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A/N: Hey guys, Ford1114 here. With two days till the first month of the summer, it is time I did another crossover story. It will be the first time I'm doing something big unlike previous fanfics.

The setting takes place in the future in an AU YuYuGiDigiMoon stand alone universe. This is actually a retelling of Guilty Crown with the Puella magical girls as guests from another dimension. It feels like a movie fic with 9 chapters, which this averts tropes use in typical crossover fics.

I am a fan Guilty Crown and the music when I first watch it (both the Japanese and english versions), even though its ending and other problems leave the show unresolved. Now is my chance in doing this reboot with new ideas and such.

Note: You readers are required to watch all of Guilty Crown and Puella Magi Madoka Magica (even though the magical girls appearing are AU versions like in typical fics) first before reading this crossover since they are the main focus and don't want to feel some 'continuity lockout'. There are a few exceptions to some readers who like to see more focus on the GC concept (with critiques) under my take.

Cheers for people like Kanius, Chaosblazer, JNaegi, GuiltyKingOumaShu, Vuken, and a few others in looking forward to this story!


"The right to use my friend as a weapon. That is the sinful crown I shall adorn. I accept this 'guilt.' "


Tokyo, Japan/GC-LK-1113/October 12th, 2022

(Cue EGOIST – Euterpe)

Nightfall. A sky view of the notorious city of Tokyo with lights and Tokyo Tower's purple light is moving around. Everything is feeling busy lately.

Then, a girl's voice is heard by sings a beautiful, yet mysterious song.

In a balcony of an apartment stands a young, teenage boy with brown hair and brownish-red eyes. For today, he wears a dark teal shirt, and brown pants. This boy is quiet in looking at his futuristic iPhone, and watches a video of that same song. The girl is shown from the music video. She has long pink hair, unnatural red eyes, and wears a black feathered dress in her performance. The band is named EGOIST, which recently becomes top spot of the media.

Another city view is shown surrounding the lone boy and his household.



It then shows another location of that same, pink-haired girl, now wearing a flowery red dress, black stockings, and red flat shoes; who is running away with something of a gray cylinder container with red dots. She jumps over a large pipe and continues running. A small robot that looks like a rice cooker accompanies her.

A small communicator signals her in her left hear.

"Inori, did you get the vial?"

The songtress named, Inori Yuzuriha, softly replied to her communicator. "Yes I did."


Towering above the city of Tokyo is a huge black-grayish headquarters that looks like an X-SEED 4000, the people that work there might be the ones controlling the nation. This building is a power symbol for today's nation. Flocks of white birds fly around the building.



As Inori and her guardian robot named, Fyu-Neru, keeps running, suddenly, two slender blue mechs appear and attempt to fire at the songtress, but she barely evades although slightly hurt with blood in her left cheek.


Highway Truss Bridge

Now outside, Inori then puts the mysterious container inside her little robot, but they are spotted by a blue mech. The robot in tank mode fires in causing a small explosion. But then, a bulky gray mech appear in protecting the pink-haired girl from the attacker.

"I'll hold it off!" a young woman's voice is heard inside that gray mech. "Get out of here and give it to Gai!"

Inori understood as she keeps running in her path, but the blue mech fire missiles at the girl, causing an explosion which makes the girl and Fyu-Neru fall off the bridge to the waters bellow.



The same brown-haired boy stares at the city of what is life be for tomorrow.


On top of a tall building shows a young, teenage girl. She has pink pigtail hair with rose bows, a dark pink collar bow, a white dress decorated with pink along with pink bows, white socks, and rose shoes. She seems to be a magical girl, in which she looks with a serious expression at the city's outlook.

In this era, a new story begins now.

(End theme)


(Cue My Dearest – Supercell)


Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms

Mission 1: Involvement


(Cue Eden of the East OST: 15 AKX-0)

"My name is Shu Ouma.

Ten Years Ago, a nightmarish outbreak started in Roppongi, Tokyo called Lost Christmas. Spreading to other districts in the city, the pandemic infects and kill everyone. To make matters worse, the virus wipes out most of the country's heroes to extinction. You name them: the Digi-destined, Spirit Detectives, Duelists, and also the Sailor Senshi. Only a few for what I heard survive, but I fear that their age has already been ended.

All I remember was I was part of that disaster. I survived, but it left me traumatized from my former self, I don't recall any of these lost memories.

The people that survive from the outbreak are given vaccines from a rising organization called GHQ. They are formed from the United Nations in helping the country since that event, rebuilding it from scratch. This is that company that research to find a cure for the virus. But the people are seemed to be not happy with their oppressive rules.

As for me, I'm just only a student from Tennouzu High School in class 2-A, and a member of the Modern Motion Picture Research Club. I was seen as a loner in class, even though I have a few friends.

Today, I have no expectations. Just idling myself won't do anything. Someday I wish of becoming a hero."

(End theme)


Tennouzu High School/Class 2-A/Tokyo, Japan/October 13th, 2022

(Cue Mnemosyne – RIN's Morning)

As Shu, now wearing a school uniform, sits down in his desk, he saw three classmates meeting him. One boy has short black hair named Souta Tamadate, another has dark brown hair named Yahiro Samukawa, and the third is a black hair girl with glasses named Kanon Kusama.

"Morning, Shu." Yahiro greeted.

"Hi there." Kanon said.

