Title: The Tensai's Devil
Author: Crystal Arie
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Hanamichi Sakuragi and Kaede Rukawa
Disclaimer: Slam Dunk doesn't belong to me. It belongs to Takehiko Inoue.

The Tensai's Devil
Epilogue II

Hanamichi smiled happily as he walked down the shoreline of the beach as he took in everything; the wind blowing against his body soothingly, the sun barely setting over the horizon, and the touch of the cool water against his bare feet...everything seemed perfect. He watched as a seagull swooped down from the sky towards the ocean, a small laugh coming out of his mouth when he saw that instead of getting something to eat, it got wet because of the wave. When he was about to divert his attention to something else, he felt two strong arms encircle his waist, a warm chest against his back, and he smiled as he leaned back comfortably against his lovers frame, feeling as if he was the luckiest man on Earth.

After their quite "unforgettable" reunion in the classroom on that day, everyone around the entire campus practically heard that Hanamichi Sakuragi kissed another BOY named Kaede Rukawa. They couldn't believe it. Then, there was another strange rumor that Kiminobu Kogure didn't appear during the first two subject, but when it was recess, a student saw him come out of the bathroom looking flushed but nonetheless, pleased. And right behind him was a MAN named Hisashi Mitsui, who happened to be the cousin of Kaede Rukawa. The students and teachers were dumbfounded, but the 4 boys were oblivious to this.

Hanamichi and Rukawa met up with Kogure and Hisashi when it was lunchtime. Hanamichi wasn't able to go to Kogure during recess because Rukawa dragged him into the basketball court and made out for what seemed like 20 minutes, then, they talked as they sat on the ground, their fingers intertwined.

Hanamichi was glad. It seemed like his wish really came true. Everything was right. Rukawa and Mitsui became mortals, making both Kogure and Hanamichi happy to the core. Satan couldn't disturb their lives anymore because whatever the true bride of Rukawa decides, that's how it'll stay. Also, he was okay with the results. Death didn't die, as Hanamichi expected. After all, how can anyone kill Death? He is still in the Underworld, taking a break from the battle that occurred two days ago. He too said that he'll not interfere with their lives. Sendoh and Koshino are still demons, but they often visit the gang in Earth when they have nothing to do. Hanamichi didn't mind. The more the merrier, right?

And now, exactly a month later, they were on a vacation. Sendoh and Koshino were somewhere in the hotel they were staying in, probably taking a shower together or something. Mitsui and Kogure were still in their hotel room. Hanamichi wanted to invite them out for a stroll, but when he heard a certain noise that vaguely sounded like a moan come from inside the room, he decided not to bother them.

So now here he was, walking on the soft sand of one of the most beautiful beaches of Japan with Rukawa holding him to his chest. Hanamichi tilted his head back and smiled as he watched the sun slowly sink. He whispered silently, "I love you."

Rukawa smiled back and hugged his beautiful redhead even tighter. "I love you too." Then, he smirked and gently nibbled on Hanamichi's ear. "But I think I want to show you how much I love you instead of just saying it."

Hanamichi blushed at what Rukawa meant. "You're crazy. We just did it a while ago."

Rukawa shrugged and licked Hanamichi's neck. "Yeah, 30 minutes ago. That was a long time ago."

Hanamichi laughed. "No, it was not."

"Oh yes, it was."

"Oh no, it wasn't."

"Oh yes, it was."

"No, it wasn't."

"Do you plan on arguing with me again?"

"So what if I do?"

"You know that I always win."

"Teme, Kitsune! You don't always win."

"Oh yes, I do."

Hanamichi snorted at that and turned his head away. "Hah! I'd like to see you prove it." Just as the words left his mouth, he instantly regretted it. But it was too late. Rukawa tackled him from behind, sent them both falling into the water, and when they both came up for air, Hanamichi was sputtering. When he got the water out of his eyes, he gave Rukawa a heated look. "Baka! I almost drowned!"

"The word is 'almost'." Rukawa settled his body over Hanamichi's and leaned in until Hanamichi's head was against the edge of the shore, while their bodies were still being hit by the waves. Rukawa started kissing his way from Hanamichi's neck to his lips. "Say that you want me." He whispered huskily.

Hanamichi moaned at the assault, but answered, "No..."

Rukawa shrugged and bent down again. "Oh well, guess we'll have to spend a long time here before you admit it." With that, he kissed Hanamichi hotly on the lips as one of his hands went under Hanamichi's shirt and traveled over the flat planes of his body. The other held Hanamichi's hands over his head to refrain the redhead from doing anything.

