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Chapter Thirty Eight

Unexpected Discoveries

Brazen's Kitchen:

Jason wasn't particularly comfortable having Alan in his home, but it was at least better than Edward, who had no qualms about stopping by. Just a few minutes earlier Brenda had given him a look as they'd gone to the door hearing a car pull up while expecting Lila and they had seen Alan operating the van that transported his mother. It was Reginald's day off and her nurse had a cold and that left Jason being nice to his father and offering him a drink or risking Brenda and Lila's wrath, or in Lila's case, disappointment and sadness.

"I don't know what it is about hospital coffee," Alan informed his son, elaborating on his previous statement that another cup of coffee would be more than welcome before he went into the hospital for a few hours. "We have the best machine, coffee beans, filtered water and it still tastes like dishwater."

Jason just nodded to that.

Alan looked uncomfortable for a moment, unused to not being able to make small talk. "How's married life treating you?"


"Good. That's good," Alan nodded, "First year of marriage can be rough."

Jason waited for more.

"That first year, your mother and I-" Alan suddenly realized mentioning his wife's infidelities with an ex probably wasn't a good idea. He nodded, "I'm glad it's going well for you two."

Jason wondered how long he had to suffer through this.

"So swing sets?" Alan asked as he noticed the pamphlets on the table.

"Yea Brenda wants a new one."

Alan smiled, "Only the best of the best for her."

"It is Brenda."

"Probably best you're doing it now before you have to deal with keeping a toddler away from a construction crew."

"Michael's big enough for it now anyway."

Alan's heart clenched at the thought of his grandson, he barely got to speak to him, let alone spend any time with him and it was even worse knowing that Sonny was the one raising him. He had no hope at being part of that little boy's life unless Carly left Sonny. He wondered if he would ever get to see this grandchild once Brenda was gone. "That's good," he nodded roughly and kept his attention on the papers before him, to look up and see Jason would be too much. "IVF?" Alan asked aloud as he found a random pamphlet mixed in, "Are you and Brenda thinking of having more children after the baby?"

"It's a possibility."

He wondered how his son was coping with the fact that his child had a 50% chance of inheriting Brenda's disease. There wasn't a greater tragedy than losing your child. There was still time though for Jason. Time for his child, time for Brenda.

"I think that's a wonderful idea, you and-" he stopped himself as he went to talk about the past again. "There is a different love between siblings than friends. This actually brings me to what I wanted to talk to you about, I've been in contact with the researcher I told Brenda about-"

"What researcher?" Jason cut off his father.

"Brenda never…" Oh well, he'd already started, "he's doing clinical trials for an experimental treatment. He'll have a spot open for her in a year if she-"

"Brenda knows about this?"

"No," Alan shook his head, "I told her about the one that's going on now and obviously because of the baby that-I still think trying for another baby would be a good idea. We can set you up with surrogates that have done it before, we get Brenda on hormones as soon as we can after delivery and get them out of her system before the trial is due to start."

"What's this trial-"

"Slowing down the progression," Alan nodded, "it's still only in its early days, but the prior research has been promising and frankly I haven't seen the symptoms her doctor reported. I'm not entirely sure they weren't related to something else."


"If Brenda is still in the early stages, with this trial we might be able to buy her a few more years."

"So what do we have to do?"

"We start by getting her a full workup, get her a specialist in the area, I have one in particular I think is the best choice."

"Okay," Jason nodded.

"Okay?" Alan questioned. "That's it?"

"If you think this is a good idea then I'll talk to her."

"Okay," Alan nodded back in shock. His son had just taken him at his word.


GH Hallway:

"The thought of you having that with someone else," Jax's words simply stopped.

Brenda stopped as well, her quick retreat from him halted.

"I spent a year looking for you, Brenda." Anguish filled his voice. "That exact reason why you stayed away is why I looked. I thought I had the life I wanted with Chloe and then I saw the picture and I realized I would rather have what little time left with you than a lifetime with her."

She remained with her back to him.

"So to see you spending these last years with Jason. To see you pregnant with Jason's child. How do you expect me to react?"

"Skye loves you," she still didn't turn, her eyes were glassy.

He turned her swiftly towards him and she blinked ferociously to rid the tears from her eyes. "Skye loves me, Chloe loved me, Miranda loved me, but they have never nor will ever be you."

"I married Jason," she reminded him.

"Not because you love him."

"I love Jason," she defended.

"Not like you love me."

