Chapter 9:

A few days had passed and Arthur was in incredible pain due to his scales falling off but he refused to let anyone see that pain and he never once complained. He held onto his tail watching the scales drop off. He looked up to see Alfred come in the room "Are you okay?"

"Y-yes I am fine. Don't worry about me." Arthur smiled waving his hand nonchalantly.

Alfred frowned "Are you sure you're okay?"

Arthur nodded again "I promise I am fine. The scales are all almost off."

Alfred nodded stroking the skin underneath the scales; Arthur hissed "S-sorry did that hurt?"

"N-no it's sensitive…" he mumbled.

Alfred nodded "Why do you want to be human?"

Arthur smiled at him "Because I want to be with you remember?"

Alfred nodded and kissed his hand "Well if you're sure…"

Arthur held his hand "Trust me I am." He cried out as the last of his scales cracked.

Alfred winced as a bright light emitted from him "Arthur?!"

Arthur gasped and looked at Alfred in shock once the light had faded "L-look." He whispered.

Alfred looked down to see he had legs and he looked human. He cupped Arthur's face "I had a feeling you'd become a girl or something but you're not…" he smiled "You're male."

"I-is that a bad thing?" Arthur murmured his eyes full of worry.

"No." Alfred kissed him gently.

Arthur entwined his arms around his neck happily; Alfred smiled and kept it up.

Francis knocked on the door "Are you two awake?"

Alfred broke free from the kiss gently "Y-yeah we're awake."

Francis walked in and looked shocked to see Arthur sitting up and with two legs "Oh Arthur mon cherie! Did it work?"

Arthur nodded "Yes. I have legs now. I am human! Maybe now Alfred will love me more."

Alfred rubbed the back of his head "I did love you Arthur…no I DO love you, you know that."

Arthur took his hand "But now I am like you."

Francis smiled "At least I have captured your mermaid beauty in my paintings."

"And I love them." Arthur smiled "They are very pretty."

Alfred nodded "Yeah. So come on Arthur! Let's test those legs out!"

Arthur nodded and swung them over the bed; he looked worried and pressed his feet to the carpet. He stood up and yelped and fell onto the floor "H-how do these things work?!"

Alfred laughed and helped him up. "You have to put all your weight onto your legs."

Arthur nodded and tried again, he wobbled slightly like an infant taking its first steps. "H-how am I doing?"

Francis took one of his hands and smiled "Me and Alfred will help you to walk."

Arthur nodded and very slowly put one foot in front of the other as Alfred took his other hand and walked on to guide him across the carpet. Arthur's legs shook slightly not used to the exercise. He cried out as he tripped over the doorframe. Alfred laughed "Okay that's when you have to lift your leg to step over things."

Francis smiled gently "Careful mon cherie."

Alfred grinned as Arthur blushed at the two "S-sorry I'm not used to these legs yet."

"Dude you'll be fine." Alfred said cheerfully "You're doing so well already!"

Arthur smiled and walked slowly "Thank you. I'm trying."

Francis shook his head "No really. You are doing much better than I thought you would."

Arthur looked happy but as he got to the stairs the two looked nervous, Alfred picked him up "Err…I'll carry you down here. It's too early to try you on these yet."

Arthur pouted "But I can do it! I have to learn some day."

Francis patted his hand "Non. Trust me it would be very dangerous if you fell down there."

Arthur sighed "Very well." He relaxed in Alfred's grip; he thought he might as well get comfortable because he knew the other two would never let him go down them yet.

Francis walked downstairs and waited for Alfred to continue to carry the new human boy down, he looked at him "So what are you two going to do?"

Alfred grinned "I'm going to take him around town!"

Arthur gasped "Oh! You'll show me what life is like here?"

"Of course." He grabbed a pair of his boxers, shorts and t-shirt and yanked them on the mermaid turned human "Wait you need shoes." He looked at Francis and wondered if he was more his size so he tried on a pair of Francis' sneakers on Arthur.

Arthur blinked "How strange." He started to pull on his clothes but his hands were slapped away.

Arthur pouted up at Alfred. "Leave." Alfred grinned feeling like he was talking to a dog who wanted to steal food.

He ran outside with him happily, Francis smiled fondly after them. It had been a long time since he saw Alfred smile like that again, he did have a girlfriend once but they didn't last and they broke up. After her, he started to fade away in front of Francis' eyes. He was worried about him but ever since he found Arthur he became alive again, it was like he lit up. He laughed gently, he could see why. He himself had fallen for the cute mermaid but because he loved to see the happiness on Alfred's face he gave him up.

Alfred pointed out buildings and explained happily to the curious looking boy; Arthur watched a woman in front of him wrap her arms around her boyfriend's arm and snuggl into him. Arthur shyly copied her and Alfred stopped talking to look down into two large emerald eyes staring up at him. Alfred smiled and kissed his cheek "You're really cute you know that?"

Arthur blushed "Alfred…can we try mating like your human?"

"Like my human…? Oh you mean like…sex?" Alfred asked.

Arthur nodded "Yes. Sex. Is it the same as ours I wonder?"

Alfred grinned "Pretty much but I'll still do it for you."

Arthur nodded "I-I will like that."

Alfred laughed and happily walked along the streets with him, Arthur was still slow but he was learning fast. He nuzzled his hair happy that he had seen Arthur, there had been another reason why he was on the beach that day…he was wondering if suicide by drowning would hurt. But when he saw the amazing creature it opened his eyes. He smiled and stopped, he cupped Arthur's face "You literally saved my life."

Arthur looked into his eyes "I am glad, I cannot imagine life without you."

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