A/N: I never knew how I desire to make an underrated fandom prominent again (besides the fact that Guilty Crown and also Puella Magi will have their 5th anniversary in 2016). This GC fic for readers feels like an actual good show/movie just like other good fics I read.

Here is Chapter 2 (which I already wrote last month and so). Man do Shu's narrations remind me of Red's in Pokemon Origins. Nothing new, but enjoy.


(Cue Guilty Crown – Alpha)

"My name is Shu Ouma. As of now, I have the biggest life changing experience I ever had.

Last time, I received this 'Power of the Kings' which can summon voids in people's hearts. Since I join Funeral Parlor and those magical girls, I wonder what else I would do to become a hero. Then, Inori Yuzuriha, the singer of EGOIST just transferred to my school with surprise. Most of my classmates get to know her like cluttering fans. Inori even stays at my apartment, where my 'mother' Haruka also lives.

Let's say in my spare times from my studies and the Motion Picture Club, I receive intensive training from Funeral Parlor to hone my skills as a fighter and the Void Genome.

Some people refer to Gai as the 'Gairyuki', which means 'Shining Victory Dragon'. So that's why he lives up his name from his enemies by leading the team to victory.

Hell, another reason I join Funeral Parlor was because of Inori. Unfortunately, me and the others thought if she and Gai are…you know, 'lovers'.

The girl that controls an Endlave named Steiner, formerly Daryl's, her name is Ayase Shinomiya. At first we don't get along, but we start to earn our respects, especially when I passed her 'mock battle'.

That cat girl here is Tsugumi, she was originally from the Makai Realm that she's a hacker for the team.

Kenji Kido. Like Tsugumi, he too came from the demon world, and is also a hacker as well. Boy does he and Tsugumi 'get along' like siblings, I guess. They did tell me about the reputations of the late Spirit Detectives and their times.

Shibungi, he's Gai's second in command, and a collected one as well.

Argo Tsukishima. He came from Ryusen High School and specializes in knife and close combat.

Oogumo. He's usually quiet and is good at firearms and explosives.

And how can I forget those Magical Girls? They did say they come from another universe, summoned by the cosmic goddess I heard in some legends. Besides Madoka, the others are Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, and Mami Tomoe. All I know about them is that they once fought creatures known as Witches in their dimension, now they face Wraiths at this point. While they left their home to here, the girls mention that someone named Kyubey alongside his race created some sort of time-stop barrier to prevent any disruptions. I've yet to know more. Madoka seems like a kind-hearted girl of consoling me.

As of today, Gai leads a mini squad on some mission. I wonder what?

(End theme)


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Abandoned Subway/October 24th, 2022

(Cue Guilty Crown – Friends)

The training area is use for an underground subway, a place where recruits and even veterans train to hone their skills for combat. Inori (now wearing a black Funeral Parlor dress), Ayase (now wearing a Funeral Parlor uniform while not piloting her Endlave), Shibungi, Argo, Oogumo, Sayaka, Mami (who is sitting in Oogumo's shoulder) and random Funeral Parlor mercenaries are seen as part of the audience. A mercenary who looks like Neville along with a German Shepherd dog from I am Legend is seen. The Puella Magical girls are wearing Funeral Parlor uniforms/dresses.

Shu Ouma, now wearing a Funeral Parlor uniform is going to face off against Kyoko Sakura, armed with just a rifle and loaded with paintballs.

"Wait, I have to go against you?" Shu said with a brief surprise that he's sparing a magical girl.

Kyoko gives a cocky smirk, while brandish her spear, "Bet you can't handle the pressure huh?"

"Okay you two!" Ayase announce as the referee, sitting above the sewer pipes. "I want to try your best. Even if you're armed with just one weapon Shu for just firing one shot to win, you can still use any surprises you wanted just like my 'mock trial' back then!"

Inori watches and muttered, "Shu.."

Argo then said while crossing his arms, "To think this guy who passes Ayase's test, now he's facing off against a magical girl. Talk about an opportunity."

"I've known Kyoko better." Sayaka added. "When she fights, she has a tough streak."

The two sparing contestants are ready to face off. Ayase cried out while holding a whistle, "And start!" The headstrong girl then blows the whistle, commencing the sparing match.

"Heh. I could go easy if I want too!" Kyoko cried out as she uses her spear to fling out extended chains at Shu.

The newcomer of Funeral Parlor barely dodges and takes cover in some columns.

"You think hiding would work?!" Kyoko launches another chain attack at the columns. It causes Shu to come out as he's desperately tried to fire paintballs at the magical girl, but Kyoko easily defends with her weapon from the harmless projectiles.

