Sexts and Kisses

Arthur Kirkland never enjoyed phone sex. It was similar to his hate of online dating, except he hated phone sex worse. It was the sheer and utter embarrassment that came from telling your partner how you were feeling right at that moment, a permanent blush on his cheeks as he told the other person how his groin ached and how his chest was heaving. It was just so awkward.

So when Alfred rang him one day, breathing heavy and the slapping of skin resounding through the speaker, Arthur couldn't help but squeak and put the phone immediately down.

Needless to say , not a minute later and his phone was ringing again, the familiar tone ringing and ringing until Arthur finally gained the courage to pick up, answering with a "H-Hello?"

He was shitting himself. What would he say? Hey, why were you wanking off on the phone? No, that wouldn't do. That was way too blunt.

"A-Artie, shit, I'm sorry-! I- I thought ya' wanted to have phone sex?" Came Alfred's voice, wavering from nervousness as he waited for Arthur to reply.

"I- We never disclosed a date, Alfred! You- you can't just go ringing people off while wanking off! You've got to at least sound like you aren't and then work to it. Bloody hell, you have the charms but not the brains, do you?"

"No need to be an ass. Ha, ass. I'd so fuck yours right now…" Alfred moaned, whining as he tried not to let Arthur know he was touching himself. Those damn speakers picked up everything!

"…You're still doing it, aren't you?"


"Ugh!" Arthur huffed and lay on the sofa, the droning of BBC News 24 making his head feel numb. He turned the volume down just as the weather girl came on, dressed in some God awful dress that didn't flatter her one bit. "Right, fine. Hm, c'mon then. We'll start from the beginning, I, uh, guess." He cleared his throat and shifted uncomfortably, sighing as he heard Alfred too shift.

The Brit didn't really know what to do. Should he literally just tell him anything or was he supposed to act all sexy and accent each word with a husky voice like in the movies? Ugh, he just didn't know. But Alfred certainly did. "Okay. Come on, sugar. It's okay… Okay, mm, what are you wearing?"

Really? "Um, my- my white shirt and boxers.." He replied, fidgeting already as he looked down at his pale thighs and lightly haired calves.

"Okay. So, if I were there, d'ya know what I'd do? I'd lean over you and kiss you gently and then all at once, my hands running over your chest and slowly unbuttonin' your shirt, placin' gentle kisses down your neck. Would ya like that? An' then I'd go and gently rub over your nipples, kissing down your chest and slowly sucking them..." God, his words sent shivers down his back. But he refused to let himself get so easily flustered, just humming down the phone to him. "Come on, take off your shirt. I want ya to touch ya like I want to." And there were the goosebumps; they made his arms prickly and tense, and the Mancunian hadn't realised he had stopped breathing until he exhaled. He gave an okay in response and held the phone between his neck and jaw, resting it there while he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, just like Alfred had described.

"O-Okay. Now what?"

"Now, I want ya to run your hands down your chest. Not too fast, now. Just run the tips of your fingers over your nipples and tease 'em a bit, yano… An' then close your eyes. Jus' think'a me while I talk to you, yeah? Okay. So I'm teasing your nipples… And then I go to your stomach, placing little kisses down it and down your navel until I reach your pants. I'd unbuckle it swiftly, contemplating whether to tie your hands together with it but deciding not to, throwing it into a far corner of the room." Alfred took a breather then, his own palm slowly stroking his member as he spoke, eyes firmly shut with images of himself touching Arthur for the first time. God, he'd be beautiful. He imagined him smelling of grapefruit and limes, or maybe even lemons. "…With the quickest of fingers I'd pull down your boxers, your hands fiddling with my own as you tried to pull them down and get a glimpse of my cock. Oh, I'd make you into such a little whore, Arthur. I'd have you begging for me within minutes."

"H-hey now, don't get too full of yourself-"

"Are you touching yourself? God, ya don't half make this hard, Artie. C'mon, do it." Groaning, the American took a deep breath and rubbed his thumb over the head, fingernail just dipping into the slit as he gasped and heard Arthur's little whines and moans from his own hand, just lightly touching himself. "Oh, man… You'd be so gorgeous, withering there under my palm as I stroked you and myself, rubbing our cocks together in sync. Wouldn't you like that, Artie? Being so dirty and naughty, hot kisses passed between us as I pushed my tongue in your mouth and ran it over your gums. Ohh, fuck- mmh, I can't wait to fuck you, Arthur Kirkland. So fuckin' fast and rough and so Texan; oh, baby."

He couldn't stop now, endless little dirty words escaping him. It was too easy to slip into such an act, his voice seeming huskier and accent thicker with each word that he spoke. It was like being fluent in sex talk, so easy to roll of the tongue with the images clouding Alfred's vision. Arthur wasn't saying much yet, but he could hear him gulp like he wanted to, as though he wanted to join in and tell his overseas lover exactly what he would do to him in such a situation. "Oh, fuck. Yeah, mmh-" His hand slid so wonderfully over his erect cock that he couldn't help but keen and groan with each movement up and down, Arthur gasping with his breath quickening. Alfred managed just a few more words about how he'd take him when he came over the edge, climaxing with a shortness of breath and a whisper of Arthur's sweet name, cum pooling over his large fingers. "Fuckin' Christ, man. Oh, wow. D-Did you come? That was amazing…" He chuckled deeply, grabbing a tissue from the other couch cushion and wiping his hand, just managing to catch his breath as Arthur too laughed down the speaker, having come himself.

Correction, Arthur Kirkland never enjoyed phone sex.

…Unless it was with Alfred Jones.

AN/: Hi guys, just wanted to say thank you for reading and that I'm sorry for the blatant porn and no warning, just in case you didn't want to read it. Also, if you haven't noticed the rating has been upgraded to M from T, just for the fact that this chapter was in it and that there may be some more a little further on. Thank you! Any reviews and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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