"Sup man, is the video done yet?" asked Souta.

"Sorry guys, but that clip for the video contest isn't finish yet." Shu replied.

"Aww that's not it, I didn't come here for that!" said Souta.

"Then what is it?" Shu asked with a bored look.

"Well, Souta asked if you can do the video alone." Yahiro smirked as he turns to Souta.

"Hey!" Souta hilariously retorts to Yahiro.

"Don't worry guys." Shu said. "I'll make sure to use some machinery during lunch break, then I'll head to the warehouse to do my own thing. I'll hope to be okay before the deadline."

"Sure you can do it, after all we're friends right?" Souta asked.

Shu nodded to his friend.

"Then we're counting on you, Shu." Yahiro said as he, Souta, and Kanon are going to their desks.

Just then, Shu saw another friend sitting next to him. It's a girl with brown hair and small red bows as braids named Hare Menjou.

"Hey Hare, what's up?"

"Oh hey, Shu. I hear you guys are doing the contest thing."

"Sure we have, I'm trying to do it myself."

"I see." Hare said. "Yesterday I heard there's another terrorist attack."

"Really, that figures if Japan is in strict rules for terrorism." Shu said to her.

"Sure we've been safe since that outbreak ten years ago, but I'm not so sure today."

"Yeah, it seems." As Shu thinks about himself, he wonders if he remains different and wants more opportunities.


Tennouzu High School/Hallways

Sometime after school, Shu is walking in the hallways, but he has a sudden encounter with a group of local bullies. Shu seems to be not in the mood for this.

One who is the leader with dark brown hair and glasses named Hirohide Nanba. Another is a boy with reddish-brown hair alongside the bangs and ponytail named Takaomi Sudou. Another is a tomboyish brown haired girl named Ritsu Takarada. Lastly is another girl with long black hair and glasses named Miyabi Herikawa.

"Well look what we have here?" Sudou smirked. "It's that loser, Shu."

"Care to tell us what you're doing?" Nanba softly demanded.

"It's none of your business." Shu said to them and nearly turn his head away.

"I bet he's all chicken out." Ritsu snickered while Sudou does the same.

"Come on Shu, we want to know." harassed Nanba.

Just then, a young woman's voice is heard.

"Just what is going on here?"

Shu and Nanba's gang turn to see a long blond haired girl, who is actually the student council president, Arisa Kuhouin.

"Arisa!" Shu cried out. Nanba simply glares at the blond woman.

Arisa then walk towards Nanba and slaps him hard. Shu and the others around took notice in surprise, in which the female council president scoffs. "You people should be ashamed of harassing him. Leave or else I'll tell the authorities."

"Tch. You're lucky that Arisa saved you, Shu." Nanba softly growled while tending his cheeks.

"Who care, lets get the hell outta here." Sudou said as the local bullies leave the scene.

Arisa then said with concern, "Are they trying to bother you, Shu?"

"Well sort off." He answered to her. "But don't worry, you're here is all that matters."

"I'm glad." Arisa smiled before she leaves. "Take care of yourself."

Afterwards, the boy then moves forward to go outside.

(End theme)


Warehouse Studio

Later, Shu walks to some sort of abandoned warehouse filled with iron fences around the place. The outer rim is made of bricks and covered in green mosses. This is the place where the Video Research Club is held, something like a secret clubhouse to Shu and his friends.

As the loner went inside to do his job, he hears a girl singing that she sits while basked with sunlight, it's the songtress herself, Inori. Shu is surprise of seeing the notorious celebrity.

But he steps on a can and just then, Fyu-Neru appears out of nowhere to conjure its long arms to trip Shu. Inori notices this and silently uses a glass shard in attempting to attack the intruder.

"Wait! I'm sorry!" Shu cried out before Inori immediately stops upon seeing that he's not an enemy.

Inori then speaks to the boy, "Is this your place?"

Shu then answered, "Um, yeah. It's for a club of some sort with videos being filmed."

Inori stares at Shu with curiosity as he said to her, "Oh just wonder if I can show you one I'm doing?"

After the boy tends her wounds, Shu rushes on a computer and shows the pink-haired girl a video of the city landscape with birds and other scenery.

"It's in progress, but I'm getting it done for a contest."

As Inori watches the video she replied, "It's beautiful."

Shu then said, "So you're Inori Yuzuriha, the real deal of EGOIST?"

Inori did not hear him as she tends with her little robot, but she responded, "I'm simply plan to see Gai."

"Who's Gai?"

Inori then holds red threads in front of Shu. "Take this…wait, who are you?"

"Um..I'm Shu Ouma, it's nice to meet you."

Inori asked again, "Take this, Shu Ouma. You can try holding it, but if you did, you'll never be able to do it. Are you willing to run away, or fight to see your real destiny?"

Puzzled at first, Shu is about to touch the red threads, when just then, Shu pictures horrific flashbacks inside his mind that connect to the outbreak. One of which is a mysterious girl being crystallized. Shu then cries out and backs off a little.

"What's wrong?" Inori questioned.

(Cue Guilty Crown – GHQ)

Just then, both Shu and Inori hear footsteps as one kicks the door open. They reveal themselves to be GHQ soldiers armed with assault rifles. Fyu-Neru moves behind Shu as Inori steps to confront them.

"Inori!" Shu cried out.

