A/N: Here we are in chapter five (which I already did a draft and revise before), where the revelation of Lost Christmas is revealed. Enjoy.


Roppongi District/Tokyo, Japan/December 9th, 2022

(Cue Lillith – Losing a World)

Back in Tokyo, the gargantuan rose tower made out of crystals continues forming with flowing lavender energy. The eldritch tower gives an unearthly screech that emits power waves as the apocalypse outbreak spreads throughout the district.

Shortly after Kriemhild Gretchen blows Madoka away to prevent interference, she watches the tower and forms a smile.


Haneda Airport/Rooftop

Shifting to Shu's location at the airport, he is about to be struck down by the sinister blond that held Inori captive.

"Until then, Shu Ouma." Yuu said.

Yuu raises the Singer's Sword in ready to kill Shu, but someone step in to take the hit. To Shu's shock, that person reveals to be Gai. Blood has pour out of the Undertaker leader's chest as Gai cough and falls down in Shu's arms. Both Yuu and Eon see the unexpected outcome with delightful glee.

Shu shouted, "Gai!"

Gai turns to Shu and muttered with a smirk, "You know I can't leave you here."

"C'mon! Hang in there, Gai!"

Blood continues to pour from Gai's injured body as Shu watch in horror and still holds him.

Eon the microraptor chortled, "Why wasting your life saving this human? Unless you have some relation with him."

Shu then looks closer at Gai's cross necklace. The accessory eventually pictures him some memories in some kind of a church. Flashing images of the pink-haired girl, Mana, appears, alongside a visual of a familiar blond haired boy.

Shu eventually realizes the shocking truth, "Wait, don't tell me you're-?!"

"Oh you remember the past?" Yuu stated. "So foolish."

"Shu.." Gai muttered, as Shu pictures the young blond boy replacing him. It turns out his lost childhood friend is Gai Tsutsugami himself! Shu's eyes continue to bewilder beyond his control.

"No..this isn't possible! This isn't happening!" Shu cried out.

(End theme)


(Cue The Everlasting Guilty Crown – Egoist)


Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms

Mission 5: Revelations


Passageway between deeper levels and the crystal tower

Lavender energy along with masses keeps flowing to the tower's top with light basking above it. Keido and Segai have reached the pathway between their current location and the tower.

"So, that tower surrounding the city?" Segai asked.

"Yes, the Undertakers' headquarters conceals their secrets of the majestic void formed by a single girl's heart." Keido answers his subordinate. "Gai is even smart enough to keep it hidden from the magical girls' knowledge."

"You mean, Mana?"

"That's correct. By the way, here's the information of the voids I promised you." Keido throws a thumb drive to Segai, in which the later takes it from. "I thanked your contribution, but I must go alone."

Keido is eventually teleported away by the force to the tower.

Segai then said to himself with a smile before leaving the cloudy area, "My my, what an aloof."


Haneda Airport

(Cue Mnemosyne – Abnormal Affair (0:33 – 1:31))

Back at the airport, Shu notices that Gai slowly gets up despite his injury as the blond-haired leader glares at Yuu, who the sinister boy still holds Inori behind the purple void portal.

"So you showed yourself, Da'ath the Death Keeper, or at least you're an envoy of that organization." Gai glared. His spirit animal, Havoc, materializes in his mind to growl at Yuu and Eon. Shu, alongside Speckles in his mind, looks at Yuu with caution.

"I take it that you're the one who revived Loki and his minions, correct?" Gai questioned.

"Ah yes, he was a wonderful collaborator to take revenge on Asgard." Yuu smiled. "Enough about that, Shuichiro Keido, your father works so hard that me and the Witches decided to corporate with him."

Shu becomes more aghast that the name of the Anti-Bodies' leader is actually Gai's father. The brunette-haired boy is speechless.

Then, Yuu begins to float away to the portal with Inori being held.

"Shu..follow him." Gai ordered while he remains standing. "They are going to sacrifice Inori so that they can awaken Mana!"

"Mana?" Shu said as he looks at Yuu leaving. Understood what Gai is telling him, Shu runs towards the envoy of Da'ath, "Where are you taking her?!"

He touches the portal that Shu fades in white. White bursts of energy are sent to the clouds while Gai watches.


In the streets near Tennouzu High School; Yahiro, Hare, Souta, Arisa, and Kanon watches the outcome.


Inside Tsugumi's truck, the cockpit that remotely controls the Steiner have Ayase wondered, "What's happening?"

(End theme)


Dimensional passageway to the Crystal Tower

(Cue Mnemosyne – Drifts)

Shu found himself in a wide light purple passageway without floors, even if he stands on top of something invisible.

"Where am I?" Shu said to himself.

Speckles the Tarbosaurus spirit speaks inside Shu's mind, "We're in somewhere between the pathway that leads to something materializing from your city, Shu. Something tells me that we're nearby a sealed force that is waiting to be freed."

Suddenly, Yuu reappears to surprise his guest, still holding the unconscious Inori.

"Inori!" Shu cried out again.

Yuu smiles sinisterly in being callous to his adversary, "Shu, if you're so determine to reach us, try to remember your past. All these painful memories you sealed yourself have something to do with Mana."

"What do you mean by that?" Shu questions to the Envoy of Da'ath.

Ignoring the boy's words, Yuu snaps his fingers to conjure a white square below Shu's feet. Shu is surprise and encased by the white square, which once again fades his perspective to white.

(End theme)


Izu Oshima Island/Shu's Flashback/Summer 2012

"I was summer vacation, I have an older sister, who turn out to be Mana herself. I remember my real mother named, Saeko Shijou passed away before. That's why Haruka becomes a stepmother and raise me well. While my dad is busy with his research, these are the days when she takes me there to live out the season's warmth. The grass, the beach, everything."

