This is the stuff they write poems about
For which rich people will pay through the snout
If only to steal a poor sonnet or two
Conniving to treasure and mesmerize you

Oh ballads, sing ballads
Of the grassy lassy green
And of the ardent moonlit skies
And red rose days beyond.

These are days eternally
Remembered in ink, Weep weep.
Cry me down a river
As dreams fall fast asleep.

I know you have loved me
But once upon a dream.
But know that I show that
The furies will roll that
This dream is of my scheme.

I know you have carried me
Once upon a dream.
Then show me and hold me
Forever to console me
That dreams are in my being.

I know you have touched me
Once upon a dream.
Not bold or for show
But a tenderness I know
Is truly true as it seems.

I know you have dreamed of me
Once upon a dream.
And fear not I dare not
That these dreams will not stop
For fancies are my being.

I know
Have loved me
But once upon a dream