Artimproves2 here! This is a little fanfic I wrote a while back. I decided to upload this, because I'm in writers block for a moment on FTBIS. If you haven't read Flowers That Bloom in Spring, you can check it out. It's a creek fanfic that I'm am currently working on. I'm sorry I haven't written chapter 11 yet, I just don't have a way to put it's layout right now. Well, I hope you enjoy this…

Note Passing (One shot!)

Tweek sat silently, not daring to move an inch by Craig. Craig took a long look at the motionless Tweek, he poked him with his pencil.

"Ah!," he jumped frightened from his blissful peace.

The kids in the classroom took a second and looked at the frightened thing. Tweek banged his head on the table as he tried to hide his face, his body trembled with embarrassment.

Tweek felt something poke his arm, he looked up to see Craig poke him again with a note. Tweek took a second and then quickly took it.

Note: What's up?

Tweek kept his eyes glued on the paper, D-does he mean 'What's up?' like if w-what am I-I doing? But… Craig n-never cares a-about me!? AH! Maybe t-this i-isn't Craig!? M-maybe he's r-replaced and n-now they want to r-replace all k-kids of South Park!

Tweek picked up his pencil and began to write back, though his shaky hands made it hard to.

"Ah! S-stop m-moving hand!," he muttered aggravated by himself. T-this couldn't be p-possible! I-I like Craig, I-I know it's really him.

One minute remained in class, and Tweek threw the note back at Craig subconsciously. Craig opened the note and tried his hardest to read, the note was obviously just scribbled letters. Craig glared at Tweek with confusion, Tweek's face turned bright red. Oh God! I-I didn't! Don't tell me I j-just did t-that! A-and n-now he k-knows!

The class bell rang and everyone was hurrying out, Craig stood in Tweeks way.

Tweek jumped scared, "Ah! S-s-sorry! Please d-don't hurt me!," he screamed.

Craig shoved the note towards Tweek, "I can't read this," he replied.

Tweek looked away from Craig and on his desk still blushing, "T-That's good," he replied gloomily. Half of Tweek wanted Craig to know, and the other half didn't.

Craig frowned, "Tell me what it said," he demanded.

Tweek's face lit up again, "What! N-no!," he shrieked

"Tell me…," Craig said sternly.

Tweek twitched, "I-It said, I-I-I… Ah! This is too much pressure!," he screamed tugging his hair.

Craig put his hands in his jacket, "Go on…," he urged.

Tweeks twitches came more frequently now. G-God! h-he won't drop this! Tweek felt Craigs glare burn into his skin,

"I-," Tweek started.

….God why!?

"I LIKE YOU!," he yelled.

T-there… i-it's done…

Craig froze as a tint of blush creeped on his cheeks, he quickly looked around and saw no one around.

"P-please d-don't hurt me!," Tweek begged.

Craig frowned, "Why do you always thing I'm going to hurt you," Craig asked disturbed.

Tweek quit shaking and shook his head, "I-I don't k-know," he looked down.

Craig picked up his stuff, "Come on, Let's go," he replied.

Tweek hesitated, but quickly got his supplies. As he got up Craig pulled him into a hug. Tweek trembled, but that ceased as he calmed down to the warmth of Craig.

"I like you too," Craig whispered.

There, Did ya enjoy? ^-^ I did. Well, I'm going to try my hardest and write chapter 11. Hoply I can have it posted tomorrow. Have a nice day ~ SC