Pokemon: Rise of The Shield

Welcome to chapter 2. Here we see the betrayal and learn who won't be betraying Ash. So, before we get started, here are the shout-outs for the contest last chapter:

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I'm think people will be surprised on the other two who won't betray Ash. Anyway, let's get to Chapter 2.

Chapter 2: Shield's Beginnings Part 1

It was a beautiful day in Pallet Town as Ash, Pikachu, Serena and Delia were walking to Prof. Oak's lab as he had invited the three for lunch. As they were walking, Ash couldn't help but look up at the sky and notice just how beautiful it was today...but something also felt wrong, it was as if his gut was telling him that something bad was going to happen today, but what exactly, Ash didn't know. Ash's thoughts were interupted when they arrived at the gate to the lab and walked up the steps to knock on the door. After a few moments, Prof. Oak opened the door and greeted them.

"Ah, Ash, Serena, Delia and of course, Pikachu. Good to see you, please come in." he said as he let them inside.

When they were inside, Oak turned his attention to Ash. "Ash, my boy, would you mind coming with me outside? I have something to show you that I think you're going to be surprised to see." Oak said

"Sure Professor, you want to come along Serena?" Ash asked his girlfriend.

"Sure Ash" Serena replied as the two followed Oak to outside to the ranch. While they were walking, Ash noticed Tracey walk by, but he didn't bother saying hi or even look at him. Maybe it was because he had already seen Ash yesterday, but wouldn't he at least smile at him or nod his head as if he was saying 'Hi'? For that matter, why didn't he look at him? He wasn't reading anything or carrying something, he was just walking by, so there was really no reason not to, at the very least, acknowledge that Ash was there. Once again, that gut feeling that Ash had gotten only a few minutes prior was coming back, but before Ash could begin questioning what the feeling was, the three, along with Pikachu on Ash's right shoulder where he usually was, had already made it outside to the ranch.

All of a sudden, Prof. Oak just yelled out "Ash is here, come say hi to him!" Ash wasn't sure what was going on, then he looked up and saw a familar figure in the air coming at them. The figure came down and in front of Ash, Pikachu, Serena and Oak was a majestic bird; a bird that Ash and Pikachu were very familar with

"Pidegot?!" Ash asked, very surprised

'Pid' Pidegot cherped

Pidegot went to Ash and nuzzled him, which made Ash laugh as he was being tickled by her feathers. Ash stroked her neck and had a big smile on his face; happy to see the second pokemon he caught.

"Ash, I have some good news. As you know, you're Pidegot has been protecting the Pidgeys and Pidgeottos in the forest of Route 1, but recently i've learned that many of the Pidgeotto's have evolved into Pidgeot and now that there's no need for your Pidgeot to protect them, I think she would like to join you on your next journey." Oak said

Ash was surprised with that news; he never though Pidgeot would be able to join him on his journey again. "Is that true, Pidgeot?" Ash asked

'Pid' she cherped

"That's awesome! Welcome back Pidegot!" Ash exclaimed

Oak handed Ash Pidegot's pokeball, which Ash gave Oak when Pidgeot went to protect the flock. For now, Ash decided to keep Pidgeot out since he wasn't planning on leaving home yet.

A hour later, Ash, Pikachu, Serena, Delia and Oak were outside enjoying lunch with all of Ash's pokemon as well as Serena's Fennekin enjoying Oak's pokemon food. Ash had now made up his mind about training Serena, if she was up for it, and had also decided to retravel Kanto, but now he needed to ask Serena about it as he didn't want to force to do something she didn't want to.

"Hey Serena, there's something I want to ask you." Ash said

"What is it Ash?" Serena asked

"Well, I would like to train you in the art of pokemon battles. Now I know when we traveled Kalos, you said you weren't really interested in battling, but I believe that there's a lot of potential in you as a battler, Serena. I won't force you to do it, but it's something that I think would be really good for the future." Ash said

Serena thought about it; she didn't really have any goal. The only reason she went on a journey in the first place was to meet up with Ash and travel with him. Sure, she loved Fennekin to death, but she didn't have any long-term goal in life. There was Poke-Vision, but that was more short-term, and the only long-term goal was Rhyhorn Racing and she didn't want to do that, so she decided to let Ash train her. Sure it'll be hard, but she wanted Ash to be proud of her and being only a damsel in distress wasn't what she constantly wanted to be.

