"Doctor, no!" Martha kept shouting thru her sobs, the Doctor heard her cries from the console and dashed to her room.

He saw her turning and tossing rapidly.

The Doctor rushed to her bed and stroked her face. "Martha, wake up." He said.

She opened her eyes and slowly glanced up. "Oh, Doctor!" Martha cried clinging to him so tightly.

"Shh, it's okay." He assured her.

She shook her head. "No, it's not you almost died on that ship because of their stupid illegal fusion scoops!"

"But I didn't thanks to you." He smiled.

Martha stared at him in disbelief. "You amaze me sometimes. I don't get it"

"What?" The Doctor asked puzzled.

She sat up straight wiping her eyes. "You just had the sun's particles possess your body and yet you go on as usual." Martha sniffed.

"Why shouldn't I?" He replied.

"You-you were screaming in agony, you b-begged me to k-kill you." She choked.

He nodded and calmly replied. "True, I did."

Martha shook her head. "But here you are smiling, you don't even act traumatized. It's like nothing ever happened."

The Doctor just shrugged. "Well I've been thru worse. You should've seen some my early regeneration cycles." He teased.

Martha smiled slightly. "That's the other thing I know you've experienced all kinds of painful things that humans haven't even invented yet."

He smirked. "Probably."

"But not just physical but emotional too, yeah?" She said.

The Doctor's expression turned sad and regretful. "Those are the worse kind."

She placed her hand on his shoulder. "I'm guessing those were people you've lost."

Closing his eyes he sadly nodded.

"So how do you cope with it all?" Martha asked.

He glanced at her and answered. "I have to. Well, it's also that it happens so much I just expect it but whether it's emotional or physical pain it never gets any easier. Never."

He wiped his eyes and paused for a second. "But the scars are pretty much the same, regeneration takes care of the physical scars and the emotional ones stay permanent."

Martha watched as he stared at the floor.

With his eyes glazing over he said. "But I have to move on. I have no choice, I don't forget what's happened but I never allow myself to dwell on it."

"Why?' She asked.

The Doctor sighed. "Because it hurts." He admitted softly.

She gazed sadly and lovingly at her poor Doctor.

Then on an impulse Martha gently turned his head towards hers' and tenderly kissed him.

After the kiss she smiled at him. "I think you're wonderful." Martha said kissing his nose.

He smiled at her. "Good night, luv."

The Doctor slowly walked out of her room.

"Good night, lonely angel." She whispered before falling back to sleep.