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Ok, so far, I have read 9 volumes of Hataraku-Maou sama, have not read volume 10 and have read part of the first chapter of volume 11. And it was that part which inspired me to write this. Read on!

I'm going to try and make this as creepy (well kind of) as possible and fail miserably in the process.

Also, because the LN that I read is in chinese, I'm not too sure about the English (fan-translated) terms. Do correct me if you think there is a better term out there.

Chapter 1: Research Notes

There was a stack of yellowed parchment paper on a desk cluttered with ancient artifacts and various Japanese snacks. The way the artifacts and snacks were positioned seemed as though someone just roughly pushed them aside to make a small space for the parchment paper.

"Hmmm…." A small lady drummed her fingers on the table while putting a free hand under her chin.

"Should I or shouldn't I~~~~?"

The small lady was Esmeralda Etuva, the most powerful female sorceress of Ente Isla (and also the cutest, according to her friend, Emilia). And right now, she was contemplating whether she should read the stack of paper in front of her.

It wasn't paper work that someone shoved onto her. It was something she picked up herself. A stack of old paper that she had found in Olba Meyer's living quarters.

"It could be a diary or even a novel he was trying to write~~~." She drawled aloud even though there was no one else in the room to hear her.

The thought of the former archbishop writing a novel or even keeping a personal diary amused her and she chuckled to herself.

"My my~~~whatever it is, if I read this~~~I could be delving into the mind of the mad man himself."

Esmeralda had personally interrogated Olba after his most recent defeat and he told her about his motivations (while laughing) and challenged her to read his research notes.

""If you read them, you will know why I done what I done and you will know that it is a mistake to lock me up." or so he says~~~~" The sorceress said while flicking through the corners of the pages.

It could be useful information…

Esmeralda carefully lifted the corner of the first page.

But at the same time…it's really scary.

She would love to ask Albertio to read it with her, but he had more brawns than brains and lacked the patience to even get through the first paragraph of any book handed over to him.

It's now or never! I'm sure Emilia would like to know about all this…as well.

Esmeralda took a deep breath and started reading.

Every single word and image in these pieces of paper were carefully dated and written neatly by Olba. Even the cancellation marks were that of a single line.

Well well, at least I don't have any messy handwriting to decipher.

1. God does not exist

(Wow, this entry is from about 20 years ago)

We, the followers of the Church, have been taught that God is absolute, God is all-knowing, all-powerful and God's presence is everywhere. If that is the case, then why is it that there are so many people who have not heard about His Greatness?

Even with that lack of knowledge, they were still able to build great nations and states. We have fought against these sinners, the so-called "Non-believers" in hope to convert them. We shed blood and destroyed lands under God's name but yet there are many who do not share our faith.

It has been preached that those who do not follow God's teachings are evil and they are to be killed, however, this was not said by any higher being. It was also not mentioned in the bible. We, the priests, inquisitors and bishops, have killed so many. But we are not sinners as God forgives us, God saves us.

At the same time, even without bloodshed, there are those that believe in our God.

This is a contradiction. Was there ever a need to fight for the sake of God?

There is no God.

What people respect is not God, it is us. The messengers of God.

The only thing God has done is create humans. After that, the humans betrayed the Heavens and were bound to Earth.

The one with the power is not God. It is we, the priests, inquisitors and bishops.

I will take the position of archbishop and use this power, the power to make people follow.

"What~~~a lengthy intro~~~So Olba was an archbishop and a heretic at the same time~~~~" Esmeralda sighed as she realized that she only went through one and a half pages and there were loads more to go.

2. Heaven, the kingdom in the sky, exists.

The church has been blessed with a miraculous gift. It was a sword of silver and gold that had fallen from the sky.

It was known as the "Better Half".

The sword was heavy. It was difficult for a single grown man to lift it, much less wield it. It had an ornate gold handle which curves to form a shape resembling a bird's wing. In its center was a single purple crystal. We are unable to remove the crystal.

The rest are in excitement as this sword was recorded in our ancient books. The sword was part of Yesod, a fruit grown from the Tree of Life. There was also a prophecy that a hero is going to appear, wielding this very sword.

They do not understand what this sword implicates. The sword came from the heavens. Heaven is a real physical place.

What we believed was that Heaven was a place where souls return to. That belief is wrong. Heaven is a real place where we, as live humans, can enter.

I could enter Heaven.

I could become God.

"Eh~~~~~He really believed that?

3. Emilia Justina

I researched the "Better Half" for well over a year but there were no results. I did not believe that the prophecy was true but I was not getting any results from the research at all. We had to find this Hero.

We channeled our holy magic into the sword and it pointed us to this so-called "Hero"

Her name was Emilia Justina. A small girl of about 8 years old that hailed from a farming town in the Western area.

Her hair was red and her eyes green. She seemed to be of the same development as other girls her age.

However, she was able to pick up that heavy sword. Once in contact with the sword, her hair changed to a transparent silver colour with a blue hue and her eyes turned red. At the same time, another artifact appeared.