"OK, Ash. I'll try my hand at battling and i'll allow you to train me." Serena said

"Are you sure?" he asked

"Positive!" Serena said confidently

Ash was so happy that Serena agreed; it meant that not only could keep traveling with her, but she would be getting stronger from his training and he was sure she would help out in some way as well.

"I'm so happy you agreed Serena, I know this is only going to make us both stronger in many ways. Now I was thinking since the Kanto Gyms don't offically open for another month, we can stay here and start training. What do you say?"

"Sound great, Ash." she said as they shared a short, but sweet kiss.

"Awww!" Delia said

Both pulled apart with massive blushes on their faces. Ash was about to tell his mom to stop embarrising him in front of Serena when he heard someone laughing.

"HAHA! Oh please, hey cutie, instead of training with that loser, why don't you train with me?" the voice said smuggly

Ash looked at who the voice belonged to and narrowed his eyes. He recognized that dirty blonde hair along with his pale gray eyes. It was his Unova rival Trip. He hadn't seen him since the Vertress Conference in Unova, so what was he doing here now? Hadn't he always called Kanto "The Boonies"? (A/N Does Trip also call the other regions The Boonies? I honestly can't remember)

"Trip? What do you want?" Ash asked

"I want to say something to you that you need to hear, but before I do, perhaps I should invite so other 'familar' faces." Trip said as people started entering the ranch.

Ash couldn't believe his eyes, it was many of his former traveling companions and rivals. Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Max, Dawn, Iris and Cilan of his former travel buddies and Gary, Morrison, Barry, Conway, Cameron, and Stephan of his rivals. Drew and Kenny were there was well for some reason, but Ash wasn't wondering about that, he was wondering why all of them were here.

"Guys, what are you all doing here?" Ash asked

Trip then said "Do one of you guys want to tell him or should I?" he asked.

That's when Gary stepped foward and spoke up. "I think I speak for everyone when I say that you should give up on your dreams, Ash"

"What?!" Ash, Serena, Delia and Oak said.

Misty then spoke "Face it Ash, you've never won a pokemon league and you never will because you're a weak piece of shit!"

Serena spoke up for Ash "He's not weak. He won the Orange League and The Battle Frontier."

"Oh Please. Nobody could give a damn about the Orange League and many people aren't even aware of the Battle Frontier's existance, so you've done jack shit. Face it, you just suck as a trainer, Ketchum." Brock said

May spoke. "Yeah, and anytime you beat someone, it's through sheer dumb luck."

Max then said "Hell, even I, who has only been a trainer for a year, has already surpassed your pathetic ass of a trainer. I'm better than you could ever be!"

"I agree." said Cilan. "The only reason I travelled with you is to learn about your battle recipies. But all of them are bland and flavorless since you use them over and over again."

Nobody was really sure about what Cilan just said, so Iris broke the silence. "What he said, and even if you do get stronger, you'll never beat any of us, so it's just a complete waste of time."

Ash couldn't believe what he was hearing; now he knew what that gut feeling was referring to earlier. "How can you guys say that? Don't any of you still believe in me?" he asked his now former friends.

Nobody moved and kept glaring at Ash. Trip then spoke "See Ash, they all think you're weak, so just gi-" he got out before a blue blur ran to hug Ash. That blur was Dawn.

"I still believe in you Ash!" Dawn cried out as she hugged him, her head on his shoulders and was crying.

"Dawn, do.." was all he got out before Dawn spoke again.

"Of course I mean it Ash!" she said as if she read his mind. "I always have believed in you and always will. If I hadn't met you, I wouldn't be anywhere as good of a Co-Ordinator as I am. You're the best friend I could ever ask for and I want to be by your side when you do fulfill your dreams Ash." she said with much passion, and Ash could tell she was telling the truth.

