Build my fear of what's out there. And cannot breath the open air. Whisper things into my brain. Assuring me that I'm insane. They think our heads are in their hands. But violent use brings violent plans. Keep him tied, it makes him well. He's getting better, can't you tell ?

Welcome Home (Santarium); By: Metallica

The orderlies grab a hold of the Narrator, there are five of them one for each limb, & the leader to inject the tranquilizor to make the Narrator sleep "What are you doing ?!" screams the Narrator, promptly ignored by all, the Narrator in full blown panic mode now, struggling to no avail.

The lead orderlie leans in & whispers into the Narrator's ear "Sir, don't worry we've came to rescue you, sir"

The Narrator screams "Your not real, they told me your not real !"

Arriving at the Narrator's room they strap him down to the bed, the lead orderlie speaking again "Sir, in a moment you will be back to normal, sir" all five of the orderlies having done their research on severe split-personality disorder. Two of them grab a hold of the Narrator's left arm, he struggles even harder as he sees the lead orderlie pull out a syringe "Sir, in a moment this will be all over, sir" injecting the Narrator in the arm with a heavy duty sedative. The Narrator falls into a deep sleep almost instantly.

In a few moments time Tyler Durden opens his eyes as if from a deep dark slumber looking at the lead orderlie holding the syringe in his hands. Tyler Durden's whole demeanor changes instantly into Alpha Male, he owns the room, he owns the santarium. His body language commands even strapped down to a bed, & not even having said a single word, yet. All five of the orderlies bow down before Tyler Durden awaiting orders.

Disclaimer: I do not own fight club, I do not own the book, I do not own the movie, not to mention I do not own any of the character's, & finally I just thoroughly enjoy the both of them.

Author's Note 1: It is a fact in severe split-personality disorders a person can be drugged, or drunk, or so on and so forth, & when they switch personalities its as if they were not drugged/drunk/whatever like theres nothing in their system.

Author's Note 2: This follows very closely with the ending of the book.