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This fanfic is after the Fourth Shinobi war. Madara is defeated and peace reigned between all shinobi allies. Only those outside of the peace treaty are considered as threat. Tsunade stepped down as the Hokage and Kakashi replaced her for the meantime because the conflict about Naruto and Sasuke claiming that they wanna be hokage is undecided yet. Sasuke returned to Konoha, he got out easy because he helped the allied shinobis to win the war. However, there are still minor penalties like a seal to prevent him from causing havoc inside the village and an anbu or one of his former clasmate to follow him all the time.

(Warning: In this story, Neji is alive... He was revived by Tobi... I love him too much to for him to die)

Chapter One: The Only Uchiha in the Village

Sasuke watched as the masked ninja descended lightly in his front porch. Sasuke have been granted permission to return to the Uchiha compound and live there alone. The whole compound of the once mighty Uchiha clan is now in Sasuke's care.

"Sasuke have been summoned by the Hokage." A soft voice came from the anbu. Sasuke eyed the blue hair that sticked out of it, clumsily stuffed into a ponytail.


He got up from his sitting position and rubbed his neck. What now?

Hinata eyed the once biggest threat in the destruction of Konoha. He sure is handsome whatever side you looked at him. No wonder half the girls in Konoha is crazy about this dangerous Uchiha.

Hokage sama assigned her yesterday to be Sasuke's watch for the day. Being Sasuke's anbu watcher have became an unofficial betting game on the Anbu group. What are the chances that a female Anbu will fall head over heels with the ebony eye demon, or the chances that a male Anbu will snapped with Sasuke's arrogance.

Kiba have won a few wagers, betting that Ino would come back like a love stricken girl once her watch is over. He was right. The young Inoichi came back blushing all the way to her toes that would make her proud.

TenTen also won a wager the past week. She wager on Naruto and Sasuke having a fight when it was the young Uzumaki's schedule to be the guard of his bestfriend. Naruto came back that day with a bleeding nose and a few broken ribs, only to be punched by Sakura some more before tending to his wounds.


Hinata flinched inwardly by the call. She looked at Sasuke with the calm demeanor Anbu's possesed. Being an Anbu helps her to hide her expressions well, not to mention that they hide their face all the time.

He knows me...she thought.

"S-Sasuke san?" Hinata slapped herself mentally. She just stammered in front of him while wearing an Anbu uniform. She can control her speech better after the war, why is she stammering now?

Sasuke smirked. He guessed this Anbu was a hyuuga because of the milky complexion this female possessed. She also carries a regal aura which only a Hyuuga can bear.

The stammered answer clarifies his guess. Not only this is a hyuuga...It is a Hyuuga he knows. Hinata hyuuga, the heiress.

Sasuke only remember two Hyuugas in the class he was in when he was still a chunin. One was a long haired boy with a mark on his forhead, and a girl who is from the main branch who stammers all the time. Sasuke recalled that this girl who always have a gentle expression follows Naruto all around the village in the past, Everytime he and Naruto are together, he can always sensed her hidding behind a pole or wall. Only Naruto is too dumb to notice.

"Shall we go?" Hinata asked, becoming conscious by the way this Uchiha examines her.


They walked at the dusty road silently as people they passed eyed them with curiosity. The Uchiha is still a hot gossip among the townsfolk. A few of the Konohans still regards Sasuke as a traitor, while others eyed him with awed or fear.

For a few seconds, Sasuke Uchiha's dark eyes lingered on the masked Anbu walking calmy beside him. He never have a guard as silent as this one before. Shino Aburame is a silent one too, but the sounds his insects made irritates him.

Now this is a nice change... He thought. Ino is too nagging while Sakura is too demanding and violent. He silently prefer this blue haired one. Shikamaru is a good choice too . He is too lazy to demand anything.

Hinata stopped in front of the Hokage's office and knocked. "Kakashi sensei..."

Kakashi is sitting on the Hokage's chair, his feet placed on the table, one hand holding a book while the other placed on the back of his head. "Yo."