Then, a large, bald man with orange visors appears and surprisingly grabs the songtress' arm.

His name is Major Guin as he states. "We got you now, terrorist. Someone singing in public also has a double identity like some damn amateur."

Then, Guin punches Inori in the chest to knock her out. The GHQ soldiers raise their guns at Shu.

"As for you." Guin questioned. "Are you a student?"

"Uh yes, but this girl has nothing to do with-!" Shu said before being interrupted.

"She's a criminal." Guin threatens the innocent boy. "You will be charge if you try to protect her."

Shu feels intimidated as one of the soldiers said to the commander, "Sir, we have no doubts that she's part of Funeral Parlor in Roppongi Hills."

Major Guin simply feels irritated, "Damn those terrorists... Take her away!"

The soldiers do as they were told. They arrest Inori and the GHQ forces leave the area.

(End theme)

Shu can do nothing but watch as he pretends to see nothing of this incident. He pathetically sits down silently about it, questions if he has some power to make the right choice, either save her or let GHQ arrest Inori.

Just then, Fyu-Neru startles Shu by opening its lid in revealing the cylinder vial that Inori put. Not only that, but the robot showed Shu a digital map diagram, something as a road to meet the leader of this Funeral Parlor.

"Wait, should I go there with you?" Shu asked, before deciding to put the container from the robot into his pocket for his personal sake.

Shu then gets up and holds Fyu-Neru in walking to his destination.

"Okay, then I'm going to Roppongi. Least it's my way to stop hating myself."


GHQ Headquarters/General Yan's Office

Meanwhile, it shows a large room with a cylinder diagram and Japan's map on the board. Two scientists are seen in a conversation with GHQ's high staff.

One scientist is a middle age man with a mustache and grayish-black hair named Shuichiro Keido, the leader of a group of the Anti-Bodies.

The other is a long brunette-haired woman with brown eyes around her thirties named Haruka Ouma. She seems to be Shu's mother.

"I'm sorry, sir." Keido asked to GHQ's lead, who is a middle age man with short white hair and beard named, General Yan. "Sephira Genomics' representative has given their technology."

"How much magnitude does the stolen Void Genome have?" General Yan questioned.

"That's-." Haruka said before being interrupted by Keido.

"Its secret is classified information to this company."

"If that's the case, even GHQ and I doesn't even know this?" General Yan asked.

"My apologies, general." Keido said. "But fear not, our Anti-Bodies have captured the criminal and are in search for the Void Genome.

"What about the squad in Roppongi on standby?" Yan asked to Keido.

"If required, I'll use them."

"Shuichiro Keido, ever since the dreaded apocalypse ten years ago, the GHQ organization is built to be Japan's saviors. Is that clear?"

"I Understood." Keido replied to General Yan. "We, the Anti-Bodies, are the special group that prevent any virus outbreaks; therefore, we must stay vigilant."


Roppongi Hills/Tokyo, Japan

Shu Ouma has arrived to this place, where he is supposed to see this 'Gai'. He carries Fyu-Neru and looks around, he saw some people sitting in the ground with robes covering them.

"Is this it?" the student asked himself.

"Hey, school boy!"

Shu turned to see a thug appearing. He is walking menacingly to him, pointing at Fyu-Neru. "That thing work?"

"What thing?" Shu asked.

"This thing, the rice cooker."

Shu chuckles sheepishly. "Oh it works but I don't think it acts like one."

The thug then demands "Leave it."

"Wha-? I can't do that!" Shu said before being punch by the thug in the face to the ground. More thugs appear to surround the schoolboy, in which Shu keeps holding the little robot.

"I'll ask this once, put it down and walk away."

"I wish I could but I can't!" Shu cried out. "She risks her life to protect it, so I can't, I'm sorry!"

Just then, lights appear at the top of the buildings in getting Shu and the thugs' attention. They hear footsteps that walk to the top, in which Shu personally watches.

(Guilty Crown – Ready to Go)

He reveals himself to be a young man with long blond hair, blue eyes, a black longcoat with a red middle strip and a red coffin-like symbol, black pants and shoes.

"Well, look at all these corpses." The blond haired man leers down at the thugs.

"What corpses." The lead thug demanded.

"I'm afraid you boys got yourself a situation that you're gonna dive into."

The cool-minded man jumps to the ground and coldly intimidates the lead thug.

"So you're already looked like a bunch of corpses to me."

"Dude, is that Gai Tsutsugami?" a random thug said in slight fear.

"You got some balls, pretty boy!" the lead thug cried out before brandishing his knife to attack Gai.

However, Gai easily evades and punches the lead thug to the ground. More thugs try to surround him, but Gai easily beats them with swift punches and kicks.

"Holy shit, it is him!" a thug cried out.

Gai continues to beat down the thugs while Shu witness the fight with pure awe. To them, Gai sees the thugs are mere nuisances.

A group of mercenaries on the top of the building with similar uniforms like Gai are seen arming their rifles.

Eventually, the thugs decide to run away in fear while Gai and Shu simply watch.

Shu then turns and surprisingly, he sees a petit teenage girl wearing the same gray and red trenchcoat like the blond leader. However, she has long dark blue hair, grayish-blue eyes, blue cat ears and tail. She is literally a nekomata and looks really annoyed.

"A cat girl? But I'm not with them!"

"And you need to give it back!" the cat girl forcefully takes Fyu-Neru and walks away with a huff.

