I walk into the Salvatore mansion, on my toes, like I'm trying to sneak in. Maybe I'm just trying to buy myself time. I want to find him before he finds me.

The air outside is cold, so the warmth of the house melts off the redness of my cheeks. I've always wondered where all the warmth comes from. Are they heating this place? I don't see why they would, since they're vampires, they can't actually feel the cold or the warmth. Maybe Stefan started doing it while Elena was human, so she doesn't freeze to death when she stays over, but never stopped. After all, Salvatore's have a never ending source of funds, so it doesn't really matter what they spend their money on.

I move through the house, checking all the usual places, which consists of library and the living room. I start moving down the hall, towards the corridor I've never really set my foot to.

"Can I help you with something?" I hear a voice coming out of a room to my right, its door only half open.

Damon's room. I've never been in his room. I've never even seen it. But then again, I've never really wanted to crawl into his cave of despair and self pity. Damon only goes to his room when he needs to hide, like a 13 year old girl waiting for a phone call.

I swallow hard, nervously making my way towards the door. I stop in front of the dark wooden surface before inhaling deeply, trying to gather all the strength and courage swimming in the air. Leftovers from some other people, some different times. I put my fingertips against the door and push them wide open.

Damon is sitting on his bed, a glass of bourbon, I assume, in his hands. The top three buttons of his shirt are undone, exposing his chest, and his hair is a mess. But that's okay, so is he.

"Hey," I say, trying to discretely look around his room, without seeming too curious.

It's not what I expected, but then again, I can't really define what I've expected to find here. A century's stash of alcohol? Blood bags hanging from the ceiling like Christmas decorations? Sex toys? Compelled sorority girls catering to his every need?

His room is surprisingly simple and neat, if not a bit dark.

"There's no one here," he brushes me off even before I get a chance to say anything other than my greeting, "Stefan and Elena went.. to some thing," he says when he can't remember where exactly they went.

I already knew this, though. That's why I'm here. Because we finally got a chance to be alone.

"Actually, it's you who I wanted to see," I say, almost shyly.

He raises his look from the floor to me, surprised by my words, trapped with bewilderment.

"You mean, you can see me?" he asks sarcastically, teasingly. "Because here I thought I'm invisible," his look hardens, the lines of his face adapting an angry stance.

"Come on, Damon.." I was afraid of his reaction, and how aggressive it might be. I can't say it's not justified, though.

"Come on, what?" he jumps to his feet, placing his glass on the nightstand next to his bed. "Where were you for the past two weeks, Bonnie?" his voice cracks with desperation.

I clench my fists. "I needed some time to think," I say firmly, secure in my own words.

He comes one step, two steps, three steps closer. "Think about what?" I can almost smell anger in his breath.

"About us, about how we fit in this world," I start rambling, quite sure of what I want to say, I just can't seem to get the words right.

He laughs, almost mockingly. "And that took two weeks?" he asks in disbelief, "You should have asked me, then, because I know how we fit into this world - we don't!"

I completely ignore the last part of his sentence. "I was trying to figure out how to tell them," I choke, his eyes swallowing me whole.

"Tell them what?" he hisses through his teeth.

"That I'm in love with you!" I scream at him, done with his behavior, done with playing this unpleasant game of cat and mice which leads us nowhere.

He doesn't say anything to that. Silence takes over the room, apart from my breathing and nervous beating of my heart. We keep staring at each other, holding one another with our eyes, unable to let go.

"I'm in love with you, Damon," I say when silence becomes too long and too heavy, "It's new, and unfamiliar, and quite strange. And I don't know how to deal with it, so yes, I needed that much time to figure everything out. But I can't do it alone."

He seems in shock, because he doesn't move, nor does he say anything. I don't think he's even blinking.

He has turned into a statue made out of stone, trapped in time, in this moment.

I move towards him, taking few steps forward, closing the distance between us.

"Say something," it sounds like a command, but I'm actually begging him.

He shakes his head in a light motion, refusing me. "I'm afraid," he says timidly, "I'm afraid to find out your words are a figment of my imagination."

I look up at him through my lashes, a soft smile painting itself on my lips. "Remember that one time, after you did something incredibly stupid," right now I can't remember exactly which stupid thing he did, and I guess it doesn't really matter, "I told you that there's always a choice?"

He nods, confirming that he indeed does remember it.

I put my hands on his chest and wrap my fingers around the collar of his shirt, pulling him gently towards me. "I meant that. And right now, I'm choosing you."

I get on my toes and when our lips finally meet, I get a feeling like I'm constantly going higher and higher.


Her lips taste bittersweet. I can't believe I'm kissing her in reality, where all the stars are aligned accordingly, where the grass is its proper color, where the sun shines and warms everything up. I'm finally convinced all the kisses that we shared and all the words we've exchanged aren't an illusion created by the other dimension.

I put my hands on her waist to steady her.

She keeps tugging onto my shirt.

At one point, I swallow her heartbeat.

My arms go all the way around her, pulling her in, making her mine. She feels so.. real.