"Dee-Dee, you can't be serious?! Ash is nothing but a failure." Kenny screamed

Dawn, having been tired of being called that nickname as well as hearing Kenny calling Ash a failure, went over to Kenny and slapped him so hard that he went backwards, bumped into and landed on Barry.

"Come on Dawn, be realistic, Ash is such a kid. He has no skill, a 5-year old can easily beat Ash and that yellow rat in a battle." Iris said

Dawn was about to slap Iris, but Serena held her hand and she was the one to slap her.

Delia finally spoke up "You all have the nerve to say those things to my son after all he's done for you?! How dare you!"

Drew spit out "We can say what we want about the failure."


Everyone flinched at the roar, which came from Ash. Delia would've repromanded her son for his language, but given the circumstances, she maid the exception. Then Ash spoke. "You all think i'm a failure, well what about the rest of you? What makes the rest of you guys the best in the world?!"

That when Ash finally decided to speak his mind about his 'friends' as he walked up to them to tell it to their faces. "Brock, you're nothing but a fucking pervert. How you have never been arrested for harassing all the Nurse Joys and Officer Jenny we've ever met I have no idea. If fact, I wish you had been arrested, that way I didn't have to watch all your preverted flirting."

"Misty, you're just a selfish bitch. You only followed me because of a bike. You put me down every minute, and complained every second and drove me fucking nuts!"

"Tracey, if i'm weak, then what does that make you? You're one of the weakest trainers i've ever met, and if you hadn't met me, you would've never become Prof. Oak's assistant and would be probably be back on the Orange Islands stalking Cissy." (A/N Watch the episode "Fit to be Tide" Tracey is rather creepy in the episode when he's around Cissy.")

"Gary, you're always been nothing but an overrated douchebag! Also, nobody likes a person who hires their own cheerleaders, it makes people think you're a sad, patethic loser."

"Max, you're nothing but a egotistical ass, who doesn't know jack shit about anything, so stop talking like you do!"

"May, you're a whiny bitch. All you did was complain, and you forced me to lose time for my training to help you and without me, you be some Drew fangirl probably trying to stalk him."

"Speaking of which, Drew, you're just as egotistical ass as Max is, however, you also dress like a gay man. I mean, seriously, what straight guy goes around carrying roses?"

"Iris, if anyone is a little kid, it's you. All you did was call me that and you're what? 17? Also, you followed me just cause I threw a pokeball at you, there was no reason you should've followed me, you bitch."

"Cilan, other than you, nobody understands what the fuck you're saying!"

"Morrison, you're a fat annoying slob and the 2nd most annyoing rival i've ever had only behind him." Ash said as he pointed at Barry.

"Barry, the honor of most annoying rival goes to you, and i'm sure that everyone here will agree with me on that."

"WHAT?! No way, that's not true, right guys?" Barry asked.

Everyone just looked away from Barry as he fell and started crying anime style.

"Conway, how you haven't been arrested for stalking Dawn or anybody else is beyone me. Stephan, nobody gives a flying fuck about how to pronounce your name. Cameron, if I had use some of my more experienced pokemon in our battle, like Charizard, Scpetile and Infernape, you would've gotten your ass kicked. Kenny, you call me a failure, but who was the one that didn't get past the appeals round of the Sinnoh Grand Festival again? You keep thinking you're the best, but all that does is just piss off everyone around you."

"Lastly, you Trip. You're the worst out of all of them and I've wanted to say this to you for a long time. First off, you only beat Pikachu in Nuvema Town because Zekrom took Pikachu's energy. He's not weak, you are! Second, you always insulted me and my home region every time we met. Well, why don't you take on the gyms here yourself. I guarentee you'll get crushed by thr Saffron, Fuschia and Virdian Gyms, if not more of them. Third, like Cameron, if I used some of my older pokemon, I would've crushed you. Lastly, you play this confident guy, but in reality, you're nothing but a annoying brat!"

Ash was then silent for a while as he walked back to his actually friends.