(End theme)

Now settling down, Gai then turns towards Shu and introduces to the boy, "You're Shu Ouma?"

The brown-haired boy surprised, "Wait, how did you know my name?"

However, Gai then questioned, "What happened to the girl with you?"

Shu remains silent of Inori being kidnapped by those Anti-Bodies.

"You failed to protect her?" Gai stated. Shu can only be quiet in fear as he still hides the mysterious Void Genome.

Suddenly, they hear an explosion in distance that gets their attention. A gunmen mercenary then reports.

"Gai, GHQ just sends the Anti-Bodies to the city!"

(Cue Guilty Crown – Omega)

They then hear gunshots from Anti-Bodies members shooting down innocent civilians, in which the fascist group believes to be deemed infected. One man is shot to the ground in front of Shu, which startles him.

The mercenaries have started to panic without warning from the attack.

"Everybody stand down!" Gai shouted to his men, in which they turn to their leader. "Trust me on this one if we want to live."

Reminded of their leader's encouragement, the mercenaries cried out with dignity to begin their operation. Gai then walks to meet up with the same nekomata along with a man in his twenties with the similar black trenchcoat, long grayish-white hair and glasses.

"Shibungi, what are the Anti-Bodies doing?"

"Tsugumi is verifying that now." The glassed man answered.

The cat girl, who is named Tsugumi, said, "Wait! There's and Endlave on the left!"

The group took notice as a blue mech in tank mode, refers as the Endlave Tsugumi mentions, appeared out of nowhere. The blue Endlave's codname is the Gautier. Gai then notices the cylinder container in Shu's pocket.

"Hey Shu, give that vial to me!"

Then, a gray Endlave appears, codenamed the Jumeau, turns out to be the same one that once protected Inori. In fact, the girl piloting it is on the same side as Gai's. Debris came crashing down that separates Gai and Shu.

"Damn it." Gai muttered. "Hurry, Shu! Go find and protect Inori then!"

Hesitant at first, Shu complies and runs to the next direction. The Endlave Jumeau is seen fighting off the opposing Gautier.


A white Anti-Bodies truck drove around the road, holding Inori hostage. Inori's eyes are covered by a white handkerchief. An explosion is caused by making the vehicle flip to the ground.

The guards are knocked out by the blast, but Inori's handkerchief fell off as she sees an opening.

Outside, Shu runs behind a iron fence to surprisingly see Inori made it out well. She is seen standing above the debris.

But then, more Endlave Gautiers appear to surround the pink songtress. Shu stops for a moment in what to do, and then he decides to help her in not making the same mistake.


The boy then jumps over the fence and runs to reach her.

"Come on Shu, do something out of character for a change!"

As a Gautier prepares to shoot Inori, Shu reaches in time to save her.

(End theme)

"STOP THIS!" Shu cries out, as the Void Genome inside his pocket is glowing when he reaches Inori.

Shu grabs her as the Endlave shoots them, but then the Void Genome breaks as the vial encases a force field surrounding them.


Both Shu and Inori look at the white area with blue-gray lines by surprise, especially with the schoolboy.

"What the hell?!" Shu cried out.

The Void Genome then attaches to Shu's right arm with void-like threads. Shu feels a new power coming inside him, in which he sees a black leaf-like symbol appear in his hand.

(Cue Guilty Crown – Bios)

"What is this?!"

"Shu." Inori states as her body glows while surrounded by red lines. "Please Shu, don't be scared, you can use me."

Shu stares at her for a moment as thin, red lines surround the girl's body.

He glimpses another flashback of a pink-haired girl that looks like Inori by holding the red threads.

"What are you?" Shu pondered.

Inori then answers with her statement, "That is the power of the Guilty Crown, release by the bond between two hearts."

More following flashbacks such as that same pink-haired girl with red winter clothing are shown in Shu's mind, before he goes back to reality.


Becoming determined, Shu then uses his right hand on Inori's body. The girl gasps as Shu seems to draw out some sort of void-like long sword. Inori became unconscious while standing.

The newfound power bursts to the heavenly clouds as Gai Tsutsugami watches in distance inside a building.


GHQ Headquarters/General Yan's Office

Keido and Haruka simply watch the scene untold in the monitor.

At the same time, there is another man sees the sight of this 'void power'. He has dyed purple hair, a mechanical scar-like eye on his left side, and has a black/white clown-like keychain. The name of this person is Makoto Waltz Segai.

"Intriguing." Segai thought.


On the top of a building, the same pink-haired magical girl watches the events going on, standing beside her are four other magical girls.

The first magical girl is long raven haired, white dress with gray features, and dark gray stockings.

The second is a close friend of the pink-haired girl in her school years; an aqua haired, with a white dress, blue skirt, and a white cape.

The third is a blond haired curly girl with a brunette hat, and white dress with bronze yellow skirt. She is the eldest of the holy quintet.

Lastly, is a feisty ponytail, redhead girl smirking with a red battle dress.

"Whoa. Do you just see that?" the blue-haired magical girl asked.

"Yeah Sayaka, we just helped out Gai's and his friends, somebody just came along." The pink-haired girl said.

"When that time comes, we will personally get to know him." The black-haired girl announced.

"Of course, Homura." The pink-haired girl smiled. "I love to have the same feeling."


