We Were Friends Once

Ch.1 A week into Jason and Brenda's "marriage" Jason's Penthouse:

He came home to find her sitting Indian style on the floor. She wasn't moving; she didn't even notice him come in. No she was just sitting there, surrounded by boxes and starring at a picture. Her face was blocked by her hair, but he could tell that she wasn't okay.

"Brenda?" he called to her softly

That snapped her back to reality "Oh, hi" she said after she lifted her head up. It revealed eyes that were slightly red.

"You okay?" he said slowly moving closer

"Yea, just memories" she said raising the picture, then she shook her head and put it back in the box.

"Jax send those over?"

She gave him a puzzled look and shook her head "No Edward. You know he's thrilled by this. He just doesn't realize, you aren't... " her words got choked up. He started to walk towards her, but she shakes her head to stop him. "You know I don't think we ever really got to grieve for him. I mean because his body was still alive, we all just kept this silent hope that if his body was still alive, we had a chance we'd get him back. But he's never going to come back... he's just gone... everything amazing that he was, is just gone...and I don't know, I guess it just really hit me... "

Jason starred ahead, he'd never even thought about that, about Jason Quartermaine and Brenda.... "I didn't realize you two were close."

She laughed "I lived with them Jason. You know the whole watch stupid tv together when you're bored, family dinners, harass him and stop him from doing work when I had nothing to do, try to sneak down in the middle of the night for a snack end up finding him eating what I wanted...we had the same group of friends basically, the guy I wanted, wanted Jason's girlfriend...that caused Jason once to try to get with me." She started to laugh as she remembered that, then she sobered up "And he's gone and it just hit me a little hard today.... I can't believe Edward had Reggie go through his room and send this stuff over." She picked up the picture she had been looking at, stood and walked over to Jason and gave it to him.

He looked down at the picture; it was odd to see himself with the longer, blonder hair, the young face in a pair of black swim trunks. It was even odder to see that with Brenda on his back... so much younger, with a fuller face and both of them laughing.

"Why can't Edward see that's not you and me, that me and him? I'm gonna go for a walk, I need to clear my head."

With that Brenda left and Jason was left holding a picture that seemed impossible.