"Too bad, what can you do?" Kyoko remarked to Shu.

Shu has to think of something fast, otherwise he'll lose this spare match. Just then he thought of a similar idea, he once use Argo's void, the Pessimist's Torch, to blind Ayase's Steiner in order to make it to his checkpoint and pass the mock trial. How about a void from a magical girl?

Shu then turns towards a certain aqua-haired Puella, "Sayaka!"

The girl becomes surprise upon hearing her name from Shu, "Wha-?!"

Shu rushes to her and uses his right hand, "Let me borrow this for a second!" in which he gets her void, the Violin of Aquarius. Sayaka becomes unconscious while Argo rushed in to carry her body.

"A violin?" Argo watched as he is reminded of Shu using his void before.

"Interesting." Shibungi simply stated.

"W-What does that do?!" Kyoko demanded.

Shu then plays her void to make soothing music that causes soundwaves to distract Kyoko. The opposing magical girl then covers her ears in annoyance. So does some of the audience with a few exceptions.

"Oh god, make it stop!"

"Not a chance." Shu stated as he takes advantage of the situation, fires his paintgun at Kyoko directly. As a result, the magical girl is defeated.

At the same time, Ayase and the other audiences are once again surprise that Shu has his wits to win this spare match. Ayase cried out, "That's enough, time out!"

(End theme)

Sayaka then regains consciousness and wakes up besides Argo saying, "What happened there?".

"You wouldn't believe this, but that newcomer just won." Argo answered as he helps her get up. They then see Kyoko calmly walks to Shu.

"For a minute there, you're not that bad." Kyoko smirked.

"Same as yourself." Shu smiled at her.

The red-headed magical girl then takes out some chocolate pocky and offered, "Want one?"

Shu hesitantly answered, "Well I'm not even hungr-."

However, Kyoko does not take kindly and forcefully gives Shu the pocky, "Come on, this is my generous act, right?"

Knowing that the red-haired girl offers something good, Shu hesitantly said, "Um, sure thing."

Before the young boy eats it, the group hears two people ran to this area in the upper level. It was the Makai hackers themselves, Tsugumi and Kenji.

Tsugumi cried out, "Guys, we've got big trouble!"

"What troubles you two?" Mami asked.

Kenji answered, "Some satellite called the Leukocyte fired at Point Delta."

The mercenaries are alert about this weapon, but Ayase begins to realized something, "Wait, is this where Gai and his team are at?!"


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Atrium

The Undertakers are now seen in a place that looks like a three-story library. Madoka and Homura (both wearing Funeral Parlor dresses/uniforms) have stayed by showing them the devastating image on the monitor. Tsugumi checks the screen constantly.

"This is horrible." Madoka said softly.

The screen image shows a lot of wreckage and smoke. The satellite's power is simply 3%, but it is strong enough to create a gap between the land and waters.

"What are these satellites?" Shu questioned.

"These as Kenji mentions before are the Leukocytes." Shibungi answered. "Defined as white blood cells, they have an infinite radius over country, and when it's completed, it will have full day coverage to devastate any target by means necessary."

"Why would GHQ build something like that?" Shu asked.

"Simple, just as the cells kill of a virus, the satellites will exterminate all the people in Japan."

Just then, the mercenaries and magical girls get a signal.

"Gai?!" Tsugumi cried out. "Are you alright out there?!"

The group are surprised that the leader of Funeral Parlor survives the impact of the blast. Gai's voice is heard much to their relief.

"I'm fine, just a few scratches, but my team are not so lucky. All our reinforcements and supplies are lost. There's no time to waste, we'll start this operation soon."


(Cue My Dearest – Supercell)


Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms

Mission 2: Conflictions


Outskirts of Tsukigase Dam/Funeral Parlor Camp/October 25th, 2022

(Cue First Blood OST - 04 The Tunnel)

It is now raining outside at a forest. A campsite is seen with dark green rain shields to cover the roofs of the buildings. Funeral Parlor is station inside, as the heroes are already checking in with their leader.

"Are you ready Gai?" Inori helped Gai bandaging his left arm since the satellite attack. Gai has bandages in his chest as well.

"Yeah, Inori." Gai replied as he gets up from his chair and announces his cohorts. "Looks like all of us are here."