Gates of Time

Across the time borders, a recluse woman is sitting in a white chair watching the turn of events by one boy. She has long dark green hair with a bun, garnet eyes, tanned skin, and wears a black/white senshi uniform. Her name is Setsuna Meioh, AKA: Sailor Pluto, the guardian of the Time Gate, and a survivor of Lost Christmas.

"Can it be?" the older senshi thought. "Is he worthy to use this power?"


Back to Shu, he notices the sword he's holding, "What's happening? What is this?"

A Gautier attempts to fire a barrel of missiles at him. Shu then uses the longsword to unknowingly block the missiles, in which they explode from behind him.

Another blue Endlave attempts to fire a missile at the unconscious Inori.

"Inori!" Shu cries out as he turns to the Endlave. "Stay back!"

Shu shouts and rushes towards the mech and jumps to chop the Endlave to pieces. It explodes as a result that Shu is surprise of his action.

Another Gautier fires a missile at Shu, but the boy surprisingly learns to jump high in a few steps, and uses his longsword to destroy the missiles. However, the explosion causes Shu to fall down, as the Endlave moves closer to him.


Gai uses his communicator, "Hey, Oogumo."


In another location, a large man with a goatee, buzz-cut black hair, and the same mercenary uniform is seen communicating to his leader.

"Yes, commander."


As a result, Oogumo's actions cause an explosion in Shu's location, which destroys the Endlave Gautier.

(End theme)

Shu begins to put down the void long sword and runs towards Inori.


The long sword then disappears, as Inori begins to return conscious. Shu takes notice in wonder if the 'sword' and Inori are connected.

Fyu-Neru appears out of nowhere, but Gai is speaking inside the robot.

"Shu, take Inori and get outta here."


(Cue Mega Man X6 – Metal Shark Player Stage Recycle Lab)

Meanwhile, a white streamline looking Endlave is skiing across the road.


Anti-Bodies Cockpit

"So there's some kid who can play with me. Alright, I'm game." the pilot controlling this Endlave said.


Back in the scene, the girl's voice of the gray Jumeau that helped Gai's company talks to Tsugumi while moving.

"Say Tsugumi, where's the next target?"


Hologram Hub

Inside a bluish hologram hub, the cat girl, now wearing a dark blue/gray plugsuit, is supervising and scanning each section for the mission.

"Aww Ayase, you're stressing out too much!"

Tsugumi notices a hologram target coming from behind.

"She's seriously at her limits, geez!" Tsugumi said to herself as she pushes the hologram away with her butt and tail.


Just then, Ayase's mind in her Jumeau encounters the streamlined Endlave approaching.

"A new model?" Ayase thought.

The opposing Endlave's pilot thought, "Glad you're here fast!"

The opposing Endlave starts firing at Ayase's Endlave, causing her body to feel the pain from the attack as well. After enough damage, the opposing Endlave brandishes a short sword in attempting to slice his foe, however, Ayase secretly escapes by disconnecting herself in the last second, while the opposing Endlave easily destroys the old Jumeau.

"Hmph, no screams, how boring!" the streamlined Endlave's pilot thought.

(End theme)


Anti-Bodies Cockpit

In the enemy base, Major Guin is having monitor reports from an Intel officer who has brown hair, green hat, and glasses named Rowan.

"Sir, most of the forces have suffered slashes." Rowan reported.

"Are you saying that a mere foot soldier have caused this?" Guin demanded.

"Can't say I'm too sure." Rowan replied.

Guin then kicks a chair out of frustration and curses himself, "Damn it! I can't make a good report out of this!"

"Sir, 2nd lieutenant Daryl Yan has arrived." An Anti-Bodies soldier states to him.

Then, a young arrogant teenager in a gray-white pilot suit and light blond hair comes in, he is actually the one who controlled the streamlined Endlave that briefly fought Ayase.

"Welcome, soldier." Guin greeted Daryl. "It's your father-I mean, General Yan's orders to pilot that Endlave."

"Nah, I did it by myself without any thought." Daryl grinned.

"Well, glad you can stop by to help us." Guin said as he raises his arm for a handshake, however, Daryl has second thoughts.

"Don't think I'm gonna touch you, asshole!" Daryl suddenly lashes out at Guin. "I'm going to do my rules! If you tell on me, my so called 'father' will hear about this."

As Daryl leaves the area, Guin begins to growl by clenching his fist and orders his men, "Everyone expanded the search area! Have every civilian be interrogated for question!"


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Tsugumi's Location

(Cue Mega Man X6 - Commander Yammark)

Tsugumi and Ayase; who has a reddish-brown hair with a ponytail, a red/black pilot uniform, and she's standing upright; are talking to Gai on the monitor. Besides the girls, there is another mercenary who is a young boy with grayish-green hair (along with a black star-like stripe), pointy ears, and hazel eyes. Like Tsugumi, he is a demon of some sort only that he's a kamaitachi named, Kenji Kido.

"Gai, I lost my Endlave." Ayase reported. "I'm so sorry that it's my entire fault."

"That's too bad." Gai said. "I gave you an order of using that old model, but you have my expectations. Still think I failed as a commander?"

Ayase blushed and cried out, "No! That's not it!" Tsugumi and Kenji are seen snickering behind.

"Just pulling your leg on you." Gai joked. "Glad you made it through."

"Aww, looks like someone has the hots on him." Tsugumi joked.

