Hi, again. You've not seen me in months, and now I've updated twice in two days!? What sorcery is this!? People wanted a summary for this too, so here, you can have it. This is what would've happened (more fleshed out and development and such, obviously) if I had wrote the entire story.

And who knows? I might start something new. I might not. Writing these summaries might've stirred some passion. I haven't the faintest idea. But here is the closure that some people wanted on their characters.

Everybody was a threat.

Cadence led her Careers - Kaitlin, Evangeline and Avril - with charm and friendliness. She encouraged them to be open, to work together, all whilst pulling the strings in her own favor.

Clarent, on the other hand, did the opposite. His cold demeanour was a reminder for Ares, Douglas and Jayce to fall in line, to listen and obey and do well, or face the consequences, whatever they were.

Farryn, Arden and Zora bonded. The girls quickly became friends, balancing each other out - no matter how obnoxious Zora came across.

Astrid and Soren constantly bickered. It was as if they were separated at birth.

Enora depended heavily on Keaton. And he loved it.

Inari and Vectus played the game cool. Vectus was quick-thinking and perfecting the strategy, whilst Inari stuck to doing as he said, her own plan lying in the back of her mind.

Lanuel finally made Valera join him, after much consideration and verbal abuse. The pair seemed to fit - isolated, strong, a desire to do whatever it took to survive.

And Silas had managed to catch Daithi who, against all odds, found a friend.

Nicholas was happy to be alone. He enjoyed the silence.

Levitt would watch Asha. Asha would watch Levitt. Both of them knew that one would die almost instantly when that gong ran out. But who?

Interviews were short and sweet.

Cadence was charming, lighting up the stage and having the entire crowd cling to every word.

Clarent was cold and brooding. He barely spoke a word. Silence was strength, apparently.

Kaitlin remarked how the game could be won by anyone. People began to take her more seriously.

Ares was sweet, polite, and almost immediately written off.

Farryn blushed. Heavily. All the time. The Capitol thought she was cute - but they didn't hold their breath.

Lanuel was as quick and witty as Hermes. Hermes had finally met his match.

Evangeline chose to take on a superior role, threatening her fellow tributes with jovial words - but was it all fun and games?

Douglas joked and played around. But when his crime was brought up, he cowered. The Capitol quickly fell out of favor.

Arden was witty, too, but Hermes simply hammered away until she was cursing under her breath.

Jayce simply laughed.

Inari was quiet and mild-mannered. But like Kaitlin, people took her more seriously when she showed some promise - a promise to become someone else if she had to.

Vectus was surprisingly nice. Too nice.

Astrid was the highlight of the evening. She was grotesque. Lewd and unabashed. And even though the Capitol cringed, some enjoyed her unique flavour.

Keaton was handsome. Very handsome. A gentleman. He had every lady swooning, and every man jealous.

Valera was... prickly. Defensive and bitter, she spoke of her hatred of the situtation, how she had better things to do.

Soren was unabashed, too. He answered honestly. He never pretended. When Hermes asked about dying, Soren replied that he won't be planning on finding out.

Enora barely spoke a word. And when she did, nobody understood her. The poor bloodbath, they all thought.

Silas played his game. A little too well. The Careers quickly noticed.

Zora was fiery. Like an untrained monkey, Zora said and did what she wanted. The Capitol even booed her away. Did Zora care? She stuck her middle finger up at them. Arden wasn't impressed.

Daithi was easily humiliated. He ran off the stage, blubbering and red.

Asha took charge of the situation. Spoke graphically about her hatred for everyone or, more importantly, Levitt. She missed the fact that his face fell when he realised - she was dangerous.

Levitt's mysterious vibe was quickly innihiliated. Underneath, he was just a pervert.

Avril was stunning. She took control of the situation - and the Capitol fell under her spell.

Nicholas was unremarkable. Who would remember him?

Day One: Bloodbath.

Each tribute was assigned a weapon. The only weapon available. If they lost it, they'd have to make do with their bare hands - not an easy feat.

They rose up on their platforms, inhaling the damp air around them.

Each tribute was surprised to only find a room - with a single door - and no sight of the others. Alone and trapped. Hearing the clock. It was everyone's worst nightmare: unable to see in front of them.

As the gong rang out, the doors flew open.

Everybody ran.

Barely anyone caught sight of the derelict building they were in. Holes in the ceiling and walls allowed mute light to flood in, the chirps of birds coming from the forest outside. Everyone was too focused on getting some food.

