The Wake-Up Call

Only Halfway

That night, Mikan and Natsume talked. They told each other everything about each other and laughed at funny parts of their life story. When the morning came, they were still sitting on the couch, tiredly watching each other.

Natsume leaned to the side and Mikan met him halfway. They gently touched lips and slowly pulled away. It was just a peck, an agreement.

''Mikan Sakura…'' Natsume muttered. He caressed her cheek and she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of his fingers on her skin. She was soft and warm, and he felt his heart beat run a marathon. She was wonderful. She opened her eyes and he stopped breathing for a second, her eyes paralyzing him, creating goose bumps all over his body. Her hand took his in hers and she played with his fingers.

She leaned in and kissed him. As their lips meat once more, Natsume's mind shut down. He felt he pull him closer, their bodies meeting and touching, their heats rushing. When she pulled away to look at him, she was breathing hard. Her face was flushed and her eyes were already stripping him. He smiled as she stood up, pulling him with her, and leading him to her bedroom.

The rest of the morning had been a crazy blur of kissing lips and skin, and intertwined hands as the bodies drowned in sweat and pleasure and voices of ecstasy. There was no time for thoughts or many words, just whispers of names and cries of delight filling the space and making the blood run faster.

As they grew tired, the two love birds did not steer. At least not until the afternoon. It was a bright Saturday and there was nothing else to do. Mikan just opened her eyes, slowly and tiredly, but very satisfied and came face to face with a sleeping Natsume Hyuuga.

For a second she just stared at him, not remembering what he was doing in her bed and panicked. But as soon as she moved, she remembered. And smiled. She relaxed once again and closed her eyes. She sighed and felt him steer. She did not know when he opened his eyes and realized where he was, but she felt his arm hug her around the back and pull her closer. She opened her eyes with a smile.

''Good morning.'' She greeted as Natsume gazed at her with a sleepy, but satisfied expression. ''Morning. What's up?'' he asked playfully and Mikan giggled. He played with her hair and caressed her cheek. Then he put small kisses all over her face until he came to her lips, where he dipped in and took his time to explore.

Mikan let him do all that and co-operated, enjoying his skill. It became a little heated after a while and Mikan could not wait anymore. With a quick move, she had him pinned to the bed, straddling his hips. She grinned evilly as he chuckled and let himself go. To put it simple, she made him cry out for release.

And when it was late afternoon, they decided to visit Hotaru again. They took the train, and walked into the hospital hand in hand. Hotaru and Ruka looked at them in astonishment and smiled.

''Finally.'' Hotaru rolled her eyes and invited them closer.

''So when did this happen?'' Ruka asked, indicating to their hands.

Mikan and Natsume looked at each other and grinned. ''Yesterday.'' Natsume answered and chuckled when Mikan blushed. ''So, 'mum' and 'dad', when will you go home?''

Hotaru shrugged. ''Tomorrow. If something goes wrong, end of next week.''

The new couple nodded. ''And how do you feel?' Mikan asked. Hotaru smiled brightly. ''Great. I love it. I know the next few months will be torture, but I'm very happy.''

''That's good to hear.'' Mikan felt Natsume's stare on her back. She glanced at him with a smile and winked. ''What?''

He grinned goofily and took her hand. ''Sorry Ruka, Imai. I'm gonna kidnap this girl for today and take her out. So if you don't mind…'' he pulled her behind him, ignoring her protests and the couple's laughter.

''Hey… That was very rude.''

''Nah… They understand. Besides, I want you all for myself today.'' He grinned and kissed her cheek. Mikan giggled, pulled him closer and kissed him properly. She took his breath away. They hugged after that and Natsume chuckled into her shoulder. ''If you do that one more time, our date destination will move to your bedroom.''

Mikan laughed and pulled away, taking his hand, and leading him down the street, her voice, her scent, and her words pulling him to her like a string.

Their date had had to be postponed.