were there. He then noticed them holding something and the look she had definitely told him she was up to something. "What is it now?"

"L-listen, Tenchi." Ryoko said stuttering a moment, "We're a perfect match for each other."

Noticing the book she was holding he tried to ask, "That's dad's book, isn't it? But it's--"

"Tenchi, look! Right here!" Ayeka said quickly while sitting beside him showing him something in another book. "The love you find now is an eternal love." She kept reading as Ryoko tried to contain her anger. "Treasure it."

Finally hearing enough out of the princess Ryoko shoved her away with her foot and placed a hand around the back of his head and on his opposite cheek so he could look at the book with her. "Perfect. February is the best month," she commented then began reading from it, "As our relationship deepens... We'll have the blessings of those around us."

Ayeka put a sudden stop to Ryoko's reading by pinching the pirate's hand, and though Tenchi could have enjoyed that moment, she had been nearly crushing his head forcing him to look at it. "Wouldn't a good match with a monster be pointless, Tenchi?" Ayeka said tartly.

"It was fate that brought us together, wasn't it, Tenchi?" Ryoko asked trying to not let the princess get to her, though she began to get a strange feeling that this had happened before, though she couldn't remember from where, or when.

"Tenchi--" Both called as he sighed.

'Guess I have to go through this again,' he thought.

"Go away, monster," he heard Ayeka say and it hurt him, because deep inside he knew that he had become the same monster, that same killer.

Trying to get his mind off of that he told them, "You know, those books are 10 years old."

"What?" They both said confused and looked at their books.

"But this one here is hot off the press," Washu said popping up from behind them. "Now, let's see... Oh, both of you are the absolute worst match for him."

"What?" He heard the two of them say again, and he thought it was funny that Washu fooled them both.

"On the other hand," she paused and then blushed; "Tenchi and I are a perfect match!"

"Oh, really?" He said sighing, 'Yea right, a goddess and an earthling.'

"I'm so happy," she told him while wrapping her arms around him, while Ryoko and Ayeka looked on angrily.

Ryoko then got a better idea, and went to see someone, "If it doesn't work for Tenchi... I'll work on the old man and make myself the fiancée." Going to the shrine she bowed before him, "Grandfather... I'd like to build a family with Tenchi. Please help me."

"You've been thinking far ahead." He said then began to wonder, 'It could be her, he seemed so upset and it wasn't until after he said she died that he completely lost control. But, I can't let on that I know. I know what I'll do. "All right. You have my blessing."

When she left, it was hard to keep from laughing, "Piece of cake." However, when she saw Mihoshi and him talking she decided to hide and see what they were talking about.

"You are such a hard-working young lady."

"I must do something in return for your kindness."

"I thank you. Well, Mihoshi... Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Ohh..." she said giggling.

"What do you think of Tenchi?"

"Oh, this is so embarrassing," the blonde babbled.

"If you were his girlfriend, I could rest easier."

"But we're both young... And we have to find out how he feels about me." She continued while giggling, as Ryoko slipped away.

He, over his shoulder, saw her leaving and he knew that she had been listening. 'She has to learn to talk to him directly, otherwise it won't work between them.'

In the house, Ayeka had written a letter to Tenchi and was trying to get Ryo-Ohki to deliver it for her. "Understand? You must deliver this to Tenchi. Then, without Tenchi knowing... I'll give you the carrots that you love so much." Ryo-Ohki's eyes lit up at the mention of her favorite food. Crying out happily she grabbed the note from Ayeka and rushed to see Tenchi. Unfortunately, she hit her head on the door leaving Ayeka's room. "No need for such haste. Now I must leave also."

When Ryo-Ohki reached Tenchi's door she jumped at it, and bounced back as she forgot to phase through it. Clawing at the door a moment in frustration, she then decided to try to phase again. She just had to get back to those carrots. Passing through it this time, she ran to him. "You're so clumsy," he said smiling. He then noticed the letter she held, "What do you have there?" Dropping it happily she jumped out of his hands and raced back to Ayeka's room, unfortunately she was in such a rush she forgot to phase through the door, yet again. "What's the big hurry?" He asked quietly then looked back at the letter.

