Eric carried her bridal style into their room, as they walked through the door Eric pulled her into a kiss; Ariel threw her hands around his neck pulling them into an even deeper kiss which caused him to chuckle against her lips. He kicked the door shut and set Ariel back on her feet. Ariel now felt nervous and her heart began to race. Eric walked forward and began to stroke his hands up and down the sides of her arms.
"You look amazing" he said at last his voice full of love
Ariel couldn't stop the colour which flooded her checks at his compliment.
"You don't look too bad yourself" she replied playfully
And at that he brought his lips down on hers once again but this kiss was different it was full of love and passion and caused a strange yet pleasant feeling to surge through Ariel making her desperate for more. She moaned as Eric's tongue entered her mouth. As the kiss continued to deepen Eric's hands wandered down from her face and began to slowly undo the strings at the back of her dress. Ariel let out a satisfying moan as the strings were pulled lose, allowing her to breath properly for the first time that day. Now that her dress was lose it began to slowly fall down her body, she didn't notice until she suddenly felt Eric's strong warm hands on the bare skin of her waist causing her to jump and pull out of the kiss. Looking down she now realised she was practically naked, her hands instinctively went to cover herself from Eric's glance.
"Don't hide from me, your beautiful" Eric said reassuringly, pulling his shirt off and throwing it to the floor with her dress. He chuckled as Ariel stared at his muscular chest.
"Like what you see?"
Ariel's eyes shot up to his at his remark
"Ermm I wasn't starring, your just well, ummmm,your-" she began to stutter but was stopped as Eric's lips came crashing down onto hers with such force that she fell backwards, landing on the bed Eric fell with her and straddled her hips. His hands began to wander up from her waist until they reached her breasts, she moaned as his thumb grazed over her nipple and she began to feel a burning build up between her legs. Unsure what was happening to her she began to push her chest further into his hand and deepen the kiss, she needed him.

Her remaining underwear was quickly added to the growing pile of clothes on the floor and she growled at the lack of contact as he took his hand off her breast which caused him to chuckle. However she didn't have to wait long for more attention, yet instead of his hand on her breast she gasped as he took one of her breasts in his mouth, moaning as he flicked her nipple with his tongue. His hands began to roam down her abdomen and down one of her thighs. Then suddenly he began to slowly stroke the one place she was craving attention most causing her to moan loudly and shut her eyes as he continued to rub her and suck on her breast. As his fingers stoked over a little nub she shudder with pleasure, pleased with this reaction he ran his fingers over the same spot again and again. Ariel soon felt a strange feeling build up as Eric's fingers built up their pace and she found herself thrusting her hips into his hand. The burning sensation between her legs grew and grew until it seemed she could take no more. She let out a scream of pure bliss as the waves of pleasure took hold of her body causing her to arch her back and thrust harder into Eric's hand.
"What was that" she panted, as her orgasm finished.
"Did you like it?" Eric had removed his head from her breast and his hand from in between her legs and was now laying on top of her.
"It was amazing" she sighed. A second of silence passed between them.
"Could we do it again" Ariel muttered quietly however Eric heard and chuckled at her remark.
"Oh yes! But we're going to do it a different way"
Ariel bit her lip and nodded, her heart began to race as she knew what this different way would entail and she now felt scared. However her fear was once again forgotten as his lips touched hers and his hand found her breast once again.

As Eric continued to shower her lips and neck with kisses as he fondled her breast, Ariel felt the familiar yearning for Eric build up between her legs; instinctively she began to grind her hips against his. She couldn't help the gasp which escaped her lips as she felt a large hard lump in his pants press against her inner thigh.
Hearing the fear in her gasp, Eric's head snapped up and he locked eyes with hers.
"It's okay" he said reassuringly "I won't hurt you"
"I know" she whispered and pulled his head down to hers allowing him to continue where they left off. He sucked and nipped her neck causing her to moan as she ran her hands through his hair.
His hand soon moved from her breast and pulled down his pants and threw them to the floor. Moving slightly he positioned himself above her, parting her hips with his hand as he continued to kiss her.
"This may hurt a bit, but the pain will go away, I promise" he said soothingly as he began to slowly push himself into her, she gasped as she felt him stretch her as he pushed in further and further, then he stopped. Readjusting his position in his elbows he quietly whispered to her.
"I'm sorry" then he pushed the whole of himself into her, ripping through her hymen.

She cried out in pain as he fully entered her and tears began to spill down her checks. Eric didn't move, giving her time to adjust to him, kissing away all her tears as he apologized continually. Then the pain subsided and she felt the same burning feeling build up once again. Nodding her head to Eric he began to slowly draw himself out only to thrust back into her causing her to throw her head back and moan. Turned on by her moans he began to thrust into her harder and harder, bringing his head down to kiss and suck on her lips and neck. Soon they were both extremely close to their climax as Eric's thrusts became faster and Ariel's moans got louder.
"ERIC!" Ariel screamed out as she climaxed gripping his shoulders as her body shook with pleasure for the second time that night. Hearing her scream his name sent him over the edge and with one last thrust he led out a cry of pleasure as he emptied himself inside of her.

He rolled off her and laid on his back his chest heaving as he tried to get his breath back.
"That was incredible" she panted as she looking over to him.
"You can say that again" he smiled putting his arm around her and pulling her towards him, she lifted her head and rested it on his bare chest and was soon lulled to sleep by his steady heartbeat and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

Her eyes flittered open as the room filled with the early morning light, her thoughts turned back to what had occurred that night, smiling as she remembered how amazing he had made he feel. Her head still resting on his chest she began to trace his muscles with her finger as she thought. Giggling to herself she remembered how scared she had been of what they would do, so scared that he would hurt her, or it wouldn't have been fun at all, all her fear had been for nothing, Eric had taken care of her just like Carlotta said.
"What's so funny" Eric said sleepily, kissing the top of her head.
"Oh nothing, just thinking about last night" she giggled
"Oh were you now, was I that good?" he said playfully, rolling so he was on top of her.
But before she could answer his lips meet hers and their hands and lips began to wonder down each other. Moaning as she felt his manhood pushing at her entrance he was about to enter her but was interrupted by a knock at the door.
"Breakfast is ready you two" the familiar voice of Carlotta said through the door, before leaving very quickly.
Ariel blushed as the thought that Carlotta might have heard them filled her mind, yet Eric only chuckled.
"Looks like we will have to finish this later" he sighed as both their passion had been killed by the thought of Carlotta hearing them.
"Come on, I've got a surprise for my new wife after breakfast" he said grinning at her as he rolled off her and got out of bed, walking into the bathroom to wash. Excited by the thought of a surprise she shot out of bed and joined Eric in the bathroom to get ready, her mind trying to work out what he might be surprising her with.