It shows an island by the name of Izu Oshima, with what Shu describe as beautiful in the sunset. This is the place for his own summer home. Two people are seen on a cliff near the shores. One is a young, brown-haired boy with a red T-shirt, yellow stripes, a blue number 2 on his shirt, and grayish brown short pants. The other is a tall, pink-haired girl with unnatural red eyes, red braids and a flower on her hair, a pinkish white dress, and wears a cross necklace. These two are Shu as a young child and his older sister, Mana Ouma.

"Whoa, the view looks great, sis!" Shu grinned at the location.

Mana giggled pleasantly, "Thank you, Shu. I'm glad you like your time here."

(Cue Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix – Destiny Islands (Re: Chain of Memories))

As both of them enjoy the scenery, they notice someone below the shores.

"Who is that?" Shu wondered in his eyes.

The person near the shoes is a young blond haired boy wearing only blue shorts. He is laying down unconscious.

Seeing that he needs help, Shu and Mana ran down below to the beach.

"Then, we found an unconscious boy near the shores. We reach to him and Mana rescue him. She refers him as 'Triton', reminding me of the ocean's messenger."

It shows Mana performing CPR by directly touches the boy's lips with hers, so that he can get oxygen. The blond haired boy coughs as he gains conscious and looks at his two saviors.

"Wh-Who are you?" The blond haired boy questioned in curiosity.

"My name is Shu." Shu smiled and turns to his sister, "And this is my sister, Mana."

Mana greets the blond boy with courtesy, "You remind me of a messenger from the sea. I know those stories relating to the sea god, Poseidon, and that you're like his son, Triton."

The blond boy has taken the compliment quite well, knowing he is somehow arrived from the ocean. 'Triton' seems to suit well for him, even besides the Greek myths, the name also traces from a familiar Disney film.

"Well, do you like to tell us your name?" Shu ask the boy.

Shy at first, the boy eventually answers by recalling his real identity, "My name is simply Gai. It's nice to meet you."

"Thanks! Let's hope we can become friends!" smiled Shu.

Gai begins to return the favor by smiling with some hope to stay with them.

"And so, me and Gai became childhood friends. We were lucky that we get to know one another and I see him as a brother. The truth is back then, I was the courageous kid whereas Gai is the shy one. Hell, I recall the time where me and him try to jump on a bridge. Even so, all three of us have a fun summer."

Various scenes are shown for the trio's time during vacation. One crucial part shows Gai hesitates to jump over a bridge after Shu did it, Gai jump and is about to slip only that Shu grabs his arm to save him. The childhood trio made a secret club house to decorate with action figures and sleeping bags. At one point, they did some drawings inside such as Shu drew some kind of a green T-rex with crayons. In another day near nightfall, they, Haruka, and even Kurosu for his day off wore costumes to celebrate a cosplay festival in Tokyo. Shu is Mac from Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Gai is Samurai Jack, Mana is Dee Dee (without the pigtails) from Dexter's Lab, and Kurosu & Haruka are Professor Utonium & Miss Bellum from Powerpuff Girls. Eventually, a group picture of Shu, Gai, Mana and Haruka sitting in couches is shown, hence the reason why Shu's 'mother' keeps the photo for memories.

"These are the happiest time of my life. So why did I forget?"

(End theme)


Present/Haneda Airport/December 9th, 2022

Meanwhile, Gai begins to heal himself due to the side-effects of his viral cancer. The leader of the Undertakers seem surprise a little that he's healed despite he stands up just fine, but nevertheless focuses on how the avatar of Da'ath became involve with the second apocalypse.

Gai then saw Ayase's Steiner skiing to his location. Kyoko and Sayaka follow through as well.

"Gai!" Ayase's voice cried out inside her mech.

"Dude, what the hell happened?" Kyoko asked.

Gai then answers to his cohorts, "Inori has been kidnap by the perpetrator of this mess. Shu follows him to seek some answers."

"You mean, Shu is here?!" Ayase said in surprise.

Same goes for the two magical girls, Sayake stated, "No way…"

"Yeah." Gai simply replied. "If we can somehow find his location right about now.."

Both Sayaka and Kyoko then sense a vibe of energy coming from Minato, Tokyo. Sayaka then states to her friends, "I feel something, there's recently a tall tower forming from Tokyo."

The heroes give a brief surprise of the news. It's possible that the tower is created when Inori's song is interrupted.

Gai then uses his transmitter to communicate with Tsugumi, "We need to know where that tower is."

"Gai!" Tsugumi's voice cried out, "Okay, but unfortunately, you guys are not gonna like this."

As soon as the cat girl's information is transferred to her friends, they found out where the coordinates of the rose tower really are, much to their dismay.

"Our home…" Ayase said in sadness that the base of Funeral Parlor is wiped out.

"Jesus Christ, they seriously went that far to mess with our clubhouse!" Kyoko shouts in frustration.

However, Gai leaps to the Steiner's shoulder and stated, "Its not the best time, we need to get our asses to that damn location if we want to save them. There's no turning back now."

Both magical girls nodded as they leap to the Steiner's shoulder as well. Fully prepared for their move, Gai, Ayase, Kyoko, and Sayaka are following Shu's trail to the towering crystal structure.


Shu's Flashback/Summer-Fall 2012

(Cue Final Fantasy IV: The After Years – Mysterious Girl Theme)

"Later on, I realize that my older sister is acting strange."

