AN: Okay, so I know I have other stories to update and I will but this one came to me the other day when I caught an old episode of the show Dollhouse. If you haven't seen it I recommend it because it will help you understand this story. This isn't a true crossover for me because I only use the idea of the dollhouse and only a brief mention of characters from the show, except for a small cameo from Adele DeWitt in the beginning. I own nothing because Dollhouse and its characters and content belong to Joss Whedon and company. Once Upon a Time belongs to ABC and Kitsis & Horowitz. This is an AU in the truest sense since there is no Storybrook and no curse. Enjoy. Any questions feel free to ask. More to come.


"Actions have consequences my dear. As I'm sure you know by now. This doesn't have to be a bad thing."

The blonde snorted in response to the elegant British woman sitting across from her, making it clear she didn't believe that last bit. She looked around at the posh office they were sitting in, knowing there was a guard just outside the door waiting to take her back to prison after she was done here. "Yeah, right. My choices these days suck and are limited."

"They don't have to be you know." The small smile that graced the other woman's face seemed sincere. "It's very simple Miss Swan. You can either accept my offer, or spend the next five years in a tiny cell fending off physical attacks and sexual advances from both the other inmates and the guards. Always on guard, watching for trouble and hoping just to survive each day intact, counting down a five year sentence until you're free. Or, you can accept my offer and have five years of freedom, safe within these walls, and at the end of your five years you will have five million dollars with which to begin your new life. Did I mention my offer also includes a complete expunging of your criminal record?"

Emma Swan sat in silence for a moment as she thought about her options. She'd just given birth to a baby boy the day before and instead of being transferred back to the prison she'd been brought here. Now, this woman was offering her a chance to avoid going back to prison and a clean record to boot. The money would be a good thing too, a way for her to search for her son once she got out. She didn't want to give him up, but being in prison and with no family to take him in, she'd had no choice.

Prison wasn't something Emma wanted more of, mostly for the very reasons this woman had stated but also because she hated being caged up. It went against her free spirit nature. She looked at the British woman who had introduced herself as Adele DeWitt and made her decision. With a small smile and thinking whatever this woman had planned couldn't be worse than prison, she said, "Okay, I'm in."

Adele smiled, "Excellent." If she felt any remorse for her part in recruiting Miss Swan to the Dollhouse, she didn't show it as she produced the contract and had the young blonde read it over before signing. Miss Swan was 18 years old, an adult in the eyes of the law and that was apparently enough for Adele's superiors at the Rossum Corporation. She wondered though if, when the time came, would they agree to let this one go?

AN2: Okay there it is. I will explain more in the next chapter when we meet the other characters. If there's interest in more to this story let me know. I hope to have more up soon. Also, for clarification, the circumstances of Emma's incarceration (Neal and the watches and all that) are still the same except Neal let her take the fall cuz he wasn't willing to go to jail not because he was being all noble and shit so she could o break the curse. Also, she was taken to the hospital to have the baby and was intercepted by the Dollhouse on her way back to prison.