So terribly bored.

The era of prim and proper was dying and with it, the girl's patience for such surroundings. It was all rather old. Antiquated, curated from glory days past. All of which would fall into her name in a few months. Magenta eyes stared down at the dark head, lounging on the chaise.

"Are ya really going to lay there all day?" sarcasm lacing her words. A busty lady of poise and fire: Shura of the Kirigakure clan, governess and guardian to the heiress. But she had been with her for a fair portion of their lives, most of the girl's, much of the lady's.

"Why? Every day's the same.", unable to mask her ennui any further (not that she had ever tried). It was obvious, was it not? The company of her sister had just departed some time ago, back to the boarding school upstate. She was only allowed two weeks of the summer to spend at home! How preposterous! "Get up. Miss Moriyama is here." pulling the stubborn girl into a sitting position.

As if on cue, a blonde burst onto the scene, fussing over a stain on her dress or some such. For the daughter of a one of the largest drug stores in the city, she was rather the bumbling child. A good child, albeit klutzy to boot. But it was what they were: barely seventeen and already bored with their lives. Such as the state of the lofty and affluent.

"Izumo!" arms wrapping around the sitting figure as she collapsed onto the seat beside her. Shiemi Moriyama, blonde hair and green-eyed beauty of the city. That brilliant smile alone enticed many only to be turned away. But for now, her focus was to befriend this terribly unfriendly girl! Taking her hands, Shiemi let her excitement sparkle in her eyes.

"Oh! Let's go to a party!"

Izumo's brow quirked and she glanced upwards at her mentor, both sharing the same curious expression. Well, that was unexpected of her.