The meeting shows everyone being gathered. Shibungi, Madoka, and Homura are seen next to Gai and Inori. On the front row are Shu, Ayase, Argo, Tsugumi, Oogumo, and a young girl named Kyo. The second row shows Mami, Sayaka, and Kyoko. The rest are random mercenaries of humans, demons, and rajita. A raccoon dog demon and another female Rajita humanoid with green skin and red hair are spotted. Kenji is seen on the left using his laptop.

Gai starts off, "This mission is about the Leukocyte control facility at the base of the Tsukigase Dam. We're going underground to stop the control cores."

"In other words, we're gonna smash'em up?" Argo asked to his boss. Oogumo, Tsugumi and Kyo simply turn their heads at him.

"You think that'll work?" Kyoko said sarcastically.

"Hey I was just asking a suggestion!" Argo retorted by turning towards the red-haired magical girl.

"Settle down, guys!" Sayaka calmed down the brief dispute.

"Kenji, you have anything?" Gai asked the kamaitachi hacker while he's drinking soda.

"Yeah, I'm on it." Kenji said. He types on his personal laptop to show the team the picture of the satellite along with its infinite diagram. "That's the Leukocyte satellite, so it controls a quantum cryptography system at the bottom." The hacker then shows the picture of the dam as it goes below. "200 meters bellow and bingo, this is the control room for those core satellites." He then gives the screen an orange left point sign. "They are shielded in this huge conductive, floating cage, and it switches to autistic mode in case of a physical stimulus." Suddenly the screen shows a blue hand stop. "That means game over man. Can't manipulate it from outside either. So to stop the signal, you have to manipulate the cores without touching them."

The group then took notice at this information.

"Without touching them?" a random mercenary asked in surprise.

"That's where Shu and Kenji stepped in." Gai stated. Shu took noticed that his name is mentioned.

"Their abilities, with Shu using his right hand and Kenji's void, are the keys to this operation." Gai then has a bluish-green hexagon-like cylinder. "But with reinforcements wipe out, I have a new plan. Our casualties are up from 5% to 35%, but it is still possible to participate."

With that said, Gai throws the cylinder to Shibungi.

"Hold it!" Shu suddenly stands up in against Gai's agenda. Everyone turns to the naïve newcomer. "Are you saying that one out of three will die? That's-!"

"The danger will spread through all of Japan, we have no choice but to contain it now." Gai interrupted.

"I don't like this idea." Shu said. "If one person dies because in case I'll screw up, won't I do it for nothing? Sorry, but I'll pass."

Random members of Funeral Parlor muttered to themselves about Shu's remark. Gai and Inori both look unresponsive to Shu's questioning. Madoka on the other hand, feels genuinely concern.

"Stop acting like some pussy, Shu." Argo stepped in.

"I'm doing this for your own good. Even if I did join the team, would I still feel unsure about listening to Gai?"

"What's that suppose to mean?!" Argo grabs Shu by the collar out of anger to defend Gai's honor, when suddenly.

"Stop this." Homura interrupted. "If you can't trust Gai, who are you going to trust? Yourself?"

"You heard her." Argo lets go of the newcomer. Feeling that this situation is too much for the boy, Shu walks away in leaving the area.

"Shu!" Madoka cried out, but Homura stopped her.

"Now it's not the time." The raven-haired magical girl said to her friend. "Give him something to think."

However, Madoka remains worried. Shibungi then questions his leader. "What then, Gai?"

"There's no change." Gai answered to his second in command. "Everyone, meeting adjourned!"

As everyone starts to leave, Inori looks away to herself.

(End theme)


Outside Funeral Parlor Camp

Still raining outside of the forest, Shu is seen sitting alone in a crate under the tree. Quiet, his head looks down to the floor, questioning if Gai is willing to sacrifice things for the better good and could care less of the innocent. What's personal is that if Inori is Gai's secret lover.

"Shu.." a voice called him.

The newcomer of Funeral Parlor turns to see Inori. The pink-haired songtress walk towards him.

"Oh it's you Inori." Shu said to her. "Sorry for all the trouble, they just don't listen to me-"

"Stop talking like this." Inori walks closer and holds Shu's hand to have his eyes focus on her. "Shu, please listen to what I have to say."

Shu looked and her and replied, "What is it?"

What does the songtress have plan for Shu to convince him for this mission?


Tsukigase Dam/Monitor Room

The dam made out of white concrete material, is a huge area for GHQ to enforce their resources. Inside the place shows a monitor room, where the devious Segai is talking to his superior on the screen.

"In around 4 hours, Leukocyte #3 will transit to orbit and the cage will be completed." Keido said to his cohort. "You are on standby until then."

