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Warning: Eventual smut

Chapter 1:

Alfred, a nineteen year old student walked down to the beach that was on the back of his home. He lived with a kind thirty-one year old Frenchman who took him in when his parents divorced and he ran away from them. He was only fifteen at the time and he couldn't handle his mother's new stepfather who was a violent drunk, sure it seemed cliché but it was true. Alfred loved where he lived now, he lived in a nice home in England, he lived in a place called Cornwall, the small quaint home he lived in was up a hill and a beautiful white beach lay below. Alfred had moved to England when he was three years old but he was American born and bred. His father, after the divorce moved back to Oklahoma his hometown and Alfred was left in England with his mother before Steve entered their lives causing him to make a run for it.

Francis however did convince him to get in touch with his mother when he had been on the run for three weeks and he did so, she visited him sometimes and she left Steve now but Alfred loved where he lived so despite her pleas for him to come back he refused. His mother had a baby two years ago and Alfred just didn't feel right there anymore in his childhood home. It felt empty without his dad laughing and joking. Sure he spoke to his father on the phone but he too had moved on with his life. He had met a new woman Siobhan a pretty Canadian woman who seemed very shy.

Alfred not knowing what to do with his life decided to get a job to help pay rent to Francis, who always refused it so he brought him painting supplies instead, he worked in a fruit market yes it was very boring but it was a simplistic lifestyle. He smiled feeling the sun on his skin. Francis was a painter and his paintings sold very well he painted mythical creatures and beautiful landscapes he could paint a breath taking masterpiece with just a few strokes. Alfred used to love watching him paint and sometimes he still did. He himself wanted to work with computers and video games. Francis brought him a top of the art computer and used to pay for his night classes in college before he got his job.

He stretched and smiled picking up a pebble off the beach; he watched the waves lap at the edge of the sand almost reaching his shoes. He laughed softly and threw the pebble; it skimmed across the waves and plopped into the water. He walked over to a more secluded part of the beach, he noticed a boy about his age sitting on a rock he wore nothing up top, he watched him curiously he noticed something green on his legs that shimmered like scales…he tilted his head was the boy pretending to be a mermaid? If so then that was pretty weird…for a boy anyway. He trod on some driftwood that snapped under his feet, the boy turned and saw him. He gasped his eyes full of fear and leapt into the sea. Alfred stood there dumbfounded for a little while the tail looked far too real to be a fake…he ran to the edge "Wait!" he called out. He held his breath and dived under water. He searched around but he couldn't see the boy anywhere.

He swam back to the surface and climbed out of the ocean "Where did he go? Did I imagine the whole thing?" he asked himself. Shrugging he walked back to go change.

Francis hummed as he put the shopping away, he laughed at the teen wringing out his t-shirt. "Been swimming?" he joked.

Alfred laughed "Nah I was just walking and I saw something strange in the water so I dived in."

"What did you see mon chere?" Francis asked curious.

"Well…" Alfred looked at him wondering if he could tell him…he knew he could trust him not to laugh. "Well I thought I saw a mermaid." He explained what he saw and what happened.

"How unusual." Francis said placing a hand to his chin, which is what he usually did when deep in thought "They say Cornwall is known for its mystery, mermaids and ghosts. It was one of ze reasons I decided to come here."

Alfred's eyebrows rose "Really? So you think…you think it was real?"

"Per'aps." Francis smiled.

Alfred laughed "Now I know you're messing with me. It was just some dude in a costume."

"Per'aps." Francis repeated. "We will never know~" he winked and returned to putting away the shopping.

Alfred hugged him from behind deliberately soaking him "So what's for dinner gramps?"

"Gramps? I am not that old!" Francis laughed swatting at him "Go get dressed you nuisance~"

Alfred laughed again and ran off upstairs he got undressed and stared out to sea wondering if what he did see was real or not…he shook his head what was he thinking, of course mermaids weren't real! It was probably some student who had to wear the costume for something and he got frightened at being seen in it and dived underwater. After all there were rumours of undersea caverns and strange caves near where he lived so that's probably where the kid hid.

Later that night when Alfred was climbing into bed he saw lightning crack across the sky, thunder rolled out loud across the little house. He had never liked storms but he persevered and climbed into bed, he listened to the sound of the sea slamming into the rocks. As he snuggled down to fall asleep he heard a loud cry from outside, sitting bolt upright he looked outside. "Francis?" he called. He ran into Francis' room but he was still fast asleep, he was relieved it wasn't him that got hurt but there was someone out there! Injured and hurt.

He pulled on his coat and ran outside; he flinched and held him arm up in front of him to shield his face from the harsh wind and the sharp rain. He pushed on when he saw a figure lying on the beach. He knelt down next to it and squinted due to lack of glasses and stared at the person, it was the same boy as before. He had a deep wound on his arm and a bump on his head, the sea must have thrown him into the rocks. He placed one arm around his back and the other under the tail of the costume, he froze…he couldn't feel bones like legs under the costume and the scales felt like scales not material. He swallowed and shook his head now was not the time to wonder about the boy he had to help him! He carried him back to the house and called out again "Francis!"

Francis dashed out of bed and ran downstairs to the sound of his voice "Alfred? What happened?"

Alfred looked frightened "Francis! This is the guy I was telling you about what are we going to do?"

Francis' eyes widened as he looked down at the creature in his arms "Alfred…this…is this what I think it is?"

"No! It can't be!" Alfred looked scared, part of him didn't want to believe he found a mermaid and the other part wanted to believe it so much.

Francis nodded "I will run a bath at sea level temperature if it is real it must be in the water."

"But what about the sea salt?" Alfred asked.

"We'll deal with that in the morning first we must get its wounds cleaned up." Alfred nodded and followed Francis upstairs.

Francis ran the bath and Alfred placed the creature inside, Francis took out his first aid kit and tended to the wounds on the creatures arm and head. It whined softly at the pain before falling silent. Francis smiled "I think it's asleep."

Alfred nodded still scared. He grabbed his bedcovers "I'll…err…sleep with it tonight."

Francis smiled and ruffled his hair "You're a sweet child Alfred. Call me if you need me."

Alfred nodded "I will." He smiled back.

Francis left.

Alfred sighed and touched the creature's tail again curious he couldn't feel any leg bones at all. It felt soft flexible like a seal's tail, or like a dolphin's. He looked at the boy's hair and watched droplets of water run down his pale face, the boy looked very serene and beautiful. He wondered about him though, had he found a mermaid? And if so how was he going to keep him a secret?

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