24th: Nicholas Carson, District Twelve.

Nicholas only made it a couple of feet. As his hands clutched onto a roll of bread, Clarent appeared, slamming the hammer into Nicholas' skull. His body hit the floor with a muted thud.

23rd: Asha Mazuike, District Eleven.

She thirsted for his blood. She hunted him down. She even caught him, too. Shot him with her taser. Levitt fell, squirming and crying, and Asha enjoyed the control she had. Her thirst destroyed her, though. Levitt clawed back - shoved his hook under her chin, silencing her.

22nd: Levitt Tithe, District Eleven.

But before Levitt could get away, Soren beat him to it - panic caused Soren to smash the cleaver around Levitt's face, breaking his nose and jaw. Levitt suffocated on his own blood.

21st: Daithi Sheahan, District Ten.

Confused and scared, Daithi couldn't find Silas. Instead, he ran into Vectus, who retaliated. A screwdriver through the eye, and Daithi bled out.

20th: Zora Hudgens, District Ten.

Zora tried her best. She found Farryn and Arden - but she also found Kaitlin. Kaitlin was merciful, though, and impaled Zora with her scissors, right over her heart. The little girl didn't feel a thing.

19th: Jayce Kenton, District Five.

By now, everyone had vanished. The male alliance stormed to the Cornucopia, when Jayce saw sight of Avril. Tempted, he followed, for a quick make-out session. And as his tongue explored Avril's mouth, her nail gun shot him five times, silent and painful.

18th: Silas Torrell, District Nine.

Silas wandered the forest ouside. The tall mangroves curled to the sky, and the further he left the building, the more he realised that he should go back. Curiosity killed the cat, though. A mutated monkey appeared and, quite frankly, Silas wasn't quick enough to escape.

Day Two.

Day Two was uneventful. The deaths were announced, and Clarent swore revenge on the girls. Ares and Douglas soon realised that they needed to leave - finding Cadence was the better option, just not on Clarent's terms.

Farryn and Arden holed themselves up in a battered room.

Vectus led Inari outside, up into a tree. As they perched themselves on a branch, the entire became clear - it was an island, surrounded by water, with a prison located in the centre. Vectus thought it was poetic. Inari thought he was losing it.

Lanuel and Valera escaped, unharmed, and were thankful for it.

Soren murdered someone - even shed a tear for his reaction over it - and Astrid berated him for being a child as they found shelter.

Keaton protected Enora.

But not for long.

Day Three.

17th: Enora Ardley, District Nine.

Enora and Keaton camped out on ground, and whilst he knew it was a stupid idea, the possibility of letting Enora climb up something was even more dangerous. They were easily spotted, though, and Evangeline's javelin quickly rooted itself in Enora's fleeing form. Keaton managed to get away, leaving her to bleed out on the ground.

Day Four.

Day Four was the most explosive yet.

16th: Clarent Tarbeck, District One.

Clarent found Cadence. Except she was on the other side of a small ravine. They traded insults - Evangeline being the only one to eagerly encourage Cadence - before Clarent tempted to get to her. His desire was his greatest mistake. Intimidating Douglas was one thing, but not Ares. And Douglas finally stood up for him. With a shove, Douglas pushed Clarent over the edge, down into the rocky ravine.

15th: Soren Chandtara, District Eight.

Soren and Astrid exploded the surrounding areas. His guilt played on his mind, though. He wasn't concentrating. A monkey attacked them. Scratched Astrid down the face. Bit Soren's shoulder. He told her to run. Astrid told him that she hated heroes, before fleeing.

14th: Kaitlin Garrett, District Two.

As Kaitlin lay asleep, she never saw it coming - Avril cushioned the sound as she executed her. Cadence and Evangeline didn't realise until morning came: Kaitlin was dead, and Avril had fled.

Day Five.

Nothing spectacular. The Capitol were bored. It was time to push some tributes together.

Day Six.

13th: Evangeline Marlowe, District Four.

Evangeline and Cadence ran into Vectus and Inari. Someone was bound to die from it. Evangeline chose Inari, and that was her biggest mistake. Inari was sloppy in comparison. But her determination drove her. Inari managed to wrap her chain around Evangeline's throat and, knotting it, she slowly suffocated.

12th: Inari Wilder, District Six.

Cadence desperately tried to reach her. But each blow was knocked back by Vectus, who, surprisingly, was able to compete with her hand-to-hand. Cadence swung her bat, and Vectus ducked. Cadence quickly gained an upper hand when Inari tried to help. And, with a hard swing, Cadence cracked Inari's skull open.

