In the begging Sonic and Tails were trying to beat eggman they got the cyan lazer were you can do lazer then in the sweet zone and then get a yellow drill and an orange rocket the yellow drill digs you under ground and the orange rocket blasts you above and you come back down next they go to the star light Canaveral and you get blue cube and green hover then with the blue cube you can change the blue ring inside and changes to the blue cube is on the inside and visa versia and green hover brings you up and until it runs out then you go to planet wisp One day sonic was versing Eggman in sonic colors after they were fighting and sonic won but the black hole that Eggman made was eating everything in its path and caught sonic but the wisps saved sonic they put sonic back on his world then they left then tails came and was talking to sonic then the yacker was with his friends then tails' talking with his machine to yacker then the wisps stopped the black hole then the wisps went back to their homes then the credits and you can the wisps