She doesn't feel like all the other girls I held felt. She doesn't even feel like Elena, who always seemed so fickle, like she's going to slip through my fingers any minute now. She feels solid and true.

Her lips start trembling against mine and just a second later her fingers start fumbling against the buttons of my shirt.

I wrap my fingers around her wrists, forcefully stopping all movement, detaching my lips from hers just enough to speak.

"What are you doing, love?" I breathe into her.

She blinks a few times, dazed, before finally answering. "Trying to take your shirt off, of course."

"And why would you do such a thing?" I ask teasingly.

I can't believe I'm actually starting this conversation. I shouldn't be asking any questions. What I should be doing is getting her on my bed to show her the time of her life.

But when I say Bonnie is not like all the other girls I've been with, I mean it, and if that's cheesy, it's only because it's true.

I can hear her swallow nervously. "I think you know why."

"Are you sure?"


Am I sure? I'm not sure about a lot of things recently. I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life. Not about how I want to plan my future, but what I want to make out of this moment, the one I'm living in. And all that thinking got me here, into his room, into his arms.

So what I need to do now is not think.

So I say, as sure and as confident as I can, "Yes, I'm sure."

As soon as he realizes what I'm saying, and that's pretty freaking soon, he takes me into his arms and in less than a second, we're on his bed.

My body is missing few pieces of clothing. So is his. I feel so exposed, so naked, even with some of my clothes still on. No one has seen me naked before. I don't know how to look at myself through someone else's eyes. I'm nervous. What if I'm not what he expects me to be? What if I'm not what he's used to?

But he's looking at me so adoringly, with so much lust and want and love in his eyes. He's looking at me as if I'm made out of glitter and fairy dust and sunshine itself. As if I'm magic.

There's too much skin.

I'm too afraid I won't know what to do, but everything comes naturally.

I climb on top of him, and whisper in his ear, "Show me what you're made of."


Her voice echoes through my hollow bones.

She looks like a goddess, and acts like a queen. She makes demands even in the position of vulnerability. This is the only kingdom I have and I let her rule it completely.

Her body is so light sitting on the top of mine, as if she weighs nothing, but at the same time I can feel her on every inch of my skin.

I can't feel a lot of things, like cold and warmth, salt and pepper, how it feels to get a sunburn, or how chocolate tastes likes, but I can feel Bonnie Bennett in every sense of the word.

Her fingers are deep into my flash, scratching the surface of my skin, gently, unintentionally, like she's holding on to me, trying not to slide down. Her lips stay on mine, stealing small desperate kisses alongside long, passionate ones. Her hair is hovering above my chest, meeting the endings of my nerves and creating pleasurable vibes.

I put my hands on the small of her back and start guiding my fingers over the length of her spine.

When I reach her bra, I unhook it, and it falls on the top of my chest, so I push it away even before she can notice it there.


When I feel my bra fall off, I feel ashamed, and my first instinct is to cover myself up.

I fight against it, even though I don't have to do it for long, because he flips me over and now our roles are reversed. He's on top of me, kissing the corners of my lips, my jaw, my neck, my chest.

I don't feel ashamed anymore, all I feel is pleasure. There are spikes on his lips, playing with my nerves, pulling them like violin strings, creating overwhelming music. He's playing my body like it's an instrument.

He moves down, down, down...

He discards the last piece of fabric on my body, and I'm completely naked.

And then..

Then Damon Salvatore shows me why he has the reputation he does.


My first thought is that I don't deserve her. She so new and innocent and good.. she's almost shining from the inside. But if you do the math properly, I don't really deserve anything anymore, so maybe that logic can't be applied to me.

Screw it. I want her, she wants me, and I'm going to have her even if it breaks the world in half.

Her palms are sweaty. Her whole body is sweaty. Her skin is slippery and she's breathing violently.

"Am I hurting you?" I whisper, nuzzling my nose against her jaw.

There are choking sounds stuck inside of her throat.


I'm stunned into silence. I can hear his voice in the distance.

My body is numb.

I'm in pain. Damon has caused me pain a lot of times, but never like this. Never in such a pleasurable way.

I can see his lips moving through the haze. His voice comes closer and after few seconds, the question becomes clear.

"No," I say, "Just the opposite."


Bonnie is like a riddle I never want to stop solving.

Her body is as much of a mystery as she is. My fingers explore every curve, every depth, every bump on her body. She's unbelievably majestic. And she's mine.

Not mine in a way that I own her. People don't own people. But mine in a way that she decided to trust me, and once people put their trust in you, they give you a huge chunk of themselves.

I move inside of her and with every movement I make, she moans out my name.

No, she sings it.

Damon, Damon, Damon.

I never knew my name can sound so sweet. It's as if her lips were designed to say it.

She plunges her fingertips into my shoulders and only a few seconds later she presses her lips against my skin -


- I scream every letter of the alphabet and hear it vibrate through his skin.

My skin melts into his and I cease to exist as a tide of pleasure possess my body and I start shaking as if I've been electrocuted.

My spine jerks from the mattress, then falls back down, dropping on the soft, comfortable surface.

My mouth adapts a silly smile, and letters start dripping off of my lips.






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