"Sorry to say it won't be enough time, then. At two hours time, Funeral Parlor will attack soon." Segai replied.

"Any proof about it?"

"No, it's just a feeling that destiny can come soon. " Segai smiled.

"I hope your instincts are wrong, Major Segai."

Which, then the transmissions are off to end their discussion. Segai's left cybernetic eye is moving as he uses his iphone with a clown keychain.

Segai then feels arouse to himself, "I saw that day, when the boy uses his power. I'm excited to see him!"


Tsukigase Dam/Endlave Cockpits

Shift to another area of GHQ's base is where many cockpits of Endlaves are set up. Daryl is seen preparing himself by sitting in a cockpit while Rowan helps him out with a data scan.

"Two hours huh, sounds like sundown." Daryl said to himself.

Rowan nervously checks in the blond haired teen's status. "It's where you will fight again since you recover from the hospital. You're sure about this?"

"What was that?!" Daryl lashes out at Rowan as he grabs Rowan's data scan and throws it away to the ground.

"Who do you think I am?" Daryl then calms down and smirks to himself, while the timid Rowan cleans up the mess. "Those bastards took my Steiner, they will pay for this. I'll kill them no matter what they beg for mercy."


Funeral Parlor Camp/Private Room

(Cue Nightwish – The Crow, the Owl and the Dove)

In an empty room, Gai is sitting in a bench alone. His painful mind reflects back when his squad are wiped out by the Leukocyte satellite.

The leader of Funeral Parlor talks to himself. "What am I doing? Am I cut to be some leader? Someone who can repay their sacrifices? Shouldn't I be better than this?"

Unaware to him, Shu is eavesdropping next door, seemly affected by his words.

"In the end, I'm just as pathetic." Gai covers his shameful face. "I should be selected out of this world anyway."

Then, Gai notices that Shu appears in his room, in which the brunette haired boy looks unimpressed at Gai's behavior.

"You're watching me all this time?" Gai coldly stated as he stands up.

"Look, I just don't want to see that side of you, Gai." Shu replied to him.

"What do you think I was?" Gai smirked in masking his real self. "You get it. I lost my motivation, anger, and other people admiring me."

"What about Inori?" Shu questioned.

Gai takes noticed when he mentions her name, but he then gives an uncaring smirk.

"Damn right."

Upset of Gai's remark, Shu suddenly grabs his shirt violently, which reveals that Gai wears a gray cross necklace. Gai then counters by grabbing Shu's shirt and throw him to the wall.

Shu is about to attack him again, but Gai gives him two punches on his face and chest. Eventually, Shu has a chance to give a knuckle sandwich at Gai's face, causing his necklace to fall off.

Tensions begin to lessen as Gai turns to Shu saying, "You think I can carry all that weight for everyone's lives? I don't want to be indifferent."

Shu realizes his word. Gai want to keep his image as the charismatic, powerful leader so that the group can keep their morale high. They don't want to see him as a weakling who cowers in a closed wall.

"I just want to be worthy in having people's respect." Gai added as he is about to get his necklace, but Shu then gets it and gives it to his hand.

Shu's eyes faces Gai's with renewed determination. "For that, I decide to help you again."

Gai gives one remark with a smile, "Whatever."


Outside, the sunrise appears to overcome the heavy rain. The weather symbolizes that Shu's doubts have come to a close.

Inori is seen outside and hearing that the conversation is finished. Apparently, it was all thanks to her that this situation is over with.

"There you are!" a girl's voice cried out.

Inori turn to see Madoka running towards her as the magical girl pants a little.

"Madoka." Inori said. "What are you doing?"

"Just here to see Shu and Gai!"

Her words are true as Shu and Gai came outside to see the girls.

"I take it that Inori help you to come see me." Gai proclaimed to Shu.

"Well yeah." Shu replied before turn to Madoka. "Didn't expect you to be around, Madoka."

"Well.." Madoka gives a sheepish smile. "Despite Homura stopping me, I just want to see if your feel okay, Shu."

"I see, I'm okay as it sounds. Say, aren't you coming for the mission?" Shu ask the magical girl.

"I'm not participating since I mostly watch the sidelines back in the main place. Same goes for Homura for this one." Madoka answered. "But Sayaka, Kyoko, and Mami will be there for the first time! And what's better, Mami can help you and Gai for stopping these cores."

"Really, that's nice of you." Shu smiled at her.

"She has her personal priorities." Gai added. "However, you best be ready for the mission, Shu."

Shu nodded, "Yeah, we will make it successful, no matter what."

