Wandering around the castle, lost in thought; how will she ever get Eric to kiss her?She had one day left before sunset and she became Ursula's forever. She shivered at the thought of being turned into another one of Ursula's polyps. What would her father say! He's probably turning Atlantic upside down trying to find me thought Ariel a small smile tugging at the corners of her lips as she imagined such a that smile soon vanished as the sudden realisation that she would never see her father or her sisters again hit her.

What have I done! She wouldn't even get her man! Things with Eric had been going so well, their tour around his kingdom had been amazing, they had danced and she had been the reason he was smiling the whole time. He had nearly kissed her on the lagoon before the boat tipped. That was something she just couldn't get her head around, the lagoon had been completely calm! But despite all the progress they had made Ariel now and truly felt there was no chance, Eric didn't say a word to her on the ride back and had quickly made his excuses as soon as they arrived back, leaving Ariel to roam the castle alone.

Slowly drifting back to reality Ariel suddenly realised she was lost, she didn't recognise the hallway she was in and turned around ready to go back the way she came when she realised she had no idea which way she came, she was so lost in thought she hadn't payed attention. She mentally scolded herself for being so careless. Deciding to continue forward in hope to find something which gave her a clue to her whereabouts she found herself beginning to drift back to her own thoughts only I had my voice, she thought sadly, then he would know it was me who saved him.

A small flash of light through a half-open door caught her attention snapping her out of her thoughts. Curiosity got the better of her as always and she slowly opened the door wide enough allowing her to enter the room. Upon entering her mouth fell open as she took in her surroundings. The room was basked in the moonlight coming through the large glass window on the left side wall which was framed with the most beautiful curtains she had ever seen, the pale blue material flowing down the sides of the windows before pooling at the floor. This allowed Ariel to see everything in the room as clearly as if the sun was up. The room was huge, larger than any of the other rooms in the palace, the walls and floor were made of smooth stone, polished so much she could she herself as clearly as if she was looking in a mirror. The room was filled with the most extravagant things she had ever seen, the walls covered in large paintings and the edges of the room lined with chairs made from what she could only assume was the finest material. In the centre of the room hung a large chandelier which would light up the room; however Ariel was glad it wasn't on as she felt the room looked beautiful half alight. Ariel's eyes darted around the room quickly taking everything in, she darted over the large staircase towards the back of the room and as her eyes continued to travel to the right she stopped. Her attention caught on something she felt was the most extravagant thing in the whole room, the large grand piano to the right of the staircase. She had never seen a piano as beautiful as this, sure they had pianos in Atlantica but there was just something special about this one which had captivated the young girl.

She began to walk across the room towards the piano, never taking her eyes off it. Her hand left her side and slowly grazed the keys with her fingertips as she walked behind and sat herself on the soft stool behind the keys. Lost in the moment she pressed down a few keys experimentally. The room filled with the melodic sounds from the piano. As she continued to play she became once again lost deep in thought and pleasure, how could she have forgotten her love for music, she may have lost her voice but singing wasn't the only thing she was good at. In this moment she was happy, her mind taken away from the thought of her family, her fate and Eric, her pain and fears all but forgotten. However it was not to last as she soon found her mind wandering back to Eric, his hair, his smile and his eyes, just the thought of him made her heart melt. But soon that felling of love became despair as her deal with the sea witch came to her mind. He'll never kiss me before sunset and I'll never see him again, thought Ariel, tears threatening to roll down her cheeks, she quickly blinked them away. If only I had my voice, then I could tell him, tell him that it was me who saved him, that it is me who loves him. Her thoughts continued to wonder off to what might have been and she soon found herself remembering when she first saw him, when she saved him. Completely oblivious to what she was doing she began to play that song, the one she sang to Eric on the beach. She continued to play and tears filling her eyes, but this time she let them fall.

Upstairs in his study sat Eric, he found his mind wandering, repeating the day's events. He had loved every minute of his day spent with Ariel, he couldn't remember the last time he had laughed and smiled so much. His mind continued to wonder and he found himself remembering the boat ride when he nearly kissed her. He hit his head with his hands at this memory, how could I have been so stupid leading her on like that, I like her but this mystery girl, I am set on finding her Eric told himself. Yet there was still something about Ariel which had him completely captivated, her curiosity, her eagerness to see new things and learn, maybe he had truly found love. The only thing that was stopping him for being with Ariel was the mystery girl, he just couldn't forget her.

"Argh" moaned Eric with frustration his head resting between his hands.
He had come up here to try to take his mind off things; however it had only resulted in him thinking about the very matter he was trying to avoid.

That's when he heard it, the rich sound of music began to fill his study through the open door. He snapped out of his thoughts and began to listen.
"That song" he muttered to himself
"I've heard it before"
As he tried to remember where he had heard that song he began to head towards the source of the music. After leaving his study he realised that the music was coming from the ballroom directly below. He began to descend the staircase which led into the ballroom, the music getting louder and clearer with each step he took. As he rounded the staircase he saw her, sitting at the piano basked in moonlight, her bright red hair falling free down her back, he stopped and gasped. God she is beautiful he thought.

Lost in her music Ariel forgot everything around her and focused solely on the song, her song. She had no idea how long she had been playing but a gasp from behind her quickly brought her back to reality. She stopped her playing abruptly realising that she was no longer alone. She sat behind the piano still, frozen in place, not knowing who was in the room with her and not turning to find out, she didn't want them to see her crying, her tears had still failed to stop. She heard footsteps as whoever was in the room began to finish coming down the stairs, they continued walking and as soon as she realised they were heading straight for her fear gripped her heart. What if its Ursula she thought praying that it wasn't she didn't want to leave not yet. Then the footsteps stopped leaving the room in silence, the only noise coming from her chest and her rapid breathing.

Suddenly the other person decided to break the silence.
"Ariel?" the stranger whispered.
At the sound of her name Ariel jumped but soon relaxed as she realised who the stranger was, she slowly turned around on stall to face them, to face Eric.

A few seconds passed after calling her name until she turned to face him, her head facing the floor, another few more silent seconds passed before she slowly lifted her head to meet his eyes. That's when he finally noticed the tears which still fell from her eyes, he sank to his knees taking her hands in his, "Ariel, what's the matter?" he finally asked his voiced laced with concern. Instantly having forgotten all about his mystery girl and the song once he saw her tears. In reply she said nothing only looked into his eyes and shook her head.

It was at that moment that he remembered his reason for coming down to the ballroom. That song, yet he still couldn't remember where he had. He stopped mid thought, suddenly remembering. The beach, the mystery girl, that song.
"Ariel?" he asked
"that song, how do you know it?"

At his question she slowly took her hand out of his and stroked the side of his face with her tiny pale hand and smiled. It was like he had been struck by lightning, the sudden realisation hit him like a tidal wave, how could he ever forget that smile, her soft touch. This was her, his mystery girl, it was Ariel all along. Eric cupped her face in his hands,
"It's you isn't it, you're the one, the one I've been looking for" he stated, his voice full of realisation.
Ariel bit her lip and slowly nodded her head. That little nod of agreement was all there was before Eric's lips met hers.

Fireworks danced beneath her eyelids as he'd done the very thing that only minutes ago she never thought possible, he had given her true loves kiss.


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