Prof. Oak step forward. "I conquer. Tracey, you're fired! And all of you are banned from my property! That includes you too Gary. I'll let you pick up your pokemon tomorrow. But for now, get out of my lab!" Oak screamed

"WHAT?! Gramps, how can you ban me? I'm your fucking grandson?! Ash is nothing to you!" Gary screamed.

"Ash may not be related to me, but i've always thought of him as a son. He's the 'Pride of Pallet Town' for a reason. As far as i'm concerned Gary, you are no longer my grandson. Now leave!" Oak said.

All of Ash's pokemon had heard what these traitors said to Ash and lined up behind him and Oak, which terified the traitors. Sure, they were confident they could take them, but they didn't want to cause a scene and have Oak call the police, so they hopped the fence and left, each glad they had Ash out of their life as they could move on and fulfill their own dreams.

After they left and with both the aderaline gone and the shock beginning to hit me, Ash collpased to his knees and started crying. What did he do to them? What on earth could possibly justify them ending years of friendship. Serena rushed to his aide.

"Ash?" she asked quietly. "You know that were hear for you right?"

He nodded, but that didn't stop the tears from falling down his face. He managed to get back to his feet. "I know you guys are here for me, and thank you Dawn for still believing in me. I just don't understand why they turned on me? I mean, what did I ever do to them?'

"You did nothing to them!" Dawn said firmly. "They're just a bunch of idiots. Don't ever take what they said about you Ash. You'll show them just how strong you are when you become a pokemon master. Besides, if you gave up, you'd just prove them right."

Ash slightly smiled as his eyes lit with a fire of passion. "Yeah, you're right, Dawn! They're going to regret the day they betrayed me." He then turned to his mom. "Sorry about the language, mom. I guess I couldn't help myself." Ash apologized.

"It's ok Ash, given the circumstances, i'll let this one slide." Delia said, forgiving his son.

"Ash, are you still planning to-" Oak was about ask if Ash if he was still going to be traveling, but Ash already knew what the question was.

"Yes, Prof. But I don't think it'll be Kanto. I think it'll be one of the other regions. Serena, do you still want to train for battles?" Ash asked her

"Of course Ash. Besides, I want to make sure you don't do something stupid with what just happened" Serena replied.

"I want to go with you as well, Ash." Dawn said. "I want to get strong alongside you and stay by your side when you prove those traitors wrong."

"Of course, Dawn. Oh by the way, Dawn, this is Serena, my girlfriend. Serena, this is Dawn, one of my traveling companions during my Sinnoh journey."

Dawn was shocked when the word 'girlfriend' came out of his mouth. "Girlfriend? What happened to that dense kid that I travelled with?" Dawn asked with a smirk on her face.

Ash answered simply "He grew up. I hope you didn't have any sort of crush on me Daw-" "No I didn't Ash. I've always seen you as not only my best friend, but as the older brother I never had. So don't worry, I won't try to get in the way of your relationship." Dawn said as Ash smiled and went over to Dawn and gave her a friendly hug.

The two girls shook hands while Ash went to get some pokemon. He decided on taking Pikachu, Pidgeot, Charizard, Buizle, Sceptile and Gible, but promised he'd rotate his other pokemon out.

After a few minutes, Ash, Serena and Dawn got ready to leave. However Ash opted for a different means of travel.

"Girls, you two can ride on Pidgeot, i'll ride on Charizard." Ash said

"Huh? Why are we flying Ash?" Dawn asked

"Cause it'll take 3 weeks to get to the nearest port, which is in Vermillion City. Or a few hours by air."

The girls, seeing no other choice got on Pidgeot.

"Proffesor, make sure all my pokemon stay safe from those traitors hands." Ash said with venom in his voice.

"Don't worry Ash, they'll be safe. I promise. Good luck on wherever your journey takes you."

"Thanks Prof. Good-bye mom, i'll make sure to call every week." he said as he hugged her

"Make sure you do that, Ash and you make sure you change your you-know-whats everyday." Delia said with a slight chuckle

"MOM! You don't need to keep reminding me!" Ash said embarresed and as he turned towards the girls, he could hear them trying(but failing) to stiffen a laugh. Ash boarded Charizard and instructed he and Pidgeot to fly to Vermillion City.