Entering Ayeka's room Ryo-Ohki called out for her to get the carrots. However, as she hopped around the room she realized that Ayeka, and the carrots were gone. Sitting on the floor, she began to cry as Ayeka was already climbing the steps to the shrine.

Tenchi began reading the letter; 'There's something I want to discuss with you. I'll wait for you at the shrine after school.' When he got to that part he almost laughed this time. "After school?" Placing it back on the desk, he chuckled about that, 'Last time I was so confused, but this is funny!'

Getting himself under control he went downstairs with the intention of actually going this time, to see what she wanted when Sasami called out to him, "Tenchi, good timing. Can you get me some vegetables for dinner?"


"I can't get away right now."

Sliding open the door to the shed by the house, he saw what looked like several Ryo-Ohki shadows. 'Now I remember, all those Ryo-Ohki's.' He then had a sudden burst of inspiration; 'Well if we have to fight that guy again maybe we can use these Ryo-Ohki's in the fight?' Shaking his head, he remembered why they didn't do that before. 'I won't just use them to fight my battles, it's not right to use them like that.'

Reaching his hand into the room he turned on the light, he remembered being scared before, but not now. "Ryo-Ohki?" He called then thought, 'I wonder if they're all called that?' Looking up he noticed the carrots and vegetables were gone. "They're gone!"

His voice scared one and it dropped its carrot. Turning around he said, "Oh. It is Ryo-Ohki. You little--" He then stopped and fell backwards. 'I forgot how many of them there were! Ah man this means I'll have to get even more carrots. And they all like just like Ryo-Ohki, is the real one out here?'

"Tenchi." Washu called as she stepped into the shed as well. He pointed at the sheer number of cabbits. "So this is the reason for the weird energy reaction." Clapping her hands, she told them, "Come on. Back to the pond."

They looked so sad and a second one dropped it carrot to cry out in protest. Tenchi just couldn't tell them 'no', they looked so sad. "Oh, all right, then... But only one for each of you." The two that dropped theirs dropped to the floor crying out happily as they grabbed the carrots. Following those to the cabbits began floating back to the pond with their carrots and changing back into a crystalline shape.

Coming out of the house Sasami called out, "Tenchi, don't you have the vegetables yet?" When she saw the cabbits, she exclaimed, "Wow. So many Ryo- Ohki's."

"Those naughty crystals," Washu added.

"I guess I'd better go to the fields," he said and after grabbing his tools, he went to the field, completely forgetting again to meet Ayeka.

"T-Tenchi..." The princess called well into the night, "Isn't it after school yet?"

The next morning, Ayeka was in the onsen, 'I can't believe Tenchi never showed up.' She was so tired; she had stayed up there for half the night before falling asleep at the shrine. She did not know how she got back home, and yet even now she was still tired. Closing her eyes, she drifted under the water only to come back out sputtering and coughing, "No more girls' comics for me."

Ayeka let out a startled yelp as cold water was poured over her, "Did that wake you up, Princess?"

"You nearly froze me to death."

After warming up the two went to small waterfall to wash up. "Don't you think there are too many people in the way..." Ryoko said to Ayeka. "Like Washu and Mihoshi?"

"On that issue, I agree with you."

"All right, then," the two shook hands and both tried to squeeze the others hand in an effort to get the other to break first. Seeing that neither was going to win this they both let go and resumed washing.

"We can create a force field and lock Washu inside..." Ryoko said, then added, "and we'll make Mihoshi go back to the Galaxy Police for a while."

"You're so devious, aren't you?" Ayeka said laughing.

'Earth-style or whatever... after all, we're both humanoid types. What we want has got to be the same,' Ryoko thought.

Ayeka was thinking along the same lines though it was a little different, 'I'll wash and wash... and present myself to Tenchi in this beautiful skin... and he'll say, "Ayeka, you're so beautiful."' She could not contain a giggle as she thought of what could follow.

'No need to be afraid.' Ryoko thought as though she were talking to him, 'Tenchi, just wait and see.'

Going back up to the shrine to see his grandfather she put their plan into action, "Tenchi's grandfather, May I u-u-use your phone?"


When Mihoshi heard the phone ringing, she called out; "I'll get it. Hello. Masaki home." She giggled at that, "That sounds as if I've married into the family. How embarrassing. Do you think it sounds that way?"

