"I'll be back in a little bit Mokie!"

"Be careful Seto!"

And with that, the brunette set off. Armed with seven dollars that he and his brother had found in the front of the orphanage, the young boy began his weekly excursion over to the discount store across the hidden woodlands behind the property. Nobody was really supposed to go through the breach in the fence but it's not like anyone was going to be searching. For Seto, it was an adventure! Going off on his own, exploring the unknown, and perhaps finding some cool stuff that somebody may have left!

Although it was a bright and sunny late-spring afternoon, the young boy's surroundings blocked out that light, only allowing dotted and speckled streaks to peak through the green canopy-like cover above. Seto followed a worn-down hiker's pathway until he neared an old and forgotten rest-stop area. Completely abandoned, it held its' own heir of mystery and comfort. Ever since he and his little brother had been brought to live at the orphanage, they've had nothing but trouble. No matter how hard they attempted to keep to themselves. The other kids would ruin almost everything they did to pass the time Chessboards, checkerboards, sand castles, you name it! Rare luck have it that they could finish a game without it being taken away within 5 minutes of starting.

However, this was different. Nobody was around. It was as if he owned everything around him. It was like his land, his playground. Exempt from rules and bullies!

The blue-eyed child ran off the path and over to the ancient picnic hut. An excited grin formed across his face and joy filled his little heart. Something that he could never explain in words, having such a limited vocabulary and all!

It was like-



….someone else was already there.

Hey guys! Look! A puppyshipping fic! Chapter one should be out soon (im working on it now!)

Okay so here's the story-

Turns out Seto and Joey had met long before they became the bane of eachother's high school career. Where? When? And how? Well you're just going to have to read to find out!