"No kidding, she's always like this." Kenji added.

"Shut up, guys!" Ayase shouts at her friends.

(End theme)


Roppongi Hills/Tokyo, Japan/October 14th, 2022

Gai is seen turning off his communicator and sees Shu and the unconscious Inori lying down. Then, the pink-haired songtress wakes up.

(Cue Guilty Crown – Void)

"So you wake up." Gai said to the girl.

"Inori!" Shu said.

The girl stands up and questioned, "Gai, have I completed my mission?"

Gai, however, is not pleased, "I'm disappointed in you."

Shu is widened and said, "Hey, don't you think it's harsh? She did her best you know."

"I know that." Gai replied. "But results are everything, and she made a big mistake, making you use the Void Genome."

"Wait, you mean that container I had?!" Shu recalled.

"I was originally going to use it, but you have it inside of you." Gai said as he continued. "There are three of these enhanced prototypes that Sephira Genomics created. This grants the host the Power of the Kings. It analyzes someone to draw that person's hidden power, turning it into variety of objects called, a void."

"What's a void?" Shu asked.

"They're made from a person's heart, such as that long sword you used from Inori called the Singer's Sword. The technology of these Void Genomes can even expose too many realms such as the Digital World and Spirit Realm. That is what's in your hand."

"My right hand..?" Shu said as he looks at the black symbol appearing again.

"Now that you have the power, you can't go back to your former life." Gai makes it clear to Shu. "From now on, you're one of us."

"I what-?!" Shu cried out as Gai suddenly grabs him by the collar. Morning arrives as the sun appears in basking them. The blond leader states his cold words to the innocent boy.

"Remember this, Shu Ouma. You have two choices: either you be an expendable to this hellhole, or adapt and shape your ass."

Gai then throws Shu to the ground. The schoolboy has a lot of thoughts inside his mind, especially seeing Inori thinking as well.

(End theme)

Just then, Gai has gotten a report from someone, "Argo, what's wrong?"


Block 14

(Cue Attack on Titan - Rittai Kidou)

In another location, another mercenary with spiky brown hair and bronze yellow stripes is using his binoculars to see the incident. He report to his boss, "It's getting worse, Gai. There are people in white uniforms going inside the Block 14 underground parking."

"A refugee camp?"

"Yeah." Argo said. "They think its safe, but hundreds are caught quickly. And also-"

From the area where the Anti-Bodies are holding the hostages, Daryl has appeared.

"It's that asshole who took Ayase down, Daryl Yan."


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Command Center

Now Shu, Inori, and Gai are seen inside the main base. A huge banner of Funeral Parlor's symbol which is a red coffin is seen behind them. Gai then said to himself, "The Kaleidoscope, huh?

The rest of the mercenaries, such as Shibungi, Ayase, Tsugumi, Oogumo, and Kenji appear as well. A young girl named, Kyo, is happily seen with a tablet set. Besides humans, there are also those that are Makai demons and reptilian aliens disguised as humans called The Rajita. A minotaur demon with a black afro and goatee, a Canadian Geese demon, a male humanoid Rajita with traits of a leopard gecko, a female humanoid Rajita, a Struthiomimus Rajita, and a crocodilian Rajita that looks like Leatherhead from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are seen. These natives make the rebel organization pretty diverse.

Shibungi proclaims, "As expected, Gai, this is absurd. Considering the differences to rescue these hostages, I suggested we withdraw."

Gai replied his second-in-command, "Nah, we can't overlook this."

Then the leader of Funeral Parlor turn to announce to his cohorts below, "This is a crucial intervention, we're going to defeat the Anti-Bodies, and rescue the innocent people at the fort. Furthermore, this won't be like any convert mission that we've had so far."

Then, Gai raises his right arm with his fist clench at the end of his speech. "We, the Undertakers, will seize this moment, and make Funeral Parlor's public knowledge known to the world! All the hard work will pay off!"

Nearly all of the diverse crowd cheers and bellowed at Gai's inspiring speech.

"Yay!" Tsugumi cried out. Kyo happily shouts. Ayase and Oogumo smiled. Kenji simply grins.


Block 14

"Alright!" Argo said to himself in his location.


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Command Center

"This is unexpected, but it's too early for that." Shibungi stated.

Everyone else is cheering Gai's name. Shu is awed of how Gai is respected to his faction. He has everything that Shu doesn't have, yet thinks if he wants to follow him.

Gai then turns to Shu and said, "So Shu, what's your answer?"

(End theme)


Outside Block 14

(Cue Eden of the East OST: 10 Erabareshi mono)

Meanwhile, GHQ and the Anti-Bodies are guarding the place alongside the hostages. However, there is a secret passage that Shu and Inori crawl through the vents. Apparently, Gai order them to do so as a big plan to accomplish this mission.

Inori keeps crawling while Shu is behind her, but the boy blushes as he stares at Inori's panties.

When they keep crawling, Shu notices the men with the white uniforms holding the hostages. Alongside the Anti-Bodies is Daryl.

"Who are these men in white uniforms?" Shu questions Gai.

"A special department that prevents viral disasters called the Anti-Bodies." Gai said in his communicator. "They have the authority to declare someone who's infected, and exterminate them based on their judgment."

Shu and Inori make it outside to a hiding point behind the debris.

"Alright, don't move from there until my next orders."