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the sight of his former sensei. The Hokage's office looks more of a man's room than an office. Papers littered the floor and small pocket sized books arranged in front of his desk.

"What do you want?" Sasuke asked and Hinata gaped. Good thing she still have her mask on to hide her face. She looked at the once crazy, revenge driven man beside her and was shocked at his lack of respect for the Hokage.

Well, he was an Uchiha after all, Whatever happens, Sasuke will always have that arrogance around him.

Kakashi's eyes smiled at his former student. "Sasuke... Is that the way to greet your former mentor?"

"What do you want?" Sasuke asked again.

Before Kakashi hava a chance to speak, Hinata excused herself from the two. She could not stand the male egos that floods the air around her. Kakashi nodded and she let herself out of the office but not before hearing the Hokage say, "I'll send for you if we are finished Hina chan...It's still your watch for little sasuke isn't it?"

She heard the Uchiha grunt before closing the door.

Leaving the Hokage's quarters, she decided to go to the Anbu's quarters. It's Neji Nii's duty today so she expected her cousin to be there with the rest of the Anbu corps. After the war, level S and A missions are rare. Due to the peace treaty, there are not much that was going on in Konoha this days. Only low class missions are available, even chunins could handle it with ease.

As a konoichi, she miss the thrill of completing a dangerous mission. As Hinata, she was thankful that they were all at peace at last. She know that she is going to choose peace than anything else. A lot of people have died for the sake of peace. Her father is one of them, Ino's father too...and Shikamaru's. Good thing Neji nii is revived. She doesn't know what to do anymore if he too was taken away from her.

She entered the room which have the mark of the Anbu corps. A mark identical on the one that marked her shoulder.

"Hinata chan!" Tenten waved at her from behind Shino. "You came back early. What happened with Sasuke...?"

"I brought him to the Hokage." Hinata removed her mask and placed it gently beside her.

"Did he resist?" Tenten asked eagerly. Hinata noticed that all of those present is paying attention. She guessed that there is a betting game going on. Hinata looked around and wonder why some people inside the room is not an Anbu. With Kakashi sensei as the Hokage, there are no strict policies that prevents any Konoichi to interact with the others in different divisions.

She shook her head and said no.

Kiba grimaced and Tenten laughed. "I won Kiba, pay up."

"I thought that Sasuke would at least give Hinata a hard time... It's not like him to play obedient." Kiba wined. "That bastard..."

"Troublesome." Shikamaru said somewhere in the group.

"Hinata sama is a capable Anbu." Neji stood up from behind Kiba and give the young man an annoyed look. "She can hold her ground if that Uchiha plans to be uncooperative."

"Neji nii..." Hinata rushed to her cousin to give him a hug. She still have nightmares sometimes about that time when Neji saved her during the war. She was so sure that he was dead back then.

Neji cleared his throat. A little bewildered about his cousin's public display of familial affection. He saw Kiba give him a grin and TenTen raising her eyebrows. He reminded himself to sucker punch that dog lover after he got away with Hinata's death grip. "H-hinata sama.." He gently pried the unwilling arms around him.

Hinata removed her arms and looked down. Dropping her eyes before the rest can see her red cheeks. She always wanted to feel Neji, just to make sure that he is not the dead body she desperately clutch during the war.

She gave a silent thanks to Obito for returning her beloved cousin back. Even though he is one of those people to blame about the war, there is still good in him. For when he saw her face grieving when Neji died, Obito said something about loosing somebody important too, so he is cutting her some slack.

"Hinata sama..." Neji break her silent thought. "Why did you bring Sasuke to the Hokage?"

Hinata shrugged. "Kakashi sensei wanted to talk to him...I don't know what."

"Another bet?" Kiba challenge Tenten. "I'm betting that Sasuke is going to beat the pulp on his next guard."

"Ready to lose?" The brown haired konoichi asked, her eyes sparkling with the challenge.

Sasuke crossed his arms and stared at the copy ninja turned Hokage in front of him.

"Sasuke... I summoned you here to tell you that the council have allowed you to do missions now. You have proven to be obedient and so far, no reports of doing anything bad in the elders eyes..."

