No incest, public sex.

From the dawn of time our race has had an obsession with the droll activity that is known as dancing. We dance as children to amuse ourselves, we dance as adults as a form of courtship or to show just how refined we are. I loathed dancing; I found it boring and more often than not, a pain on ones feet. It wasn't until I settled my eyes on a small red fox that resided by the dessert table that I thought dancing had the possibility of being something more worthwhile, especially with such a beautiful young woman.

I admit I did not fully know what she looked like, as her fox mask covered the top half of her face, but I could see those pink, thin lips and eyes that I could only describe as brighter than any sapphire I had ever seen. Glancing around the ballroom at all the other masked guests I gave off a little smile, all of their masks were as absurd as the music and the quantity of alcohol in the room. They were nothing like hers, simple in design but trimmed with gold paint in such a way it brought out the different shades of red in her hair. As if she knew I was watching her take a truffle and place it in her mouth, her eyes met mine, and immediately I felt as if my whole world had shifted. I had no choice but to approach her.

"Good evening Miss."

Wiping the chocolate from her lip, the woman smiled, "Good evening. This is a wonderful party."

"Why thank you, I will make sure my parents know of your generous compliment."

Laughing she lightly ran her hand down my arm, "Oh, so you must be Elsa. I have heard so much about you."

"All good I hope."

"Very…" Her head suddenly cocked to the side as her eyes looked over my own mask. "What animal does your mask represent?" Lifting her hands up, the red fox ran her dainty fingers across my mask, touching each individual jewel that decorated its front. "I cannot make it out, is it a dog, cat, bear?"

"It is an artic fox."

Laughing the woman pulled her hands down, "We both chose foxes, do you think that is a sign of things to come?"

Taking a step closer I allowed my hand to brush past her waist as I reached in for a truffle, my eyes locked with hers. "I would certainly hope so." We both paused for a few moments, our eyes still connected while our breaths became shallow; we undoubtedly had a connection that stemmed from more than just our matching masks.

Placing the truffle between the lips of the shorter woman, I took her hand, "Come with me."

"Where are we going?"

"We are going to have our own masquerade ball, away from all these depressing old men."

With a chuckle, the woman nodded before allowing herself to be dragged by me, out of the ballroom, down the halls and towards to drawing room. Once inside the large room, I locked the doors and proceeded to push the armchairs from the centre of the room. "What are you doing?"

Once there was enough space in the middle of the vast room I extended my hand out to the red fox, "You and I are going to dance."

"Dance? Two women? I do believe most people would class that as improper."

"That is exactly why I locked the door when we entered." I took a step forward, placing on hand on the small of her back while my other linked with her hand. "Now little red fox, shall we dance?"

I saw a hint of redness in her cheeks that were mostly hidden by her mask; however I could not tell if it was from nervousness or arousal, for I myself felt both. Taking in a deep breath she placed her free hand on my shoulder before whispering. "We have no music."

"We do not need it." And with that we waltzed around the room, with nothing but our breaths as the music to guide out feet. As the dancing continued our bodies became closer, practically writhing against each other until the woman halted the dancing.

"My, that was most enjoyable."

"There was no need to stop if you were having so much fun."

Using her hand to fan herself, I noticed the red blush make its way across her neck and chest. The dress she was wearing was rather revealing, something that at this moment in time I was not opposed to. Her dress was a light green, with off the shoulder cuffs, while her bosom was in full show from the low cut front. Her body was held upright with a tight, dark brown bodice, coming just under her chest, forcing what little breasts she had out for the whole party to see. "This dress is rather revealing. Do you not feel ashamed?"

Looking down at her own chest, the fox smiled, "Not at all, I find these events a bore, so I thought wearing this might make it a tad more exciting."

Without thinking I licked my bottom lip. "Well you were right Miss… Heavens, I just realised I do not know your name."

Standing on the toes of her shoes, the woman leant forward, her finger on my lips – staining it with my red lipstick – while her lips moved closer to my ear. With a hot breath she spoke in a low, sultry tone, causing my knees to go weak. "I know, and that is what makes this so exciting."

"What happened to this being improper?"

"Since the doors are locked no one is to know if what we are doing is improper or not." And with that she took my head in her hands and placed a kiss atop my mask before turning towards the door. "Now I do believe we have a party to attend to in the other room."

