Pokemon: Rise of The Shield

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Chapter 9: Interviews, Dates & Confrontations Part II

"WHERE IS HE?!" a voice yelled out so loud that you could probably here it over in Unova. May and Drew had spent the entire afternoon looking for the raven haired trainer with no success. When they heard Ash's challenge, they immediately left to find him and had looked all over the Plateau, but hadn't found him yet.

"May, it's getting late. Why don't we get some food and head back to the room?" Drew suggested. May had to admit, she was getting hungry, but still, after what Ash had said to her on live TV, she wasn't going to eat or sleep until she found that prick and put him in his place.

"No! We're not going to eat until we find that asshole!" she screamed.

"Baby, don't you think wanting to battle Ash is a bad idea?" Drew asked. May stopped in her tracks and turned to look at him.

"Of course it isn't! He's a weakling; he's got no chance against me."

"How can you even defend that? Have you forgotten how he walked through those two girls earlier today?"

May just scoffed. "Please, it was a double battle. He had help. He wouldn't have beaten either of them if it was one-on-one."

Drew was just left speechless. "Were you watching the same battle I was? His Pikachu walked through that girl's Marowak; a ground type! And have you forgotten his battle with Iris? He took out her strongest Pokemon!" he exclaimed.

May shook her head in denial. "Iris hasn't been training as hard as she should be ever since she lost to Alder and that's the only reason why she lost." May started to walk again, but once again, stopped and faced her boyfriend. "Why aren't you backing me on this?"

Drew turned away from May and put his hands into his pockets. "Because...I'm starting to regret what we did." he confessed.

"What?" May asked, walking up to him.

"Maybe we never needed to do what we did to him. Perhaps we should have told him we think he's not living up to his full potential and that we want to help him reach that potential. Maybe then, he would be a region champion already." Drew theorized.

"I can't believe what I'm hearing." May said. "You called him a failure that day, do you honestly expect him to forgive you for all that we've done?"

Drew shook his head. "No." he turned to face his girlfriend. "But I'm going to try to make things right with him." he said, earning a shocked expression from May. "So if you want to try and prove a point and fail in the process, be my guest. As for me...I'm going to apologize to him." Drew finished as he started walking away from the brunette.

"Drew Hayden, you get back here this instant or we're through!" May screamed, getting the green-haired Co-ordinatior to stop in his tracks. He had wanted to be with May for so long and when she finally agreed, it was the happiest day of his life, but he couldn't live with himself right now. The word he was about to yell out would break his heart, but it had to be done in order to do what was right.

He turned to her, though she was several feet away and yelled "Fine!" before walking away.

May said nothing as she watched her now ex-boyfriend walk out of her life. Tears forced there way out of her eyes, but were soon gone and in it's place was a look of rage. She had lost both her reputation and her boyfriend all in one day and it was all because of Ash Ketchum. She was going to beat the every loving hell out of him when she found that loser, but before that, May realized that there was now a problem. She pulled out a cell phone from her fanny pack and called the only number on it.

"Hey, it's me. We have a problem."

Meanwhile, in the fanciest restaurant that Indigo Plateau had to offer resided a number of customers, but four stood out: Cynthia Shirona, Steven Stone, Korrina Griffith and Mike Shamrock. The four were currently sitting around talking after they had enjoyed their appetizers and entrées. While the atmosphere in the restaurant was calm, a few members of the party here were nervous. Cynthia kept asking herself 'Is Steven really going to do what I think he will do?' and while her heart screamed that he would, there was a small part of her that hoped he didn't and that reason was sitting across from her.

Mike felt a bit out of place in a 5-star restaurant like this, not to mention having to wear a suit & tie instead of either his red jacket or Shield vest made him feel weird. Granted, that could be because he didn't like having to wear a suit & tie, but Steven had insisted it. But as much as the suit & tie was bugging him, it wasn't even remotely close to how uncomfortable he was with what was about to happen soon. He knew what was going to happen before probably anyone else. Steven would stand up from his chair, pull the ring from his jacket, get down on one knee, say a bunch of mushy stuff and say those four famous words. Cynthia would say yes and a couple of days later, she and Steven would have a talk and let out all their secrets and she would tell his and then, he would tell the others and nothing would be the same ever again. Still, if he had to sacrifice his secret for Cynthia's happiness...it just might be worth it.

'Worth it? She's about to sell you down the river for her own selfish desires and you think it's worth it?' A voice inside Mike's head asked.

'Shut up.' He mentally told the voice.

'You know I'm right. You're better off ditching that blonde bimbo and go out on your own again. Hell, you actually meant something when you were The Sandman.'

'I'm never putting on that cloak again and I will never turn my back on Cynthia!'

