I hope everyone liked the end of the sequel/second saga! It was a challenge to come up with ideas on some chapters where there was no inspiration to pull from. This thing was full of angst, romance, comedy, and supernatural. SOMEONE finally knows about the armor. For those that wondered if any Dynasty would ever attack...they won't. My endings are never planned, but this ending slowly came to focus the closer I got and that's the closest anyone will ever hear about the armors.

I tried to make sure to give every character time in this story. Of course it was going to revolve more around the 'hero' and 'heroine' depicted...but I tried harder than the first 'parter' with Sage. I also gave Epiphany a cameo on purpose. She fills about six chapters, but it was to tie down some of the endings from the first. I purposely left ALNMO open like that so she could reappear in the second. And I made sure to keep small, subtle updates about Sage and her in a relationship for those that wanted to know.

The songs put in chapter ten can be found off of animelyrics.com. Both are from the Inuyasha series (GREAT series too) and both are endings. I put down both Japanese and English versions for those that wanted to know the music. The songs are great and I suggest you download them. The other was from the Sailor Moon series.

Thanks again to Harry for so many emails offa FFNET...and to EVERYONE that reviewed from there. It makes my day when I find something new to read.

The reason for the delay is due to one big mess that included my life. The start of this year I decided to go back to college in Omaha, and move in with my brother...partly by his suggestion. Only he needed to get an apartment with another bedroom for me. So since then, I've been looking for a major (which I found), moving things down there, taking placement tests, choosing classes to take (which I also found), moving HIS stuff to the new place, getting residency status achieved (which has been THE biggest pain in the butt!), and getting someone new in my life. So on top of that, I'm going to have a face to face relationship when I move. But those two weeks of not having a phone line to connect aohell to have been great because I pushed myself to finish this and it's up. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did writing and proofing it!