It was a set of armour. Armour to defend the girl against evil.

Furthermore, although I only caught a glimpse of it, the girl seemed to have faint white wings on her back. Could this be a sign that there are higher beings? A sign that angels actually exist?

The girl reverted back to normal after she removed her hand from the sword. She was scared.

We tried to remove the armour and the sword but we are unable to move them away from the girl. We left her where she was for an entire night.

The next day, we found that both sword and armour had fused with her and she was able to summon them at her own will.

I asked the girl of her origins. Her father was Nord Justina, a farmer of no importance. She could not remember much of her mother, only that her name was Layla and her father told her that "Mother is an angel who will look after us."

I asked her if she was an angel. Her reply is that her mother was one.

That might explain the wings I saw. She might be part angel.

Although the bible has recorded stories of humans coming into contact with angels but there is no actual historical evidence of their existence. Emilia Justina may be the first angel, though only partly, who humans have come into contact with.

However, she is a threat to my plan to become God. She is a much better candidate than I am. I must find a way to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Esmeralda's face twisted in disgust.

"Really~~~disgusting Olba. And Emilia trusted you so much." Esmeralda flipped to the next page.

"My my, Olba~~~you really are fascinated with angels, aren't you? So the look of joy on your face when we saw him wasn't my imagination after all~~~~"

4. Lucifer

(This one~~~is really long. If Lucifer read this~~~no doubt he will kill you, Olba)

We have been fools to believe that the "fallen angel" on the demon army's side was a ploy to strike terror in our hearts. When we saw him, we knew that we were facing a real angel.

I pretended to deliver the finishing blow and brought the angel to the church dungeons to heal him.

This angel had black wings, unlike the white wings that were illustrated on the murals in the church. The wing structure was similar, if not, identical to that of birds. The beginning of the wing was located just under the shoulder blade. The rest of the angel resembled that of a normal human. He was of the same build as a teenage child. His hair and eyes were a dark purple. The skin was pale and soft, like a young child's. The teeth, ears and eyes were normal. He had ten fingers and ten toes.

I had tried to examine the angel's genitals but he awoke. I managed to see that this angel was male, or at least, had the male structure.

"Oh my~~~~" Esmeralda muttered. Even she was feeling embarrassed to be reading what she just read.

I had asked the angel several questions but he initially refused to answer. He complied only after I poured alcohol onto the wound inflicted by Emilia. It took an entire pitcher for him to show extreme signs of pain. It is possible that angels have a higher tolerance to pain than humans.

It was also to my favor that this angel had most of his magic drained from the previous battle against Emilia so it is unlikely that he would be able to escape.

These are the following questions that I asked. The angel was able to communicate using the common trading language of Ente Isla:

What is your name?


Is that the same Lucifer as the one recorded in the bible?

Bible? I suppose so.

You are a fallen angel?

If you mean an angel that has left Heaven, then yes.

You are a real angel?

I did not receive an answer for this. Lucifer merely rolled his eyes.

Why did you leave Heaven?
It was boring.

Who is God?

What are you talking about?

Do you have a leader in Heaven? Someone who created the humans?

No one created the humans. You all made yourselves.

It was shocking to hear that. Lucifer has revealed that there was no creator and he did not seem to know who "God" was. I asked another series of questions.

Who created you?


Who is Father? Is he an angel?

We call the one who created us Father. The angels have never really met him so I cannot say for sure if he is an angel.

What do you know about the "Better Half" and the fragments of Yesod?

I have never heard of those.

I found that hard to believe. Knowledge about the fragments were found in our ancient books. Anyone who has had education from the church would know about these things. I thought the angel was hiding information from me and even drove a knife through his leg in order to get more information but he was unable to answer me. He claimed that the things that I spoke about must have happened after he left.

I continued examining and speaking to Lucifer for the next few days.

"Hmmm~~~~So Lucifer really knows nothing about the "Better Half" and the fragments?"

Emilia had raised that strange point to Esmeralda a few days ago. She had thought that since Gabriel, Raguel and Sariel knew about this information, then surely, Lucifer, an older angel, would know even more than they did. In fact, she even thought that it was Lucifer who aided her mother with the scattering of the fragments. But he knew nothing.

"Maybe he's really forgetful?~~~Or he was a really~~~lazy angel who didn't care…"

The wound inflicted by Emilia closed up in a few days. Lucifer's healing ability was impeccable. However, it seems as though he was still drained of magic and unable to fight back.

Nutrition-wise, it seems that he did not need any and he refused everything I offered him.

I asked him whether angels ate or excreted. He said that like demons, angels only eat for pleasure, not for necessity. He did not comment on the excretion part.

I revealed to him that the Demon King and his Demon general have fled. At that moment, he became agitated and upset. I noted that his reaction to bad news was similar to that of a human.

It is time to carry out the next part of my plan to get rid of Emilia and the Demon King. Even though he has weakened, I can still make use of him.