The voice laughed. "You know, when I said blonde bimbo, I wasn't just referring to the 8 foot tall freak you call a-'

'FUCK OFF!' Mike mentally yelled. The voice went away for the time being and Mike put his elbows on the table; rubbing his temple with his hands.

"You alright, Red?" Cynthia asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Mike answered, but he sighed and continued to rub his head.

"You sure, sweetie?" Korrina asked, rubbing her hand of her boyfriend's knee.

"Yeah Kore. I just have a headache. Probably from the roar of the crowds. Haven't competed in a major tournament like this in a while, so I have to get used to it."

"Well, you and the others have been busy these last several years, so that's understandable." Steven commented. Mike removed his hands from his temple and nodded his head, signaling the headache was gone for the moment. A slow song started playing and plan formed in Steven's head. He stood up and offered his hand to Cynthia. "Would you like to dance?"

"I would." Cynthia answered, taking the hand and the two walked over to the dance floor. As they walked away, Mike knew exactly where this was going. He looked over and saw Korrina also looking out at the dance floor.

"I don't really want to be near them when he does it." he said to her.

"I know, but..." Korrina stopped mid-sentence. Mike looked over to her and could see she was giving him her puppy eyes. Mike shut eyes to try and rid himself of the image, but even with his eyes closed, he could still see them. Seeing as how there was only one way of getting those puppy eyes out of his head, he stood up and offered his arm to Korrina.

"Care to dance?" he asked, though in a monotone voice. Korrina instantly sprung up and latched on his arm.

"Of course!" she answered and the two walked to the dance floor.

"I hate you and your puppy eyes." Mike whispered in her ear, but Korrina knew he didn't mean that.

"Love you too, baby." she whispered back and she gave him a quick smooch on his cheek.

On the dance floor, Cynthia and Steven were holding each other close while slowly dancing to the music. Cynthia had her arms loosely wrapped around Steven's neck and he had his hands on her waist. Cynthia placed her head on Steven's chest and sighed. "This is so wonderful."

"Yeah...I can't even remember the last time we danced." he slightly said.

"It was last year." Cynthia quickly answered. "Remember? We were in Goldenrod City chasing down a lead to Giovanni's whereabouts and we spent an extra day there together and we went to that new restaurant that had just opened and we spent most of the night dancing." she reminded him.

"Oh...oh yeah. That's ri-right." he stuttered. Cynthia sighed again.

"Steven, you're nervous." she said.

"No, I'm not." he quickly said.

"Yes you are. You almost gave yourself an anxiety attack when you asked me to this double date and now, you're stuttering."

Steven twitched, not knowing what to say. Before she continued, she looked over to see Mike and Korrina a way from them looking at them. She saw Mike subtlety nod his head and she took a deep breath through her nose. "Steven, my answer is 'Yes'."

Steven looked at her stunned. "You knew?" She nodded her head.

"You can still ask if you want to." she said. A smile formed onto his lips as he reached into his pocket, pulled out a black box and got down on one knee.

"Cynthia Shirona, will you marry me?" he asked, opening the box, revealing a beautiful platinum ring with a silver pearl in the center and two diamonds surrounding it.

She smiled brightly. "Yes."

At soon as that word escaped from her lips, Steven smiled brighter than he ever had before. He took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto Cynthia's finger. He stood up and pulled her into the best kiss she ever had.

The crowd surrounding them applauded at them for a bit before going back to their own things while Mike and Korrina walked up to the two, who had just broken away from the kiss.

"Congratulations!" Korrina screamed loudly as she hugged her childhood friend.

"Yeah, congrats." Mike said as he shook Steven's hand, but Cynthia could hear the tone in his voice lacked energy. Cynthia and Mike then shared a hug.

"I'm sorry." she whispered.

"Don't be." he whispered back. They separated and Mike took a quick breath. "OK, how about I buy one last drink for the husband and wife-to-be?" Mike asked, forcing himself to put a smile on his face.

"Now Michael, I think we've all had enough drinks this evening." Steven said, shaking his head. "I would just like to go back to my room, maybe do a little cuddling with this beauty-" he tilted his head to Cynthia, who blushed at the thought of her and Steven cuddling. "-and enjoy a good night's sleep." he finished.

"Oh come on, Steven, it's just on-" Mike was interrupted when a loud buzzer noise came from his pocket. He pulled out a Pokegear and saw he had received a message. He read it and the three noticed his face scrunch up.

"Something wrong?" Cynthia asked.

"Um..no, no. Just...Just need to head to HQ. Dom needs some help with something."

"What?" Korrina questioned.

"I don't know. She just said 'Need help, get over here ASAP.' So, I guess we'll have to raincheck that drink, won't we?"