As Shu and Inori hide, they witness in horror as Daryl and other Anti-Bodies are executing some of the hostages with their guns.

"What the hell-?!" Shu witnessed in shocked.

"This is the enemy in front of you, Shu." Gai said. "GHQ is nothing but showing their true colors. You understand the reality of this world?"

(End theme)


Anti-Bodies Cockpit

(Cue Guilty Crown – Theoi)

Major Guin observes the actions the Anti-Bodies brought.

"Keep killing them all until Funeral Parlor shows their scrawny faces!"


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Command Center

"They're all in their position, Gai." Shibungi stated. "The last part of this mission lies in that boy's actions."

"Gai!" both Tsugumi and Kenji cried out.

Gai then makes the decision and ordered, "LAUNCH THE OPERATION!"


Outside Block 14

Oogumo announce, "Time to launch the missiles."

Two barrels of missiles then fire up to the sky.


Meanwhile with Shu and Inori's location, both are waiting for Gai's signal.

"The mission has started." Shu said to himself. Then Inori touches Shu's hand.

"Are you okay with this, Shu?"

Shu turns towards Inori, "Is this really all his idea?"

"Yes." Inori nodded.


Daryl notices the missiles in the sky and smirks.

"Here it comes!"


Anti-Bodies Cockpit

"Missiles are approaching!" Guin ordered his men. "The undertakers are coming, get ready to battle!"


GHQ's Laser Cannons appear and shoot down the missiles.


Gai and Shibungi have taken notice at this.

"That weapon is merely an obstacle." Shibungi stated to his boss.

"Argo!" Gai ordered in his communicator.


Argo is seen driving a military jeep in distracting Daryl's Endlave, which is called the Steiner, and other Endlave Gautiers. Apparently, all of these robots are remotely controlled by Daryl and other Anti-Bodies in Block 14.

"You're the decoy, try to keep these Endlaves from the enemy troops." Gai said. "Remember to keep a distance from them."

"I've been waiting for this!" Argo cried out. "Bring it on, Daryl!"


"Oogumo, your squad is ready!"

The large man is seen holding a GHQ guard around his neck. "Yes, sir."


"The suppressions are all set!" Kenji gives the communication, "All those Endlaves need 7 more to reach the predetermined distance."


Hologram Hub

Tsugumi has her hands full in helping her team.

"Ayase, are you ready?!" the nekomata called to her friend.


Ayase is seen inside a cockpit that formerly remote controlled her old Endlave, but she's doing it for Tsugumi's plan, "Leave it to me!"


Under Tsugumi's actions, a sudden swarm of camera-pods with insect traits just appear in parachutes.


In Argo's location, the Steiner continues his pursuit on him.

"Bring it!" Daryl's voice is heard inside the mech as it tries to leap above the jeep in attempt to fire, "I'm going to fucking smash you!"


Hologram Hub

"The target has reached Line D!" Tsugumi cried out.


"Ready when you are!" Kenji said.


"Now!" Gai ordered.


Tsugumi's camera-pods flash many red lights at Guin's cockpit and Daryl's Endlave.

"What the hell?!" Daryl voice cried out as his Steiner as and the other Endlaves become malfunctioned due to the lights.

Elsewhere, this cause Daryl's mind to go unconscious.


Anti-Bodies Cockpit

"We're locked down?!" Guin growled.

Suddenly, Funeral Parlor announces something on the monitor by Shibungi's voice, "An announcement for the Anti-Bodies, we're the Undertakers, release the hostages and surrender at once."

"Like hell we would." Guin sneered. "We will never surrender to you terrorists!"

(End theme)


Outside Block 14

Guin went outside and bellows, "Where's your boss?!"

"I'm the one in charge!" Gai's voice is heard in getting his attention. Footsteps are heard.

The remaining Gautiers that are not affect by Tsugumi's camera pods, GHQ and Anti-Bodies all raise their weapons at the source.


Shu is still hiding as he hears Gai coming to action.


Oogumo and his squad raise their weapons at once.


(Cue Guilty Crown – Basileus)

Gai then reaches the top of a building, coming face to face with Guin below. This is one brave man facing a group of oppositions.

"Undertakers, Funeral Parlor, what else is new for a nickname!" Guin insulted.

"The world offers a choice to live or die." Gai said with determination. "This is called survival of the fittest. Mankind has the opportunity to adapt and change. We'll always offer funeral songs for those who selected out, as well in tribute the superheroes that left this world ten years ago."

"I could care less for your speech." Guin said. "Now tell us where's the secret weapon your hiding?!"

"Sorry. This is the first time hearing about it."

Then, GHQ brings out laser cannons above to target at the leader of Funeral Parlor.

"You have 10 seconds, or else your good as dead!" Guin bellowed.

Gai simply smirks at the death threat.


As Shu watches, he hesitantly said, "All of these people will die if I screw up."

However, Inori grabs Shu's hands and place it on her chest as it glows, "Believe me Shu, you can do it, because I belong to you now."

Shu begins to know what he must do and take action.


"10! 9! 8!" Guin fiercely count with the remote to fire.

Shu rushes with the Singer's Sword to the location where Daryl is, and then he cuts it through.

"7! 6!"

Daryl then wakes up to see Shu grabbing his chest. The blond haired man screams in pain as Shu gets his void, the Kaleidoscope. Daryl then falls unconscious.