Sasuke smirked.

"After all... You're still a great asset for Konoha." The copy nin finished.

I thought they want me dead. Sasuke thought, remembering his trial with the elders. If not for the copy nin's refusal and Naruto's threat, they would never agree to let him live.

"So you are sending me off in a mission?" Sasuke asked coldly.

Hatake Kakashi shook his hand. " am just informing you...I will send for you if anything comes up... "

"Hm." Sasuke stood up, ready to leave when Kakashi stopped him.

" case it slipped your mind, you cannot go without Hinata chan..."

The ebony eyed Uchiha looked at Kakashi with an irritated look. He knows he could outrun any of his guard be it Naruto or that smart ass Shikamaru. What could a Hyuuga heiress do anything to stop him if he so choose to do something bad?

At the end, Sasuke decided to humor his former sensei. "Sure... I will look for the hyuuga."

Hinata is sitting beside Neji when someone poke his head inside the room. Ebony eyes stared at them with intensity.

The whole room became quite as midnight.

Uchiha Sasuke did not expect to see some of his former classmates when he came looking for Hyuuga Hinata. He scowled, thinking that he is the one to be looked for, not the one who is looking. "We're off, Hyuuga."

Hinata stood up and put her mask on. "I have to go minna...Neji nii."

Neji matched Sasuke's scowl. He did not like the way this arrogant konoichi addressed Hinata. He should know better when addressing the futute leader of the Hyuuga clan. In a year, Hinata will be on the right age to accept the responsibility.

Tenten, seeing the angry expression on Neji's face, placed both of her hands on her former teammate's arm. She knows that his devotion to Hinata is admirable but sometimes it can also result to Neji's rash actions.

The man never think twice if it comes to his gentle cousin.

Hinata faced the subject of her one day mission and gave the glaring Uchiha a curt nod. "Sasuke san."

Like the first time, silence engulf them as they made their way back to the Uchiha compound. On the way, Sasuke silently mused how a well bred and pampered Hyuuga would be able to guard him overnight. As his guard, he knows that they are instructed to watch over him even while he sleeps.

He remembered that Nara watched the stars in the roof of his house to pass the time when he was on the watch. Shino Aburame just stayed in his porch without a word while his insects roamed the whole house.

Sasuke frowned as he remembered the worst watch of them dope Naruto insisted that he sleep beside him on his bed. He have to push him off several times, only accepting defeat when Naruto threatened him to perform his famous harem jutsu.

There was also that time when his former teammate and fangirl Sakura became his watcher for the day. Instead of watching him, the pink haired nin have to divide her attention because Naruto keep on breaking inside the house. That dobe have insisted on watching Sakura for the whole day.

"Sasuke san." Sasuke diverted from his thoughts and focused on the blue haired anbu next to him.


"Can you-"

"Get your mask off."

Hinata stopped. She was supposed to ask the Uchiha if he wanted her to be near him or move like his shadow. Sometimes, people prefer if they are not to be disturbed. Neji once told her that he just watched Sasuke from afar, giving the Uchiha his privacy.

"I said get your mask off." Sasuke said, annoyed. "Your voice is muffled by the mask. Muffled sounds annoy me."

Hinata removed her mask and looked at Sasuke's dark orbs. She suddenly looked down on her feet. The intensity of his glare is just too much.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. The Hyuuga girl is quite pretty to look at. Her blue hair a perfect match for her ivory eyes.

While admiring Hinata's features, Sasuke cannot help but scowled. In the ninja world, a beautiful face can be a konoichi's deadly weapon. A lot of people can never resist something as beautiful as this Hyuuga princess.

Hinata sigh as she felt the heavy stare of the one next to her. This is going to be a long night.

Shino Aburame watched as Kiba and Hinata sparred. Kiba's faithful dog, Akamaru sat beside him, his head resting on the man's lap. They made it a point to practice every tuesday but because of Hinata's watcher assignment the other day, they have to postpone and decided that they would continue on thursday, which is today.