Steven nodded his head. "Yes. It would be better to do that at a later day."

"Alright. I'll see you two tomorrow and Kore, I'll be back in the room in about an hour." he gave Korrina a quick peck and left the restaurant.

While two couples were ending their nights, one still was enjoying what was left of theirs. Ash and Serena were walking through a park in the middle of the Plateau that was also surrounded by the Pokemon Center and all the hotels with Pikachu on his usual spot on Ash's shoulder and Meowth walking besides them, wanting to exercise his legs for a bit. Serena had her arms wrapped around Ash's left arm and her head on his shoulder as they walked and enjoyed the beautiful night sky that Arceus had blessed upon them.

Serena looked up at her boyfriend for a bit and couldn't help but replay the night they became a couple in her head. During their journey through Kalos, she wasn't sure if she would ever have the courage to tell Ash how she felt or if Ash even felt the same way, but he did and the last 5 years being with him were the happiest of her life.

'He's my everything. My protector, my love, my soul-mate, my entire world.' Serena thought to herself while still looking at Ash, who caught her staring at him. He planted a kiss on her forehead and she giggled, while still looking into his brown eyes.

"Oh, I wish this day would never end. This has been such a wonderful date, Ash." she said.

"Yeah, I know how you feel." he responded. A thought then occurred in his head and he snorted.

"What?" Serena asked.

"You know what I just realized?" Serena shook her head. "This is the 1st date we've been on in about 4 or 5 months." He answered.

"Well, we were busy during that time, so there was barely any time for us to do things together that weren't Shield related."

"True, but at least for the moment, we have some free time." Serena snuggled some more into the crook of his neck as a response as Ash sighed happily. Nothing could ruin this moment...well except...

"THERE YOU ARE!" A voice roared out. The couple and the Pokemon stopped in their tracks and turned around to see a very pissed off, bandanna wearing brunette walking towards them.

"Ah, Miss Maple. I've been expecting you...though I didn't think it would take you this long to find me." Ash joked.

"Joke all you want, but you're gonna pay for what you did to me!" she yelled. Ash just faked confusion.

"Why whatever are you talking about? I haven't done anything to you. Serena, do you know what she's talking about?" Serena shook her head while mouthing 'No' sarcastically. "How about you, Pikachu?" Said Pokemon just shrugged his shoulders. "Meowth?"

"Not a clue. I think ya got us confused with someone else." The scratch cat Pokemon said, causing May to realize who she was looking at.

"You're Team Rocket's Meowth!"

"Was." He corrected.

"He joined The Shield and my team when Giovanni ordered Jessie and James to be killed." Ash informed her.

"Jessie and James are dead?" she asked, not at first believing that the two individuals who could take anything, get blasted off several times and get back up to try again were actually gone. Ash, Serena and Pikachu nodded their heads while Meowth turned his, trying to rid himself of the painful memories of losing his two best friends.

May's shock quickly changed to satisfaction and she grew a ugly smirk. "Well, good. Those crooks had it coming." she proclaimed. Ash looked to his side and saw Meowth trying to keep himself calm, but Ash wasn't sure if he could.

"Just how heartless are you?" Serena asked with a disgusted look on her face.

"What? Those thieves tried to steal my Pokemon all the time when I was traveling with him." she said, pointing as Ash and adding venom to the word 'him'.

"They were still human beings!" Ash defended.

"Why are you defending them? Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these the same two thieves that tried to steal Pikachu every day during your journey?" May questioned.

"Because they were still good people!" Ash yelled. He had to choke back a sob thinking of the two. "Those two helped us take down Team Rocket. It's because of them we were able to take down a number of their bases." Once again, Ash had to stop and fight away the tears threatening to spill out. "And even though we lost them, their deaths still had meaning. We arrested two rocket executives and took down another base. So don't you dare stand there and say they deserved to die!" Ash screamed.

"Oh wah-wah. Somebody call a wambulance for this little crybaby." May said, not giving a damn about what Ash had said.

However, that was the wrong thing to say as Meowth couldn't stand and let May disrespect his best friends anymore. He brought his claws out and jumped for May face, scratching her face like it was his own personal scratching post. May screamed in pain, but neither Ash or Serena even dared to try and stop Meowth. After a few moments, he jumped back down next to Ash.

"How dare you disrespect my friends!" He yelled, his eyes filled with determination. May removed her hands from her face and the others could see how badly Meowth had scratched her. She wasn't bleeding, but those scratchs wouldn't be going away anytime soon.

"That cat needs to be put down!" May screamed. Meowth once again was about to jump up at May again, but this time, Ash held him back.

"You had that coming, May." Ash venomously said.

