A week or so later, Mr. Furley had shown up at Jack's apartment.

"Jack, I got a letter from the person I wrote to in North Carolina," Mr. Furley said.

"Have you opened it yet?" Jack asked his landlord.

"Not yet," Mr. Furley answered.

"While you're here, why don't you open it so we can hear what he has to say?" Janet asked.

Chrissie was also there. They watched as he opened the envelope.

"What's the date on the envelope?" Chrissie asked.

Before unfolding the letter, he looked at the date.

"1964," he answered.

"1964? That makes no sense at all," Jack said as he saw the girls nod their heads.

"I know what you're getting at, Jack. A lot of people live in different times," he said.

Janet did agree with Mr. Furley.

When she finished agreeing, she said, "You can read your letter now, Mr. Furley."

"Okay. Here's what it says:

Dear Mr. Furley,

I received your letter. I shared it with a few of my friends. They are surprised about the era you live in. I do know Mayberry in the future will be like since you have better options of technology and all that.

My friends and I would like to know how you happened to find me. I haven't had much of an interest to family history. I hope you get the letter all right and Mayberry hopes to hear from you soon.


Barney Fife

"Wow. How did he know we have better options in technology?" Jack asked.

He'd found Barney's letter very interesting, and so did Chrissie and Janet.

"Well, for one thing, we have better choices of channels for television. Back in the fifties, you didn't get many choices of shows you wanted," Mr. Furley answered.

"That's right," Janet said.

"Money is also another example," Chrissie said.

"I'll write back and answer his questions," Mr. Furley said.

"Good idea. While we're still on topic about this Barney person, why don't you share with us what he looks like?" Chrissie asked.

"You will another time, but not today," he answered.

"When you came across that one website, how did you know who he was?" Chrissie asked.

"My mother showed some interest in family history. I thought I'd give a look at it for myself and see what luck I would get," Mr. Furley said.

"And look at the information you found," Janet pointed out.

Jack and Chrissie agreed.

"do you think you'd use a time machine and meet this Barney?" Jack asked.

"You got to be joking, Jack, and I don't want to do that!" Mr. Furley exclaimed.