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I was once again going through all papers that my dad had given for this new school that he found out about, one "Youkai Academy" or something. Sounds fishy to me, but I guess that I did technically ask for this. More specifically, what I ask to do is go to Japan where this school was located. Not really to study there, but more to just visit. But I'm not going to complain.

"This is an interesting school, if not strange," my dad says as he reads some of the papers with me.

"Well, this is what happens when you take school registration papers from one of your patients, dad," I tell him. "We're lucky that they were in English too."

"Well, he seemed like a nice enough man, though odd."

"Ah, yes. A white robe, rosary around his neck, creepy smile, and seemingly glowing eyes, I think is how you described this guy? Yeah. Really odd."

I swear. I don't even want to guess why he took these. I don't even want to know why the guy gave them to him. Too much to think about and too many questions to ask. Apparently, this school is kind of out of the way. I mull over my thoughts as I idly play with my necklace. It was a simple adjustable leather strap with a pendant of a dragon holding a red stone in its mouth. A cheap old thing, but my granddad gave it to me when I was about six, saying that it was important and was rather insistent that I wear it all the time. I didn't at first, but now its just second nature now.

"Nathan!" Opps, too deep in thought.

"Sorry dad. Just thinking."

"I'm sure. Now. You know when you leave, right?"

"Ugh! Dad! Yes, I know I leave for the school in a week. I have everything I need and you gave me the plane ticket to Japan yesterday. I'm good."

"Alright. Just wanted to make sure. It's a long way away and you'll have to be living there for the next four years… I'm worried."

"I know dad. You and mom made that quiet clear when I said that I wanted to go here."

Ah, yes. Memories of tears and crushing bear hugs come to mind when I say that. Parents will be parents I guess.

Going to a new school is a little scary. I just hope that this school will at least be calm so I can focus on my studies. Who knows? I might get myself a girl there, too! Future holds many possibilities.