May screamed loudly. "I've had enough of you ruining my life, Ash Ketchum! Thanks to you, I lost all the respect I had with my fellow Co-ordinators, I lost all my fans, my own parents disowned both Max and I and my own boyfriend broke up with me because he regretted what he did to you!" May confessed.

Hearing the last part of that surprised both Ash and Serena. Drew actually regretted betraying him? Ash didn't know what to think and he would have to think about this later because another thought enter his mind. He stole a look at Serena and could tell she was thinking the same thing and she was already pulling out the Pokeball.

"You can blame us for that all you want, but it's because you're such a bitch that those things happen. By the way, you failed to mention one other thing."

"And what's that?" May asked, figuring she listed all the things Ash had done to ruin her life.

"This." Serena answered for him while releasing the contents of the Pokeball. When the Pokemon materialized, May couldn't believe her eyes.

"Ma-Manaphy?" May stuttered. Manaphy's eyes laid on May and instantly glared at her. May hesitantly stepped forward and Manaphy attacked her with a Bubble Beam attack, sending May back a few feet and onto the ground. Manaphy turned around and jumped into Serena's arms.

'Love you, Mama.' Manaphy said, using telepathy that the Seafaring Pokémon had perfected several years ago, thanks to the help of the other legendaries that had the ability.

"Love you too, baby." Serena responded, kissing the top of Manaphy's head, getting a giggle out of the Pokemon. May watched the scene and felt her heart breaking.

"Manaphy, it's me May. I'm your mama." She pleaded, tears threating to spill out.

'No! You hurt Papa! You aren't my Mama!'

At that, May's heart was destroyed and tears ran down her face. She ran past Ash and Serena and began sobbing; the only feeling in her soul right now was emptiness. She lost the love of her parents, boyfriend and now Manaphy. She cried all the way back to her hotel room and she would be crying all night.

The two watched her run off until she was out of their sight and then looked at each other.

"That...felt...so..good to do." Ash admitted.

Serena laughed a bit. "I can see that. I'm sure Manaphy like giving her that Bubble Beam, too." she said.

'Yes, I did. She hurt Papa. I love you, Papa.' Manaphy said, making Ash smile.

"I love you too, Manaphy." he said. Ash looked at his watch and saw that it was now 10:00 "Now let's get back to our room and get some shut eye." Serena agreed with that and the two started walking, with Meowth taking his place on Ash's other shoulder.

"Hey, if you face off against that twerpette, I want to be in the battle." Meowth said.

"You got it, Meowth." Ash agreed.

While most of the people here were calling it a day, one person wasn't just yet. After making up that lie that Domino had messaged him, Mike was waiting in an alley for his spy to meet him and tell him whatever news she had. He heard footsteps coming his way and turned his head to see Hilda.

"OK, what was so important that it couldn't wait till tomorrow?" He asked. Hilda took a moment to catch her breath before answering.

"It's about Calem." she answered. Mike motioned for her to continue. "Today, I saw him leaving to call his mom three times."

"Three times?" Mike repeated. Hilda nodded her head in conformation. "Ooookay, I've heard the phrase 'A boy's best friend is his mother' but checking in on her three times a day? Something's up with that."

"I agree. I'm trying to put a tracer in his phone, but it never leaves his pants...and he sleeps with his pants on." Hilda informed him.

"You know, I was still kind of thinking that perhaps Calem was the leader of the N.W.O, but multiple calls to his mother and sleeping with his pants on to keep his phone safe just confirmed what I've been fearing."

"And that is?"

"Calem is just a figurehead and I have no idea who our real enemy is." Mike finished.

"That is a scary thought, but that's not all I've got."

Mike sighed. "What else?"

"About an hour ago, Calem was hanging out with Hilbert and I when he got a call. Before he took it, he was calm and happy and when he took it, he changed to anger and rage."

Mike scrunched his head in confusion. "Why?"

"I don't know, but he suddenly left us without saying a word."

Mike looked away from Hilda, thinking about what would cause him to leave so suddenly. "What is he up to?" he whispered to himself.

As they were talking, Drew was still searching for the raven haired trainer and was coming up short. He was near an exit of the park and was about to give up and see if there were any rooms available at the Pokemon Center when he saw two people about to walk into a hotel. He saw a Pikachu and a Meowth on the guy's shoulders and Drew was certain that was Ash. He was about to call out to him, but suddenly, a hand covered his mouth and he felt a needle being forced into his neck. Drew started to feel really sleepy and collapsed on the ground, but before his eyes shut, he saw the eyes that had jumped him and they were greyish-blue.

"Sorry for this Drew, but it's too dangerous to let you walk around."

And with that, Drew passed out.

End of Chapter 9

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