"5! 4! 3!"

Shu rushes with the Kaleidoscope at hand to reaches Gai's location. Once there, he aims it at the laser cannons.

"2! 1! TIMES UP!"

Guin presses the remote that hundreds of lasers all fire at the confident Gai. As they are about to kill him, Shu uses Daryl's void in creating a barrier that reflects all the lasers.

"WHAT?!" Guin cried out in shocked.

This cause the lasers to destroy GHQ and the Anti-Bodies' forces such as their Endlaves, the lasers then reaches a terrified Guin as they evaporate him. The explosions are cleared to signify that the enemy is defeated.

(End theme)


In the aftermath of the mission, Funeral Parlor is seen cleaning up the mess. Daryl and the remaining GHQ forces have escape, in which Ayase has found the Steiner in putting to good use. Shu is then seen watching the blue skies.

(Cue Madoka Magica Portable OST - Spes -Materia Madocae-)

"Well done, Shu." Gai's voice called him, in which Shu turns to see him. "You've reach beyond your limits. Take a look around."

Both of them see the civilians are freed thanks to the school boy's actions.

"These are the people you saved." Gai said. "In fact, our new supporters have good expectations to see you."

"Wait." Shu questioned. "Who are they?"

"We're so happy to meet you, Shu!" a girl's voice is heard.

Shu and Gai then see five magical girls appearing. They are the same ones that witness yesterday's events: Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Homura Akemi, Mami Tomoe, and Kyoko Sakura.

"Whoa!" Shu is somehow surprised. "You have magical girls, Gai? They remind me of the former Sailor Senshi."

The pink-haired girl introduces herself.

"My name is Madoka Kaname! Please to meet you!" she smiled amicably.

Gai then added, "Apparently, these beings came from another dimension across the Aether Sea. The holy quintets have been recently summoned by the great goddess that rules the cosmos, in which they secretly guide our progress. Now that you're here, it seems they decide to be more active. Who knows, you might try using their voids."

"Well." Shu chuckled sheepishly. "I just did what you told me to do so."

The blond-haired leader raises his right arm with a firm smile. Behind him are Funeral Parlor and the Puellas: The left side shows Madoka, Homura, Mami, Shibungi, Argo, and Oogumo. The right side shows Inori, Sayaka, Kyoko, Ayase, Tsugumi, and Kenji.

"Join us, Shu." Gai offered. "You have potential waiting for you."

After a brief hesitation, the student knows that he wants to be a hero his own second chance. Shu eventually smiles and shakes Gai's hand, accepting his offer to join Funeral Parlor.

"So, where can I start?"

(End theme)



In a mysterious area, the recent events are being watched by two sinister figures.

One is a young boy with platinum blond messy hair, blue eyes, a long white collared coat, black shirt and pants.

The other looks like Madoka Kaname, except with an evil presence that she wears a black dress and long pale pink hair with pigtails.

"Well what do you know?" The boy stated. "He has the Power of the Kings."

"Tehehe. This looks so interesting." The 'dark' Madoka proclaimed.

The boy then added. "He will surely help my plans for the Adam and Eve."


(Cue Departures – Supercell)


Tennouzu High School/Class 2-A/October 14th, 2022

(Cue Kore wa Zombie Desu OST Soundtrack - Aikawa Ayumu desu)

Hours after Shu's involvement with Funeral Parlor and the magical girls, comes another beautiful day at school. Shu is seen sitting in his desk with thoughts inside his mind.

"I wonder, now that I join them, what's the next step in becoming a hero?"

Just then, the teacher gives an announcement, "Students, we have a new transfer in our class."

The students and Shu are intrigued at this.

"Please come in."

The 'transfer student' goes inside the class, revealing to be Inori Yuzuriha! She's now wearing a Tennouzu student uniform.

"Everyone, this is Yuzuriha Inori."

The students are surprise to see the famous singer around. Shu's reaction is quite shocking of seeing her and stands up saying, "No way, I seriously did not see it coming!"

Inori then replied, "Of course not, why wouldn't?"

(End theme)


Next Mission: Conflictions


A/N: Well that's a first start for you! Apparently, the Puella Magical Girls appear as guests reminds me of the wizards from Middle Earth as mostly to guide Funeral Parlor. It's obviously that they are AU from another dimension despite remaining faithful to canon.

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I did make characters appear early such as Segai (who first appear at the end of episode 3), Kenji (appear in episode 4), Arisa (who appear in episode 7) and Nanba's gang (who appeared from episodes 13-18). Not to mention Shu is willingly to join Gai and his mercenaries (instead of refusing to at first), that pretty much sets the stones (this reminds me of Rebuild of Evangelion's Shinji comparing the original).

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I know that Kanius told me that Wrath of the Defiants of YuYuGiDigiMoon will set in December 2012, because this is an AU and the Defiants did not happen (and are wipe out) in Lost Christmas, it shows what could have happened when humans like GHQ make Japan a corrupt nation without superheroes, showing them as the 'new rulers'. The utopia Crystal Tokyo by Sailor Moon did not exist either. That is why a group of humans, Makai demons, and the Rajita (which the reptilian race are once enemies of the Sailor Senshi, but there are those that are reformed at the end of Dawn of Chaos.) band together to form the diverse resistance that is Funeral Parlor. Welcome to the future.

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