Title: "Gateway" 1/45
Author: Quills
Series: ENT
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Paramount owns Startrek and I derive no financial gain from this story.
Codes: A, T/Tu, Ma, S, R, P angst, drama, romance, humor, action/adventure
Summary: Captain Archer is relieved of command for a secret mission into the 24th Century .
To find and stop the Suliban renegade Silik.While he is gone, a Vulcan Starfleet Captain from
the future is given temporary command of the Enterprise NX-01 with his own orders to to
investigate the 'Temporal Cold War'.

Chapter One

Captain Archer sat in the command chair thumbing through Lt. Reed's latest
requests for increased security measures. He looked up for a moment and eyed
the armory officer thoughtfully. Reed was a good man he thought. A bit high strung
and overly cautious, but his heart was in the right place. He was only concerned with
Enterprise's safety. Something he and the Captain both agreed on. The Captain had already
implemented Reed's suggestion of instituting an alert status for the ship...ranging from green
too yellow and finally red. It was a good idea as was Reed's suggestion that a
security team accompany landing parties into unexplored and potentially dangerous
environments. Archer decided that having a regular armed security guard on the bridge
was a bit more than he wanted and rejected that idea. He scanned further down the

The bridge was quiet. As it always was on the night shift. Although the same duties
were performed on the night shift as the day, there was a more subdued sense.
Perhaps it was the simplest of explainations. At the start of the night shift, the lighting
levels were lowered. This was to give the crew a sense of day and night...even if only

"Captain" the ship's communication officer called out.

Archer looked up from his PADD "Yes Hoshi?"

"I'm receiving an incoming message from Admiral Forrester, sir" she told him
"Priority one, sir...It's encoded and for your eyes only."

The bridge crew each stopped what they were doing and looked up. Enterprise received
messages from Starfleet all the time but none had ever used the new Priority One code.
It signaled the highest importance with the suggestion of immanent danger.

Archer stood up from the command chair. "I'll take it in the ready room Ensign. T'pol, the
bridge is yours."


Archer sat down at his desk and opened the encoded link. A computerized voice program
initiated "Priority One communication, please state command authorization."

The Captain replied "Voice command authorization, Archer...Jonathan...Captain...Enterprise....

The screen flashed and the decoded transmission appeared on the monitor.

"John, it's good to see you." said Admiral Forrester with a smile.

Archer could see that his old friend was trying very hard to hide a pained look
on his face. "Problem admiral?"

Forrester took a deep breath "John, I'm sorry to be the one to do this."

"Admiral, what's going on? Why the Priority One?" asked Archer

"John, I want you to know I don't like having to do this," said Forrester "but I don't have
a choice. I've been given an emergency mandate."

Archer made no attempt to hide his exasperation "Admiral, what exactly is going on?"

"Effective immediately Captain..." Forrester paused "I'm relieving you of command
of the Enterprise."