Shu and Mana are at the living room, sitting in a couch, but the lights are off and there's a thunderstorm outside.

"Shu." Mana said softly. "Do you know what is like when I have a husband?"

"W-What are you talking about, sis?" Shu replied with little nervousness.

"I mean of…marriage." Mana smiled. "I don't know about Triton, but do you want to marry me when we grow up together?"

Shu stares in disbelief, as Mana draws closer to her little brother's face. Their lips meet in some sort of incest love, Shu's eyes widen while Mana's eyes closes as the boy felt something cold instead of warmth.

Eventually, Mana lets go of her lip, leaving Shu blush. Sound of lightning flashes outside, as Shu becomes nervous of Mana's red eyes glowing with a creepy smile.

"I love you." Mana said innocently.

The pink-haired girl eventually stands up and calmly leaves the area, leaving Shu alone to wonder if he believes what his sister just did.

(End theme)

After which, the perspective of flashbacks begin to fade white to reality.


Present/Crystal Tower/December 9th, 2022

Eventually after exploring some of his memories, Shu is then teleport to the crystallize tower itself. The boy remains surprise of where he is at. The area is vast and cathedral like, alongside some kind of throne with a cocoon from a long stairway. Beneath Shu's floor are concrete floors alongside pools of blood.

Shu alertly looks around as he then sees the unconscious Inori being encased by crystallized vines between the stairway and himself. The songtress is wearing some kind of wedding veil.

Shu cried out, "Oh god..Inori, I'm here for you!"

As the hero tries to run towards his close interest, Eon the microraptor suddenly appear and screeches to back Shu off. The image of Speckles growled at his newly adversary.

"Do not interfere with master's plans." Eon stated.

Shu then sees Yuu and the Kriemhild Gretchen materializing in front of Inori. Eon flies towards Yuu and perches in his right shoulder. Besides them, Shuichiro Keido finally shows himself by walking towards to his leaders with the rock inside the cylinder. Shu takes caution at the three villains.

(Cue Mnemosyne – Existence of Eipos)

Yuu clapped his hands and smiles, "Congratulations in exploring some of your fragmented memories. You seem confident back there."

Kriemhild giggled, "How nice to see you in person, Shu Ouma."

Shu turns towards the cruel villainess and is somewhat surprised by her similar appearance, "You look just like Madoka, just what the hell are you?!"

The 'Dark Madoka' replied, "If you heard about the Witches from Madoka and her friends, then you're seeing it now."

Keido interrupts the conversation and looks at the boy, "So we meet in person as well, son of Kurosu."

Shu then replied to the Anti-Bodies' chief, "And your one of GHQ's top commander as well as Gai's father I presumed?"

Keido remains silent, for he eventually knew that Gai remember his family bloodline.

"Tell me." Shu retorted, "What is it that you know about my dad?"

Again, Keido ignores the boy's question.

"Answer me now, you bastard!" Shu raises his voice as he begins to run towards the villains, but his feet are trapped by crystal vines.

"So sorry that my client doesn't respond, Shu Ouma." Yuu calmly said. "But of course to remind you, I am the avatar of the Da'ath organization itself. Standing on top of the stairway is the infected soul of Mana inside the cocoon."

As the boy announces it, Yuu shows Shu a view on top of the throne. Inside these metallic shards is Mana's nude body in a deep slumber.

Yuu continued, "As you can see, we desire to awaken our 'Eve'. We kidnap Inori because she is special, meaning that she is once our creation."

Shu's eyes widened of this revelation. Inori Yuzuriha, the famous singer of EGOIST and a member of Funeral Parlor, is actually a creation of Da'ath.

"You heard me right, her DNA is trace from none other than Mana herself, alongside that your sister is actually the first to be infected by the Apocalypse Virus."

Yuu smirked before deciding to reveal further to his opposition, "In fact, it was us that created that Apocalpyse Meteorite in the first place!"

Shu begins to know this knowledge from the point that Inori is the clone of his sister to the virus' main source from that same sister. But most importantly, the meteor that caused Lost Christmas is actually created by Da'ath. Yuu is the true perpetrator behind the cause of suffering.

Shu then becomes shocked and angered. "You did what!?"

"Correct." Yuu said sinisterly as he materializes an apple for symbolism. "In ancient times is where Da'ath secretly originated. Humanity gives them the latter meaning of 'intelligence, thinking, and knowledge' by Hebrew, and that the organization desires to create their own apocalypse with plans in restarting the human race. But they were eventually stop and went to seclusion, whether some resistance oppose Da'ath. Centuries later, at the first decade of the third millennium, I made my presence to secretly revive Da'ath for our cult to expand and renew their prophecy. Long-time and new members began to worship me as their new 'god'. However, while we secretly made preparations, we rather wait in precaution due to competitive fears with other evil forces such as the Rajita and their Orichalcos influences, the Taiyoukai alongside demon incursions from the Makai Realm and most of the entire Dawn of Chaos gambit back in 2009. Now that they are no longer the problem, our plan is coming."

Yuu finishes his brief history by having Eon devouring the apple.

Kriemhild then added, "Like Madoka and her band of strumpets, we actually came from a universe separate from hers, one that we witches rule with despair. We originally traverse to this dimension for harvesting the despair from humankind, but helping Da'ath's scheme becomes much enjoyable. I love it when my honey does his gambit."

(End theme)

Keido walks in the pool of blood and added to the revelation.

"There is destiny remains to be seen. Me and your father were once friends in graduate school. Haruka is also my younger sister. As time passes, however, I became jealous of Kurosu's research to the point I choose to join Da'ath's conspiracy. In the end, I put my 'so called friend' out of his misery."