After a few hours of flight, the three had made it to Vermillion City. Despite it being nightfall, Ash went to the docks to speak with someone about the next ferry leaving as he wanted to leave A.S.A.P. Dawn however, had something else on her mind.

"Hey Ash, would you mind if go see how Ambipom is doing?" Dawn asked

"Sure Dawn, go see her and meet him at the center in an hour for an update on our plans." Ash instructed her.

As Dawn went off to see her old friend, Serena became curious. "Ash, what was Dawn talking about?" she asked

"She's going to see her old pokemon, Ambipom. You see, I caught it during my Battle Frontier journey when she was a Aipom, but she had more of a passion for contests, so Dawn and I traded pokemon. That's how I also got my Buizel, which used to belong to Dawn, but he was much more interested in battling. But then, she took an interest in Pokemon Ping-Pong, so Dawn left her with this guy named O. I'm guessing Dawn hasn't seen her since they parted." Ash explained as the two went up to a counter.

"Hi there, what you can I help you with"? the man asked

"I was wondering if you had any ferries leaving tonight?" Ash said

"There is one ferry left leaving for Sinnoh, it leaves at midnight and arrives at 8am."

"That's fine, can we have 3 tickets please?" Ash asked as the man handed him the tickets as Ash gave him the money for them, which was a decent price.

The two then went to the pokemon center to meet up with Dawn. Ash noticed it was already 8pm, so they had plenty of time for them to heal their pokemon snd grab some dinner then they would more than likely sleep during the voyage. Ash and Serena were on their way to the center's cafeteria when Ash heard a very familar voice call out to him.

"Well, I haven't seen you in a while, Ash." said the voice

Ash and Serena turned to see Ash's Sinnoh rival, Paul. He was still pretty much the same since Ash last saw him.

"Paul! Hey, long time no see. How've you been?" Ash asked him

"I've been good, getting stronger in ways I never thought would be possible. After Sinnoh, I did some soul-searching and I realized that perhaps you were right. That if I formed a strong bond with each of my pokemon, I could become a much stronger trainer and a much better person." Paul responed

"And..." Ash asked

Paul sighed, "And you were right. In fact, I won the Silver Conference not too long ago." Paul said.

"Awesome! Did you challenge Lance yet?" Ash asked

"Yeah, I managed to beat his Elite 4 and got to him, but he beat me pretty badly. Just goes to show I still got a ways to go before I can beat someone as skilled as Lance or Cynthia. I guess I owe you a bit of thanks, Ash." Paul said as he stuck out his hand.

Ash shook his hand, ending their rivaly once and for all. "So Ash, who's your friend?" Paul asked, noticing Serena.

"This Paul, is my girlfriend Serena. And Serena, this is Paul, my former rival during my Sinnoh journey." Ash said, introducing the two.

"Girlfriend, so you finally grew up, huh?" Paul said smuggly but Ash knew he meant no offense to that. "Yeah, I did. Funny enough, Dawn said pretty much the same thing when I introduced her to Serena." Ash responded.

"So does that mean that you-" "Hey Ash!" the group turned to see Dawn running towards them. "Paul, what are you doing here?" Dawn asked when she got to them

"Just saying hi to Ash and getting some dinner before I leave for Sinnoh tonight." Paul said. "Hey, it wouldn't happen to be the one leaving at midnight would it?" Ash asked. "Yeah, why do you ask?" "Well, the three of us are also going to Sinnoh to train and we're also going on the midnight ferry. Hey would you like to travel with us while we train." "Sure, if it'll help me be one with my pokemon. Besides, not like I got anything else better to do." Paul said with a smirk on his face. "Great, now let's get something to eat!" Ash said as the four walked into the cafeteria. However right as they got there someone bumped right into Ash.

"Hey sorry about that" the voice, sounding like a young man said,

"It's OK, don't worry about it. Hey i'm A-" was all he got before he heard a gasp

"Ash?" the voice asked

Ash looked at who it was and was shocked. He hadn't seen this person since his Johto journey. It was an old rival that Ash didn't think he'd ever see again and with that he said just one word


End of Chapter 2

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