Hello Dear readers. I'm Emma and I'm going to be writing this story. So I haven't been writing for like 2-4 years now and I really miss it. I stopped cause I was gong thru a difficult time, but I will not bore you with MY story instead I'll will be writing about Bella and the kings.

I'm going to start of with that this is an idea I got while in school and if anyone has a similar story please let me know, cause I did not copy anyone! I just have seen it happen to often that two people are writing a story and then a huge fight start because they're similar in some tiny way.

Now the story starts shortly after Edward leaves Bella, Bella is depressed, but not cause Edward broke up with her, but because she misses the people she thought were her family and well who wouldn't be, knowing they have this huge secret and no one can know. Now back to the plot, Bella leaves town needing a fresh start. She goes to Italy to go to school, Victoria follows and the kings are not happy that someone is hunting in their town. What will happen?

Happy Readings and may the readings be fun ;)

Trip to Italy

Isabella's Pov

I had just finished packing and putting some of my stuff in boxes. I was going to miss this place but at the same time I couldn't wait to get away. I needed a fresh start.

My Dad Charlie came in while I was zipping my bag closed. I looked up at him and saw how sad he was with me leaving, but he was proud of me too.

"I'm going to miss you Bella" he said with a rough voice that made me smile sadly. I hated the fact I was leaving my dad, but I needed this.

"I know I'm going to miss you to dad" i walked over to him and threw my hands around him in a hug. We stay like that for a little before he stepped back. He cleared his throat and looked at me.

"well we wouldn't want you to miss your flight so come on" Charlie smiled and I took my bag and a suit case and my dad took my other two bags. My dad drove me to the airport. We said our goodbyes and I left to get on my plain.

The plain ride was long but I enjoyed it. Once I got to Italy, Florence. I Got a cap which took me to a school in Volterra. When I had been sent a letter from the school I just had to go. After Edward and the family left about two months ago, I fell into depression, I missed them all very much and also knowing this big secret didn't help.

When I arrived at Volterra I meet up with the school and I was showed an apartment I was staying in. it was small and cozy, I loved it. It had a tiny bathroom with an amazing shower, a tiny kitchen that had everything I needed, a living room/bedroom. The couch could be changed into a bed, there was a small tv and a desk I could use to study. The school was close by so I didn't have to walk far.

When I was alone I put all my stuff where it belong and then decided to go shopping for things I needed. I had a bit of money for a computer but while searching for one I decided to get an Ipad. After trying it I fell in love. I bought some food as well and got all the books I would need for school.

The castle, third person pov

In the throne room there where three thrones, seated in them where the vampire kings. Aro was speaking to a man that had reviled the secret, Ciues was glaring at the ma but Marcus just stared at the man. Marcus wasn't seeing him but his bonds. Aro sighed and said the man had broken the law and there for sentenced to die, Cuies smiled at that and stood up to do what he loved most.

"Wait, dear brothers it seems he had every right to do what he did" Marcus stood up and touched Aro's hand. He walked to the man and looked to the scared little girl holding onto the mans hand "we wouldn't want to make this little girl an orphan, now would we?" Marcus kneeled in front of the girl and smiled at her.

Cuies sat down slightly less angry, there where things no one knew about cuies. Aro stood up and walked forwards and touched the unknown man and smiled.

"it seems this man only wants to be with his little girl and to make her safe. You will change her one day and if you brake that word you will die" the man nooded and bowed for the kings thanking them for the mercy and for letting him keep his little girl. Marcus had been telling the girl how important it was for her to keep her daddy's secret.

The Volturi were not as cruel as the Cullen's had let them to be. They only kept the rules going. They kept the vampires safe.