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It was not her day.

In fact, it was probably one of the worst days of her life since the well had refused her way back to the past of Japan.

But that was far more emotional than this.

'What the hell happened?' Kagome thought, feeling her entire body just ache with pain as she finally managed to come out of unconsciousness. She was dizzy and honestly felt like she was going to throw up, but she forcibly pushed it down.

'Don't tell me,' Kagome either wanted to laugh or cry at the situation, 'Was I kidnapped again?' It was pathetically sad.

She was well trained by Sango and Sesshoumaru and she still couldn't take care of herself?

"You're awake?"

The deep voice was like a shock to her system and she jumped as best she could with her hands chained above her head.

Oh, Amaterasu-sama...

The man dressed in all black (with a metal arm?) was terrifying, but she wasn't that scared little girl anymore and so, she pushed her fear away and steadied her gaze into something impassive.

"Why would they want a scrawny thing like you?" The man seemed to ask her; his voice muffled behind his black mask as he slowly moved towards her, "You're a waste of a mission."

"Who's 'they'?" Kagome asked, trying to keep her cool as best as she could, "Where am I?" She grit her teeth, wondering who the hell would want to kidnap her in the present day other than a demon still seeking the Shikon.

This man was human, yet more than human at the same time?

Much to her horror, the man unsheathed a knife and that fear was suddenly back at full force. Sure, she could defend herself against demons and human punks anytime, but this man...

He was a professionally trained soldier.

"The mission was the highest priority," He was right in front of her and he was so very tall that she had to crank her neck back just so she could look at his mask-covered face, "So, tell me why you are special?"

"I'm not–!?" Kagome let out a noise, taken back when the blade was right at her throat; the cold metal biting into her fragile skin.

"Don't give me your shit," The man growled, clearly unamused by her answer, "Why would they want you?"

Again, to her horror, there was a flicker of warmth running through and her face flushed against her will at the thrill of danger.

What the hell?

What was she, a masochist?

"Believe me," Her voice was strained when he pulled the knife back enough so she could speak without slicing her throat, "I'm as lost as you are."

"Are you enjoying this?" He stared at her before saying those words and she grit her teeth again in response, "Interesting." He finally pulled back his mask so she could fully see his face.

That thrill appeared once more after looking at his very dangerous face and she suddenly felt ashamed at feeling such things.

"Whatever you're hiding and why HYDRA wants you," His blade was back at her throat and she could feel the skin break ever so lightly until a droplet of blood leaked out, "I will find out." He promised and with that, he was gone from the room she held captive in.

'I hate my life,' Kagome thought miserably, wondering why the hell she would react like that to such danger, 'I hope Sesshoumaru or somebody will find me.'

The last thing she wanted to be was a masochist for dangerous soldiers and thrills and whatever this HYDRA was.

Damn her 'specialness'.