Shu becomes even more shock to know who his father's murderer is, alongside that Haruka, his stepmother, is Keido's sister. Fueled by anger, his reaction remains similar towards Yuu, but how could Keido really have done this?

"I am currently going to be the 'Adam' of their plan." Keido stoically reveals it to Kurosu's son. "So that once I have 'Eve's marriage, I will witness what the apocalypse can transpire for a new world."

Still trapped, Shu tries to free himself, but crystallized vines with red eyes appear to ensnare threaten him.

Mana's voice comes out from the crystallized red eyes, "Shu, I'll never forgive for what you did."

"M-Mana.", Shu fearfully shuddered as sharp crystallized vines appear close to Shu's neck in threaten to cutthroat him should he makes a wrong move.

Keido walks closer to the middle of the area with Inori. He places the gray cylinder containing the meteor fragment in a medium size column. The marriage ritual is about to begin.

(Cue Godzilla Unleashed – Biollante's Theme)

Just then, an explosion is heard by destroying the ceiling of the crystal tower. Shu and the villains watch as Gai and company have arrived. The Steiner has causes the explosion, alongside Sayaka and Kyoko wielding their weapons.

"Gai!" Shu cried out in surprise, seeing that his comrade just been recovered.

"Don't think I'm leaving you behind." Gai remarked to Shu.

"Sorry to crash in the party, dumbasses!" Kyoko smirked.

"Are you alright Shu?!" Ayase worried.

"Look, Kyoko!" Sayaka points Kyoko to Krimehild. "That's the ringleader of those witches we fought, she looks just like Madoka!"

The witch version of Madoka looks at the magical girls and smiled, "Oh how nice to meet you. I just met your friend, but I blew her away before she gets a chance to stop me."

"Oh you're asking for it!" Kyoko growled. Same for the rest of the heroes' reactions of what happen to Madoka, for her whereabouts are nowhere.

As the Steiner, Gai, and the two magical girls descend to the floor, Kyoko immediately uses her spear to destroy the crystal vines that trapped Shu. Sayaka backs her up by chopping down the crystal red eyes.

Mana's voice shriek by the injuries of the magical weapons. "You hurt me!"

Shu felt relief that the magical girls save him, but is caution of what Mana's control over those unnatural vines might do.

Ayase's Steiner raises her gun at the villains, Gai does the same with his Norse broadsword. Nevertheless, the villains are unafraid.

"So as memory I can tell, we finally meet again, father." Gai said venomously to Keido.

Even though Shu knows this information, Ayase, Sayaka, and Kyoko are shock by the revelation. Gai is keeping this a secret for the start.

"You got to be fucking kidding." Kyoko muttered.

Keido becomes amuse by his son's threats. "I am impress how much you grown, my son. To think when your mother died of childbirth complications, I become distant to help Da'ath. I recall that time that me and researchers have tested boys with the virus to see who is compatible of becoming 'Adam'. None of them work out, so I decide to have you as the apex recognition. But before that, you escaped from my clutches to the seas below. I never saw the fact that you become the leader of the Undertakers, thwarting every of GHQ's control over the country."

Havoc speaks to Gai's mind, "You seem to have full of surprises."

"Gai, why didn't you keep this a secret?" Ayase's voice worried.

Gai answered, "None of this matter to me, what we need to concentrate is to stop the masterminds behind the mess."

Suddenly, more crystal thorns and red eyes are formed in menacing the heroes. Shu readies himself by brandishing his emerald longsword.

"And we're in a lot of hell to mow the lawn."

And then, the crystal thorns charge and assault the heroes. Shu runs to evade the sharp points of the red eyes while he cuts down the crystal constructs with his long sword. Gai helps his childhood friend out by cutting down a few.

Meanwhile, Kriemhild decides to step in to confront Sayaka and Kyoko. Seeing that the magical girls fought their counterparts at the airport, they come face to face with the ringleader. The witch smiles with a wicked presence. "Even with two handling your counterparts, how fare can you face me? Madoka is the one I can challenge equally in case."

"As much as you said that, you don't have the kindness that our friend has." Sayaka frowned.

"Why don't you come fight us?!" Kyoko goaded.

Being calm at that request, Kriemhild charges forward at the magical girls. Sayaka and Kyoko try to attack with their weapons, but Kriemhild evades most of them and blasts Kyoko away with a dark force. Sayaka charges on and try to swipe the witch with her sword skills, Kriemhild still evades and giggles. Kyoko then arrives and fires flaming chains to ensnare the witch, only to her shock, Kriemhild immediately frees herself like nothing and glows with a dark pink aura.

"You two fought well, but I'm afraid our playtime must end." Kriemhild proclaimed before conjuring a dark hurricane similar to what she did to Madoka. "Be gone!"

"Oh god!" Kyoko shouted as she and Sayaka scream and are being cast out of the tower from the ceiling hole.

"Damn it!" Ayase cried out as her Steiner keeps firing bullets at the coming crystal vines. She destroys a few, but more of these crystal constructs appear and begin to damage the mech. The Steiner struggles to resist, but it cannot hold off much longer…

"Ayase, you must stop this!" Audrey the Austroraptor said to the Endlave pilot's mind.

"I can't, I have to protect Gai and my friends!" Ayase shouts back in her thoughts.

Gai takes notice and ordered in his communicator, "Tsugumi and Kenji! Emergency bailout!"

"No! I can still fight!" Ayase cried out before her mind is disconnected for her safety. As a result, the Steiner is destroyed and devoured by the crystal vines.

(End theme)

Yuu and his cohorts are relief that there are no interruptions, granted that only Shu and Gai are around to see their master plan.