11th: Lanuel Nox, District Three.

Lanuel and Valera found Farryn and Arden, after being guided back to the prison. The teams shared a moment - of pity and plight - before the Gamemakers intervened, locking them in the room. Someone had to die. Lanuel attacked, desperate. Arden was quickly subdued. And, in the chaos, Farryn threw her acid into Lanuel's face - he was dead within seconds. The door opened, and Valera escaped.

10th: Arden Novelle, District Five.

Arden never woke up. She slipped away in her sleep, dreams of home and peace.

Day Seven.

The monkeys were dispatched once more. Nobody was safe. Vectus was mortally wounded. Astrid lost all of her supplies, as the primates tore them to shreds. Ares and Douglas barely escaped, running back indoors.

Inside the prison was the only safe place.

Day Eight.

9th: Vectus Perrault, District Six.

Hobbling to safety, Vectus was confronted by Cadence who, out of pity, finished him off.

8th: Keaton Malloy, District Seven.

Keaton ran into Ares and Douglas. The fight was quick and sloppy. Keaton was broken, barely coping on his own. Ares looked away as Keaton pleaded for silence. Douglas, bravely, took the plunge, for everyone's sake.

7th: Douglas Orsett, District Four.

But that didn't stop Avril from spying on them - and taking her chance, she lunged at the pair. Ares tried his best to help. Douglas was able to fend her off. But neither saw her nail gun - not until Avril was able to hold it against Douglas' gut, and fired. As she ran away, Ares cradled Douglas, comforting him in his last moments.

6th: Farryn Lore, District Three.

Farryn didn't stand a chance when Avril found her next. She didn't even fight. Farryn simply gave up.

Day Nine.

5th: Ares Baskaus, District Two.

The remaining tributes were forced together, and then quickly paired off. Ares found himself face-to-face with Cadence, whose horror was clear. The room locked once more. Someone was walking away, and the other was not. Cadence didn't want to do it, and Ares refused to fight back. Cadence hoped he would forgive her: Ares smiled as he died.

4th: Astrid Caverly, District Seven.

Astrid was overwhelmed. Valera and Avril stood in the other corners of the room, waiting and wondering. Astrid tried to fight them off. But, in the confusion, Valera wrapped her rope around Astrid's throat and left her, as she fled. Avril claimed the final blow that snapped her neck.


There was something poetic about the final girls. All vastly different, yet so alike.

The prison soon forced them together again. The roof broke down, allowing the light to cast down on the final fight. Birds chirped as if they were the audience.

Words were shared. Avril teased and toyed with Cadence, the lack of control that she had and the betrayal she dealt with. Cadence played it wise, reminding Avril that everything she had done was cowardly, not upfront. Valera was simply caught between the angry powerhouses, butting heads.

...and it was what got her killed.

3rd: Valera Saffel, District Eight.

She stood no chance when Avril attacked her, and Cadence refused to but in. Valera couldn't stand up to her - not this time. Taking a brick - stolen from Astrid - Avril caved in her skull. Valera's lifeless eyes locked on Cadence. She watched as the girls clashed, before time slipped through her fingers.

Avril and Cadence's fight led them outside, amongst the mangroves.

Avril had the upper hand. Cadence quickly claimed it back. Every time they butted, the power shifted. It was too even. Too equal. Nobody knew what the outcome would be.

Would Avril win?

Would Cadence win?

2nd: Avril Benton, District Twelve.

Avril's boldness was her downfall. One moment too long, and Cadence was able to flip the tables long enough to push the tip of the nail gun back into Avril's hand, piercing it through. Cadence grabbed her bat as Avril broke down, blood gushing from her hand.

"And you honestly thought you could beat me?" Cadence breathed, swinging the bat so fiercely against Avril's skull, it splintered on impact.

1st: Cadence Halsey, District One.

Who ever said you couldn't be beautiful and get your hands dirty once in a while?

So, from the beginning, I had Cadence as the Victor. It might've changed as I wrote the entire story - obviously - but this was the basic plot. Things would've been tweaked.

These tributes were fun, honestly, I just had the story and characters at the wrong time in my life.

Who knows, you might see me again some time soon? I won't hold out hope, but I did just write a little something that might become something... we'll see! For now, I bid adieu. Thank you for your tributes, your patience, your care. We got there eventually, even if through a shortcut.

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