"Wait, are we not…"

A small smirk grew across her freckled face, her eyes full of lust and power. "Oh dear Elsa, what sort of woman do you take me for? I might wear the clothes of a whore, but I do expect to be courted in the proper manner."

As the evening wore on I could not help but watch from the side-lines as the fox danced, laughed and flirted with other men. It filled me with jealously, I wanted her so badly, I wanted to touch her, kiss her, even court her in the way she wanted, all so should wouldn't look at another.

"Jealousy is not becoming of a lady."

My head snapped to my left, where the red haired woman was standing, with a smile on her face and a drink in her small hands. I was so fixated on her that I failed to realised she had even made her towards me. "Jealousy? You must be mistaken, I was not feeling jealous."

"Oh?" Her eyes looked down at the white-knuckled grip I had on my own class of wine. "My mistake, I do apologise."

"Is your dress receiving the reactions you hoped for?"

"No, sadly not. Well, except for one person."

"And who might that be?" My eyes narrowed as I darted my glances across the room, looking for the culprit. Only then to realise who she meant, "You mean me, don't you?"

Smiling, she placed a single finger on my nose, "Correct, little white fox. Now, I would like to thank you for making this celebration worthwhile, however I must be going."

I couldn't help but feel a hint of sadness fill my heart as I watched her turn away from me, a single hair falling loose from her bun. "Will – will I have a chance to see you again?"

Looking over her shoulder the red fox smiled, "Of course. Friday you shall take me to the theatre."

"The theatre?"

"Why yes, I mean, where else would you take a woman when courting?" And with a final nod of the head she turned and left the ballroom.

I am not sure how long I must have been standing with my mouth agape and my eyes wide, but long enough for my mother to come over with a worried face. "Elsa? Are you alright my dear?"

"Yes." I shook my head before removing my mask, my fingers running across the jewels. "Sorry, I am fine, it's just – I think I may be part of a courtship."

"Courting?" My mother squealed out from delight – much like when you tickle a piglet – before pulling me into a tight embrace, her fingers running through my hair. "Oh, I am so happy for you. Now, you better make sure he doesn't touch you until you are ready."

"No need to worry mother." For I am the one who is wanting to do the touching.

That Friday I waited nervously at the entrance to the theatre, tugging on my gloved fingers and watched as my breath formed in the winter air. I had spent the last four days thinking nothing else but of this day, heaven's, I didn't even know what this woman looked like, nor did I know her name.

Checking the silver plated watch that hung around my neck, I registered that we had ten minutes before the curtain rose, hopefully plenty of time to acquire a seat. That is when my train of thought was halted by a gentle hand grazing my shoulders. With a slight squeal I turned to see a young woman, with hair of red and eyes of blue. Her slight frame was clothed in a much more reserved, pale green dress with trims, bows and bonnet of ochre, she was far more beautiful without her fox mask, but a part of my heart wished she still donned it. Bowing her head, she smiled, "Good evening Miss Elsa. I am so glad you came."

Holding my hands in front of my body I gave her the same greeting. "It is my pleasure Miss…"

Giggling, she held out a gloved hand, which I gladly took for a light handshake. "Anna, please call me Anna."

"What a delightfully sweet name, not exactly what I was expecting."

"How do you mean?"

"After how you acted at the party, I was expecting you to have a mysterious name to match your personality."

Placing a hand on the lower half of my back, Anna led me towards the doors of the theatre. "I can assure you Miss Elsa that I do not spend my days walking around in a low-cut dress and a fox mask."

"Pity…" Rolling her eyes playfully the redhead pulled out her purse, only for her to be stopped by my hand. "Oh no, please allow me to pay. I am courting you, so I shall pay. Turning to the cashier I gave him a slight smile, "Two for a box please."

Pulling the tickets from the roll the young man smiled, "You're lucky Miss, we have one left. That will be fourteen shillings please."

For a moment I was shocked for the price of the tickets, however I did request a box, so it was to be expected. Handing over the coins I pulled the small, pink stubs from behind the glass. "May I ask what is showing?"

"A Woman of no Importance…Miss."

"Thank you."

"Enjoy the play."

Nodding I turned back to Anna and walked inside. "We will thank you."