"Now, let the wedding commences." Yuu said with a sinister tone as he materializes the meteor fragment to destroy the cylinder containing it, forming two crystal rings as a result. The column forms a red pentagram, in which the thread of and infinity symbol surrounds the unconscious Inori and Keido.

Yuu and Kriemhild, alongside the images of their spirit animals, watch as Kriemhild jokingly remarks, "I could be the flower girl if I want too."

Yuu smiles at his partner's compliment.

Meanwhile, Shu and Gai are still surrounded by the crystal vines and red eyes. They are on their own without Ayase and the magical girls. Their Norse blades are held in their hands. Before they get a chance to save Inori, Gai begins to ask something important.

"Shu, ten years ago, do you remember anything about what really happen to that day?"

"I..I think so." Shu thought. "Sure I did look at some parts in summer vacation with you, but my mind seems fuzzy about it."

"Try harder." Gai encourages. "Lost Christmas is an important revelation; I was part of it, alongside the fate of your sister."

As soon as Gai said that, Shu's mind begins to go white in venturing to one more flashback.


Flashback/Tokyo, Japan/December 2012

"That fateful event is the day that changes my life. It was December of 2012, the month the Mayans believe the so-called 'end of the world'. Gai was about to tell me about Mana's strange behavior. He told me to meet at the church in Roppongi district. It should be a safe shelter, since outside, Japan's heroes are facing an organization called The Defiants that want to destroy all superheroes. Gai expect that I should show up by now, but instead-."

"Merry Christmas, Triton." Mana wearing a red winter coat smiled to the young Gai in an abandoned church filled with lights and a tall Christmas tree with a star on top. She gives him some sort of a present.

Gai becomes nervous of Mana's presence, but then opens the present, revealing to be a pistol with a few bullets. The boy becomes unnerve by Mana's twisted behavior.

"You can be my knight in shining armor." Mana manipulates him as she points at the star of the Christmas tree. "Go on, shoot it and grant a wish to protect me."

Gai's naïve mind is force to do so under Mana's creepy eyes. Wielding a handgun for the first time makes the blond boy tremble as he begins to aim at the star.


"GAI!" Young Shu shouted outside while finding his best friend. "Where are you?!"


Suddenly, Shu hears a gunshot inside the church nearby, as he rushes to that location with haste.


Back in the church, the Christmas tree star just reflects the bullet that injures Gai in the right side of his chest. The blond boy yelps in pain as he falls to the ground while Mana stands there smiling. The unstable, pink-haired girl then touches some of Gai's blood with her fingers.

Shu immediately came in time for the horrors of what he saw. His close friend is wounded, and his older sister turns towards him by wearing Gai's blood as a lipstick.

"Shu." Mana said seductively as she slowly walks towards him.

"Get away, Shu!" Gai shouts as he slowly gets up despite his wound. "Mana's not herself!"

"Come give big sis a hug." Mana smile with ecstasy as she raises her arms in an attempt to embrace Shu. "I need you…to marry me."

As Shu stares in horror of what Mana has become, alongside the fact of what Gai just said, he is going to do something that'll bring the chain of events for the worse.

Shu immediately slaps Mana's arms, "STAY AWAY YOU MONSTER!" as his actions, especially his last cryptic word, make Mana fell to the ground.

Mana gets up and her eyes begin to widen. "Why..why did you do it." She said in a brink of sadness.

The insane girl's red eyes begin to glow as a powerful, viral force begins to emit from her body.

(Cue Shiki OST - SHI-KI)

"WHY DID YOU DO IT?!", Mana immediately shouts with a mix of raw sadness and anger, as her powers begin to tremble the church.

Both Shu and Gai witness lots of fire erupt to burn everything inside the church. The boys saw Mana turning towards them that the left side of her face is covered with purple crystals. Her eyes begin to give a creepy expression, but then she begins to regain her composure.

Both boys watch as Mana reverts to her old personality just before she gets infected and pleads, "Help me.. Please save me. I..I can't hold off much longer!"

Horrified by a darker side, Mana's body begins to break down by her powers. Eventually, Shu and Gai run away and take cover that the pink-haired girl explodes that spreads the Apocalypse Virus, causing Lost Christmas in the process.


Outside, many civilians begin to panic that they become infected and are consumed by the virus.

In another location at a playground, a younger Yahiro and his brother, Jun, witness the outbreak occurring. A bad foreshadowing begins to occur for Jun.

Lost Christmas spreads like the infamous Black Plague of European history, in which it not only spreads in Roppongi district, but to other districts in Tokyo such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Sarayashiki.

Many scenes illustrates the country's super-powered beings, alongside the Defiants they are facing, are caught up by the virus. Bloodcurdling screams are heard from the heroes being covered by crystals and are evaporated such as Sailor Moon, Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Yugi Mutou, Seto Kaiba, Sailor Varuna and Quaoar holding together, and Dimitri Ishida/Angemon X & Faith the Patamon (while Karin Osaka/Sailor Sedna escapes with disarray). Phillipe Sagara, Himura Tsubasa/AuroraInumon, and the Digimon Tamers tell Brunhilde to retreat before they are engulfed by the infested crystals. The Valkyrie leader watches in horror as she flew to the sky. Not one hero is immune to this pandemic.

After a few minutes, the outbreak begins to cease and fades away. But the results are beyond devastating in Japan's history. Many casualties occur in Tokyo, while those that are still infected and alive are taken to the infirmary. The rest of the uninfected civilians are distraught by this unexpected disaster. Robots of the Defiants that look like the Sentinels from X-Men called, Soujas, are seen destroyed and covered by purple crystals. Most of the heroes are wipe out, leaving only a very few percentage survive. Their kingdom alongside their age, are over.


