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Summary: 'Caroline and Klaus are in love but they have to keep it a secret because their families hate each other. Think Romeo and Juliet but happy!'

Rating: T


As Klaus walked into the room he immediately knew something was wrong. Elijah stood too tense by the fireplace, his jaw jutting out slightly, his eyes fixed on the glass of whiskey in his hand. Elijah had always been the most proper of all of Klaus' siblings, he was the one most concerned with morals and integrity. When the feud between the Mikaelson's and the Forbes' first escalated it was Elijah who had tried to reason with their father, it had little effect though Mikael was a stubborn man who let his pride rule his head.

To this day Klaus still had little idea as to what caused the original feud between the two families, only that he had been raised to hate any Forbes' member with a passion. It all started when Mikael was a boy, his mother had an affair with a Forbes' man and it destroyed both families. That hate had only seemed to grow over the decades with other little things setting it off resulting in the feud that was still ever present today.

Klaus use to believe the same as his father, as a boy he only wanted to make him proud. That was before he met her. Caroline Forbes. It was a few years ago now, he had been arguing with his father and left the house in a hurry. Klaus had walked through the woods near their home hoping to find peace in his secret spot. He had discovered it as a child; a small abandoned cottage that looked more like a barn if he were being honest. There were holes in the roof and what little furniture remained was tattered and worn. But it was private, no-one knew about it and therefore Klaus loved it. He would spend many days sitting in that cottage sketching away, forgetting the outside world.

That's not what he found when he entered the cottage that day, though. Inside there was a blonde beautiful girl slumped down against the wall crying, her whole frame shook with the effort of her tears and Klaus felt a pang in his heart at the sight. They talked, he comforted her about her father and in return she gave him the warmest smile Klaus had ever seen. Klaus didn't believe in love at first sight but if he did, he would say that was it.

That's when he learnt her name. Caroline Forbes. He was angry at first, they were sworn enemies after all and here he was opening up to her. Caroline's anger matched his though and Klaus was taken back by the strength she possessed. That fight quickly turned into laughter and they became friends. It was a secret friendship of course, their parents would never stand for it but over time Caroline became the most important person in his life.

It seemed only natural that their relationship developed into something more. It took them both by surprise when during one of their arguments Klaus kissed her, soft and slow. It was even more of a surprise when Caroline returned that kiss, wrapping her arms around him.

They had been together since that day, keeping it a secret from everyone. It was difficult, some days Klaus would say it was near impossible. Like the time both families had attended a party for the mayor and Klaus saw Tyler Lockwood openly trying to flirt with his Caroline. She refused of course, her eyes flashing to Klaus for a split second. That still didn't stop the jealously and anger bubbling up inside Klaus. It was later that night when Klaus cornered Caroline alone in the mayor's study. He spent that time reminding Caroline that she was his and he was hers and Tyler Lockwood didn't mean a damn thing.

"Niklaus, you're home early." Elijah's voice brought him out of his thoughts. The elder Mikaelson turned to face Klaus, his face unreadable.

Klaus nodded and dropped his jacket on the nearest brown leather couch, "I'm not stopping, I have to be somewhere."

Elijah carefully put his glass on the table, stepping closer to Klaus, "You mean to have to meet Caroline?"

Klaus stood rooted to the spot, fear flashed through him at Elijah's words. How could he know? "I have no idea what you are talking about, brother. Why would I want to meet a Forbes?" He said with as much conviction as he could manage.

Elijah wasn't buying it; Klaus could see it in his eyes. "I know about her, Niklaus. If you really wanted to keep it a secret you shouldn't leave your sketch book lying around for anyone to pick up. But thankfully I found it, not father." Elijah said picking up the sketchbook in question.

Klaus took it from Elijah's outstretched hand. He sighed knowing there was no way to explain the dozens of sketches of Caroline on the pages. Elijah knew and if their father ever found out…

"Elijah…" Klaus trailed off, his eyes pleading, "Don't tell father."

"Niklaus, you don't really think you will be able to keep this hidden."

Klaus sighed, "I seem to remember keeping your indiscretions with that Petrova girl a secret when you asked it of me."

"That was different; she was not the daughter of father's most hated enemy." Elijah replied sternly, keeping his voice low.

"I am in love with her, Elijah." Klaus said softly, "I love Caroline."

Elijah sighed and rubbed a hand over his forehead, "And she feels the same?"

"She does."