(End theme)


Outside Tsukigase Dam

Hours have pass, and it is now sunset at the forest close to the dam.

Gai is seen hiding in the bushes and uses his binoculars to spy on GHQ guards and Endlaves below.

The sunset is about to commence.

"Gai, it's time." Tsugumi's voice is heard through his ear communicator.

Gai then announces, "Begin the operation."


(Cue First Blood OST - 05 Hanging On)

In another area, Argo is seen starting up the engines of an armored gray truck with Funeral Parlor's insignia and ordered, "Let's do it guys, open fire!"

A squad of Funeral Parlor mercenaries charge forth alongside Argo's truck to the GHQ Base.

The GHQ guards take notice that one of them said, "Is that Funeral Parlor?"

Suddenly, the guards are being shot behind by Oogumo and his squad supporting Argo's team. A Rajita of Oogumo's squad that looks like a Triceraton from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is seen running down GHQ guards with his horns, while the crocodile Rajita from Argo's team bites down one guard to shake and throw him away. Argo backs up by mowing the guards with his armored truck while smirking behind to reach the base.


Tsukigase Dam/Monitor Room

In their seats, Major Segai and Rowan watches the battle progressing.

"Send out the Endlaves, gentlemen." Segai simply smiled while holding his phone.


Outside Tsukigase Dam

Argo's truck continues to drive in the forest's path when suddenly, a blue Endlave appear and kicks the vehicle to a boulder wall, setting it on fire. Argo makes it out in the last second and saw the Endlave towering above him.

"Oh crap!"

"Yeah! I, Daryl Yan, have own you!"

As Daryl's mech is about to shoot him, Ayase's Steiner appears and hits the opposing Endlave just in time, saving Argo as well.

"Go take cover while you still can!" Ayase's voice cried out. Argo nodded and leaves to support the others.

Daryl's mind took notice of his former mech and cries out in anger, "MY STEINER!" His mech then rushes and grapples with Ayase's. Ayase then counters by letting go and punch Daryl in the face, then Daryl surprisingly lunges and chokes the Steiner.


Ayase's mind and neck starts to feel intense pain from Daryl's throttling. As soon as her life is depleting, help has arrive in the last second to free Ayase from Daryl's grip. The magical girls: Sayaka and Kyoko are here for the rescue, that they stand on top of the Steiner's shoulders.

"Who the hell are you two?!" Daryl ferociously shocked at girls that GHQ has no knowledge about.

"Thanks!" Ayase's voice cried out to both.

"No sweat it." Kyoko smirked while turn to Daryl's Endlave. "Alright, how about pick someone else for a change."

"Oh you wouldn't want to mess with her." Sayaka added.

"WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT!" Daryl charges forward at the magical girls and attempt to smash them, but both easily dodge his assault. Kyoko uses his spear to unleash chains to ensnare Daryl's Endlave.

"WHA-?!" Daryl cries out.

"Now is our chance!" Ayase cried out as her Steiner unleashes a flurry of punches at Daryl while Sayaka backs her up by slashing the Endlave with her water element backing her up.

(End theme)


(Cue Guilty Crown – Pi)

As Funeral Parlor and the two magical girls distract GHQ at bay, Tsugumi's voice is heard contacting Gai.

"Gai, the diversion's goes smoothly. Are you inside the dam yet?"


Inside Tsukigase Dam

Gai, Shu, Inori, Mami, Kenji, and Fyu-Neru are seen inside the base by standing on a 'T' pathway.

"Yeah, I'm going to turn off my communicator for now." Gai responded.

"Good luck and be careful!" the cat girl warned.

"Will do." Gai said as he turns the ear communicator off.

Just then, GHQ guards appear and attempt to shoot at the intruders. Gai, Inori, and Mami easily kill them with their guns at ease. Shu however, remains hesitant at first.

"Dude, you haven't fire a single shot." Kenji remarked while seeing Gai shooting at a guard's face.

"Fine-!" Shu replied. "I give you something good."

Shu puts away his rifle for a while. Then uses his void-right hand to turn towards Mami and grab her personal void with magical traits, the Cadmium Shotgun. Mami briefly fell unconscious while Inori swiftly holds her body. With good marksmanship skills, Shu fires a bullet, which multiplies, at a squad of guards, easily killing them and causes small fireworks. Gai, Inori, and Kenji are impressed when Shu uses a void from a magical girl. At the same time, Shu could not believe what he just did. Afterwards, Shu returns Mami's void to her body, in which she gets up upon awakening.

"I hope you make my weapon look comfortable, Shu." Mami remarked while the boy is uncertain of her comment.