"Get a grip!" Ryoko yelled into the phone startling Mihoshi, and gaining Katsuhito's interest. "This is your nasty superior at the Galaxy Police," she said as he moved the table closer to hear the conversation.

"Oh, hello. But how did you know I was here?"

"An unimportant detail. Now hurry back to make your report."

"Yes, sir. First-Class Detective Mihoshi is on her way," the blonde said saluting the phone.

"O.K., good," Ryoko said and hung up the phone. "Gullible is an understatement." When she turned around, she saw that Katsuhito was closer than she remembered, "Huh?"

Hanging up the phone Mihoshi thought out loud, "What am I going to do about a spaceship? What do I do?" She continued to wonder when Ayeka tapped her on the shoulder, "Oh, Ayeka."

"Don't worry. I'm sure Washu will be able to get you a spaceship or two," the princess told her.

"Really? Oh, thank you very much."

After talking to Washu, the scientist took Ayeka, Mihoshi and Ryoko outside by the lake. "We just need to find your ship that fell into subspace, right?"

"Can you do that?"

"Police Ships are rare in this area... So it's easy to locate." Washu said as she typed away on her floating computer. "There it is!"

"It would be nice to see Yukinojo. How wonderful, thank you."

As the ship was pulled out of sub-space, something else also tagged along. Riding the ship like it was a tow a huge water spirit growled at the girls. It remembered at least two of them and it was not happy. Jumping down from the ship it landed in the water in front of them. Ayeka and Ryoko didn't forget about him either and the two of them started running for cover. All the while Ryoko was wishing she had at least one more gem.

"Oh, no! What do we do?" Cried out Mihoshi, while Washu just looked at it calmly. As it approached them she just held out a finger and the creature vanished.

"Having a foolish daughter is more work for mom."

"Well, that sure was simple," Ayeka said to Ryoko.

"Shut up. If only I had all my gems." Ryoko wished she had her gems back, but she wasn't sure how to ask for them back. Taking them by force was not an option as not only would Tenchi's sword hurt her, but it would hurt him for her to do that.

That afternoon Mihoshi was ready to go, so she, Sasami and Tenchi were beside her ship saying their good-byes. Sasami and Mihoshi seemed the saddest, "Mihoshi," Sasami said sadly.

"Tenchi, thank you for everything." The blonde told him.

"Mihoshi," he started then changed his mind, "Good luck, Mihoshi."

"I'll never forget the time I spent here, so..." Mihoshi tried to say more but couldn't.

Tenchi noticed this as well and he began to think, 'I nearly forgot about this, she doesn't want to go, but if I tell her the truth she'll be hurt. And if I don't tell her then later she could only be hurt more.'

"Mihoshi, are you really going home?" The little princess asked again sadly which brought him out of his thoughts.

"I have to, because of my work."

Sasami jumped forward grabbing Mihoshi's hands, "No, I don't want you to." Of all the girls around, she felt she understood Mihoshi the most. Unable to hold back the tears, she began crying.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to...I don't..." The girls crying then affected her and Mihoshi began crying as well.

"Sasami, don't be so difficult," he said then realized how bad it sounded. 'Great what do I do now.'

"But..." The princess said then grabbed on to him.

'Well I guess I can't make this any easier than it was before,' he thought then asked her, "Mihoshi, you can come back once you finish, can't you?"

Mihoshi stopped crying and looked at him, "You mean you don't mind if I come back here?"

Sasami stopped as well and looked at him as well, "Really, Tenchi?"

Having both of them looking at him like this he knew the only answer, even though he knew Ryoko would not be happy about it. Inside he was hoping she would understand he was only saying she was welcome to come back. But he knew it was a false hope. 'She'll go away and then come back and it will be the same all over again. I want to tell them. I wish I could.' Taking a breath he told her, "Yes, you're welcome to come back."

"I can't believe it!" She said happily, "I'll come back as soon as I finish my work. I'll see you again, Tenchi." She saluted him as a final goodbye.

On the porch Ryoko and Ayeka saw the exchange, "I don't like that at all," Ryoko told her.

"At least she won't be back for a while," Ayeka retorted.

As the ship took off from the water Sasami called out one last time, "Mihoshi, come back soon!"

Ayeka and Ryoko chorused, "Bye-bye, now. Don't come back for a long time." Ryoko though had a bad feeling that she would come back, and at the most inopportune time.