She shook her head, "You've always hated Sonny so much, but you don't see that you're doing exactly what he did to me with Miranda."


"I'm actually happy Jax. I have a fate worse than death in front of me, but I'm still so incredibly happy and I wish more than anything you could be happy for me."

"I don't believe you're happier with Morgan than you would be with me."

"We're going to have a baby Jax."

"You can't let a child keep you away from truly being-"

She shook her head, "This discussion is over. Go home to your wife Jax."


Brenda and Jason's living room:

"I'm glad you guys came home," Brenda said in the middle of the couch, flanked by Robin and Emily.

"Ditto," the said in unison.

"Are you aware that Skye is my sister now?"

"You get used to her," Emily said before returning the spoon full of ice cream to her lips.

"Seriously, I doubt that and consider-"

"Should I be pausing this?" Robin asked, Emily turned.

"No," Brenda began and they turned back to their romantic comedy. "It's just that-"

Emily sighed loudly, "Pause it."

"It's just that," Brenda didn't even begin to argue, "Skye adores Jax and Jax."

"Is in love with you," Emily finished. "Seriously tell us something the entire town doesn't know."

"Yea Brenda, he hasn't exactly been subtle about it."

"At least Luis stopped coming around after you found out you were pregnant."

"He came around, I just didn't tell you. Jason was bad enough."

"What did he say?"

"I don't know…I don't even want to think about him anymore," the guards had kept him away most times.

"So what did Jax do this time?" Robin asked.

Brenda tuned to Emily, "Not going to tell Skye?"

"You've been family longer," Emily nodded.

"He asked me to leave Jason."

"What?" Emily nearly fell off the couch in her attempt at a fast twist. "But you aren't going to right?

"No of course not," she turned to Robin, "she needs the chocolate back."

"No," Emily vigorously shook her head as Robin stifled a laugh and tried to pass the pint over. "No I need to know exactly what Jax said and that you're not planning on leaving my brother for that dumb Aussie."

"Too much Edward time," Brenda decided with her eyes narrowing.

"You and that baby are Jason's entire world Brenda," Emily laid it out flat for her sister in law. Her family for the first time finally seemed to have their lives in order; her family was finally starting to heal after seven years.

"I'm not going anywhere until it's lock me up time."

"You promise?" brown eyes begged her.

"Are you kidding? I finally figured out what it takes for Jason to be nice to me, I'm not screwing that up," she promised with a smile.

"Okay," Emily said turning back, "don't you ever do that to me again."

Brenda let out a chuckle as the younger girl threw herself back against the cushions.


Brenda and Jason's bedroom:

"We're going to find out the sex right?" Brenda asked flipping over in bed, they were both reading, her a baby's name book, him a book on ultrasounds that he had borrowed from Emily. She was pretty sure soon he could consider a career in obstetrics.

"You're willing to consider it might not be a girl?" he didn't even bother to look over at his wife.

"Jason, I do understand the basics of biology," she drawled.

"Then why do you have over twenty girls names and 2 boys names," he turned to her.

"The girl's section is first," she defended, "and there are three."

"Edward is not an option," he said turning back to his reading.

"You're aware you haven't answered my question," she pointed out.

He turned back, "If I said no, would that really stop you from finding out?"

Her expression fell, "You don't want to know?"

"That would stop you?" he asked in stunned confusion.

"Who knows how long I'll be lucid for and if you want to deny me-"

"Fine," he rolled his eyes and turned away.

"Jason," her voice returned to normal.

He turned his head again to see caring brown eyes looking up at him.

"You know I wouldn't right?" Her lips twitched up, "I mean it would probably kill me, but I wouldn't find out."

He smiled at her. He had full faith that she would try to hold out, but there was no way she could be patient for that long. "Just remember we aren't naming her after you."

She smiled and rolled back onto her back.


The Quartermaines:

"It's such a shame Courtney isn't here," Lila commented as she picked up her tea cup, "but it's probably for the best that AJ has a fresh start."

"He sounds really happy on the phone," Emily confirmed.

"That's good," Skye smiled. She has siblings she had to learn to deal with them, just as she had Haley, especially after Emily's accident.

"Brenda," Lila scolded as she watched her newest granddaughter take a bite of another deviled egg.

"What?" she asked trying to hide the food in her mouth with her hand.

"That is your fourth egg."

She swallowed, "Technically it's only my second, since they're halves."