"Alright, here it goes!" Kenji uses a grenade to destroy a gateway between the left and right pathways.

"The cores are inside, let's go." Gai ordered his comrades.

Then gunshots are fire at the floor as the heroes saw more guards coming on in both left and right sides.

"They just keep coming!" Shu cried out.

However, Inori is stepping in to the left side, much to Shu's surprise. "I'll take care of this."

Mami supports Inori by going on the right side, "Same here, you wouldn't have all the fun don't you." She then readied her magical shotgun.

Gai then said to the girls, "Very well."

With that, Inori immediately shoots one guard down and states, "I don't want to kill you if I can avoid it. Stay back."

The guards on both flanks, however, refuse to surrender and rush towards Inori and Mami.

"Suit yourself." Mami smiled as she shoots down another guard on the right, while Inori does a 'gangster' like stance with both handguns to mow down more guards on the left. Bullets keep flying everywhere for the girls' teamwork.

Shu remains surprise at this. "How did she, other than Mami-?! Inori is-?"

"Hey!" Kenji's voice is heard behind him. The kamaitachi takes off his coat in revealing a sleeveless black shirt. "Quit looking at them and use my void."

(End theme)


Tsukigase Dam/Monitor Room

"Someone is invading the core room!" Rowan cried out by looking at the digital monitors.

Segai's still holds his phone with the clown keychain and announce. "Prepare for Daryl to swap."


Outside Tsukigase Dam

Ayase and the two magical girls continue their assault at Daryl and they are about to finish him, when suddenly, Daryl's mind of his Endlave has gone offline. The girls took noticed.

"What is that all about?" Sayaka wondered.


…Which switches to another blue Endlave inside the dam as it activates, ready to terminate the intruders.


Tsukigase Dam/Monitor Room

Segai then gets up and smirks, "Now, let me meet these intruders." The GHQ superior then walks out of the control room to confront them soon.


Tsukigase Dam/Core Room

(Cue Mnemosyne – Time Continues)

Shu and Gai have made it inside the satellite core room with red light. Shu is seen holding Kenji's void that looks like a small fancy gun, the Thief's Gravity, which he is aiming at a cylinder with circles spiraling around.

"So I'm hitting it at the center of these cores?" Shu asked to Gai.

"Yeah, so watch yourself." The blond haired leader said as he's also with Fyu-Neru. The small robot is seen hooking up cables on the cylinder. "When the circles stop moving, Fyu-Neru will input the stop command."

Shu is about to pull the trigger as the cylinder's circles around the infinite diagram are beginning to stop.

Just then, gunshots are fired in the floor between Shu and Gai. Both turned to see the blue Endlave mind-controlled by Daryl.

"Surprise, Funeral punks!" Daryl's voice shouts in vengeance as the mech walks slowly towards them. "Time to make you pay from last time!"

"Gai!" Shu cried out.

"Just concentrate what your doing!" Gai ordered as the Endlave is about to aim at him.


Tsukigase Dam/Monitor Room

Back in the monitor room, Rowan becomes alert of what Daryl is doing, "Don't be stupid, the cores are in there!"


Tsukigase Dam/Core Room

However, Daryl remains insane as he fires at Gai, but the Funeral Parlor leader dodges his attacks as he uses a string to leap above and throws a sun bomb at the Endlave. The bomb gains contact to the Endlave and blinds Daryl. Gai then jumps to the Endlave's head and uses his handgun to shoot it on the inside, causing Daryl's mind in pain.

"BASTARD!" Daryl's voice cried out as he unfortunately shoots the cylinder till his mech went offline.

As soon as the fight is finish, Gai jumps to the floor as he and Shu see that the cylinder's glass is broken.

"My god.." Gai muttered.


Outside of the dam, electric rods begin to malfunction as electricity from the city districts of Tokyo is in power outage.


Tsukigase Dam/Core Room

Back with Shu and Gai, Tsugumi's voice is heard through their ear communicators, "Guys, I have some bad news! Something's wrong with Leukocyte #1, because it's damaged, its altitude is going haywire! The satellite is going to crash into Tokyo!"

The least say that both men are surprised.

(End theme)


In the atmosphere, the Leukocyte satellite is starting to fall down like a meteor. In Tokyo, a bright star that shows the satellite is seen in the night's sky.


Tsukigase Dam

Later, Gai's group is seen in another location to get out of the place. Inori and Fyu-Neru are handling the door controls. Mami Tomoe is seen holding the unconscious Kenji due to Shu still having his void inside.