Back to the church, the place is in total ruins and debris are everywhere. Shu is seen unconscious before he slowly gets up. The brunette hair boy becomes shock of what he just did, he and Mana indirectly causes Lost Christmas in the first place. His eyes turn to see Gai standing their calmly.

The blond haired boy holds the only remnant of Mana, her cross necklace. Gai solemnly looks at it and watches the dead skies.

"I have to become stronger." Gai coldly stated, no longer the shy boy he was. "I want that strength to save her."

Shu looks at his childhood friend changing. Without looking back, Gai begins to walk away to whatever path is chosen.

"Goodbye, Shu."

And with that, Gai vanishes right before Shu's mere eyes. Shu's world is once a happy and confident one, since Lost Christmas, his world lies in ruin. His mere mistake destroys everything, in which he masks himself by pure loneliness.

(End theme)

The final phase of these flashbacks fades back to reality.


Present/Crystal Tower/December 9th, 2022

(Cue Nightwish – The Crow, the Owl and the Dove)

Flashing back to the present, as the crystal vines are closing in on Shu and Gai, both childhood friends, now as heroic partners of the notorious Undertakers, are glowing of being surrounded by gray void lines.

"That's it. I'm Shu Ouma." Shu states to Gai after recalling all his lost memories. "I remember everything, 'brother'."

"Yeah, we've come all this way." Gai replied. "I thank you, alongside Funeral Parlor and the magical girls. This is our last revelation to stop the apocalypse, so that we will put Mana to sleep for good."

A fragment of memory shackles glow beneath Shu & Gai's shoes as the gray void lines escalate. Yuu and Kriemhild are please to see the end result.

"Your powers have grown at this point, well done." Yuu complimented.

As soon as the glowing is done, nothing changes within Shu, except the boy feels a sudden change inside him.

"I sense it, my friend." Speckles voice said inside Shu's mind.

"Yeah." Shu said to his partner before turning to Gai. "I haven't drawn your void at any point, so is that the time?"

Gai nodded, "Yeah, mines will change the outcome of this battle. Draw it without letting go of my hand."

As soon as Gai ordered Shu, the brunette-haired boy uses the king's power to draw out Gai's personal void. It looks like a rifle called, the Leader's Rifle.

"That's Gai's void..!" Shu cried out before becoming surprise that Gai actually remains conscious. "How did you-?!"

Gai replied, "It's when your powers evolve, you can now draw anyone's voids while they remain conscious."

(End theme)

After the blond-haired leader of Funeral Parlor said that, he and Gai turn their attention at the crystal vines and the villains. Both old friends are armed with their Norse weapons, alongside Gai holding his own void, and their willpower.

"It's time." Gai ordered with a game face. "Cover me while I run towards Mana."

(Cue Birthday Massacre – Need)

The red eyes and crystal vines all attempt to engulf Shu and Gai, but the heroes uses their Norse swords to slash through the vines while Gai uses the Leader's Rifle to fire void bullets to make room.

As Yuu and Kriemhild observe their strategic movement, Keido is seen putting on the crystal ring onto Inori's finger that causes the songtress to cry out in pain.

"INORI!" Shu cried out before being blocked by more crystal red eyes.

"Who are you calling Shu?" Mana voice is heard. "Me, or the fake?"

The red eyes attempt to stab Shu with their thorns only that the hero easily evades. "GAI!"

"I'm one it!", Gai shouts that he uses the Leader's Rifle to fire at Inori's chest. This causes the girl to glow and bring forth the Singer Sword!

Both Yuu and Kriemhild are impressed by the turn of events.

Keido, however, is surprised. "A void that can force others to manifest their voids?!"

Shu receives the Singer's Sword as a result and by using his dual-wielding skills, he swiftly chops down the thorns to free Inori. After putting Inori down safely, Shu gives Keido a glare that causes the madman to back off a little.

"Impossible!" Keido shouted to Shu. "This can't be happening!"

Suddenly, Keido feels some sort of a paralysis throughout his body as he turns to Yuu who causes it.

"So sorry that you failed, but we still need you for supplements." Yuu smirked before giving the 'L-sign' and touches Keido's forehead with his index finger. This knocks Keido out, while Kriemhild arrives to holds the unconscious man. The witch watches her lover in ready to fight.

Yuu turns to Shu as he decides to take off his white coat for good, fully revealing his black attire and slender bare arms, "I'll play with you a little."

Yuu then uses his powers to move the crystal ring out of Inori with telekinesis while he moves the other crystal ring. Both construct accessories change shape to become dual wielding blades that look like it inspires from the 'Omni-directional Mobility Gear' from Attack on Titan. The anomalous boy holds the weapons and begins to charge at Shu.

"Like hell I would!" Shu cries out as he and Yuu immediately lock with their weapons.

Shu uses his Singer's Sword to deliver a heavy blow at Yuu, but Yuu easily blocks it with his blade despite the different sizes.

"You're the one that eradicates my life!" Shu angrily shouts at the platinum blond-haired boy. "I'll make you pay for what you did!"

Yuu smiles at the threat and chortles, "I'm so sorry that I destroyed your innocent childhood. I like to see you grow up and could have been our Adam."

Both wielders of the Void Genome continue to clash with their blades. Shu delivers a combo blow at the boy, only for Yuu to easily block the attacks every time. Speckles is seen facing off Eon.

"Insolence, there is no tolerance for that!" the Microraptor flies around in delivering claw strikes at Speckles' back.