Elijah nodded once, he would be lying if he said he didn't notice how much happier his brother had been of late. Clearly that was Caroline's doing and although he had never really met the girl he felt a surge of gratefulness to her, "Then I won't say anything." He said placing a hand on Klaus' shoulder.

Klaus frowned in confusion, "Why?"

"You do not fall for women, Niklaus. This one must mean a great deal to you. I hate father's actions as much as you but he is still our father. He will not stand for your relationship."

"I know." Klaus replied, "I never meant to fall for her, Elijah. It was never my intention. But now that I have, I couldn't imagine my life without her. She is everything to me."

Elijah nodded with a smile, "Then perhaps you do love her."

He walked towards the door before turning back to Klaus, "But I can't see this ending well for either of you, Niklaus. This feud has gotten out of hand but both sides are too stubborn to back down."


Caroline was already at the abandoned cottage that they meet up in when Klaus arrived. Her hair was falling over her shoulders and her knees were brought up to her chest. Klaus knew without seeing her face she was upset. She always tried to make herself as small as possible. She didn't even hear him as he entered; clearly she was lost in her thoughts. Klaus noticed she looked tired, her shoulders slumped like she was carrying the weight of the world and it suddenly became too much for her.

"Caroline." He called out gently.

The blonde's eyes snapped up to meet his and the smile she gave him, in Klaus' opinion, could rival the sun. She was stunning; Klaus would never tire of looking at her.

"Klaus." She stated in greeting as she pushing herself into a sitting position, using the wall behind her for leverage. She was putting on a brave face for him, Klaus saw straight through it.

Klaus quickly closed the gap between them, taking the blonde beauty into his arms where she belonged. Caroline fell against him, allowing herself to be enveloped in his warmth and smell. Drawing comfort from his strong arms around her, holding her.

"Tell me." Klaus ordered knowing she was hiding something. Caroline drew in a shaky breath and wrapped her arms tighter around him for a moment before pulling back to look at him.

Caroline pushed herself up onto her tiptoes, placing her lips firmly against his. Klaus returned her kiss, allowing her access to his mouth. She was trying to distract him. Maybe she was trying to distract herself too. Klaus felt Caroline suck his bottom lip into her mouth, nipping softly. He wanted to give in to her touch, to draw her closer and make her forget whatever it was she was worrying about but he couldn't.

Klaus pulled back slowly, one of his hands cupping Caroline's jaw. His eyes staring into hers. "Caroline." He said gently, prompting her.

Caroline sighed and detached herself from him. She wrapped her arms around herself as she spoke, "My father is sending me away for college. He doesn't want me to get caught up in this feud between our families." She said softly looking down at her boots.

Klaus felt his heart beat fast, she was leaving. "I told him I won't go. He would have to drag me onto the plane by my hair but I don't know how to stop him. He will force me if he has too; he is going to take me away from you." She sniffed gently, her eyes glassy with tears.

"We'll fix it, love. I won't let them do this." Klaus said, determined. He reached for Caroline again, needing to feel her, "We are going to be okay."

Caroline wiped her eyes gently, her hands gripping Klaus' arms tightly. "How? What if he makes me go? What if we get separated?" She said softly.

"You trust me?" Klaus asked waiting for her to nod before continuing, "Then we will find a way, sweetheart."

They were silent for a few moments, taking comfort from being with each other.

"Klaus?" Caroline spoke after a moment, "Love me?"

"I do love you, Caroline. Always." He said softly.

"No," She replied grabbing his hands, placing them on either side of her breasts, his thumbs grazing the side, "Love me." She said slower, a seductive edge to her tone.

"Caroline…" He said gently, moving his hands to push her denim jacket off her shoulders, letting it hit the floor.

Caroline smiled gently, slipping her hands under his Henley, pushing it upwards, "I just want to be with you." She said as the Henley joined the jacket on the floor at their feet. Klaus felt a slight chill in the air but ignored it, bringing his lips to Caroline's.

She moaned gently as his tongue evaded her mouth, teasing hers in a well rehearsed dance. His hands skimmed her skin, unbuttoning the shirt she wore. Tonight was about them. Klaus planned to take it slowly, make love to her, memorise every curve of her body, every freckle on her skin. He wanted to kiss every inch of her, feel every expanse of flesh under his fingers.

Klaus gently guided them to the floor, placing Caroline with her back on one of the many blankets that had been brought up on other visits. He fell with her, his body pressing against hers. If there was one thing he wanted for the rest of his life, it was to make love to this beauty beneath him.