That night, Ryoko had been able to not only tie Ayeka up, and gag her, but do it without anyone hearing and put her in the vegetable shed. "The last of them out of the way." Leaning down to a struggling Ayeka she mockingly said, "What? Good luck to me? You two are a good match? Such kind words from you." She floated up and backwards through the wall as she added, "See you, Princess."

Ryoko crept through the house and stopped just outside his door. "Finally, Tenchi. Tonight I can finally..."

She began to go though her entire scenario of what would happen, or what she hoped would happen, "Tenchi, are you awake?"

She split into two separate Ryoko's and the other one asked as if it were him, "What's up? It's really late."

"Tell me, Tenchi, do you like me or Ayeka?"

"Well..." the double said.

"Answer me, Tenchi." The second paused for a moment as it contemplated what he would say as for some reason this felt like she had done the same thing once before. "You love Ayeka." Ryoko told her double. "Is it because I punch holes in the ceiling and go through walls... and fly in the air?"

"I don't mind any of that," the double said trying to comfort the first.

"Then answer me, Tenchi."

"I love you." The second responded slowly.



Both then laughed, "Beautiful!"

Hushing each other, they merged back into one Ryoko. "Let's see..." she said and approached his door cautiously. "You won't get any sleep tonight. We're going to get really wet." As she opened the door, she failed to notice the force field that was in place that instantly transported her to the lake. "Huh? Huh? Force field?" She felt anger and rage flash through her as well as something else a brief memory of the same thing happening once before. However she was so angry she ignored the brief memory all together. "Ayeka!"

Phasing through the wall she landed on the floor outside his room again and was surprised to see Ayeka there, ""I'm glad I had that force field set up," the princess said smugly. "What manners. Trying to get into his room without even knocking."

"You're cheating, Ayeka."

"Who are you to say that?"

"That really was a cheap trick," Ryoko told her.

"And who fell for that cheap trick?" Ayeka retorted smartly. "At any rate, I won't let you lay a finger on Tenchi."

Anger flashed through Ryoko, but she thought of a better idea. "All right, you win. You can go first."

He plan worked as it confused Ayeka, "What do you mean go first?"

"You're trying to get him into the sack, too, aren't you? It's O.K. I don't mind."

"I'm not a woman of loose morals," The princess screamed back.

"Really?" Ryoko leaned in closer to Ayeka.

"What?" She was getting nervous, and she tried to take a step backwards.

"A light makeup, a new nightie..." She sniffed the air, "And I can smell your pheromones." Wrapping her arms around herself Ryoko did a mocking impersonation of the princess, "My mind and body are pure. Make love to me. That's the message you're sending."

Ayeka was not thrilled in the least With Ryoko's depiction of her, "That's not true!"

"Don't you like Tenchi?" Ryoko stressed the like in hopes of flustering the princess.

She was not sure what to say, if she said yes then Ryoko would just tease her more, or if she said no then, "Of course not." She realized she said that out loud and was suddenly very embarrassed.

"Then why? It's natural to want to be with him... and make love with him if you love him."

The princess was getting more and more embarrassed as Ryoko spoke, "I don't even know how he feels about me, and..."


"And it's too soon for us."

"In that case, I'll go first."

Ryoko walked right passed a dazed Ayeka but she soon caught on to what the pirate had said. "Fine...huh?" She moved to block Ryoko, "Hold it. The point is not who will go first and who will go last. You won't get past me."

"Fine. We'll settle things your way..." Ryoko told her, "by force." The two then started to struggle with the other, Ryoko wanting in to Tenchi's room and Ayeka keeping her out.

"Leave Tenchi to me. He's too much to handle for a girl like you." Ryoko barked at Ayeka.

As the two fought, Sasami walked past crying, "Tenchi! Tenchi!"

"What's wrong, Sasami?" He asked.

"I had a scary dream. Can I sleep with you?"

"Where's Ayeka?" They heard him ask.

"She's with Ryoko," Sasami told him.

"Fighting again, I'm sure," the voice of Washu said from inside his room.

Tenchi was hurt that they were fighting, and of all things over him. 'I wish I could tell them, tell them all the truth, but I can't yet.' He let out a defeated sigh, "Those two are impossible," Tenchi said as Sasami entered his room.

