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"oh Caius, i thought you already knew how clever and loving our mate was" he said teasingly as he kissed the fingers that had been playing with his hair.

Aro let out a laugh at Caius face as he leaned down and gave his beauty a kiss. he smirked down at Bella who gave of a little giggle.

"of course i knew" Caius said with insult in his voice.

The next day, Bella woke up to her mates purring around her and giving her soft innocent but loving touches. She smiled at them as she sat up, she was so lucky.

They put a tray in her lap with delicious food on it and then went on and hand feed her the food, making the food so much better to Bella.

Today would be Bella's first therapy appointment to get passed what happened, she didn't look much forwards to it but she understood the importance of doing it. So unhappily she got dressed in a red dress that reached her knees and a cloak.

Bella smiled at Jane softly, she felt terrified, how was she supposed to open up to a complete stranger.

Jane escorted Bella to an office where the therapy session would be held until Bella would no longer need it.

Jane left her with a smile, Bella lifted her hand up and knocked softly on the door, barely having her old courage to even knock.

A female voice was heard over

"come in"

Bella sighed as she opened the door, inside was a Middle aged woman, she had soft features and was very beautiful, she looked safe and warm.

Bella was instantly at ease.

"Please take a seat" The female said as she pointed to the most comfy sofa chair Bella had ever seen "my name is Rose and whatever we talk about in her stays in here" Rose smiled at Bella with warm eyes.

Bella nodded as she pulled on her dress out of abit, she was biting her lip softly.

"Now why don't you tell me what happened, i know it's going to be hard but we need to do this" Rose said with a small reassuring smile.

"Okay i think i can do that" Bella said in a whisper, she took a deep breath and then started*

"I was walking home from school, i remember we had been talking about Marcus, about the reasons behind the festival. I was happy and looking forwards to working on my paper about him, knowing some facts that weren't common knowledge.

I was walking past an ally when it happened… he grabbed me around the waist with one Hand and the other over my mouth. I never had the chance to even scream"

Bella was silently crying as she told the story, Bella had always had amazing memory and notice for detail and in this moment she wished she didn't.

"He threw me against the wall, i remember hitting my head on the wall and everything get a little fuzzy. But i remember seeing a full moon and then his face covering the moon, he was handsome, as all vampires are, deadly beautiful. He had black eyes, either from hunger or lust, i'm not sure.

He ripped my dress and… and raped me, i remember the pain, i know i shouldn't remember the feeling of pain but i do, it hurt so much" bella sobbed "it felt like he was ripping me in two.. And then he turned me around and pr..proceeded to fuck me in the ass"

Bella looked broken as she stated what he had done so plainly "i then remember another pain, it was worse then everything that happened. He bit my neck, and it burned and hurt so much, that's when i blacked out"

Bella was emotionally numb as she finished the story. She didn't want to feel anything at the moment.

"Bella everything that happened that night was not your fault it was his, and his sick twisted mind that is at fault" Rose said with a serious look "i want you to remember this when you go to sleep, you didn't do anything wrong, not every man is going to hurt you, having sex is okay, don't let him ruin your life, that is you letting him win"

Bella nodded and looked up, she was still broken but she looked determined, she had tools to help her and 3 amazing mates that loved her.

"Bella i would like to see you once a week at the same time and same day for as long as we need okay?"

"Yeah sounds good, thank you Rose"

"You're welcome Bella"

Bella stood up and walked out the door, she headed to the kitchen and decided to make herself some warm cheese, she cut the blue molded cheese she had in half and placed the top down and the soft interior facing up. She put some hazelnuts and pecan nuts over to give flavour and poured honey over, putting a bit more than usually to make it a tiny bit sweeter, placing rosemary over to give a little extra she then placed it in the oven to cook.

"Oh wow that smells really good Bella, i never thought i'd find human food appetizing in this age until i meet you" Jane said behind Bella, Bella turned around with a smile.

"Is that a compliment Jane" Bella said teasingly as she cut some baguette bread.

"Yes it is, did you know, vampire emotions are a lot more intense than humans, that is why our hunger for blood is stronger than humans, we love so intensely it would suffocate a human, our jealousy is lethal and our anger could last for months and our vengeance will last a lifetime. We are humans Bella, we just hide them to keep us living, no vampire lives 1000 years by showing compassion to every human and vampire they see. Too many idiots were turned into vampires Bella, some so power hungry they die simply from thinking them too good" Jane said with a hint of passion shining in her eyes.

"I know Jane, i see it in your eyes, yours and my mates, the love they have for me, i love them with all my heart, but the love i see in there eyes, i can't even imagine feeling something so intensely" Bella said, her eyes glazing over slightly in memorie.

Bella looked up as the cooking clock ringed. She took the cheese out and sat down to eat it.

"Vampires are also all on animal instinct, that is what vampirism is, being the perfect predators, follow the animal instinct, smarter than a human, stronger than a blue whale, faster than a cheetah or the peregrine falcon, hearing better than a bats" Jane said the last with humor "or the Galleria mellonella or the greater wax moth as it is better know, eyesight better than a mantis shrimp" Bella was laughing because it was such a tiny thing, but had one of the best eyesight "we have sharper eyesight then a golden eagle, and don't even get me started on our sense of smell, it's better than an elephant's" Bella was outright laughing now, not many of those animals where even predatory animals "So yeah we are pretty amazing"

Bella smiled and nodded "i know" Bella finished her food and cleaned up after herself and Jane escorted her to the king's bedroom.

Bella feeling a little like herself decided to read, she picked up a book and got comfy in the window seat, she read the day away and only looked up when she felt someone kiss her cheek.

"Marcus, i didn't hear you come in" Bella said with a big smile as she kissed him on the cheek.

"Well we tend to be very quiet amore mio" Marcus said with a soft smile as he then kissed bella softly on the lips before lifting her up, Bella wrapped her legs around him. He moved to the bed and sat down against the headboard with Bella in his lap. She nuzzled his neck as he just held her.

"Ti amo" Bella whispered to him

"Anche io ti amo" Marcus whispered back to her as Bella fell asleep in his arms.

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Amore Mio - My Love

Ti Amo - I Love You

Anche Io Ti Amo - I Love You Too

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