Yellow Tulip.

"Your smile, it reminded me of yellow tulip."

The same old day.

The same old school.

Why did I bother to come here anyway?

I sighed.

I walked to my usual seat but this time, someone's there already.

A girl with long brown hair, wearing a red scarf over her shoulders.

I don't recognize her anywhere.

Well, I don't recognize anyone, to be truthful. Socializing was just not my thing.

Suddenly a female voice greeted me.

"Hi there, I'm Ayano!"

A smile crept out of her mouth.

"Are you okay?" she said again.

I shrugged.

The same things kept on happening every day, she would greet me with a smile and I would always ignore her.

"…I'd rather be all alone."

"Shintaro!" she smiled.

I ignored her. As usual.

"How's your test result?"

I just handed her my test paper.

Another smile. "Woah, another 100. You're too good! You should teach me."

I just nodded.

She folded a crane, it's her test paper.

Ah, she must have gotten another bad score.

"Back then, you always seemed so glad."


Something's different today.

There's no smile greeting me. No red scarf.

It's a little bit lonely, I admit.

I wondered what happened.

"When you were gone that space started making me uneasy."

"Have you heard the news?"

"About Ayano? Yes! I wonder why she did that."

"I just can't believe it."

Voices were buzzing around me.

What happened?

The teacher came, he looked dejected.

"As you guys may have heard… our classmate, Ayano, died yesterday… from a suicide."

"Once again, I can't find a thing that makes want to remain here."

Ayano Tateyama.

The words were written in a stone.

In a stone set on the ground, with your body beneath it.

We're so close now, why won't you greet me again?

We're so close now, but why can't I reach you?

"Reaching out both my hands to hold to such a pretty smile I can't take."

I put down the flowers I brought.

Yellow tulips.

Usually, your smile's brighter than the tulip.

Why not today?

Why not now?

I was wishing for a sound calling me.

No such thing.

The wind blew the flowers away, out of my sight.

Just like how life brought your smile out of my life.

"I don't think that I'll forget such a pretty smile, the yellow tulip—sunshine in her smile."

A/N : Hi everyone! This is a little one shot I made before my final week (Wish me luck!). I was just listening to Jubyphonics' cover of Lost Time Memory and Toumei Answer (you should check her covers, those lyrics in italics are hers, by the way.), and suddenly have the urge to write this. I hope you don't mind it being this short x) See you! Btw, I'm probably updating Fallen Cherry Blossoms on June.. or something? So please, forgive me for taking such a long time!