Sasami cheered up, "Ryo-Ohki, you're here, too. I'm so glad."

The two combatants heard Washu's voice, "Let's forget about them and we'll all sleep together."

Just as soon as the door closed Ryoko and Ayeka ran to his door to find out what was going on in there, but they both forgot about the force field, again. "I wonder what that was," Tenchi said as he looked into the hallway."

"Two wet fools who forgot to knock." Washu told him as she looked out the window at Ayeka and her daughter in the lake.

"What?" Tenchi was confused; even this part of the day confused him still, even after reliving it twice. 'I guess I wouldn't understand no matter how many times I relive it.'

"Nothing. Come on, let's go to sleep," Washu told him trying to pass it off.

"So Sasami, what was your dream about?" He asked.

"Let's see... A woman I don't know took you away."

"Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere." He told her and he had a thought that the woman she did not know just might be Tokimi. Usually her dreams are things Tsunami shows her. At least that's what he had found out from Sasami later, much later, and in another time. 'Grandma, I don't know why I came back, I'm doing the same things over again, but this time it's worse! But why doesn't Tsunami trust you?'

"O.K." Sasami responded and they all tried to go back to sleep.

Ayeka and Ryoko crept out of the water; Ryoko was tired, and frustrated. Even if she had been able to get into his room nothing could have happened while Washu or Sasami was there. They both let out a sigh of defeat and fell to the ground leaning against the other. 'Why'd she put the force field there? And why was Washu in there with him? Did she get out, or did. she read my mind.' Ryoko bit back a growl as she remembered Washu once telling her that they were connected.

A loud hissing noise was suddenly heard from the sky, "What's that sound?" Tenchi asked from the floor.

Washu listened then told him, "It's Mihoshi's shuttle."

"What?" He sat up quickly, 'Oh no! I forgot!'

"This doesn't look good." Washu added.

"Quick get everyone into your lab!" He told her frantically.


"Just do it!"

"Ok," she then moved the four of them to the lab, but it was still too late to save the house. Ayeka and Ryoko just looked up to see Mihoshi's shuttle heading straight for them and the house and all they could do was laugh as the light from the shuttle got brighter. Just before the impact a hand reached through subspace and pulled them both inside. Both fell against Tenchi and the three of them landed on the floor of Washu's lab with Sasami, Washu and Ryo-Ohki watching.

'Why can't I remember things like this far enough ahead?' He wondered.

Since the house was destroyed it was decided that they all would sleep in Washu's lab, and though there was a short exchange between Ryoko and Ayeka as to who got to sleep beside Tenchi neither of them had the strength to fight much. That was one thing he was thankful of at least.

"It looks like another beautiful day." One of Ayeka's guardians said the next morning.

"Such wonderful spring-like weather." The other responded, while behind them the house lay in ruins save one door.

Inside Washu's lab, Ayeka was waking slowly and as she did, she looked around and saw Ryo-Ohki over where Ryu-Oh was being re-grown. "Get away!" Ayeka screamed waking up the others as she tried to save her ship. "I told you that isn't a carrot."

The cabbit just smiled and crying softly, she looked over to the growing ship. Ayeka was surprised to see that her ship had already sprouted, "Ryu- Oh." The cabbit meowed a few times and hopped into Ayeka's lap as the ship sent several beams of light down from it's newly re-grown leaves. "I see. You're talking with Ryu-Oh."

Though Tenchi had heard Ayeka scream, as had everyone else, he remained in bed. 'What am I going to do? I can't keep this up, I can't.' He opened one eye slightly to see Ryoko. 'I wish I could tell you, I wish I could tell you all. But can I wait any longer? It would be much simpler just to say it! I could just say it and the fights would be over, and. and. and Ayeka would be hurt, and so would Mihoshi.' He thought about all of the girls, and he knew how he felt about each of them, but how to tell them, and when seemed to be the hardest thing to find out. He knew that Sasami would understand, but it would take a while to get Mihoshi to, and if he told Ayeka, especially after the way they were fighting he knew it would not be pleasant.

+++++ To be continued.

NOTE: For those that noticed, yes I did skip what happens to Mihoshi in space and Sasami's dream. Those were not changed from their original.