They are currently working on their hand to hand combat. Kiba is stronger than Hinata but with great improvement from the past years, she can stand her ground with ease. Her fluid movements and solid stance is like a deadly dance. Gentle yet dangerous.

Shino studied the ivory eyed girl behind his glasses. Hinata's face which always bear a gentle expression is now replaced with a frown. Her brow covered with sweat. She swiftly dodged Kiba's attack and answered countered with a kick.

His former teammate have improved beyond anyone's expectation and he cannot help but feel proud of her.

His litte Hinata have grown.

Hell, He and Kiba even have to ward off a couple of admirers multiple times to prove the point.

Suddenly, something wipped past him in a blue blurr. He realized it with surprise that it was Hinata. She landed on the nearest tree with a thud.

"Oh my goodness Hinata...I am so sorry." Kiba ran past him with a blurr too. "I am so sorry."

Shino stood up from where he is sitting and quickly helped Hinata to get on her feet. She rubbed her neck and gave a reassuring smile to a shaking Kiba. "Gomenasai Kiba kun... I was distracted."

"I did not mean to...really." Kiba pulled Hinata to him and wrapped his arms around the girl. "You know I would never do that on purpose."

Hinata's face turned tomato red and she let her eyes fall to her feet. "I ..I suddenly...I was"

"Are you hurt anywhere?" Kiba asked.

Hinata giggled. "Oh Kiba kun... I think I have already been in situations worst than just a simple sparring session."

Shino eyed the girl, curiosity bubbling inside him. Hinata almost never stammered in front of them. She only does it when she's nervous or in front of Naruto.

Hinata silently slapped herself. She lost her focus the moment she saw two figures chasing one another in the rooftops from afar. She knows Kiba and Shino could not see as far as she can when she activates her Byakugan.

Those chakra signatures doesn't lie. It was Sakura and Naruto.

Hinata felt like the world have collapsed around her the day Ino told her that Naruto and the pink haired medic is going out. She tried her best not to show it but she knows she's bleeding inside.

Her confession to the blonde Uzumaki was left unnoticed.

"But I just wanted to make sure... Neji will kill me if anything happens to you.?" Kiba smiled, patting Hinata's head.

She nodded. "It was my fault. Gomen..."

"Stop apologizing." The usually silent Aburame said. Hands in his pocket, Shino walked a few paces from them. "You are an Anbu and an heiress Hinata... Besides, we are your bestfriends. No need for that Hina chan."

The blue haired Anbu nodded. "Gome..." She stopped, and looked guiltily at Shino. Old habits obviously die hard.

"I heard that." The bug wielder said coolly. "If you really want to apologize, why don't you buy us lunch?"

Hinata's face lightened up. "hai."

Kiba gaped. "Wow...that's one smooth move Shino..."

Sasuke removed all of his kunai out from the box where he usually keep them. He have to clean and sharpen them if he will be assigned on missions soon.

As the young Uchiha tended to his weapons expertly, he wondered about who is going to be assigned as his watcher for today. Is it going to be that loudmouth Kiba? Or Naruto? He grimaced at the thought. Naruto always manage to make his life miserable.

He suddenly remembered the Hyuuga heiress. Now that's one silent konoichi. The night when she serves as his guard is one of those nights where he slept peacefully, and those nights are actually rare. If he is not listening to Naruto's gawking, he have to endure his nightmares about Itachi, or his clan's massacre. The Hyuuga princess just sat at his window that night. starring at the stars without saying a word while her long blue tresses flows with the night breeze. Her calming aura soothe him as the room became filled with a lavender scent.

Sasuke smirked as he remember the Blue haired Anbu blushed when he took his clothes off for bed. He always slept without clothing in his upper body.

A soft thud in his porch informed him that his watcher just arrived.

"Sasuke baka..."

Sasuke almost slapped his head when he heard that voice. Damn Kakashi...he assigned Naruto again.

The blonde jinchuriki entered the room and eyed Sasuke with a grin. "Oy Sasuke..."


Naruto slapped his bestfriend's back with a thud. "You can never beat me to be Hokage."

"I can beat you now."

Naruto's grin grew wider. "Is that a challenge Sasuke?"

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