This is the sequel to THE BLOOD OF RONALD WEASLEY.  If you haven't read it, I suggest you do, because I'm not sure if you'll get this one if you haven't and I'm not gonna explain the whole story in my author's note.  Lol…soooo, this is a post Hogwarts fic, it takes place six years after Harry, Ron, and Hermione graduated, so they are 24 and Ginny is 23.  Fred and Angelina are married, and so are Katie and George (and if you have read TBORW, you'd know that!!) in this story F/A have 3 kids: Todd (5 yrs old), and twin girls, Piper and Lark (3 ½ ).  George and Katie are expecting their first child.  Percy and Penny have another kid named Jonathan (4), in addition to Kaleb (6).  So, does that cover everything?  One last thing: none of this belongs to me, except the plot which wouldn't have even been mine if it wasn't for JKR.


            Harry sat nervously in the restaurant waiting for Ginny to arrive.  She's never late, Harry thought.  What's holding her up?  Calm down, Potter, he ordered himself.  Guys propose to their girlfriends all the time, nothing to worry about.

            Edgy, he checked his watch once again.  Ten past six.  She was officially ten minutes late.  Where the heck was she?

            Maybe Hermione needed her for something, he thought.  Hermione and Ginny lived in a small, five room cottage on the outskirts of Hogsmeade.  It had two bedrooms, a cramped living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen.  From what he could tell, they absolutely adored it.

            He and Ron spent a lot of time there, even though he lived in his rooms at Hogwarts where he was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher and Ron still lived with his parents.  Ron worked as the manager for the Chudley Cannons, his dream job.  He was poor at saving money, so he wanted a place where rent was cheap, even non-existent.

            "Can I take your order, sir?" A waiter asked.

            "No.  I mean, I'm waiting for someone—my girlfriend—to come.  She's late," he added.  "I'm going to ask her to marry me."  Did he just say that out loud?  To a waiter in a restaurant in London?

            "Um…good for you, sir.  Just give me a signal when you want me to take your order."  The waiter walked away, looking a little puzzled.

            Harry went back to wringing his hands and checking his watch.  If she didn't show up soon, he'd go over the edge.

            "Sorry I'm late, Harry," Ginny said, taking a seat and scaring Harry half to death.  "There was an emergency at work.  A couple of teenagers got splinched.  Nasty business."  Ginny worked for the Accidental Magical Reversal Squad.  She took off her cloak and looked at Harry.  "You look pale, hun."

            "Hmm?  No, no I'm fine.  Er, what do you want for dinner?"

            Ginny picked up the menu and surveyed the choices.  "The chicken broccoli ziti looks good."

            "That's what I'll have too, then."  Harry's mind couldn't have been any farther from food at that point.

            Ginny chatted on about work that day, and how she and Hermione planned to redecorate their living room.  It went in one ear and out the other.  However, he did manage to keep up his end of the conversation.

            "So, how's Hermione's job going?  She seems very happy working in the Department of Experimental Spells and Charms," he said plainly.

            "Oh, she loves the D.E.S.C.  I think she's up for a promotion to head of department when Billingsley retires."

            "That's great."

            Ginny frowned.  Something was out of sorts here.  Harry was never this detached.  "What's the matter, Harry?  And don't say nothing, because I know you'd be lying."

            Harry squirmed in his chair.  It was now or never.  He sucked in a breath, and began.  "Ginny, you know that I lo—"

            "Here are your meals, kids.  Two chicken zitis and two white zinfandels.   Enjoy," the waiter said, with a wink in Harry's direction.

            "Mmm, this looks wonderful.  I'm absolutely famished."  Ginny dug in.  "What were you going to say?" "

            "I love you, Ginny."

            Taken aback, but pleasantly surprised, Ginny replied, "I love you, too."

            Harry smiled his wonderful smile.  His whole face lit up, and his emerald green eyes shown a little brighter.  The color returned to his face and he pressed on with new resolve.

            "I just wanted to…um, say that I wanted…" You're blowing it here Potter, she's looking at you like you have two heads.  "I have this, and I want to ask you if you'd marry me?"  He slid out of his chair and knelt beside hers on one knee.

            He opened the small, black velvet box that contained a slim gold and diamond ring.  She looked like she was close to tears.  "I love you, Ginny Weasley.  I know we're young and everything, but I don't care.  I want to spend each and every day with you, from now until forever."  He paused, and waited for her to say something.  She didn't, so he pressed on.

            "I almost lost you a few times, and I never want that to happen again."  He stopped once more.  Oh God, she's gonna say no.  I knew I was moving too fast. 

            Ginny was choking back sobs.  She slid out of her seat as well and knelt beside him.  Embracing him, she cried into his shoulder.

            "Yes, yes, I'll marry you Harry.  I'd spend forever and a day with you."

            The whole restaurant burst into applause.  On that day, Harry could have used the Mirror of Erised as a normal mirror, because he was the happiest man alive.

Okay, I know it was short and sappy, but what can you do?  I'm sorry it took so long to get such a short piece up, but my parents insist I got to school and stuff…