Hanamichi groaned when he felt Rukawa move his hand lower to unbutton his jeans. He broke his hands free form Rukawa's hold and held Rukawa's face, claiming those lips as his own. He saw Rukawa give a small grin at his action before returning to his ministrations. Hanamichi moaned against Rukawa's mouth, Rukawa gasped as Hanamichi held him tightly-

-And both of them were covered by a particularly large wave.

Hanamichi and Rukawa popped out from the water, both of them having astounded and shocked looks on their faces. When they gazed at each other for a while, they slowly smiled and burst out laughing, holding each other close as they moved away towards the shore. When they were far away from the sea, Hanamichi sat in between Rukawa's legs and held one of Rukawa's long, tapered hands in his own. Rukawa place his head on top of Hanamichi's and sighed, burying his nose in the mass of red hair. Together, they watched the sun disappear and the stars come out.

Hanamichi looked up at the very first star that appeared and pointed at it. "Ne, Kaede, mite, mite." When Rukawa lifted his gaze to the heavens, Hanamichi smiled and asked curiously, "It's the first star. What do you wish for?"

Rukawa smiled at that and nuzzled against Hanamichi's neck. "You first."

Hanamichi grinned and kissed Rukawa on the cheek. "I already got my wish. It's your turn."

Rukawa shook his head and sighed. "I already got my wish too."

Hanamichi smiled at that and leaned back against his warm lover, a content look on his face. "Are you happy with the results?"

Rukawa took Hanamichi's chin in his hand and brought his lips down towards the redhead's, his arms tightening their hold around the his lover. Hanamichi sighed happily and kissed the raven haired man back as he felt his heart jump. When they both parted, though the tip of their lips were still touching each others, Hanamichi smiled lovingly at Rukawa and weaved his fingers through the soft hair. "I really love you, you know that?"

Rukawa held Hanamichi's cheek in his palm and kissed the redhead's forehead softly. "I do."

Hanamichi sighed and snuggled against Rukawa's neck, contented with the answer. After a while, he felt Rukawa shift and move back slightly, as if searching for something. He looked up at his lover curiously and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Something." Rukawa continued to shuffle around, his right hand digging into his right jean pocket.

Hanamichi eyed Rukawa's hand and narrowed his eyes. "Something?" Then, before he could do anything, Rukawa place his left hand over his eyes as he pulled the redhead back against his chest. Hanamichi gasped and struggled against Rukawa as he tried to pry the fingers off his face. "Teme! Rukawa! What the hell are you doing?!" When he didn't get any answer, he kicked furiously. "Oi! If you're planning on doing it here, you are in-" But he couldn't finish his sentence. At the exact same time he was making his threat, Rukawa's hand released its hold on his face, and he stared eye to eye with a gold band ring with a diamond embedded at the center. He fell silent.

Rukawa smiled at Hanamichi's expression and whispered, "Do you like it?"

Hanamichi stared uncertainly at the ring for a while, his breathing slightly off. Then, he lifted his face up to look at Rukawa's in question. "Kitsune...what...?"

Rukawa smiled and took Hanamichi's left hand in his own left hand as his right hand moved from its position. Rukawa kissed Hanamichi's cheek. "I figured that since we both loved each other and want to be together for the rest of our lives, why not get married?" He moved the band of the ring slightly downwards and Hanamichi's eyes widened when he saw the inscription inside.

I'll always love you...Hana.

Tears gathered in Hanamichi's eyes as he read those words. His shoulders shook as he tried to control himself. "Kaede..."

Rukawa smiled and gently place the ring in Hanamichi's ring finger. "Will you be mine forever, Hana?" He asked softly as he fitted the ring on the end of Hanamichi's finger. Then, he lifted the hand up and kissed the ring, his eyes shining.

Hanamichi turned from his position and hugged Rukawa lovingly, tears streaming down his face as he murmured over and over again, "Yes, yes, yes..." Then, he buried his face in Rukawa's neck and stayed there, his tears and smile becoming one. He held on to Rukawa, wanting to say everything that was currently passing through his mind, but he couldn't. He was too happy to speak. He grasped Rukawa tightly and cried out his happiness.

Rukawa held his beautiful lover against his body and closed his eyes as he place his nose against Hanamichi's own shoulder. My Hana...my beautiful Hana... He looked at the ring on Hanamichi's finger and smiled in joy as he kissed his lovers shoulder blade. "Hana..."

Hanamichi backed away from Rukawa's neck and gazed up at the raven haired man's face. "Kaede..."

Together, both shared a loving smile before their lips met in a passionate kiss.



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