Chapter 1-Making Friends

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Ever wondered the unusual stress of being a preteen tomboy? We are often overlooked as just another character or person, but what goes through our minds is nothing like what you see. My name is Max, and welcome to my world. I'm 12 years old, which means I'm in 7th grade. I have one friend, his name is Tapeworm, (he ate 20 hotdogs in under 2 minutes) and we're known as dweebs.

There's two new boys at school, Zack and Cody, they're identical twins. They keep trying to get in with the Drew Crew, who are the coolest guys in school, but it's never going to happen. "Hey look, it's, the clones," said Drew, after Zack had tried to talk to him. They walked away after that. Drew has mean names for everyone who he's not friends with. He never gets Tapeworm's name right, and calls me boy-girl freak.

"Did you hear that?" Zack asked his brother. "The Drew Crew just mocked us!"

"Woo hoo, we're in," Cody replies sarcastically. Tapeworm and I looked at each other, then nodded, deciding to go over to them.

"The Drew Crew will never accept you," I warned them. "Don't beat your head against the wall,"

"Even though it feels good sometimes," Tapeworm said, I give him a strange look along with the twins.

"I'm Max by the way, and, this is Tapeworm,"

"What kind a name is that?" Zack asked.

"The kind you get when you eat twenty hotdogs in less than two minutes," I explained.

"Cool, beats my record," Cody said, shocked.

"Yeah, by eighteen," Zack replied coldly. These guys could be okay. "Hey, you guys wanna come over to our house?"

"Did you hear that?" Tapeworm asked me, "Someone wants us to come over to their house," we never get invited anywhere, I'm sure you can tell why.

It turns out they didn't live in a house-they lived in a hotel! Yep, that really posh Tipton Hotel! When we arrived we went up to their apartment, it was on the 23rd floor! It's so cool! Their mom was being weird in front of a mirror with her hairbrush. We all stared at her, till Zack finally said, "Mom,"

"Oh! K," she said in shock, suddenly turning around.

"What are you doin'?!" Zack yelled.

"Apparently I'm embarrassing myself in front of your new friends," their mom said. "You made friends," she rushed over to us, and leant right in my face. She's really weird.

"Maybe," I said, felling unsure. I saw their music player. I couldn't help myself. "Wow, this is so tight," I ran over and turned it on. Their mother tried to stop me, but I just danced to the music. I'm not going to lie, I'm a pretty good dancer.

"Man, look at you go," their mom said. I could feel the twins staring from behind me. Then my cap fell off. I could feel my plaits on my shoulders, and carried on going, I was having fun. But the strange feeling in my tummy wouldn't go away. What would they think? Obviously Tapeworm knew about my hair, but would it put the twins off? Maybe I am a boy-girl freak. That's probably one of the hardest things about being a preteen tomboy. If your hairs too short, you could be accused of being a lesbian, and, you're a girl. I'm proud to be a girl and like to let people know, but, there's also the worry of being different. The only one with long hair. I usually just tuck my plaits in my cap, easy enough. I could tuck my fringe up a bit too. But I was growing up, it couldn't last forever.

"Wow. Can you show me how you do that?" Their mom asked.

"Sure," I said, and moved one of my plaits. I started doing complicated moves on the floor.

"Okay, no, I meant the part a mom can actually do."

"Oh, okay," I showed her something simple, then grabbed my cap and put it on, not bothering to tuck up my hair.

"I never knew you could dance like that!" Cody said, when we were in his and Zack's room.

"And I never knew you were a girl!" Zack spluttered out. Cody gave him a warning look, and Tapeworm looked at me, expecting my reaction.

"Um, of course I'm a girl," I said like it was nothing. But I knew it was, we had found friends, but, I would be even harder to keep them. That's another story. How I made friends with Tapeworm, well, that's a more relevant story.

It was in 5th grade. Where I live, that's in Middle School. About halfway through the year, I moved to Boston. Before, I had been in Elementary School, but I had to transfer to Buckner Middle School. I arrived, and instantly wanted to be a member of the Drew Crew, yes, I made that mistake. I walked up to them at recess, hair tucked into my cap, boy clothes on. "Hey, Drew, right? I'm Max,"

"What do you want?" he said.

"Just came to say hey," I replied.

"Okay, man, you may be pretty cool," I was lucky, usually no one likes the new kids, I 'could be pretty cool'. But I opened that big, fat mouth of mine, and said;

"I'm a girl," angrily, something I'm very defensive about.

"I was wrong, you're not cool, you're a boy-girl freak!" Drew said walking away. He pulled my cap off my head and dropped it on the ground. "Aw, look, little pigtails." He pulled one, as I angrily placed my cap back on and tucked up my hair. That was when he came over.

"I'm Stephen." Tapeworm said, "you can say hey to me," he joked. It just kind-of went from there. Then, a few years later, we met the twins.

My name is Max, and welcome to my world. If you think this is bad, wait till you here about my home life.

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