Then the team hears a sly voice. "So, we finally meet at last, Shu Ouma."

(Cue Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - Taken to Saint Aegilious)

The group turned to see a purple haired man calmly walking towards them, Makoto Waltz Segai.

"You must be one of their leaders, Segai." Gai stated.

"It is so good to see you too, Gai Tsutsugami, or for some people as the 'Shining Victory Dragon'. Don't worry, I am not armed or anything." Segai replied then turns to Mami briefly, "You're seemed to be new to us."

"Well, I am a guest of honor to help them." Mami said politely despite being opposite sides.

"Wait!" Shu interrupted as he talks to Segai, "How did you know about me?"

Segai becomes interested in his question and said, "Last time, I witnessed you wield this void power. This reminds me of a fond memory about it years ago, in which I am now satisfied that I meet you."

"What does it have to do with it?" Shu pondered.

"Besides the Leukocyte satellites falling and lining up, you can simply consider joining us for the better good. One might wonder if you still question your allegiance with Funeral Parlor. They are indeed terrorists in the public's eye. Are all factions having some shade of gray, hmm?"

Shu is then reminded about his decision. However at the same time, he knows that GHQ is the chaotic force that drives the country to tyranny, while Funeral Parlor are the resistance to help the innocent.

Gai then interrupts, "Hold it, we come this far to stop the satellite that's crashing to Tokyo. In exchange, you can personally remove all of Shu's information that you've gathered."

Shu watches for a moment of Gai defending him, then he added, "I declined you offer. I witness GHQ's atrocities from the other side, and I did make my choice in helping Japan's independence."

Segai seems a little surprised, but he smiles with Shu's final answer.

"Very well, I already lost anyway." Segai said as he begins to walk away from his adversaries. "Carry on in destroying our satellite."

(End theme)


Outside Tsukigase Dam

(Cue Ghost in Shell - Origa – Rise)

Shu, Inori, Gai, and Mami carrying Kenji's body have made it outside where their allies are winning against GHQ forces. Fire and electric rods appear in the area, as the four watch the dark skies.

Argo saw the group while hiding in the side of a crate. "They made it out, what the hell is going on?!"

Ayase's Steiner is seen moving and her voice said, "I'm not sure, but we need to cover them!"

Back with Shu's group, Gai then said to the hesitant newcomer, "Shu, are you still going to do something instead of idly stand by?"

Shu thought about it to himself after his brief ordeal with Segai. Then Inori's voice said to him, "Do you want to save those people?"

Shu's head rises up and turns to Inori. He then briefly glimpses an image of a pink-haired girl in Inori's place before going back to reality. After a brief pause with experiences leading up to today, Shu complies, "Let's do it."

"Then use my power." Inori said quietly.

Mami then steps in and smiles, "Let me help out as well, Shu."

Shu said to the magical girl, "Okay, then here goes!" Shu uses both hands to get Inori and Mami's voids.

At this point, the three voids: Thief's Gravity, Singer's Sword, and Cadmium Shotgun, fused into a large gunblade-like weapon that Shu wields.

Gai watches Shu about to aim at the falling satellite, "Looks like your back in the game, huh?"

"At least Inori convince me to do this!" Shu cried out to him.

Gai then uses his ear communicator and asked Tsugumi, "How long until these satellites align?"


Hologram Hub

The nekomata check all the data of the two satellites. "Thirty seconds everyone!"


Outside Tsukigase Dam

"Understood." Oogumo is seen in another area as he hits a GHQ guard with his fist. Then he fires his rifle at more intruders.

An Endlave Gautier is about to fire at Gai and Shu, but Ayase steps in to protect her comrades.

"Like hell you would!" Ayase's voice is heard as the Steiner fires its rifle at the Endlave and the other Gautiers to stop their movements.

Sayaka and Kyoko came down in time to carry Mami, Inori and Kenji's bodies too safely. Gai watches them leave as he turns to Shu.

Shu aims at the falling satellite with his gunblade void and thought of himself, "This isn't my wish and power alone! It's everyone!"


Hologram Hub

In Tsugumi's diagram, the satellites are lining up.

"Now!" the nekomata cried out.


Outside Tsukigase Dam

With a determined yell, Shu fires a red laser from his gunblade to the skies. This directly hits the falling Leukocyte and the other one from space, destroying them both.

(End theme)


Minutes after Funeral Parlor's mission is complete, Inori is seen waking up since Shu return the voids to their owners.

Shu and Gai both look at beautiful auroras in the skies. Due to Mami's void being used, grand fireworks are seen as well, celebrating the heroes' victory.