The green Tarbosaurus roars in pain and growls, "I'll fight for my friend's sake!" The tyrannosaur struggles and attempts to bite down Eon, despite the flying dinosaur easily evade the jaws.

Meanwhile, Gai and Havoc he summons are seen holding off the eye thorns controlled by Mana. Gai cuts down and fire at the vines with his broadsword and Leader's Rifle respectively. The leader's Yutyrannus partner runs to bash through the thorns for Gai to make room. A thorn then lunges and pierces through Gai's left leg.

"AHH!" Gai cries out in pain, yet he frees his leg while ignoring the pain.

"This is too risky, partner. I doubt if we're going to make it to the top." Havoc asked.

Gai smirks at his partner and mutters to himself, "No need to worry about me, I have to finish this."

He then run upstairs and is about to reach the cocoon containing Mana. Havoc continues to cover Gai by destroying more thorns. But suddenly, hundreds of crystal vines appear and is piercing through Gai's body by surprise, that not even he can defend himself in time. Gai is brutally damage by the crystals, his right eye is bloodily injured by the crystal thorns and causes Havoc to disappear.

"GAI!" Shu shouted at his friend's condition, only that Yuu takes the advantage of that distraction by disarming both of Shu's swords and pins him to the ground. Yuu's dual blades are closing in on Shu's neck.

"Heheheh, it seems Gai Tsutsugami has failed." Yuu taunted as Shu looks at the boy's visage with despair. "Not even your Norse armor can help today."

Inori is seen slowly waking up and sees Yuu pinning on Shu. Realizes that he is in danger to be killed, Inori saws her own void in the ground. The songtress begins to stand up and grabs the Singer's Sword.

"And now, you will perish this time." Yuu smiles evilly as he is about to use the dual blades to slit Shu's throat. Luckily in a turn of the tide, Inori rushes and greatly slashes Yuu's chest with the Singer's Sword. Yuu backs off with little pain and touches his bloody wound.

"Inori!" Shu cries out as he gets up and retrieves his emerald long sword. He along with Speckles are surprise that Inori save him in return. Nevertheless, both Shu and Inori have their weapons pointing directly at the injured Yuu.

"It's over now, Da'ath." Shu grimaces.

But before he and Inori charge together and deliver the finishing blow, Kriemhild appears to save Yuu by forming a dark barrier to block the weapons, much to Shu and Inori's sudden dismay.

"I won't allow you two to hurt my love." Kriemhild smiled politely while holding the unconscious Keido. Eon regroups with his two masters.

Yuu looks at his adversaries and weakly smiles, "You may have won, Shu, but you have yet live to see the rest of this month."

(End theme)

The villains then teleported away from the area. Shu tells Inori to use the Singer's Sword while the brunette-haired boy rushes to the top of the stairs next to Gai and shouts to his friend, "GAI, HANG ON!"

However, alongside being brutally injured, Gai's Leader's Rifle void is also damaged. It is then that Shu realizes the knowledge that whenever voids are damage or destroyed, the user will be dead. Shu becomes very concern at this point.

However, Gai no longer cares about his condition, he wants to finish what he started.

"I'm dead either way." Gai coldly stated. "Stab Mana right through me, Shu."

"But-!" Shu cried out.

"What do I look like to you now?" Gai interrupts the gullible boy's worries. "Your confident as a kid, I admired of wanting to be like you."

"What are you saying?!"

Gai then answers with his final statement, "You can become me whatever you want, just like I became you. The rest is all on you, now hurry!"

Shu is hesitant and is once again glowing by gray void lines. After a brief moment, Shu tearfully uses the Singer's Sword to stab through Gai and Mana's body.

(Cue Pearl Harbor Soundtrack – Tennessee)

Just then, as a result that Mana is stopped by her own brother, the tower is rumbling and is about to collapse.

The Singer's Sword returns to Inori's body as she and Shu are embracing in finding a way out. Fortunately, both are encased by a white force field thanks to none other than Sayaka and Kyoko. The magical girls come back after their recovery from Kriemhild's attack and are on top of the hole ceiling.

"I got you guys!" Sayaka cries out. "Let's hurry!"

"GAI!" Shu cries out his name, that the white force field quickly levitates up to escape the erupting area.

The last look of Shu's eyes shows Gai and Mana's bodies deteriorating and completely vanish from the living plane.


Roppongi District/Tokyo, Japan

Outside of Tokyo, the rose crystal tower explodes. A bright morning appears in clearing out the ominous clouds.


Tennouzu High School

In the school's rooftop, Yahiro, Hare, Souta, Arisa, and Kanon watch the towering monument begins to fall down to pieces.

"Shu…" Hare softly said.


Roppongi District/Tokyo, Japan

Shu, Inori, Sayaka, and Kyoko have landed safely in the city streets, watching the tower crumble to the ground.

Inori then sadly mutters to Shu, "I'm sure Gai is satisfied, I could hear him say thank you."

Both Shu & Inori then tearfully cries and hold each other in mourning for their close comrade. Sayaka and Kyoko have shown pity and sadness.

Then an armored truck appears and parked somewhere. Coming out of the vehicle are Ayase, Tsugumi, Kenji, and Kyo as they found Shu and the others.

"What happened to Gai?" Ayase worried since she is ejected.

"He requests me to stop the apocalypse." Shu said regretfully with a tear in his eye. "And to do that, he told me…to kill him."

Everyone is shocked to a degree of what Shu just said about Gai Tsutsugami's fate.

"You..YOU BASTARD!" Ayase furiously shouted and is about to rush towards Shu, only for the worried Tsugumi and Kenji hold her down to prevent her from hurting Shu. "WHY DID YOU DO IT?! WHY?!"