"I don't want to go back to that house." Caroline muttered into his chest hours later. Both were exhausted and completely sated, their bodies cooling down from their love making.

Klaus closed his eyes and gathered her closer to him, "I know." He replied simply wanting nothing more than to freeze that moment and live in it forever.

Caroline sighed and brought a hand up to trace invisible lines on his pectoral. "I want to stay with you; I want to stop hiding how I feel about you."

"I know, Caroline." He said again as his fingers played with her hair. Moments passed before he spoke again, "I want to stay with you, I want to tell everyone I know that I love you. That you are mine like I am yours."

Caroline smiled at his words, leaning over him. She placed their lips together in a gentle kiss.

Once she was settled back on Klaus' chest, her fingers searched for his. Their hands tangled together felt like the most natural thing in the world and once again Caroline wondered how something could feel so right.

"We should get back; my father thinks I am at the library." Caroline said sadly.

Klaus chuckled, "I'm pretty sure if we did that in a library we would get arrested, love."

Caroline smacked his arm lightly before sitting up, taking the plaid blanket wrapped around them with her. "This is crazy; I want to be able to spend the night in your arms without fear of our parents finding out."

Klaus sat up too, reaching out to tuck a lock of blonde hair behind her ear, "I want that more than anything, love." He smiled at her softly before looking away, "But we both know our parents are never going to accept this. They hate each other, we have been taught to hate each other. They have been feuding for too long to simply stop because of us."

Caroline nodded sadly, "I'll fight for you; I can't leave you, Klaus. I don't care what they do to me."

"No, Caroline. I promise you I won't let them tear us apart, I will do whatever it takes. I won't lose you, sweetheart; I can't." Klaus stated passionately, bringing Caroline into his lap, their lips crashing against one another.

It was only when they pulled apart that Caroline realised she was crying. Klaus wiped them away before helping her to stand. They dressed in silence and Caroline fought every instinct she had not to rush back into his arms and let him hold her.

"What are we going to do?" She asked brokenly as she shrugged her jacket back on.

Klaus answered her with conviction, "We leave."

Caroline gasped and turned to face him, "Klaus, what?"

He was across the room in seconds, his hands cupping her face, "I know it's a big decision but I have thought about it a lot. It's all I can think about. They aren't going to let us be together and I will not walk away from you. I don't think I could. Leaving is the best chance we have, Caroline. We can travel, anywhere you want to go. I can paint. We would be happy."

Caroline gripped his hands that were still cupping her face, "I know, but you're family? You have siblings, you can't leave them behind."

"You are the most important thing in the world to me. I will tell them but I have to make my own choices. I choose you, Caroline."

Caroline smiled lightly, "I love you."

Klaus broke into a smile too, "And I love you." He replied kissing her forehead softly before enveloping her in his arms.


It was a few days later when Caroline stood on the outskirts of Mystic Falls, a small holdall at her feet. Today was the day she was leaving with Klaus. They both agreed they had to leave soon but Caroline needed time to send off her last assignments at school and Klaus had to tell his siblings.

The sound of a car pulling up brought Caroline out of her thoughts. Klaus climbed out of the sports car with a cocky smile on his face. He quickly jogged over to Caroline. Kissing her deeply without a care who saw them.

"Where did you get the car from?" She asked looking at the sleek black car. It was clearly expensive. Klaus grabbed her bag, placing it in the back with his.

"My father. He has several; I doubt he will miss one." He smirked, "Besides when he realises it's missing we will be far away from Mystic Falls."

"How did your siblings take it?" Caroline asked as Klaus opened the car door for her to take a seat.

"Elijah knew it was coming, in fact he is planning something similar with that Petrova girl he is so obsessed with. Rebekah cried but she has always been a fool for romance. I promised she could visit us." Klaus shrugged as he walked around the front of the car, sitting in the driver's seat.

"We are really doing this." Caroline smiled, "No going back."

Klaus turned to her, "Are you sure? I won't be angry if you change your mind, love."

Caroline grabbed his hand with hers, "As long as I am with you, I'm sure."

They kissed gently before Klaus started the engine, the car sparking to life, "Where to?"

Caroline slipped on a pair of sunglasses, beaming at him. "Anywhere, just drive."

Klaus laughed and set off down the road. Caroline knew she would miss her family but she also knew her home was with Klaus. She would never regret this decision.

She couldn't help feeling free as she saw the sign that stated they had now left Mystic Falls.


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