"With how Jason has been going on about your diet-"

"Fine," she said putting down the rest of the egg and picking up another cream cheese tart.

"Brenda," Lila scolded again. "I had Cook specifically prepare the garden sandwich for you."

"Garden sandwich?" she questioned her grandmother in law. She turned to Emily, "Please tell me she isn't referring to the crepe that's stuffed with vegetables."

"It's a house full of doctors Brenda," Emily nodded at her sister in commiseration.

"Oh Brenda," Lila sighed as Brenda leaned back looking dejected as Emily scooped the crepe onto her plate, "do try to stop acting as if someone shot your puppy. You have already had more than anyone else. Are you certain you're not expecting twins?"


GH, Brenda's Ultrasound Appointment:

"What?" she started to shoot forward, only Jason's and the doctor's hands were quick to push her back down.

"Brenda we had a discussion about this," Jason beat the doctor at speaking.

"It's a girl, I know my own body," she was quick to counter.

"The ultrasound is telling us something different Brenda," Dr. Beaudry, Brenda's entirely too attractive ob/gyn informed her.

She knew there was a reason she hated blondes. "You said you might not be able to tell this early."


"The baby is small and the positioning might be off," Brenda reminded.

"Brenda, at this point the ultrasound is about 9-"

"You look," she ordered him.


"You're the one with your head in those books, you look," she demanded.

Dr. Beaudry waved at the screen inviting Jason for a look, both of his parents and his grandfather had cornered her after finding out Brenda was her patient and they had all raved about who he was prior to his accident, which was years before her arrival at GH. She didn't doubt for a second they would all be delighted at her discovery.

"Now it might be hard to see," she began as he leaned forward for a better look, "but-"

"Right there," Jason pointed.

"That's right," her words came out slowly in shock. She had been sure they were exaggerating.

"Are you serious?" Brenda asked with a frown as she was propped up on her forearms.

"There's always a chance Brenda, but as of right now it looks like it's a boy."

She glared.

"Do you see the dome here?" Jason pointed.

"Turtle," Dr. Beaudry supplied.

Jason's eyes narrowed at her, she was the professional.

"Turtle or hamburger," she defended, it had certainly helped her learn and helped explain it to her patients.

"Whatever, it's there?" Brenda asked annoyed.

"It's there."

She dropped herself back to lying flat, "I had such a good name picked out. Calista Sabrina Morgan."

"Well the good news is I wouldn't have agreed to that."

"I'm going to let you two have a few, meet me in my office when you're done," Dr. Beaudry said eager for an escape.


The kid's room at Brenda and Jason's:

"This was a sign wasn't it?" she asked him.

"Yea I can't see the flowers, polka dots and ballerinas here."

She sighed again with a hand on her growing belly.

"You aren't really upset are you?"

"No," she sighed. "I just had a lot of really good stuff picked out."

He laughed.

"It was meant to be," she said resigned to the fact that bows were now out, "it's the house. It's a boy's room."

He smiled. He had liked the idea of a girl and he was sure he would have been just as happy to find out they were having a girl, but just knowing for sure…It made the baby more real.

"We need to get Gregory back over here; we need to rethink the swingset.


Brenda and Jason's Bedoom:

"Colin," she offered as Jason lay in bed with his eyes shut, trying to block out her light.

"You're not naming him after that actor."

"He's going to be huge," she informed her husband.



"Gavin," she suggested.

"No celebrities."

"How did you-"

"You made me look at their wedding pictures."


"Do you know that Alan means handsome?"

"No," he shot down.

"I wasn't suggesting for our baby," she rolled her eyes. "I don't know if that would make AJ ecstatic or if his head would explode."

"I was just-"

"I'm trying to sleep here."


"Brendan means prince I mean-"



"You know Brandon isn't that-"



"You know wealthy guard really does suite Edward." He was certainly a bulldog for his family.

"No," Jason repeated yet again.

"Seriously Jason I wasn't suggesting it as a name, you have already made that very clear. I was just pointing out that maybe we should pay attention to the meaning. However with the rate that you're going we're just going to end up with Baby Boy Morgan."


"Wow seriously healer, they really did start early with you."

He sighed.

She frowned, "Huh, I wonder if Alan named you or if it was your birth mom."

He clenched his eyes tightly.

"Maybe I should ask Monica to help me. Four kids and the only one she named, she named after their dad. Though seriously, Jason is a great name."

He pulled the pillow over his head.

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