As we made our way through the foyer, our eyes assaulted by the deep red carpets and wallpapers, trimmed with garish gold, Anna elbowed my waist. "He was smitten with you."

"Hardly, we had only just met."

"And yet you were smitten with me from the moment you laid your eyes on me. Mask and all."

Like a child I puffed up my cheeks and pouted as I pulled my glances away from the smaller woman. "I do not know what you are referring to."

Once we were safely in the private box, Anna wrapped her hands around my waist before whispering, her voice producing a palpitation in my heart. "My mistake." Anna must have realised of my sudden arousal, causing her to run her fingers across my stomach as she chuckled against my neck. Turning, she sat herself in a seat, placing her hands in her lap. "Now, are we going to enjoy the play?"

Nodding in agreement I sat next to my acquaintance, "Of course."

I am a lover of the theatre, ensuring I visit at least three times a year; however this place is a bore and would feel nothing more than a waste of money if it wasn't for Anna sitting by my side, head rested on my shoulder and fingers playing with the lace on her dress.

Turning back my gazes to the stage I watched as a few characters talked about, well I am unsure as to what because at that moment I felt Anna's hand grace my lap. Looking back to the red haired woman I watched as she pulled up my dress and petticoat slightly. "Anna? What are you doing?"

With her eyes still focused on the play, she spoke in matter-of-factly voice, "Nothing."

However her hands were telling a different story as I felt Anna's un-gloved hands caressed my bare knee until she reached the bottom of my bloomers. It was at that moment I cursed myself for wearing them, despite them being crotchless giving the fox perfect access to my cunt, my body begged for her to touch my thighs, hips, my all.

Without hesitation she teased her finger inside my hole causing my to moan loudly, luckily the sound being blocked out by the sounds from the stage. This was not my first time with either gender, however this was my first time with a stranger, and what is worse – or better as my body seemed to scream at me – is that we were doing such immodest acts in a theatre when the chance of capture was high. Yet at that moment it did not concern me what others were thinking, they could arrest me, shame me, tell my family of my actions, and I would still have the face of a woman who has done no wrong.

Pushing all the teachings of correct posture to the back of my mind, I allowed my body to slide down the velvet chair in order to allow further access for Anna. With a cunning smile, I feel a second finger slowly being pushed to join the first, forcing a quiet gasp to escape my lips. "Anna, this feels wonderful."

"Shh, I am watching the play."

I burrowed my nails into the arms of the chair as her fingers moved with greater speed and pressure. The end was coming soon and I knew it would be a great release; however a part of me never wanted such a pleasurable feeling to conclude.

With curled fingers pushing against my most satisfying spot I let out a deep, primitive cry as my walls clamped shut and my hips started to buck. Then, as quickly as the stars appeared behind my eyes did the vanish, returning everything back to normal, or as normal as it possibly can be after you are brought to bliss by a woman you barely know.

One swift movement was all it took for Anna to pull her fingers out from inside me and bring them to her lips. A wave of arousal hit me as I watched the young woman lick all the remnants of my sex from her delicate, lightly freckled fingers.

Allowing the corners of my mouth to produce a smile I asked Anna a very simple question, "I thought you wanted to court."

Anna reciprocated with a smile before standing up from her seat. Taking her gloves from the chairs back, she slid them over her fingers with little difficulty, "I know, and this is terribly shameful of me but I simply couldn't wait. Now if you excuse me, I need to leave."

"Wait." I nearly shouted, but remembered we were still in the theatre, so I opted to stand up myself and taking hold of Anna's wrist. "Please, don't leave." My face became sincere with a hint of pain. "I thoroughly enjoyed tonight and I would very much like to see you again."

"Then see me again you shall. Next Friday we shall meet at the Zoo, three o'clock sharp."

"So are we still courting?"

"Very much so, I did not bed you did I?"

I laughed at myself for a moment before shaking my head, "You are correct, you technically did not bed me. Then I shall see you next Friday." I bowed my head, while my blue eyes were stuck watching Anna's own teal jewels. "Goodnight Miss Anna."

Taking a step forward Anna placed a light kiss on my flushed cheek, "Goodnight, my little white Fox."

And with that, before the play had yet to conclude and I was yet to come down from my high, Anna was gone into the night.

I reckon this is the reason some Victorian's wore crotchless bloomers, or even better, none at all.

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