Kyo is greatly saddened that her admirer she looks up to is dead. Ayase continues struggling before breaking down. The former Endlave pilot lies on the floor crying as her tears fall to the ground.

Even though anyone can relate to Ayase's pain, there is nothing they can do to relate Shu and Inori's experience. There remains in silence that it is a sad morning for them.


Now that they left the airport after defeating the oppositions, Argo, Oogumo, and Mami remain separated and are lost. Just then, they saw a jeep driving towards them and stop. The driver turns out to be Kurachi.

"You guys need a lift?" Kurachi asked.

Without hesitation, Mami, Argo, and Oogumo get in the vehicle this instant. The group then drives in heading to the Kuhouin mansion.


Meanwhile, Shibungi and Homura are fatigued and are surrounded by Endlave Gautiers, Familiar Knights, Peten the Dark Clowns, and another Rare Metal Dragon. Both cannot fight that much longer and wisely surrender. Then, Segai calmly walks and glances at his two captives.

"Hello there, you reminded me of Ebenezer Scrooge." Segai said calmly to what he seems to know an old acquaintance.

"What is he talking about?" Homura questions Shibungi.

The intellect man replied, "Something of an old memory."

Segai grins and declares, "You two, are under arrest."


Haneda Airport/Hallways

Despite the support for Inori repelling the outbreak, Haruka is soon arrested by Rowan and the Anti-Bodies. They are seen walking through the halls.


Shibuya District/Tokyo, Japan

All alone, Madoka is unconscious and separated from the others since being blown away by her witch counterpart.

The pink-haired magical girl slowly begins to wake up and sees three figures. They are actually the same ones that watch the recent news in a traditional dojo: The pink-haired sailor senshi, the demon son of Yusuke Urameshi, and the young boy that looks like Seto Kaiba. The three look at Madoka in curiosity.

"Hey, are you okay?" The young version of Kaiba asked.

Being speechless, Madoka wonders herself of where she was and who these people are. Could it be that she meets familiar faces descend from the heroes' past? Either way, the magical girl needs to recover her strength and will stay with them.

(End theme)


(Cue Kokuhaku – Supercell)


Roppongi District/Tokyo, Japan

Somewhere on top of a building, the infamous dark duo watches the morning view. The Kriemhild Gretchen is healing Yuu's chest wound from the battle with Shu and Inori.

After his recovery, Yuu smiles of being good as new by looking at his hand, the pentagram symbol and all. This is especially the removal of his white coat symbolizes his pronounce sinister outlook, clad in black.

"I must say, you look fabulous without the cloak." The witch remarked.

"Thank you, my dear." Yuu replied. "I've still yet to show my real power when first fighting the 'wielder of the kings'."

"You will get your chance near the end."

"I'm aware of it, Shu still hasn't reach his full potential as of now." Yuu stated before rethinking his gambit. "The heroes won't expect something less. They may have thwarted the second Apocalypse, but there is always a contingency plan."

Kriemhild pondered, "You mean that?"

"Those fools are unaware of this, but our ritual is already a success to begin with." Yuu explains to his partner. "Gai and Mana's bodies are destroyed, yes, but Mana secretly transfers her soul to Inori Yuzuriha while Eve's vessel remains unconscious."

The witch becomes satisfied that they have some luck.

"And I remember planting something inside the fake before Funeral Palor first rescued her and all the current events occurred." Yuu explains further. "There is the legendary phoenix force that Sailor Mars formerly had as her host. This force is recently awaken inside Inori's mind and bonds her well. Back in 2003, Sailor Mars also had a dark form if the phoenix force is overwhelmed by negative emotions near the end of the Rajita invasion. Overtime afterwards, the cosmic force collects the remnants of her power to become whole again. However, with Mana's soul inside the 'fake', we can see that this dark phoenix will be reincarnated in the third and final Apocalypse. Mana's viral possession on Inori is just the beginning."

The Kriemhild Gretchen is please and responds, "That becomes very intriguing."

"And what's more…" Yuu stated before revealing something from the palm of his hand, it is a small, white formless sphere that is actually a soul. "We've captured Gai Tsutsugami. He is in sleep mode for he could have gone to Spirit World by now, but he belongs to us for our final phases. We will need GHQ's assistance to resurrect him in a stronger body, one that will fit to wield the Void Genome."

"Tehehehe." Kriemhild giggles. "We are on the right track."

Yuu replied with a sinister grin, "Yes. Soon a new king of Adam will arise from the ashes, while the phoenix of Eve will devastate the universe. Both will eventually change the fabrics to rebuild the lost kingdoms under our Dusk of Chaos." After saying that statement, the platinum blond-haired boy begins to laugh while looking at the sky.

"I can't wait to TASTE IT!"


Near Tennouzu High School

Everything feels quiet lately outside of Roppongi District. Tsugumi's armored truck is seen driving close to the area of Tennouzu High School. Eventually, the vehicle park somewhere in the school's parking lot. Getting out of the truck are Shu, Inori, Ayase, Tsugumi, Kenji, Kyo, Sayaka, and Kyoko. They stopped for a moment and look at the school's outer interior.

"Let's hope we can rest here." Shu solemnly announce to the group.

They remain in silence since Gai's passing mentally affects them all. Nevertheless, Shu will have to take charge in order to plan their next move.

The heroes begin to walk inside the footsteps of Tennouzu High, but unknown to them, Inori's eyes are covered in shadow and secretly smiles evilly. For what Da'ath mentions, this is only the beginning…


Next Mission: Interlude


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