Imagine that, a human making use of an angel. Doesn't that make me equivalent to God?

Esmeralda was feeling uncomfortable about reading on. There were still a few more pages on Olba's observations of Lucifer and she was starting to feel sorry for him.

"Aww~~~You had it rough as well, huh~~~~"

We have entered this foreign land called Japan.

While here, I can feel my own magic leaking out and it's taking a lot of effort just to conserve enough to open another "gate".

Lucifer, on the other hand, had undergone a rather drastic change. He had lost his wings and became much weaker, both in terms of magic and physically. He also seemed to have developed the need for food.

I tested out how strong his desire for food was by starving him for one day. It was through that that I found out that it was not just a desire for food, it was the need for food and water, the same as any average human.

His strength was also weaker than that of an average teenage boy. I also noted that his pain tolerance was a lot lower now so he became easier to control.

During that period of time, I continued to ask him other things about Heaven.

Are all angels male?

As if, there are female angels too. That Emilia's mother is an angel right?

What are other angels like?

What do you mean? They all have very different personalities. But I don't talk to them much so I can't tell you.

Then, what is it like in Heaven?

Boring as hell.

"Ah, there's nothing about Lucifer after this~~~ I guess this was when Olba first got defeated huh?"

5. Sariel

I thought that I would be locked up in this filthy prison but it turned out that the Heavens were watching out for me.

An angel by the name of Sariel saved me together with one of my subordinates, Crestia Bell.

Sariel, like Lucifer, was of small build. However, his hair was bluish silver, much like Emilia's. He was a lot stronger than Lucifer and made short work of the prison.

I noted that he seemed to have immense sexual desire for woman of certain sizes. Lucifer had not displayed any kind of behaviour like this. If anything, his behaviour was more of that of a child.

Just as I suspected of angels, Sariel had vast knowledge of the world and power at his disposal. He was a much better subject to study.

I asked him about the "Better Half" and fragments and he said he was after them. I then asked if these things were common knowledge among the angels and he said they were.

When I asked him about God, he merely laughed and asked if I was speaking about his Father.

It doesn't matter if I don't become God. Angels are far more fascinating. I will listen to them and find out how I can ascend to their status.

"But he does~~~ not seem to have written much about Sariel after this." Esmeralda muttered, puzzled. She flipped to the following page and saw the name "Gabriel" written on it. Scribbled on it with messy hand writing and a different colour were the words "You forgot absolutely handsome and muscular. To the baldy, if I catch you trying anything funny to any of my comrades, Durandal will have your shiny head. Signed, Gabriel."

Esmeralda could only imagine a large angel clamping a large hand on Olba's head and threatening him, with a smile on his face.

6. Gabriel

I had the luck of meeting another archangel, and one of the first generation. He was large and had a wide wing span. Unlike Sariel, his hair was silver and his eyes were ruby red.

I have heard from Sariel about the different angel generations. Angels like Gabriel with red eyes are from the first generation, and angels like Sariel with purple eyes are from the second generation. But there is a contradiction. If Lucifer is of the first generation, then why -

That was the last sentence written by Olba. The rest was Gabriel's messy scrawl.

Esmeralda dropped the stack of papers back on the table and massaged the bridge of her nose. The papers were tiring to read.

"Hai~~~~I guess I should~~~find Emilia~~~huh? I'm sure she's dying to know why Olba betrayed us." Esmeralda said to herself.

The sorceress hummed a little tune and walked out of her office.

A little extra part (Because I think Gabriel is pretty interesting)

Gabriel stared at the bald old man who kept glancing at him and writing furiously on some paper. He turned to one of the lower ranking angels.

"This…is Olba Meyers? The one that can help us find the fragments of Yesod?" Gabriel asked, pointing a thick finger at Olba.

"Yes sir. We did not make a mistake, sir."

"Looks like an old creep to me."

"Sir, you were the one who ordered Sariel-sama to rescue him."

"I'm aware of that." Gabriel scratched his head. He walked towards Olba and promptly snatched the stack of papers from him and started reading them. His expression increasingly darkened.

"So you've been doing all this and you had the nerve to record it down?" Gabriel looked at Olba, a smile on his face. It was not a friendly smile however.

Gabriel took out a quill and started scribbling on the papers while Olba looked on with his mouth agape.

"You only described me as large, I must remind you that I am also extremely handsome and possess the muscles that women admire. Not that I will show off to them."

Then with a large beefy hand, he grabbed Olba's scalp and with the other hand, shoved the stack of papers in front of his face.

"You can read this, right? Old man?"

Olba nodded as much as he could with the restraint on his head.

"Good, then I don't need to say it."

He shoved Olba to another angel. A tall lanky angel with a large afro.

"Raguel, take care of this creep. I got some business to settle."

"No problem, dude." Raguel said with a grin and draped an arm around Olba's shoulder. "Not sure what you did, old man, but it usually takes a lot to piss happy-face off."

Olba did not say anything and continued to hold onto his papers tightly.

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