"Guess I was wrong about you, Gai." Shu offers a hand, mirroring what Gai did to Shu days ago.

"There's no need, you did the right thing." Gai smiled and shakes his hand. This signifies that Shu renews his respect to Funeral Parlor. Both continue to watch the fireworks.


Outskirts of Tsukigase Dam/Funeral Parlor Camp

Back in the forest campsite, Madoka, Homura, and Shibungi see the results of the monitor. They are quite satisfied.

"They did it." Homura stated while Madoka smiles gently.

"Indeed they are." Shibungi added.


Shu's Apartment/Haruka's Bedroom

Meanwhile, Haruka is seen in her bedroom looking at an old photo consisting of herself, a young brunette boy of what seems to be Shu, a young blond boy, and that same pink-haired girl from Shu's lost memories.

"Shu.." Haruka muttered to herself with empathy.


Ward 24/Central Command

(Cue Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - Welcome to The Pellatorium)

As Keido watches the screens concerning the failure of GHQ's mission, he catches the attention of two sinister voices.

"You did well, Shuichiro Keido." The same enigmatic blond boy is seen smiling and hanging upside down on the ceiling.

"Tehehe. The icy prison that is Cocytus has trembled." The 'dark version' of Madoka appears behind Keido. "In due time, she will wake up to seek her beloved king."

"So you two come." Keido respond by turning to the blond haired boy, "Yuu." Then turn towards the dark Madoka "And the Kriemhild Gretchen."

"I sense that the magical girls have made themselves known." Kriemhild stated.

"Indeed." Keido said to the pink-haired witch. "They seem to become a nuisance lately when helping Funeral Parlor. But they are mostly likely drawn out since that boy with the Void Genome inside him is involved."

"It is what makes him so special to us." Yuu explained as he descends to the floor.

"Also, this dimension has intrigued me, even though its 'golden age' is lost years ago." The Kriemhild Gretchen then presents the head of GHQ's Anti-Bodies four other witches that are summoned. "In addition, I have presented my associates to help us."

One witch looks like a dark Homura Akemi with a white village hat that looks like the infamous Abigail Williams of Salem wears it, red lilies on the hat, and light/dark grayish dress. She is named Homulilly, the Nutcracker Witch.

Another is a dark mermaid that looks like Sayaka Miki with armor similar to a medieval knight, an indigo cape, pink bow on her chest, and a heart design collar with teal green/red patterns. Her name is Oktavia von Seckendorff, the Mermaid Witch.

Next looks like Kyoko Sakura only less spunky, her ponytail is made out of fire, and wears a red Chinese war dress with a blue collar and cream yellow/brown designs. Ophelia, the Wudan Witch, is her name.

Finally is a polite-looking girl that looks like Mami Tomoe with a light blue dress, yellow long sleeve arms underneath, and a yellow bonnet. Her name is Candeloro, the Dress-up Witch.

"I see about the reminder and your servants." Keido said to the two villains. "Another apocalypse can happen when it comes."

"In due time, my friend." Yuu smiled secretly. "But speaking of the devil queen's prison, me and the Witches are taking a trip to Jotunheim next month around the eve of Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to it."

(End theme)


(Cue Departures – Supercell)


Funeral Parlor Headquarters/Gai's Room

It is getting late at nightfall, after Shu is sent back home, everyone of Funeral Parlor is resting. In the room of the leader himself, Gai is resting in his bed, but he is given a blood transfusion from Inori herself. Most people thought that both Gai and Inori are lovers, well, this is the truth.

"Tell me, does Shu know about this?" Inori asked.

Gai answered while looking at the ceiling, "Probably not, but your blood is the only way to ease the pain that's inside me, even though it gave me the ability to see through people's voids."

"But one day, your life will be threatened."

"I know, but I have to take that risk." Gai said as the blood transfusion is finished. Inori removes the needle and puts a bandage on his arm. "You need some rest, Inori."

"Thank you, Gai." Inori replied as she then leaves the room.

Now alone, Gai stands up and sits in his bed thinking. Sure he managed to make Shu join his band of rebels, but for his disability, he would have asked Madoka or any magical girl about this, but he decided not for personal reasons.

"I still hate being a hindrance, I have to focus on what's coming tomorrow."


Next Mission: Mythological


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At least some of the magical girls take action by helping Funeral Parlor such as Sayaka and Kyoko help Ayase facing Daryl. Looks like at the end, the Witches that are the Puellas' counterparts made their appearances; they are AU versions as well.

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